Early Birthday Present

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

College lass Joelene gets a special steamy birthday present from her stepdaddy.

I had to get out of my school uniform. It’s not that I don’t look like ‘jailbait’ in it. I mean, my plaid college skirt is so short, and my thighs are super eye candy. I had a party to get ready for, and not just any party- it was my eighteenth birthday celebration. I mean, I was a big girl now. Virtually a woman. And I was pussy wet with excitement, not because I expected a hot fuck later with my boyfriend but because my stepdad was giving me a car. Oh, it was no secret. He had let me pick it out, a cute sporty bright red hot little thing.

God, I was excited. I raced through the front door and up the stairs. No more school bus for me in my last semester at Her Immaculate Ladies College. I might have said a Hail Mary for the first time seriously in my life...Sweet Jesus, I was stoked.

Still, it was a really warm afternoon, and I was sweaty and flushed. I had frickin rushed my little butt off getting through the door. I had myself to get pampered for my party. Geez, I had a super scorching skimpy floral dress to show off to all my girlfriends later and something to slip out of easily when I caught up with my current boyfriend, Frankie, much, much later tonight.

My school skirt was off; my little white ankle socks were tugged off, and my cute manicured toes were free. My white school blouse was unbuttoned quickly and casually tossed on my bed. My sexy lacey pink bra was unhooked and thrown to the side. I wriggled out of pink skimpy knickers in front of my huge mirror, leaving them crumpled on the floor because I just had to catch a glimpse of my peachy smooth butt and my gorgeous perky titties: reflected back at me. Oh, I was a good package for eighteen.

I scurried to my ensuite for my shower. I didn’t even pause in the mirror for some naughty pussy play. I had to get party-ready.

 I went to open my shower door when I saw the note:

“Sorry baby,” it was mum’s writing, “The plumber couldn’t unblock your mess today...use the shower downstairs in the guest suite.”

Oh, my long, long hair and I was so indifferent to my mess in the bathroom. I knew the water wasn’t draining as fast, but I didn’t care...but I did now...NO WAY was I using the downstairs bathroom ...I was naked and ready ...I wasn’t traipsing down the stairs in my wonderful now eighteenth birthday suit...however cute it looked...but I’d risk a dash along the landing to the double shower recently installed by my dirty minded stepdad to have it off with my mum.

And perhaps I moved quickly because it was out of bounds to me...but no one was home...so off I scampered...I felt a little naughty dashing naked past my bedroom...but very sexy too...it’s fun scurrying around totally liberated ...my cute titties nicely jiggling in freeform mode...boy my unclothed body had that edgy improper feel...I needed to dart around the place in the nuddy more often.

Yeah, I was getting pussy secretions with an overload of excitement...my birthday party...my first car...my naked cavorting body...the trespass into my mum’s and stepdad’s sexual play area.

It was a quality shower recess ...a generous double with a built-in bench. The truth was mum had gotten a bit kinky since Dave had moved in two years ago and even more since their marriage six months ago. Then this new master bedroom shower. three months back. Oh, it was luxury...it was grand ...it exuded money to burn with its classic full travertine floor and wall tiles. It was elegant like a naked young body. Everything was turning me on and I just had to touch myself.

I had the nozzle of the flexi snaky shower jet hitting my body with delectable perfect warmth; thanks to the adjustable thermostatic handle. No fiddling to find the balance like my shower taps. My body already covered in a rich lather of some really expensive body scrub belonging to my mum...my long brunette hair in wet strands over my shoulders and down my back. My light dusty dark pubic fuzz was covered in a drizzle of foam.

The water jet pressure was sensational on my body and none more so as it hit my girly zone between my legs. Shit, it felt good; especially as I adjusted the flex shower head to a pulsating direct stream and literally blasted my happy clitty. Divine pressure. Divine instant bodily response. I had to max the head. It was like I had created a mini water cannon and my cute button of love exploded under the sensuous raw pounding. I closed my eyes in total sweet eighteen years of pleasure and let my enjoyment trip through and out of me:

“Oh fuck...Oh My God...Orrgh...Ahh...Ah...Ahh...Orrrhh,” as I came in a near gush mixed with the intense water stream. Boy was I a happy birthday girl.

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday ....” it was in my head but I wasn’t singing it.

Oh shit, it was my stepdaddy.

I tried to cover myself ...but he was already in the shower with me...his cock was erect and strangely attractive.

“Let me get you to the next level...Joelene...a birthday girl deserves it,” was all he said.

God knows why but as he felt me up straight away...my hand was grabbing his cock and massaging along his shaft. He knew I was a cock tart.

His fingers were so good in my sopping coochie. I was overripe for a filling, given my pummelling water treatment.

His cock was throbbing as I tugged along its length. Shit, he had some girth, but I could accommodate that.

The bastard ...my own stepdaddy had me bent over the shower bench and was licking my arsehole. How did he know this was one of my biggest turn-ons? His tongue slid into my pinkish balloon knot so easily. All I could do was moan and whimper in pleasure. The prick got his finger in my tight slot very quickly. Crooking and hooking my ring, building special bouts of arsehole enjoyment for me.

