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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Poor Cari has lost her virginity, and now she is forced to take part in a sick contest in front of a gang of boys.


All characters in this fantasy are eighteen years of age or older. The author does not condone the action of this story.


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They were having a contest to see which guy had the best girlfriend. It was just a set-up of course, for the sadistic teenage boys to further humiliate and degrade their trusting love-starved girlfriends. These boys knew how to spot a submissive young girl needing love from a mile away, and so they took advantage of them in every sick, perverted way they could. Only that morning, as Danny was getting his dick and balls licked by his mother while he ate breakfast, he was thinking about all the disgusting fun things he could do to Cari now that she was no longer a virgin. To Cari, giving up her pussy to Danny had been the biggest step of her life.

It was a commitment to someone she would love forever. She was giving this boy the most precious part of herself. To Danny it was another notch on his belt, a chance to brag to his buddies that he had popped another cherry.


Cari was a work in process. He had not yet fucked her in the asshole. He still had that indignity to deliver to her, and so, he had not yet pissed up her cunt or ass. Eventually, He would force her to go out in public with his loads of piss up both her cunt and her ass. He would take her on a date with cramps painfully crippling her. And now that she was no longer virgin meat, he was anxious to get some of his buddies’ pricks into her. He wanted to turn her into a whore with no way back, a totally fucked out slut.


Yes, Danny had been daydreaming about all of this at breakfast while he sat at the table with his robe open and his mom down under the table licking his swollen dick and heavy balls. Usually he had his sister do his dick at breakfast, but she had been fucked so hard by a bunch of Danny’s buddies the night before, that she could not even get out of bed to walk in the morning. These boys fucked rough, and when eight of them pile on, it can get pretty torturous and draining.


Danny’s mother, an alcoholic, was not particularly pleased about having to sexually service her son, but she had to admit that his big wet prick was the best thing in her rather lonely sex life.  She knew there was something sick and perverted about having her own son’s dick in her mouth and up her cunt, but Danny was so damned forceful, and when he was horny, he simply didn’t care where he shoved his dick. Was this what the younger generation was like? He walked around the house naked with his dick swinging in front of his mom and sister. He kept bragging how he knew they were drooling for his fuckmeat, it was at least somewhat true. The boy’s mother hated it when he forced her to satisfy his buddies as well, so part of her was grateful that last night it had been her daughter who had to satisfy eight horny dicks, most of them several times and in several of her holes.


Danny’s mom almost hated most that he made her dress like a slut, “the slut you are inside,” he would say. He would not let her wear a bra even in public, and she had rather large pendulous breasts. He made her wear things that showed her nipples through the material. He also forbade her to wear panties, even during her periods. He seemed to just love to degrade any and all females.  And now he was doing the same thing to his younger sister. And that poor girl he dated, Cari, did she not realize that he was destroying her, taking her to a place of self-loathing from which she would never recover?


Danny slid his fat dickhead into his mother’s mouth, and she raised her hands to fondle his pendulous nuts as he took another forkful of scrambled eggs. Yes, indeed. The upcoming “Best Girlfriend” contest would be a shitload of fun.


There were six girls, all about Cari’s age in the contest. She had cried when she heard there was to be yet another challenge and trial for her. “If you really love me Cari, you will do this. I want to show all the guys that you are the very best girlfriend in the world. And now, Cari, since I fuck you, we are truly committed to each other. You belong to me, Baby!”


Cari supposed it was true. Now that she took his thick dick into her pussy almost every evening, she knew that she no longer really belonged to her family. They would be appalled to learn she was no longer virgin. Her very religious father would throw her out of the house and out of their lives. Her more sympathetic mother, who was totally controlled by her husband would have no say in the matter. She was a totally dominated, obedient wife in a strongly Christian household. That’s why Cari had been sent to that strict Catholic school. Danny had been her first foray into the ‘real’ world. And now she was Danny’s cocksucking, pussy fucked girlfriend. Indeed, Cari had never had any idea that sex played such a huge role in a boy-girl relationship. She knew it was part of it, sure, but Danny made it seem like sex was the only thing that mattered when it came to love. Love was measured by sex!  Poor Cari remembered that when the girls at school would share photos of cute guys with big dicks on their phones, she would hardly ever even look. She knew it was dirty. And yet, like any growing girl, she had had a secret mysterious interest in what boys had hanging between their legs. Now, with Danny as her boyfriend, it seemed like she spent ninety percent of her life with her face down there.


