Prom Limo

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A girl has to be sure about her butt getting buggered. Well, I was now damn sure. Filthy tart, sure, in fact.

The limo driver was more surprised than I was, and I was close to blushing as I lustfully took in the hunk of a guy. Here was a man outside my usual college boy radar range, and I had to say better looking than my prom date. Though Terrance was a fit, handy cock sized young buck, that was currently my preferred choice to get me over my anal virgin trepidation. I was intent on surrendering my cute tightness to my college basketball vice captain tonight.

Terry didn’t know it yet, but I had been practising for this memorable occasion. Well, I didn’t have my pussy to give away on prom night, but I wasn’t disappointed it was going to be my puckered pink balloon knot instead, which I had been prepping on a regular basis recently.

A girl has to be sure about her butt getting buggered. Well, I was now damn sure. Filthy tart, sure, in fact. Once I got my first wet finger playing around my crack rim. The shards of pleasure circulating in and through my back passage, I was on my way to the full act courtesy of a couple of my fingers gouging in deep where I was now totally sure Terry’s cock would nudge and fit very nicely. Thank you.

However, I’m getting sidetracked, the limo was a prom present from my absent dad, whom I lived with alone, but he knew he had a business meeting on the other side of the country on my big night. So hence the limo; which I was going to share with my bestie Chloe, until the bitch, can you believe it; got appendicitis frickin yesterday and left me in a limo lurch the huge vehicle to myself as I set out across town to The Palladium, tonight’s venue, where Terry would be waiting with his mates. Oh, why hadn’t the prick collected me, one of those prom boyish promises made years ago that he was sworn to keep.

So, the limo driver was surprised as he opened the door in my driveway; for a single stunning girl. Well, hell, I looked more than good. I mean, I had my blonde tresses salon done this afternoon, my make-up was frickin expensive and fully professional along with my manicure and my dress, white and tight and off one shoulder, stunning and hot. A perfect complement to my fit young body. I looked great and knew I did. The limo driver did, too, and here I was, unescorted.

He had to ask: “Where’s your partner?”

I should have had one for such a great vehicle.

I turned, and he was so close, the heat between us close to smouldering. Where the fuck had such needy sexual lust materialised from? I put my hand on the door to steady myself: “Oh boys, you know boys...well”, and I didn’t get any further.

I mean I was going to tell the driver I was meeting my boyfriend there. But he interpreted what I started saying as: here was this sensationally dressed young woman heading to the prom seemingly alone. His mind processed this was not right.

It definitely wasn’t right as he took my hand and eased, glided me into the back of the limo, and he was there too. Beyond that, I lost any sense of right or wrong or Terrence or the prom; as we instantly kissed. Hot and full. His jaw was so masculine. He kissed so much better than college guys. He understood arousal, my searing need making my nipples hard and my pussy wet in my skimpy knickers. He kept building me up with tongue-to-tongue play.

I got his tie undone and his shirt off. God, he had a great smooth chest. He unzipped my dress at the back. It was around my waist. My tits, oh, he eased them over my white lacey cups and generously fondled my happy soft pair and then his mouth was sucking my teats in turns, and his tongue was soon swirling around and over my nipples. All I could do was moan.

Thank God for tinted windows and a shut limo door, or boy, would the neighbours have had a way better show than adult cable.

He kissed my earlobe and nibbled it. God, he knew what to do, unlike college lads who went straight into my knickers and tried to penetrate me dry. He whispered in my ear that I was hot, hot, hot.

“Max,” he said, “It’s Max,” and “You Are?” he asked, holding my face in his hands.

“ me Kate,” and our eyes locked, and then my eyes popped as his hand guided my hands down to his pants and his; well, all I can say is huge hidden hardness.

Now I was the frenetic college girl of eighteen, and I acted my sexual age; I went straight for his cock. I wanted his cock. Had to have his cock. And I got to it quickly.

His pants and boxers were off. His stunning stiffy was all mine. His knob was so hard and shiny. A smear of precum was already there. I liked that. It meant he really liked what he was getting already, and I had so much more to give.

