Las Vegas Venture, part one

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Len takes a trip to Las Vegas to satisfy his fantasy

Len had been a CPA for almost twenty years, working for the same company right out of college. His life had become mundane, spending weekends working on his car, staycations instead of traveling and attending boring neighborhood parties. He had been able to have regular hookups with some local women, but each of them seemed desperate and wanted a committed relationship early on. Len was primarily interested in sex early on. 

He also had cravings for some sexual acts in which none of the local woman seemed interested. A friend who had recently been to Las Vegas told Len how exciting it was to visit the city. There were many fine restaurants, exotic hotels, each with a different theme and a casino, and gorgeous women were everywhere. Len decided to visit Las Vegas to take a real vacation, and he took plenty of money with him.

He stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton, one of the older hotels. During the first day, he just walked up and down the strip, checking out each hotel, and getting familiar with the area. Late that afternoon he went to the bar at Caesar’s Palace. It was dark and practically empty, so he knew he had come in too early. He had just stepped outside, unsure of what he wanted to do, when a scantily dressed young girl approached him on the sidewalk.
She handed him a flyer that said, “Hottest girls in Vegas, guaranteed!” Len glanced at the flyer, which was from the Pleasure Palace. 

“How do I find it?” he quickly asked the girl. 

She was excited that he had showed interest and handed him a business card. “It’s not far; take a Uber or taxi to this address and just walk in,” she said.

Len hailed a cab and gave the business card to the driver. “Oh, yeah, I know where this is,” he said, handing the card back to Len.

“What’s this place like?” Len inquired.

“I can’t afford to find out myself, but I take several men a day out there and they always come back happy; a little poorer but satisfied,” was the answer. 

When the cab arrived at the Pleasure Palace, Len was surprised. It was huge, like a mansion, with a U-shaped driveway and well-kept flower gardens out front. He went to the front door and just walked in as the girl had instructed. In the center of a large hallway was a desk, behind which sat a beautiful woman, probably much older than Len. She promptly handed him a form on a clipboard and a pen.

“Good afternoon, and welcome to the Pleasure Palace,” she said with a warm smile. “Please write why you are here and be specific so that we can guarantee your satisfaction. Then take the form into the room on your left, where you will find all our guides who are not occupied. Simply give your form to the guide of your choice and she will help you.”

Len wasn’t expecting such formality, but he was intrigued. In the space below the question, “What would you like today?” he wrote:

“I want to be sexually dominated by two young pretty women with slender bodies. I will want them to sit on my face, to give me hand jobs, blow jobs and to fuck me. Depending on how attractive they are, I am curious about anal play.”

After he left the clipboard with the woman, he went into the room to his left. There were seven girls in the room, sitting on sofas and chairs. Each of them only wore a flimsy negligee. Len approached a pretty girl with dark hair and brown eyes and handed her his form. She stood up, smiled and said “Welcome; I’m Gina. Give me a moment to read what your form and then we will proceed.”

After she silently read the form, the girl looked up and said, “Please select an additional guide.” Len looked at all the beautiful girls in the room and pointed at a blond, who stood up and came over.

“This is Ruth; will you both follow me, please?” Gina asked.

Soon they were in a large room, elaborately filled with furniture, and paintings on the wall. In the center of the room was a large poster bed. Len noticed immediately that there were ropes leading from each poster to the corners of the mattress. Next to the bed was a table with sex toys, a riding crop, several blindfolds, a long leather whip and several pairs of handcuffs.

Once they closed the door, Gina addressed his needs with Len. “Two guides are five hundred dollars per hour, for an overnight stay it would be one thousand, five hundred dollars. For a twenty-four-hour experience it would be three thousand dollars. A mandatory tip would be twenty-five percent for each of us. Is that agreeable?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” grinned Len, “and you can have me for twenty-four hours.”  He was willing to give them everything he had.

“Wonderful,” Gina replied. “Please take off your clothes while I tell you how we do things. For a blow job or fucking, a condom is a must, and we have an adequate supply. Since we will be engaging in sex acts, our own pleasure is also required, how and as we need it. However, the time it takes us to achieve orgasm will not be included in the time for which you pay.”

“That seems fair,” Len agreed.

“There is one other minor thing,” added Ruth, “and that is that domination at any level requires that we restrain you, but nothing other than what you request will happen.”

“I think I can handle that; I want the two of you to control when and what happens, as long as it is something that I came for.”

Both girls said, “Agreed,” at the same time.

Gina turned to Ruth and asked, “Will you get the small chair for us, please?”

Then Gina spoke to Len again. “One thing that is imperative is hygiene. All of us have showered today and none of us have any STD’s. Please go in the bathroom and shower and you can leave your clothes there.”

Ruth returned with a chair chat was low to the floor, like a lawn chair. It had a low back and a narrow back support, on the top of which was attached a shallow metal helmet. When Len returned from the bathroom, Ruth asked him to sit down and when he did, she used duct tape to secure his hands and forearms to the arms of the chair. As she bent his legs at the knee and taped his ankles to the legs of the chair, Gina helped Len fit his head into the helmet, which only cupped the back of his head.

