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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Jake takes our poor unfortunate hero to visit his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, the poor humiliated kid shares some of his worse experiences with us.


As always, this is a fantasy and all characters are 18 yrs of age or older.


As always, please keep me writing by buying some of my novels on Amazon.  Look under books for author name. D.H. Gutzman. I promise you will enjoy them. They are historically accurate, juicy and erotic, and thrilling.




I know I am a worthless piece of shit and don’t even deserve to be alive. It is only through Jake’s kindness and understanding that I have any kind of life at all. But the question is, how did I get this way? What led me to be lower than the lowest animal, lower than the lowest toilet or outhouse? What is it in my nature that made me this piece of fucking shit turd? I was Jake who discovered it in me, but it must have been hidden in me all along.


I was thinking about this just the other night when Jake was allowing me to smell his balls. He was kicked back on the couch, after fucking some girl, and he sat there naked and godlike and beautiful with his legs spread, watching some soccer game, and he was kind enough to let me smell his balls. He let me get in real close, so the sweat from the hair on his nuts tickled my nose. I could not touch his balls of course, not without permission, but I was allowed to take deep breaths and take in the stink of his sweaty nutsack. This is what my life is like now. This is what it has come to. Me down on the floor naked with a ten-inch dildo shoved up my ass and my dick forced into a tiny cock cage. Would he let me kiss or lick his balls? I never knew. He’d probably had them thoroughly licked by whatever bitch he had fucked, but they were certainly sweaty again, probably from the exertion of fucking her. When Jake fucks, he fucks really hard and rough, like he is trying to hurt you. It’s his manly sadistic nature. That and the fact that several times a day, he has so much fuck need built up in his nutsack that he just has to unload as hard and rough as possible. He has patiently explained what it is like to be a real man to me, and also how I can never ever hope to be close to that. In fact, even among lowly cock sucking ass fucked faggot sissy boys, I am  low on the ladder. What I mean is even other faggots are above me. Even dog dick is better than I am, Jake proved that to me.


Yessir. Down there between his strong hairy thighs, smelling his big pendulous balls, I had no idea whether he would allow me to smell the actual dick or perhaps even taste it. Sometimes after he fucked cunt, he allowed me to lick the cunt slop and fuck from his magnificent dick… to lick it until it was all clean and shiny again. One of the greatest honors for a piece of shit like me was when I was allowed to tongue the big wide pisshole on the big pink cockhead. Of course, being a total asswipe, I always hope some cock leak might bubble out of the pisshole, or even a drop or two of pee. Sometimes after he fucked some cunt, if lots of cum and fuck slime had gotten into his pubic hair and clotted there, he would let me suck each of his pubic hairs clean…to suck the fuck from each beautiful individual dark hair of his prick bush and from the hair on his precious nut sack.


But on this particular night, I had only been allowed so far to smell his balls. I thought, when he spread his legs wide, that he might allow me to smell his asshole, but he had said nothing about that. I guess I didn’t deserve that. I guess I wasn’t good enough sucking dick and getting ass fucked during the day. That’s right. I have a quota of cocks to suck each day, a high quota, and if I don’t suck with enough enthusiasm and I don’t get enough high marks from the guys I service, then I get punished, or I don’t get to service Jake. The same is true for ass fucks. I know I still am not good enough at getting my faggot boy pussy fucked. I don’t tighten and work my inner asshole around the fucking dick enough. When I am in pain from the length or the thickness of the dick, I sometimes forget to push my ass up and out to meet each dick thrust like the hungry cunt I have to be. And I admit it, I get so tired after the tenth or eleventh dick of the day up my rectum. And of course, so often, these arranged fucks that Jake and his buddies set up for me over the internet involve really disgusting or perverted dudes who want to play some really sick game. And Jake ordered me to do whatever the fucker wants and to do it with enthusiasm.


By the time I get to sleep at night, both my jaw and my asshole are totally numb, and the only thing I have to look forward to the next day, is more of the same, because that is all I deserve. I have long since dropped out of college and moved out on my poor invalid grandmother. I now sleep in a dog cage in the basement of Jake’s house, sometimes with and sometimes without the big Great Dane.  More about that some other time. I sit in the cage at night or in the morning and listen to Jake fucking and humiliating and degrading his own mother and sister. When his sister brings down my breakfast of dog food covered in the dog’s cum, and unlocks my cage so I can crawl out to eat it, I can see that she is a beautiful girl, with still budding firm tits. Her nipples have been stretched horribly by Jake and his buddies. She and Jake’s mom are kept naked often, and they have to service Jake’s college buddies.


