Las Vegas Venture, part two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Len gets even more attention from his guides

After dinner, when they returned to their room, the girls disrobed as Len undressed, preparing for whatever they would do next.
“Let’s play on the bed for a while,” suggested Ruth. 
“Do you have to use those ropes on me?” asked Len, a little worried.
“I’m sorry,” answered Gina, “but it’s a prerequisite for any level of domination, as Ruth mentioned earlier.”
 Once he was on his back with his wrists and ankles fastened, Len asked, “Would you mind telling me what you’re going to do?”
Ruth, kneeling on the bed on his right side, said, “Well, we’re going to fuck you. At least, I am.”
Gina, kneeling on his left side, said, “I will too, but there are a couple things I’ll need you to do for me while Ruth is having her fun with your cock.”
Ruth leaned over and began stroking Len’s cock. Gina leaned over him and fed one of her breasts to him. He licked and sucked on the nipple for a long time and soon he felt Ruth slide her wet pussy down over his cock. No condom. He wanted to mention it but with a nice firm tit in his mouth, he decided not to.
But he couldn’t really ignore what Ruth did. Her pussy consumed his cock, and she began rocking back and forth on it, as if she were already close to orgasm.
After Gina let him suck on her other nipple for a while, she slipped a small pillow under Len’s head. “A little leverage will put your face at just the right angle,” she said.
Gina straddled his head, facing Ruth, who was vigorously jerking her hips back and forth. Len was afraid she would snap his cock in half. Gina settled down on Len’s face with his nose nestled in the crack of her ass and with his mouth right on her clit. He instinctively began licking, trying to focus on giving Gina an orgasm, but Ruth was distracting him, grinding hard against his cock.
Gina shifted forward slightly, then reached back and spread her buttocks. “Licking is another form of ass play and it’s something that really turns me on.” 
Len took the hint, and remembering her comment about hygiene, he licked across Gina’s asshole. She pressed closer to his mouth, sighing, “Ahhh…yes…more, slave, eat my ass.”
Len licked faster, harder and deeper and he could feel Gina’s pussy dripping on his chin. Then Ruth jerked her body one last time, groaning, “Fuck, yeah…”
Len’s cock was hard and slick with Ruth’s juices when she lifted off him. Gina climbed off Len and positioned herself on his cock, reverse cowgirl. She leaned down with her hands on his legs just above his knees for support and began slowly fucking his cock. 
Ruth had come up by Len’s head on the bed. “How do you feel about eating your cum out of a girl’s pussy?” she asked.
“Not a fan,” Len answered.
“What a shame; it really gets me off to have a guy suck his cum out of my pussy or my ass. But I do enjoy a good ass cleaning. Care to indulge me, slave?” she asked.
“Why the hell not?” answered Len. He decided that licking Gina’s ass wasn’t so bad, and it turned him on even more because she initiated it.
Ruth positioned herself on his face as Gina had and snuggled his face in between her buttocks. “Getting licked is Gina’s thing, but I like being tongued,” she said. “Dig in, slave.”
Tongue deep into Ruth’s ass, Len suddenly realized what ass eating was all about. Luckily and for whatever reason, neither ass tasted disgustingly like he expected. There was basically no smell nor taste, and now Ruth’s tight ass squeezing his tongue made his cock throb.
Which was fortunate because Gina’s pussy was eating every available inch of his erection. He wished that he could see her ass as she bounced her pussy up and down on his cock, but that would have to be some other time. Ruth was rubbing her clit as he tongued her ass, so he decided he must be doing what she wanted.
Gina finally came, evidenced only by her groaning, “Shit, that felt so good.”
As soon as Gina removed herself from Len’s cock, Ruth leaned forward in a sixty-nine and took his cock in her mouth. She slid her pussy back onto Len’s mouth and his tongue attacked it. He flicked at her clit with the tip of his tongue and then sucked it into his mouth. Ruth moaned on his cock, and he came in her mouth.
Her legs locked around his head, and she humped his face as he sucked hard on her clit. Her pussy sprayed his face and at first Len thought she had pissed on him but realized it wasn’t piss.
When Ruth rolled off his body, Len was exhausted. Overall, it had been the hottest sex he had ever had, and he still had tomorrow for more. Gina suggested they all take a shower and although there was some playful touching and teasing, they left the serious fun for later. All three of them slept in the large bed and Len had the best night’s sleep of his life.