Len felt a large hole in the seat of the chair. His body was slightly tilted back but he was comfortable, and terribly excited as the two girls worked to secure him in place.

“We’re going to begin checking off your requests,” said Gina. She took off her negligee and stepped over Len’s chest, straddling the chair. “This will be two for one pleasure,” she said. “I will sit on your face while Ruth plays with your balls. She likes to see how long it will take a man to come just by having his balls stimulated.”

“My longest time is forty-seven minutes,” bragged Ruth, just as Len felt her warm hands cup his ball sac.

“And while I’m sitting on your face, I might just decide to have an orgasm, which means that if I do, whatever Ruth does until I come will be free time.”

Len smiled. He never dreamed he would have an experience like this. “Go for it, please, Mistress!”

“Ah, so that’s what you want,” teased Gina as she moved closer, straddling his head and lowering her pussy to his face. “Eat my cunt, slave; make your Mistress come!”

Len licked her and when his tongue found her hole, she pressed hard against his face, almost smothering him in her flesh. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the taste of her. She rubbed against his face and his cock was fully erect. Ruth was sitting on a cushion in front of the chair with her legs crossed. She gently rubbed his balls, scratched them lightly and pulled on them. She ignored his erection as it bobbed in front of her.

Gina was wet but controlled her excitement for a long time. Len wondered if she liked having control over a man, using him as she was? He lapped and sucked at her wetness for a long time before he heard her say, “I’m going to come on your face, you lucky man!” She rubbed her wet slit across his face so hard he thought it would hurt her. When she came, she just moaned softly, “Ahhhh….”

She stood up and stepped away from the chair. “I’m going to get something to drink but I won’t be long,” she said. She wrapped her negligee around her and left the room. Len looked down at Ruth, who poured some oil down over the shaft of his cock.

“Well, we can mark off face sitting, at least for Gina,” she said. “My turn will be tomorrow, and I’ll probably take a lot longer; but you’ll like that won’t you, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Len answered. He could hardly wait.

When she returned, Gina took off her negligee and stood nearby, watching Ruth working on Len’s cock. Then she reached down by the chair for the duct tape and put a large strip of it over his mouth. Len’s eyes were as big as quarters. He was terrified but more aroused than he had ever been in his whole life. He had no idea why she put the tape over his mouth but now he couldn’t protest if they did something he did not want.

“Now it’s time for my special hand job,” announced Ruth. “Instead of playing with your balls all night, I’m going to make you come like never before. But it will take a long time, so enjoy it.”

She poured more oil down over his erect shaft until it soaked his balls. She put a rubber glove on her right hand and poured oil over the index finger. Then Len realized the purpose of the hole in the bottom of the chair. Ruth touched the tip of the gloved finger against Len’s anus. His eyes grew big, and he tried to shake his head because he couldn’t say “NO!” through the tape.

Ruth slid her left fist up and down Len’s slippery shaft, so lightly that he could barely feel it. At the same time, she slid her finger deep inside his anus. As her fist slid up his shaft, her finger backed out. As her fist slid down his shaft, she jammed her finger inside his anus. His cock throbbed with need.

Len’s body began to twitch as Ruth took him to the edge of a climax several times. Was his cock getting even harder? Len had no idea of how long Ruth tortured his cock and ass, but it was almost an hour. Finally, she used her thumb and forefinger to form a ring to tease the sensitive tip of his cock. She skillfully rubbed his prostate with the tip of her gloved finger. Len screamed into the tape and came.

Ruth continued to tease the tip of his cock but used the other hand to stroke his shaft. She continued to do so until the flow of his semen finally ceased. “You did well, slave,” Ruth said softly. “You deserve a little reward.” She licked up his semen and slipped her mouth gently down over his cock. He moaned as she sucked the sensitive tip.

“Wow,” said Gina as she took the tape off Len’s mouth. “It’s not often that any of us will take a guy’s cock in our mouth without a condom; you should feel privileged.”

“I still want more face sitting and some serious fucking,” Len said with anticipation.

“Absolutely!” stated Ruth. “Why don’t we go down for dinner and if you feel up to it, we can continue tonight or start early in the morning?”

“Okay, but I need to brush my teeth,” said Len.

The girls cut off the duct tape holding him in the chair and Len returned to the bathroom, which was stocked with personal items for visitors. Len dressed himself and then Gina and Ruth, wrapped only in their negligees, led him downstairs to the dining room.



Submitted: November 29, 2022

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Pleasure and pain and he paid for it. Poor Len.

Wed, November 30th, 2022 2:31am


I didn't mean to imply that it was painful for him, just unexpected. Most certainly is was unpleasant. Thanks for reading and your kind comments; hope you are well.

Wed, November 30th, 2022 7:18am

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