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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: FANTASY EROTICA

Your eyes were tightly closed and when you slowly opened them, you still couldn’t see. You flinched and realized you were lying on something soft. You mumbled, but your voice came out muffled. Something was covering your mouth and it was keeping your mouth open as well. Your jaws hurt a bit. Your head hurt and you couldn’t remember pretty much anything. What the Hell happened last night? Your quickly realized why you were bound like that to the bed. Obviously something… ”adult” stuff had happened night before, but you couldn’t remember any off it. You couldn’t make out from your hazy memory how - or even with whom - you ended up between sheets. Last thing you could recall was that you were at the club and some guy offered you a cocktail. After that everything is lost from your memory. Apparently you ended up taking him home with you. Who ever that was. Your body felt sore. Goddamn. You realized that your hands were free and slowly you started to move them to take off your blindfold, but then your heard low voice and freezed.
”Mmh. Stay still, beautiful… Don’t move…” Oh. He was still there. His voice were soft, like a silk. Manly, but not too deep. It made you shiver a bit. Your senses were more sharp now that you couldn’t see nor speak. Only his voice made you feel… aroused. Your breathing grew bit heavier as you felt your pussy clench. 
”You looked so pretty asleep… Can you remember anything from the last night…?” His voice got bit closer to you as you felt tip of his calloused finger trail bare skin on your chest. It glided between your two, firm breasts to your abdomen. Your little whimper were muffled by your gag. He chuckled as he noticed your subtle reaction. 
”Nothing much happened. Expect I undressed you and we had… little fun together… You were the eager one, trust me on that… You told me some of your… turns ons and I managed to easily find your sweetest and sensitive spots. On and in your body…” He kept speaking with such a hypnotizing voice. Then you felt something warm against your nipple and let out choked moan as you realized he licked your other nipple with his tongue. 
”For example these tender nubs of yours…” He gave it another lick and then sucked it between his lips. You bit into your gag and definitely your cunt noticed it too. 
”Its adorable how sensitive you are now, that some of your senses are blocked off… Should I continue and give lower part of your body some attention too…” You heard tease in his voice. You hold your breath as his tongue moved along your skin skilfully. You held your hands behind above your head like they were bound together. You trembled under him. You didn’t even knew how he looked like, but your body yearned for his touch. 
”Mmh… Needy girl…” He spoke, lips on your waist. You realized how you almost held your breath now. 
”Ohh, would you like to moan? But you can’t…” He enjoyed teasing and tormenting you, knowing that you had to succumb to him completely. 
”Is it arousing to just lay there, unable to do anything and I can do whatever I want your body…” He spoke and then parted your legs. 

