The Wishing Place: "I wish I was Irresistibly attractive."

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Genie grants wish. Man ends up stripped naked and forced orgasm in public bar. You know, your typical wish granted story. From my book "The Wishing Place" available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle Vella.

I get out of the Uber in front of the sports bar I’m meeting my friends at to celebrate my NFL draft 
contract, and I realize I'm early. Because of course my on-again, off-again girlfriend decided to be offagain today. When she joked that she wished I was as hot as the football players on TV, I’d had enough and walked out. I certainly don’t want to stay there feeling unattractive. Now I'm here and have time to kill when I notice a door next to the bar that’s got an open sign in it. I feel compelled to go in.

Inside, I'm met with a small reception area with a door that's half open leading to an office behind. The bell over the door chimes as I close it behind me. A man inside the office says, “Come on in. What wish can I fulfill for you today?” I make my way through the door and into the office. He's sitting at one of the chairs. He motions to the other chair, and says “You’re in luck. I have a few minutes before my next appointment so I can squeeze you in quickly. Sit.”

I sit and joke, “And you’re in luck because I got to the bar early and have time to kill before my friends arrive.”

He chuckles, “Lucky indeed! Now, tell me your wish and I'll grant it.”

I look at him and laugh. “Oooo Kkkaayy.” I think back on my afternoon and my pissy mood due to my girlfriend and realize that if she thought I was more attractive, my day would have gone differently. In fact, every day would go differently since she wouldn't be looking at other guys. “Well, I could wish for success in the NFL, but I got drafted already and have a contract waiting for me to sign. I'm meeting my friends to celebrate, in fact. So, let's go with the other choice: I wish I was irresistibly attractive.”

“That's easy. Sure that's what you want?”

“Yeah. I don't want my girlfriend looking at other guys while I'm traveling for away games. And besides, attractive people always get ahead in life.”

“Alright, then, you wish is granted.” There's a strange glow that fills the room. “Irresistibly attractive! Ta Da! And I'm not even going to ask for payment. Let's call it pro bono—and I'll just grant it for 24 hours—since I don't have time for a full appointment. Then, if you're happy with it, come back in a couple days and we'll make it permanent.”

He stands, and I stand as well. He reaches out and shakes my hand and says, “I hope you enjoy being irresistible, Brandon.”

“Thanks. Wait, how did you know my name?”

“Saw the draft on ESPN. Good luck in your football career.” He motions to the door. “My next appointment is coming in.” The bell over the door chimes. I make my way out past a guy who stops dead and looks me up and down shamelessly. I hear the guy say “Damn. He's sexy.” as the door closes behind me. I smile. I mean, I'm not into guys, but I'll take the compliment. I turn back and see a brick wall where the door was. That's strange.

I head into the bar. I feel like everyone is looking at me and stripping me with their eyes. It's unsettling, especially when it’s mostly men in the bar right now after work. I see my four friends at our table near the back so I head over there.

Jerry gets up and says, “Here's our NFL Super Bowl Champ!” He hands me a beer and claps a hand on my shoulder. He holds his beer up and says “To victory!” The other guys echo him, lifting their glasses and cheering before they all take a drink. I lift my glass and drink. Jerry grips my shoulder tighter, pulling me in a half hug against his side. He says to me, “Fuck the NFL looks good on you man.” I shrug. He holds my 
shoulder longer. He says it louder to the group, “Don't you think guys? He looks really good tonight. How did we not know how irresistible the NFL makes you?”

Clearly, they've all been drinking for a while, but they couldn't have been here that long. I ask him how much he's had to drink. He leans in close to my ear and says, “The night is young. Server just dropped off the first pitcher of the night.” Then he takes my ear lobe into his mouth and nibbles on it. It sends a shock straight to my dick and I try to pull away from him. His grip on my other shoulder is strong and holds me in place.

The other guys have gotten up at this point, and Jerry moves behind me, placing both hands on my shoulders and massaging a bit. Greg says, “Jerry, you’re right man. Brandon does look good. Doesn’t he guys? I feel like something's changed about him.”

The others nod in agreement and press closer to me. I try to back up but that only presses me against Jerry. The guys are all built college football players like me, so they're pretty immovable when it’s four against one.

