Cruel Whipping Fantasy for my Wife

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Spanking, Corporal Punishment and Slut Stories

Featured Review on this writing by harriet-jacqui x

“In front of you, you make out a metal frame with straps and leather cuffs attached to it and beyond that a plain wooden chair. ‘Go to the chair and remove all your clothes,’ I command you... "

Her taut white arms are pulled behind her head and handcuffed to the headboard; she craves to be restrained and loves the feeling of being overpowered and at my mercy.

She is my wife, my loyal wife, and she is hedonistic, masochistic, submissive, and as horny as hell. She can also be a sadist and a cruel bitch at times too; but not today and not now.

I have been tickling her, tormenting her, scratching her, slapping her thighs and bum.  She has been twisting, laughing, screaming; and I have been watching her - it makes me hard to do so. I know she is wet too, so it is time for me to pleasure her…

I bring my right hand down to her shaven crotch and feel the moisture of her cunt. No, moisture is the wrong term; soaking is what she is. I seek out and locate her swollen and almost throbbing little button of a clit.

I squeeze her left nipple hard for a second and she gives out a little cry. I put my mouth to hers and stick my tongue in, run it around inside, pull out. I start to massage her clit, slowly at first because I will gradually increase the pressure and the speed and then with my mouth close to her right ear, I begin to whisper her, the story…

“It is a cold day in December, though sunny…”

I watch her eyes lids fall over her beautiful blue eyes as she sinks back into the fantasy.

“and you are walking along the street, the busy street, to rendezvous with me. You notice the cars passing by in the opposite direction and if for a moment they knew where you were going and what was shortly going to happen to you then the drivers would surely slow down and maybe stop to gawk at you - but they don’t. But you are anxious, anxious because soon you will be naked, secured firmly to a frame to be flogged cruelly without mercy. and yet you do not have to undergo it - you can back out at any time - but you need to prove your love for me; show me that you are prepared to obey me; reinforce your submission to me…”

Her breathing begins to deepen and slow, her cheeks begin to colour…

“You quicken your step as you don’t want to be late and see me waiting outside house number 31, waiting for you, and you recall - how could you forget? - that in the basement of house 31 is a dungeon, a dungeon for hire, and how you had told me that that was the best place for you to prove your love for me…”

I am rubbing her clit hard and fast now - won’t be long.

“You arrive outside, and we say nothing to each other; nothing needs to be said. I extend my right arm in the direction of the black gates that lead down the stone steps to the dungeon door. You swing open the gate and descend the ten or so steps down and as you do your anxiety begins to shade into… fear. For a moment you stand in front of the black door and then you hear me pull the key out of my pocket; the key I have paid for. I slot the key into the lock and turn it. The heavy wooden door slowly swings open and again I beckon you in. It takes a second or two for your eyes to adapt to the gloom and as you do you hear the clanging of the door as it is closed behind you. You realise that there is no way back; you will have to face your ordeal now…”

She rolls her head gently on the pillow, her chestnut hair swishing in slow motion upon the fabric of them and her features are tense…

“In front of you, you make out a metal frame with straps and leather cuffs attached to it and beyond that a plain wooden chair. ‘Go to the chair and remove all your clothes,’ I command you. You meander over to the chair and then with horror see ten or eleven faces standing in front of you. They are some of your close friends and your work colleagues. You feel incredibly humiliated knowing that I have invited them to witness your punishment; but even so you know that you must still go through with it…”

I hear her handcuffs rattle metallically as she clenches and unclenches her fists…

“First of all, you remove your coat and hang it over the back of the chair. Next you slip each of your shoes and socks off before placing them neatly under the chair. Having done that, you slowly unbutton your short-sleeved shirt starting from your collar and when that is completed you slip it off your shoulders and place that too on the back of the chair. You feel suddenly more conscious of the eyes silently studying your body but nevertheless you unbuckle the belt of your jeans prior to unzipping them. You then pull them down over your knees and off over your feet…”

Her face is flushed now, perspiring and she is gasping heavily, her nude body heaving…

“You glimpse uncomfortably in my direction and then place your hands behind your back to unclip the straps of your bra. As you do you feel your tits fall loose and with your eyes closed momentarily you then swiftly remove the bra before draping it over the back of the chair with the rest of your discarded garments. Without hesitation you then slip your thumbs into the elastic waistband of your black lace knickers, pull them down to your ankles and step out of them. You are now totally nude, and everybody present can clearly see your crack and shaved cunt – you feel utterly humiliated and totally vulnerable…”

It is as though she is in a fever; her body is covered in a thin film of sweat, her limbs alternately taut and slack. She is moaning as though in pain, and I continue to frig her…

“I move over to you and without a word take you by the arm. I then guide you the few steps to the frame. Your deep humiliation becomes fear, terror even and agony is but seconds away now. In front of the frame, I first pull out fully your left arm and strap it tightly. Next, I do the same with your right arm. You begin to tremble and also fight against that very trembling. You feel me pulling a leather strap around your thin waist, pulling it firm.  I then similarly fasten each of your thighs before dropping down and cuffing each of your ankles to the apparatus. You then sense me move away and pick something up, something to hurt you with. There is a pause in the dungeon, an almost deathly silence, and then there is a brief hiss, almost like a hiss of a snake, before a thousand tongues of fire rasp the tender and white flesh of your naked and exposed buttocks…”

Her body suddenly tenses as though she has been jolted by electricity, her back arches and little gasps repeatedly leave her lips. I press down hard upon her clit and rub it is hard as I can. She lets out one last loud sigh and then flops back laughing onto the covers satiated utterly and absolutely…

Submitted: December 07, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Matt Triewly. All rights reserved.

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harriet-jacqui x

I had a hot, sticky flush reading about you, en flagrant, with that suffering wife of yours, Matt. Hot, sexy, rampant reading!

Sat, December 10th, 2022 11:27pm


Haha, thanks... glad you enjoyed!

Sun, December 11th, 2022 12:01am

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