When Len woke the next morning, Gina was not in bed with him. He had wakened because Ruth was working on his balls with her warm hands. She used her fingernails where and when it mattered to make his cock hard. He leaned on his elbows to watch her.
“I’m going to do this until you come or until your time is up, whichever comes first, but I will not be touching your cock. I like to see it throbbing in my face.”
The door opened and Gina came in, carrying a tray with food on it. “I have some breakfast for you; you’re going to need it to survive Ruth’s special game with your scrotum.”
Gina stuffed some pillows behind Len’s upper body and sat next to him, feeding him. The food was delicious but he was beginning to think that Ruth was going to win her game earlier than she expected. The tip of his cock turned a dark crimson as it oozed precum. Veins stood out in the skin of his shaft like little rivers.
Gina took the breakfast tray away and came back to the bed, removing her negligee. She took a strap on device from the table nearby. It had a strap that she slipped around Len’s head. There was a phallus and a plug at the bottom of it, similar to but smaller than a man’s scrotum. She pushed the plug into Len’s mouth and tightened the strap. The phallus looked like it was coming out of Len’s mouth.
“Hold that with your teeth,” instructed Gina. “I’m going to show you what it looks like when I fuck your cock.”
The pressure in his balls was getting worse as Len watched Gina mount the plastic phallus on his face. She held onto the headboard of the bed and squatted down, sliding completely down the length of the plastic cock. Her wet pussy almost touched Len’s lips. When she set her weight down, pressing the plastic cock deep inside her pussy, Len could feel juices leaking from her. She didn’t act like she wanted an orgasm; she was just trying to tease him. And it worked.
Gina fucked his face vigorously for a long time and Len began moaning against the plastic plug in his mouth. Somehow, he was going to come, and soon. His balls ached and his cock throbbed. He wanted Ruth to touch it, stroke it, suck it, anything to help him get off.
Gina decided to take off the strap on dildo. She and Ruth both knew that Len was close. She wrapped her legs around his head, squeezing his face between her thighs, smothering him with her legs and pussy.
“I’ll make a deal with you,” said Ruth. “I’ll fuck you if you’ll eat your cum out of me?”
Len did not want anything to do with eating his cum, and he tried to protest as best he could.
“NN-MM!” he moaned, into Gina’s flesh.
Ruth mounted Len’s cock and took it deep inside her pussy. Len’s cock exploded and Ruth nearly had an orgasm, feeling his warm cum splashing inside her.
Gina climbed off of Len’s face and Ruth began moving up the bed toward Len’s face.
“No!” Len shouted, “I said NO when you asked.”
“Well, it sounded like “uh-huh” to me,” said Ruth, preparing to sit on Len’s face.
“Stop!” Gina shouted. 
Both Len and Ruth looked over at Gina.
“Unfortunately, his time has just run out. Untie him, Ruth, so he can go clean up and get dressed.”
Reluctantly, Ruth complied and when Len came out of the bathroom later, ready to leave, Gina asked, “Well, did we meet your expectations?”
“Yes, ma’am and next time I think I will be ready for something new.”
“So, does that mean we will see you again?” Ruth asked.
“Yes, ma’am and next time, you can do whatever you want to me.”

Submitted: December 01, 2022

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.

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Woo saved by the bell..err rather Gina. That was quite a romp there Len got from the ladies. So now he's willing to commit to whatever they want? This is gonna be fun, if you delight us all with a 3rd helping to this story : )
Don't pay me any mind for saying this, but maybe Gina called time to save him from Ruth and going against Len's wishes or just maybe she didn't want Ruth having a go at him, period. I enjoyed your story Will. I hope u come back with a blasting finale to this tale.

Sat, December 3rd, 2022 2:38am


Thanks for much for reading, the sweet comments and the encouragement. Not sure where I would go with another chapter of it, though, since he basically got what he wanted to satisfy his needs and curiosity. I have something else in the works right now so I might just work on that instead.
And BTW, I'm looking for something from you as well, my friend, so get at it!

Sat, December 3rd, 2022 9:24am

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