And so, the latest contest. To see which boy had the most beautiful, best girlfriend. There were six girls in the contest, and their six boyfriends would be the judges. Another dozen boys gathered in the basement rec-room of one of the boys to watch the contest. There was lots of drinking and smoking of weed of course. One of the boys had a bottle of pills, and each girl contestant was fed a pill to “calm her down.”  Cari could see that the other girls were all as nervous and uncomfortable as she was. But they knew that if they did not do this for their boyfriends, they would soon be dumped. And what girl wants the reputation of being dumped by her boyfriend? It would be all over social media.


The girls, all rather light-headed now and dressed in matching silk shorty robes were placed in a line. Cari was the fifth girl, second to last. Lights were trained on them. Beneath their short robes, all six girls were totally naked. No wonder they trembled and shook with nervous anxiety. They already felt ashamed for what was to come. At Danny’s signal, all six girls opened and removed their robes and let them fall to the floor. They now stood there totally naked in front of eighteen eighteen and nineteen-year old boys. They knew they dare not raise their hands to cover their breasts or pussies. They had to allow the boys to see the most intimate parts of their bodies. When she had objected to Danny that she didn’t mind being naked in front of him, although she was shy, but she didn’t understand why she had to do these shows when other boys could look at her and even touch her, Danny had said it was because he loved her so much and was so proud of how beautiful she was. He wanted to show her off.


So now the six girls stood there like prize heifers at a cattle show. The boys watching applauded. Danny, obviously in charge of the show said, “All right girls, shake your tits for us. Let’s see who’s got the best udders!”


Filled with shame, the girls gently began to sway their naked bodies so their breasts moved. “Come on, bitches, swing those fucking udders!” Danny shouted, groping the hardon in his jeans. All the boys in the room had hard pricks. Pricks of every shape and size, all still covered by their trousers. They wanted to stay clothed so that the girls would feel more shame. The girls shook their breasts, swinging them from side to side. Two of the girls had rather small tits that hardly bounced or swung at all, but the other three really got their jugs jiggling. Dari felt her tits swing and crash into each other. She felt her breast flesh slap itself. She never understood why the boys enjoyed this kind of sick stuff so much. What was it about males that made them get off on this? 


“Okay, enough! That was pretty pathetic.” The guys hooted and yelled. “Now for the next art of the beauty contest, the judges will each examine the contestants’ udders one by one.”  The poor girls stiffened, and some of them got tears in their eyes, as the boys began to go down the line feeling-up the girl’s tits.

Danny continued. “Each girl’s udders will be judged by heft, handful, quantity and quality of tit and of course the size and shape and feel of the nipple.”


Being fifth, Cari had to watch what the first boy was doing to the tits of the first girl, who was not his girlfriend. He put his hands under the girl’s tits and bounced them. The girl had tears running down her cheeks. He bounced her tits and squeezed them. She strained uncomfortably, so he squeezed the tit flesh harder.

He squeezed her tits so hard, she rose up on her pretty little pink toes.


“That’s a good bitch,” the boy whispered, his hard dick poking the front of his trousers out obscenely.  Next he moved to the girl’s nipples, twisting, and tugging on them. Her nipples were not nearly as large as Cari’s. He used his thumbs to rub and flick the very tips of the nipples, and the girl squirmed and twisted, partly in shame that she was responding sexually. When he was finished, he moved on to the second girl to repeat the process, and a new boy took over handling the first girl. The horny boys decided this was moving along too slowly, so they positioned a boy judge in front of each girl, so all the girls would be judged at the same time. Then at a cue from Danny, the line would simply rotate, moving each boy to a new pair of tits.


Cari wanted to die. Her breasts were manhandled by six boys, including Danny.

“You’re doing a great job, so far, Baby. Stick those titties out for the boys. Show them you are proud of your udders.” Cari did her best, but her nipples became aroused and she felt sexually excited, like she did when Danny made her masturbate herself for him. He loved to watch her finger fucking herself. When he fucked her, he seldom cared if she came or not, it was always only about his pleasure. And when she sucked his dick, he didn’t like her to frig herself because he felt she couldn’t concentrate fully on pleasing him. But he enjoyed watching her bring herself off.


As boy after boy pulled on her nipples and twisted and tugged them, Cari couldn’t help but get sexually excited. So did the other girls, and the boys did not miss this. “Look fellas, the cunts are getting all worked up..” Danny shouted. “they are like fucking sows in heat!” Two of the girls were crying pretty hard already. Cari was trembling and red with shame, but she had not yet broken down.