At one point, I begged Jake to give me something other than dog food and cum to eat. I told him I was growing weak and sickly, and wouldn’t be able to do a good job for him. It’s true, I have lost weight and muscle and am now a bit geeky, or should I say more geeky than ever. When I said that to Jake, he beat the shit out of me, including whipping my ball sack with a belt, but he must have considered my words because I now get steak or eggs or salad sometimes…always after he has chewed it and spit it out. But it is much better than dog food.


When last I was relating to you how I got this way, Jake had driven me to the apartment of my ex-girlfriend to humiliate me even more. At this point, I had only been ass fucked by Jake and some rather large dildos, and I had never been gang-banged yet or fist fucked. So my asshole was as yet not totally ruined. I had not yet been forced to take animal cock up my ass in front of a laughing, jeering crowd. At this point, I was still a bit human, and I dreaded seeing my ex-girlfriend, A. At the point that m world fell apart, I had just decided that I really loved her and was going to tell her so. She was pretty much everything to me. Now, she hated my guts. She loathed me, because her reputation had been totally ruined among her college friends when Jake released photos of me sucking dick and taking a dildo up my ass and so on. Her friends laughed at her and couldn’t believe she had actually been lovers with me. She almost had a breakdown.


Fortunately, Jake came to her rescue and fucked her brains out and taught her

How good a real man could make her feel. He taught her that my wimpy faggot cock could never have pleased her, and it takes a man-sized dick, beer can thick, like Jakes to teach a girl what sex is all about. And now to further my disgrace, he was forcing me to confront her.


I was forced to walk across the street wearing nothing but the filthy, stained jock strap of a high school boy, and with a soiled pair of gym shorts shoved in my mouth, drooling the mixture of cum, piss and sweat from the shorts. My face and body had the glaze of cum spread over it. I was a disoriented, fucking mess.  Jake got out of his car and followed me but about ten paces behind, so he would not be associated with the demented, faggot sissy boy walking almost naked on a public street. Tears ran down my cheeks and mixed with the dried cum. I swallowed a stream of sweat and piss and cum from the shorts on which I was sucking. After all, I had sucked the dicks of twenty-five college boys that day. No wonder my head was spinning and I was half out of it. My heart was in my stomach because Jake had informed me that I would be sucking college boy dorm dick several times a week. I could not wrap my head around what he had turned me into.


A lady walking her dog, crossed the street to avoid me, and three young boys stopped playing to stare at me. “Careful, boys, he’s a faggot!” Jake called laughing. A man watering his garden down the block, was so engrossed looking at me that he started to water the little girl playing with her doll buggy by mistake. I was a fucking freak. In those early days, I still felt immense shame. I still shook in total humiliation. I guess I still thought of myself as human.


Jake must have called A on his phone, for as I approached the building, she opened the street door to the building. She looked at me in horror, putting her hands up to her mouth. “Oh my God!” she moaned. Then, as I stood before her, head bowed, with her looking at my naked body dressed in only a tiny bulging jock strap, she grew livid.




I wanted to explain to her that none of it was my fault. That Jake and his buddies had done this to me. That I was a normal straight college boy who did in deed love her, but that they had forced me into this. Of course, I couldn’t because I had a filthy pair of old gym shorts in my mouth.  Then A started to tremble and cry. I felt bad for her. Why should I feel bad for her? She had Jake fucking her, Jake who was much more of a man than I was. Jake, who had the most magnificent dick in the world. But Jake was only using her to torment me. Jake did not love her. He would not take care of her. Eventually, he would have all of his buddies and God knows who else fuck her. She would be ruined like I was being ruined.