Someone takes the beer out of my hand as Jerry slips his hands under my arms and puts me in a hold with my arms held up and behind my head. Greg grabs my shirt and says, “Let's see what else has changed.” He rips my button-down shirt open. I hear buttons land on the floor and table.

I protest, “Come on guys. I thought we were celebrating with a quick drink. No need to haze me or whatever.” I feel hands on my body as I'm pulled back by Jerry who spins around and falls back on to the table. He pulls me with him and then hooks his feet on the inside of my ankles and spreads his leg, effectively holding me in a spread eagle position. I hear ripping sounds as my shirt is pulled off my body.

Someone tweaks my nipple. “Come on, guys—mmmph!” Someone shoves the torn fabric of my shirt into my mouth and Greg says, “Come on guys…. Hm… That sounds like a great idea!”

I can't believe this is happening. I try to move my arms or legs but Jerry has me in a tight hold. Leon and Noah are pulling my shoes and socks off. I cry out into the gag. I don't want to be stripped in the bar like this, but the guys are like animals. Greg pulls my belt open and works it off me before tossing it aside. I struggle, which just rubs my ass against Jerry’s cock, which I discover is rock hard through his shorts. He 
might as well be naked.

I close my eyes. There's no way this is happening to me right now. I feel the buttons on my jeans being pulled open one by one, while Jerry continues biting and licking my ear and neck. I feel my dick pressing against the fabric as my fly is opened and the pressure is released. No, no, no. My jeans are being pulled off me, taking my boxers with them. I look down and see my cock as it pops out into the open air and the rest of my clothes are pulled off my legs, leaving me totally naked and exposed, my arms and legs spread out and Jerry’s dick rubbing against my bare ass.

Greg runs his hands up my inner thighs. “Dude, you look even better naked. We should keep you this way all the time.” The words send shivers down my body and my dick pulses as Greg wraps his fingers around it. “Fuck, man, you're fucking irresistible.” He brings his mouth to my dick and licks up it. A moan escapes my mouth and Noah pulls the gag out of my mouth, leans in and captures it with his mouth in a dominating kiss.

These guys own me right now and there's nothing I can do about it. As I give in to the kiss, my body is on overload as I feel someone—Leon, I’m assuming—take my nipple between his teeth, licking and sucking it. My dick is engulfed in the wet heat of Greg’s mouth and somehow Jerry’s cock is out of his shorts, his precum lubing my asshole as he slides between my cheeks.

The kiss ends and is replaced with Noah’s hard cock pushing into my mouth. Every part of my body is being used right now. Through the water in my eyes, I can see that a crowd has gathered, cell phones out videoing the action as my four friends all use my naked body for their pleasure in back of the bar.

I feel Jerry’s cock push into my ass. It burns and fills me, but it’s not unbearable, making me glad my girlfriend had already introduced me to some of the benefits of anal play. I don't know how long it goes on for—a few seconds, minutes.. hours?—until I hear loud grunting and hot cum fills my mouth. I involuntarily swallow it down and groan as Greg is jacking my dick off against his own. I feel him go over the edge as my own cock explodes. My orgasm washes over me and Jerry’s “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” chorus sounds in my ear then a whoosh of air against my ear as Jerry’s cock pulses deep in my ass. I feel 
cum land on my chest and neck at the same time.Jerry releases my arms and legs and pulls out of me. I feel empty suddenly.

Greg pulls me up into a standing hug and says “Congratulations man. Fuck you're unbelievable. That was incredible. I don't know what came over us. Shit. You're just so irresistible right now.” He pinches my nipple. The other guys agree as Jerry starts wiping my body down with a wet cloth. He says “Sorry, dude, I don't know what happened to your clothes, but at least your wallet and phone were saved.” He nods towards them sitting on the table where I was just spit roasted.

Leon says, “Yeah, dude, you don’t need clothes anyway for what we have planned for the rest of the night.” He slaps the back of my shoulder.
I'm sure I should be more embarrassed but the people in the bar start clapping for us and the server brings over two pitchers of beer. She says “Everyone agrees that was incredible and you deserve some beers.”

I look at my friends who are all smiling and cheering, back in their clothes, while I'm still completely naked and somewhat still covered in cum. In that moment, I wonder if I have to wait the full couple of days to make my wish permanent.

Submitted: December 04, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Ian X Cross. All rights reserved.

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