”Already this wet… Good little girl. It should be so easy to just…” You flinched as you felt his fingertips on your sore opening. It seemed like your cunt was used last night and it had had something bigger than just digits inside… He pushed them in you, stretching you open. It hurt a bit and you gasped. 
”You are basically dripping on my fingers… Maybe I have to use my mouth on you too…” You felt how his lips brushed your mound and swollen clit. He licked the nub teasingly, making you shudder on the bed. Your heard him chuckle as he licked again and played it with tip of his tongue. He studied your reactions, your little shifts and muffled whimpers. His index and middle finger were buried deep into you, as he started to gently suck your clit. Oh God fuck. It felt amazing getting fingerfucked at the same time. Your lubricant coated his fingers and your juices made gushing, lewd sounds. If he kept doing that, you would come sooner or later. His other hand were on your tight, squeezing it hard and holding your legs apart. You mewled and moaned into your gag, staining it with saliva. You were literally drooling. He pumped his fingers faster and played with your heated nub, licking and pulling it with his tongue and lips. Your legs started to shake a bit and he kept doing it faster. 
”So close, aren’t you…? Come on, little girl. Cum around my fingers…” He curled them inside you, hitting straight your sweetest spot. You started to tremble even more. He sucked on you clit bit harder and you felt yourself getting closer to climax. So fucking close. Your back arched as his digits and tongue made you orgasm. Your cunt spasmed, as your liquids poured out, soaking his fingers completely. He withdrew them and your heard how he sucked them clean. Savouring your taste. 
”Mmh. So sweet, my dirty girl… You came so hard but I won’t let you rest… I didn’t told you anything about me last night. You see, I’m bit special… I don’t want that you get scared of me, so I made some preparations and had to blindfold you…” He spoke again and trailed his fingertip on your stomach and abdomen.
”And that gag… I’ll keep it on you for now. Because… What I’m about to do to you, you’ll definitely make some noise… I like those cute little muffled whines and whimpers. Soon they’ll turn into choked screams…” As he finished his sentence, you felt bed creak as he climbed on top of you. You hold you breath as you felt how he dragged his thick cock against you bare pussy. 
”Your hands are already nicely together… Keep them above your head and don’t move…” You heard his voice and then strange, almost hissing sound as you felt something moving along your calves, slowly climbing up. It was slimy, odd feeling. You flinched, but stayed on your place. 
”I wanna introduce my little friends to you… For now, I’ll use them to just tie you up and keep you spreaded open for me, but they can do much more…” He spoke so close to your ear. Those strange… things kept tangling themselves around your whole body, your legs, arms, wrists and around your throath as well. It wrapped tightly around your neck, restricting your breath quite badly. You felt slight fear, knowing that you were now bound and under his mercy. 
”This is my little secret… If you behave, my little lovelies will be so good for you. Shame that you can’t see the most eager one between your breasts… But you can feel it thrusting between them, don’t you? Its thick and long, you can think it of as a cock, if thats easier to you to comprehend.” You felt sweet friction between your tits and at the same time he lifted your legs bit up. Slimy vines were wrapped around your legs and tights. You heard him grunt as he teased your drenching pussy with wide tip of his dick. 
”Fuck. I could keep torturing you like this for so long… You are so helpless lying there like a pretty little doll… But my slimy friends are getting impatient… So I’ll start with you now…” After he finished his sentence, you felt sudden impact as he thrusted his big cock into your snug pussy all the way with one, rough thrust. 
”Oh God. You swallowed me so easily inside your tight cunt… Its completely inside you, spreading and stretching you open… Fuck you are so wet and warm…” He cursed and grunted as he started to fuck you with rough, deep thrusts. Slimy tentacle moved between your breasts and if you could moan, you would have done it. That felt amazing. Your muscles tightened around him, pulsing around him pleasurably.