I sucked him off in an exquisite, giving way, so different from what I had ever done before. Suddenly I was a grown woman sucking cock, not just a college girl exploring cock or giving a young guy what he demanded. I took Max deep in my mouth, and believe you me, that wasn’t easy. I still don’t know how I accommodated his length and gob-filling thickness. But his groans showed me he appreciated my labours, and I made the supreme effort to indulge this wonderful cock ball deep. Well, at least for a few amazing sucks. Then I gagged, but I was proud of my efforts.

He eased me back to enjoy his cock head, and I really did.

After a suck-a-thon, I knew he wanted to check out my pussy. He spread my legs across the plush seat, and my girly flesh pleasure zone was all his. His fingers flexed and massaged over my soft, freshly shaved, exposed, wet girly lipettes. He was licking one of my nipples while his fingers were playing where I needed them to play. I wanted his fingers in me, but he kept building my need, bringing my hard little clitty into the sphere of joy. His fingers trilled over my pussy. Rubbing harder. Then circling. Then kneading right into my pubic bone. Total, skilful finger manipulation.

I had to get his cock in me. That big boy toy filling me. I eased up and spread my legs over his legs, facing away from him, so I could dig my feet into the floor of the limo and get traction up and off his pecker. Max’s cock was no disappointment. It was hard and substantial. Really satisfying. I was so wet. His schlong glided in and out of me so easily.

“Uuh, Oh, yeah,” I started, and I was a goner for his pecker. Hard. Hard. Hard, and in me. Stiff and good. Ball deep.

I had one hand reaching up to the limo’s interior ceiling, and this allowed his cock to slide in and out of my sopping pussy with a passionate thrusting action. We were joined in hot raunchy sex. I was screwed well. No, actually, I was fucked a treat in the limo. He pushed up into me. I speared down on to him.

“Oh yeah...more...Oh yeah...push into me ...oh that...oh yeah,” and our combined efforts were mind-blowingly good.

Then he moved me over so he could thrust in between my legs super deep. I mean bloody deep. I was fucked harder and deeper than I had ever been fucked. My pussy pushed in with me and then tugged out with me.

But, of course, I wanted more. Suddenly I realised this was where my arse was meant to go down. In a limo and with this dazzling cock.

“Orrgh fuck fuckin good,” I mouthed.

My trashy side was on show. But my dark needy side emerged too as I added, “Take my arse...take my virgin arsehole.”

Well, Max knew about arse and knew how to take a virgin arse crack. He was down between my legs, licking and widening my puckered, gaped opening. Rimming round and round my rilled hole with his tongue tip.

It was decadently good. I was softly moaning. I was lost in my arse’s pleasure. His finger probed in a sensitive building way. Hooking and crooking to maximise my satisfaction and relaxation. Boy, was my arse prepped well. Then his cock head, his big knob, was rimming around my pink ready balloon knot, and the anticipation was making me so excited. Boy, was I ready for my arse to finally get cock. And what a big cock too!

Maybe I was ready, but there was no way I could have understood or appreciated the pleasure sensation until it happened, as cock actually penetrated my tight crack cavity. It was insanely good. I was fixated on how pleased my arsehole was in accepting cock. Then I was buggered. Totally buggered. Fully buggered. Max’s rod went from easing in and plying gently to suddenly sodomizing my girly constriction. I gasped.  I caught my breath in wonder. I gasped again and again. I frickin yelped a few times too.

“Orrgh, you bugger, fuckin, bugger me! Orrgh, Orrgh!”

I was caught in a strange mixture of edgy pleasure and a wincing near, bursting sensation. But I accepted that my body was exploring new territory. I wanted to go the distance. It was too nice to give into trepidation.

And then my arse relaxed, relaxed in a strange tight holding way, holding cock in a grip firmer than my clenched pussy muscles, and I was committed eternally to my arse’s sex drive. I wondered why I had waited. But that was a silly thought.

My timing for my arse’s initiation into sex was perfect.

I had the ideal guy. The perfect cock and the limo, a great memorable location.

As his cock gouged and jagged in my arse, I felt my butthole tighten wonderfully. Nearly unbearably sweet. Then as Max’s cock withdrew, his jizz seeped out around my puckered gaped rawness in a warm, liberating way.  I felt complete.

Oh, the prom, it didn’t matter.

I spent the night at Max’s. In fact, I never left. I’ve been with Max for six months now, and the sex just gets better and better.

Submitted: December 01, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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