I was sure the arsehole was going to ram his cock into my back crack any minute, and I was ready. I loved the intense rear tightness. The feeling my butt would burst. Yeah, okay, so I’m a bum tart too.

When suddenly, his thick long prick was in my pussy. No complaints. It was good. More than good. It was awesome because he drilled me. His cock boring into me. Probing to my goddamn womb, it seemed. And as he withdrew, he scooped out my shape with him and then pushed everything back in as he stuffed me. Stuffed my pussy as it needed to be fuckin stuffed right there and then.

He flipped me over and spread my legs on the bench. I‘d never had a guy who had withdrawn during sex...geez he had control. He wanted to lick my pussy. I wanted him to lick my pussy. My pussy always craved a sweet motherfucking lick. Geez, where were my thoughts heading: I didn’t want to picture my mum having sex on this bench with Dave. I didn’t have to; it was my pussy getting the finesse pampering. I wasn’t thinking anything beyond my own immediate coochie happiness.

He gave my pussy the close-up attention it always deserves. He was licking where a girl wants it, where a girl needs it, where it has to happen on your eighteenth birthday. My cute little arse ring and my sweet puffy pussy lips had his full focus...yum it was first-class. The shower was steamy; the sex was getting steamier.

God, his tongue and fingers knew just what to do...they hit me with a compelling jolt of immediate satisfaction...experience counts and I was getting the maximum benefit from it...his tongue in my slot...delving...prodding...manoeuvring to facilitate the potential my pussy had to give to him and very important to me. His tongue hit my erect pink button, and boy, it felt good...sensational. I surprised myself as I realised, I was closer to another orgasm already.

Reciprocation...his dick deserved sucking. I licked along the shaft, planting soft kisses on my stepdaddy’s hardness. Boy, did I enjoy sucking his cock. Sucking cock. Surrounding cock.  My mouth was wide, but my lips applied pressure. Sliding down his rod and sucking up his stiffness. Mmm...Yeah, I’m a cock addict.

He bent me over again. His cock in me ...dogging me...a flesh shaping, a flesh filling, and a flesh bliss continued coupling. But this time, he was at the same time fingering my arse. I understood what his cock needed for the finale...but it was great because I was directing my thoughts that way too.

My arse was ready. It had been from the moment he had first licked it.

“Oh yes...oh yes “I started

Then added,” Deeper ...deeper ...you bastard.”

Finally, I was all guttural: “Oh...Ahh...Orrgh...Ah...Ah. “

The sequence was impressively masterminded by the filthy sod. The tease of his cock head on my sensitive rim. The playful touch. The nudging. The prodding around my ungiving opening. The intense expecting waiting game. The tension of need in me kept building. I arched my arse back, trying to capture his cock. I wanted his pecker deep in my arse.

The yeses were in response to his first promiscuous taboo push...debauched and dirty...digging into my furrow with a sharp, direct shallow plough. The type of prod that has you begging for more...as he withdrew his dick from my now pleading arsehole...my tight crack needed its pleasure saviour.

He was in...and serious now...I felt his thighs and body tense behind me. I felt his body leverage over me...he was ready to tunnel.

I asked for it deeper. I got it frickin deep...so goddamn arsehole subterranean ...nearly splitting it seemed...as my rear tightness somehow gave...and I responded with an animal passion. I embraced my hidden sexual side...all released by my stepdaddy on my eighteenth birthday. My arse guided me to new, unexpected sexual heights.

I savoured every hard, raw, deep stroke of his cock thrusting into my arse...his girth burgeoning my gape. I was relishing being me, and I was fully me as his fingers massaged in a knowing circular motion around my clitty at the same time, bringing me to a stunning second shower recess orgasm within minutes.

Of course, I let him gift me his cum in my open mouth. It was splashy and warm, and I had one super pleased stepdaddy.

He soaped me off. I did the same. We rinsed each other and towelled each other off. Then he suggested I high-tail it in a bathrobe back to my room.

At the door, he called me, “Joelene.”

I thought it was the lecture...our little secret...don’t tell mum, etcetera...but he smiled and threw me; my new set of car keys.

I caught them easily.

“Let’s take your car for a drive tomorrow,” then he hesitated and added, “Together?”

The prick already wanted more of me. That was fine. I had the full eighteen-year-old wish list to get through. A trip to Europe...a boob job...a new fashion wardrobe...a frickin new shower in my room. So, my stepdad could play his arse games, and I’d be a winner too. But right now, I had a party to get ready for, my eighteenth, and I was feeling super special already.

Submitted: December 06, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Jolene you TRAMP You definitely are "Daddy's Little Girl"????????Poor Frankie has no idea that he's in competition with another man. Janus this was spicy and very naughty. I was definitely transported into Jolene's world. I loved every minute of this soapy dish. Keep up the outstanding work!??????????

Tue, December 6th, 2022 6:46am


One lucky couple, but hard to encounter!

Thu, December 8th, 2022 1:22am

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