“It’s a shame, that you passed out last night and couldn’t remember anything… I didn’t need to tie you up then, since you were sleeping so peacefully when I… well, had my way with you…” He spoke low, confessing what he did to you while you were passed out. 
“I got my eye on you when you walked to the counter and I decided that I wanted you. Club was full of pretty and oblivious girls, but… I just knew that you would be perfect prey… I charmed you easily and you accepted the drink I bought to you. So foolish little girl… You weren’t able to finish it, when you already fell limb in to my arms. Half conscious you didn’t question me, when I took you to home… When I ripped clothes off you and threw you to the bed, you tried to struggle a bit. A lot actually. Oh and you didn’t just pass out. You were so fierce that I had to choke you to make you immobile… Accidentally I choked you unconscious. I realized it, when you didn’t moved or begged me to stop any more… I kept raping you and fuck you were so cute, sleeping with tears dried on your face… It was like fucking a doll. You were like a jelly in my arms. Your body were so stiff and limb…” You freezed as you realized that earlier he had lied to you. About that you were into it. No, he actually drugged you so he could take advantage of you. Rape you in your own bed… You wanted to cry right now. He heard how you whined under your gag and he just chuckled. 
”But it doesn’t change a thing that I told you how this really played out, now does it? You are now willing little slut for me. You came already and you’ll come again, so many times while I and my little friends fuck you both into pussy and ass…” He growled, losing his composure. He rocked your body back and forth as he pounded you rough and fast. 
”Should I stuff your ass with my cock or with a tentacle? I would like to find how tight your other hole is… Your cunt feels heavenly…” He kept speaking dirty things right into your ear. Yeah, you were just a fucktoy for him to use just how he pleased. 
”First I’ll cum inside you so that you are nicely lubed up…” Way he spoke and grunted revealed that he was already close. Vine between your breasts sped up as well. Seemingly he cotrolled the tentacles and could make them do whatever he wanted. 
”My lil friend would like to shoot out load to your pretty face… And on those perky tits as well… Actually, after we are done, you’ll be drowning in semen… It will cover your whole body and all your holes will be leaking of hot, sticky seed…” His hands were now bruising your hips as vines held your legs. 
”Fuck. I’m gonna cum…” He cursed and fucked you roughly until he came. He bottomed inside you with feral growl and you felt how your pussy filled up to the brim. He kept fucking you, as cum gushed out of you with every thrust. You were his little breeding toy as he thrusted with his half-hard cock. Finally he pulled out, letting seed flood out of you. You felt it flowing to your thights and to your bedsheets. They were sticky with cum already. He had fucked cum into you last night as well. Lord knows how many times he came. Tentacle between your breasts kept thrusting. Now that his hands were free, he massaged them and pressed them together, so vine could fuck tighter spot between your tits. 
”Damn. Your cheeks are so red… Soon off-white liquid will stain them…” He grunted as you were getting tittyfucked roughly. You let out gasp when leaned closer and bit your other nipple. You wheezed from the sudden pain. 
”So close… Fuck…” You heard his low murmur. Apparently he could feel pleasure from what the vines did. Most likely he could determine when they came as well. 
”Yeah… Cum on those perfect, slutty tits…” His lips were on your nipple as you felt how tentacle sped up even more and just few seconds later, bursted heavy load of sticky cum on your chest and partially on your face. 
”Fuck that is hot…” You heard and he jerked his cock. Vines on your tights moved a bit and you flinched. 
”Yeah. Seems like my friends want to play with you some more. Just relax your stiff little body…” He grunted and slowly let tentacle on your left thigh to move closer your cum-covered cunt’s opening. Teasingly it pressed against it and then went in easily. You purred, that sensation was so different from a hard cock. Thick, phallic vine wriggled, making your insides churn. He chuckled, watching you struggle against the splitting pain you felt. 
”See? They like you… Let them deeper in you and don’t fight against it…” You felt him grunt. You heard just slick noises and thought of what was happening, made you feel… complicated. You shouldn’t be liking this, not at all. This was violation and you felt sick. Way the tentacle rubbed your insides… Reaching so far. You heard his heavy breath close to you. 
”You are already stuffed so full… But there is still that tight ass of yours, completely untouched…” He spoke so ominiously that you felt dread. He could easily ruin you, so you won’t ever again feel satisfaction from… normal penetration. You felt another vine caressing your butt now and you flinched. It was as big as one in your pussy right now. Next you felt it against your tighter hole,brushing against it and emitting somekind of clear liquid. It was its pre-lubricant, what ever that was. You hated how slow and torturing all of this were. He was making you writhe in both disgust and in lust. Why wouldn’t you body reacted like that, when both your holes got played and teased like that? But your mind. Oh God how petrified you were. You felt tears on corner of your eyes. What you did to deserve this. This unhumane treatment? He was a monster and last night you fell to his trap and became his victim. His toy. Tentacle kept teasing your tight asshole, like licking it with crude, fast strokes. At the same time another fucked your cunt with now slower, deeper thrusts. You kept your eyes pressed tightly closed under your blindfold. Your legs shaked a little and he let out satisfied groan. Your heard noises like he was jerking himself.
”Mmh… We are all getting quite… impatient here… Should we kick this up a notch…?” You knew what he meant and had no time to prepare, when that big and thick vine previously just teasing your tighter hole plunged in you. You fling your head to the side and bit so hard into your mouth gag. Oh fuck. Your ass got stretched out instantly and you could feel two tentacles moving inside you at the same time. You couldn’t even describe that pressure your felt right at that moment. So painful, like you were going to literally break. Your legs felt weak and they trembled violently, as vines were still tangled around them, holding them up in the air. Your arms were bound as well and more you tried to move them, tighter the tentacle around them got. And you were still getting choked firmly. 
”Fuck… I haven’t been this hard for ages… Damn. I need those little lips wrapped all around around my shaft right now…” He yanked you by hair, ripped off your gag and before you could speak, he forced his cock deep into your mouth. 
”Good fucking slut for me… Drool all over it and choke on my cock… Make me come into your throath while I destroy your two other holes…”

Submitted: December 04, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Cici Rain. All rights reserved.

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Wow - this sounds like every girl's fantasy. Very steamy!

Thu, December 15th, 2022 3:13pm

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