Jake breezed in and swept A up in his arms, kissing her. “Aw. Baby, don’t cry. You’ve got a real man now. You can brag to our girlfriends about me. You can even send them dick pics of me. I brought this piece of shit over, so teach him how real lovers make love, to show him what I give you that he could never. In fact, I am thinking of locking his tiny prick in a cock cage and giving you the key, so he can never fuck a girl again.” When he said this, my thumping heart almost broke through my ribs. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t!  I remember going into the building with them, and while Jake and A walked arm in arm up the two flights of stairs to her place, Jake reminded me to crawl behind them. I was crying pretty hard by now too. I was also terribly depressed. Not much is said or written about the terrible depression that overcomes someone who is bullied. The depression of actually starting to think that you deserve this kind of treatment. I remember looking up at the way Jake’s ass globes rolled in his trousers as he climbed the stairs in front of me. He had a beautiful, tight round, athlete’s ass. I should know, I had been licking it and eating it recently. That was one of the things I hated most about being under Jake’s thumb…being under Jake’s ass. He loved to have his sweaty, manly ass licked and eaten. Before Jake and his pals took over my life, I would have never even considered that one day I would have my tongue up the asshole of another dude. I mean, what kind of people do such things? Eating out a guy’s ass? Even today, writing that seems totally sick. Totally perverted, and yet not a single day in my life goes by now, when I don’t have to lick, suck, tongue fuck and eat out several male asses. Jake has made it a rule that any time I suck a dude’s dick, I have to offer to eat his ass as well. I can taste ass in my mouth as I write this. Some days even my dog food tastes like male asshole. Believe me, licking and sucking sweaty armpit or balls or even feet is nothing compared to having to eat out sweaty male ass.


Recently, Jake and his pals have taken me to a local high school and into the locker room, and when the boys finish a hot and heavy football game and come  running into the locker room, filthy with dirty and sweat…BEFORE the varsity senior boys shower the filthy off, Jake offers to have me lick and suck their raunchy asses clean! An entire teenage football team! I don’t know how he arranged it, he knows the coach or something. But the sweat slick, stinking boy, lined up, reached back and spread their ass cheeks, and I was ordered to get to work. I had to crawl from boy to boy and lick up and down his ass crack and then tongue the asshole and then stick my tongue as deep up the boy’s filthy hole as I could. The boys wanted blow jobs too, but their coach said they could not shoot their loads until after they won six games in a row. I guess it was called incentive.

Jake promised that I’d be back to help them out when the time came. A week later, I could still smell the boys’ asses on my face and taste them in my mouth.


But none of these horrors matched facing my ex-girlfriend, a girl I still loved. Nothing matched the humiliation of her thinking I was not a complete man. That I was some less than human perverted creature. If I could just get five minutes alone with her to explain, but Jake had other plans. And so I crawled up the stairs behind Jake’s rolling ass mounds and into A’s apartment.


They began to kiss immediately, and Jake mauled her breasts. I stayed there on hands and knees watching, wanting to scream.  He tongue-kissed her forever, even licking her face. She ate it up, purring like a cat in heat. He pulled up her tee shirt and took it off, and I noticed A was not wearing a bra. Jake did not allow girls he was dating to wear bras. He wanted easy access. I stared in awe as the dick bulge in Jake’s trousers grew larger and larger. And then her hand went down and she felt him! SHE FELT HIS DICK BULGE! She had never done that with me. They kept kissing while A began to unbuckle Jake’s belt and undo his trousers. She was like a fucking slut in heat. This was not the girl I knew and loved. Was that what Jake did to girls? I noticed my breathing had grown labored as I watched. I felt my dick tingle. I had been forced to masturbate to empty my balls before we got to the apartment, but I was still getting turned on. That made me even more fucking ashamed.


A tugged down Jake’s trousers. He wore no underpants. His wrist thick dick popped up and A let out a loud groan as she wrapped her hand around it.

“Ass lick, get you face in my ass and lick my hole!  NOW!” I took the gym shorts out of my mouth.  I crawled to him and while he kissed the girl I loved and she pumped his monstrous prick, I began to lick his asshole. I could feel the rhythm of her pumping as his ass backed in and out of my face. This was totally sick! He pushed his ass back onto my face and my tongue went into his tight corrugated asshole, and I felt slightly sick ass ass sweat covered my face. This was before I had been forced to service the entire high school varsity team, so I guess it was good practice. Jake had A lift one dainty foot and then the other and he peeled her bikini panties from her.  He reached around and placed the panties on my head like a hat. A giggled at my disgrace. I was too busy licking and sucking ass to care much at this point. Just another humiliation.


But the filthy, dirty, really humiliating sex was just about to start.

Submitted: December 02, 2022

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