“For the next part of the contest, each judge will suck on the nipples of each contestant to see which girl has the best tasting nipples! Gentlemen, chewing on the nipples is allowed, but no breaking of skin!”


Imagine if you will, poor young Cari’s torment. Having six teenage boys chewing and sucking on your nipples! She had been a good, religious girl. What had she become, and all for her love of Danny?


The girls were moaning out loud, standing stiff, fists clenched at their sides while their nipples were sucked and chewed as hard as possible by the horny, sadistic boys. Between boys, Cari could see that her own nipples were swollen to the point of exploding, red and raw with teeth marks in them. Once again Danny assured her that he loved her and that she was doing a really good job!


Next, still feeling the girls’ tits, the judges went from girl to girl and thrust their tongues into the girls’ mouths. Their kissing was judged. The boys slobbered tons of spit into the girls’s mouths. They sloshed their tongues around. Girls had to receive the wet probing tongues of boys they hardly knew or didn’t even know at all. This was a private act between boyfriend and girlfriend, between lovers. Some of the boys hawked up extra amounts of spit-foam to deposit in the mouths of the girls. Soon, the tongues were going all over the girls’ faces, and the poor contestants were covered with a glaze of teenage boy spit.

Most of the boys in the room were now openly rubbing their hard pricks in their pants. A few of the boys had even released their big, wet dicks. There were cocks of every color in the room, this was a diverse bunch of guys. Teenage fuck, raging to escape from big bloated balls. When boys of this age need to fuck, they really need to fuck! Nothing else in the world matters.


“All right, time for the next part of the contest. Girls, please turn around and present your naked asses to us!” These girls were being treated like meat. Nothing but meat!  Where was the romantic treatment of girls one sees in all the major movies? Was that all fantasy? Was this the real world? At least Cari had a good ass, Danny had told her so a million times.  Her ass was tight and round, like the ass of a middle or high school soccer player, not loose and flabby and pear shaped like many girl asses. I know girls today are told that all shapes and sizes of bodies are beautiful, but these boys had very specific standards. No fat-assed cunts for them! The watching boys whistled and hooted. The judges went from girl to girl feeling up their asses, squeezing the globes. Cari knew she had a good chance of winning this part of the competition, and somehow, for some reason, in the dominated submissive state that Danny was putting her in, she felt proud.


“Great job, Cunts! You are all really hot pieces of pussy. This is not going to be an easy decision. Now, reach back, grab a cheek in each hand and spread your asses open so we can judge your asshole!”


One girl simply could not do it. She sobbed and tried to grab her robe to cover up. Her boyfriend, who had been shamed in front of the whole gang of boys, shook her by the shoulders and slapped her face hard twice. Then he shoved her back in line. How awful to embarrass your boyfriend like that in front of his buddies. Just imagine how ashamed he felt. All the guys knew he did not have total control over his bitch. It would be all over social media. He shook his head in disgust, and all could see that he had lost his hardon. 


The girls reached back and spread their asscheeks to reveal their tiny pink rosebud asshole. Was it at this point or before that Cari began to realize that to these boys, girls were just objects to be used, not human beings at all. Not Danny of course, Danny had proven to her that he really loved her. Danny was different. Danny was special! Cari was so lucky!


“Wider! Spread them wider! Show us those shitholes,” Danny yelled, as the crowd of boys got back into the game. Even the girl who had broken now obeyed. She showed the boys her pretty corrugated pink asshole. Now the judges did a close-up inspection, studying each asshole and poking it with a finger or two.

“Bend over girls, so we can get more ass!”Fingers prodded Cari’s virgin asshole.

When Danny came to her, he shoved two fingers deep up inside her asshole, like he often did when he was fucking her. He worked and pumped the fingers in her asshole, treating her more like a barnyard animal than a human being. He jammed his fingers up her hole so deep and hard that her tits began to swing and she began to groan and moan. Seeing what he was doing, the other boys began to finger their girls’ asshole more violently. Soon the girls were being anally finger-fucked in front of a roomful of boys. The girls were all grunting and crying and moaning and huffing and puffing. It was totally fucking perverse.  Each boy judge had a chance to finger the asshole of each girl, so each pretty teenage girl had six sets of boy fingers rammed up her asshole. And a whole room of boys watching and now jerking off.


Danny called a halt to the proceedings. The boys wiped off their fingers on the girls discarded robes. “All right everyone. It is not time for the most important part of the contest. It is time for the “CUNT

Submitted: November 30, 2022

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