the audacious libidion

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not all super-heroes fit the typical profile.

the raised glasses in the air are for a toast. some are half-empty while others are overflowing. some of the attendees there have already had one too many. and some are about to. there seems to be a lot going on. shouting and loud whistling erupts from the crowd. its a jovial affair. the one whom all of this is for is absorbing the energetic atmosphere and taking in all of the regalement. he is smiling and laughing as confetti continues to fall from the sky and down on his head. more and more. gathered he is a very large number of adult movie actors and actresses (both men and women performers) from diferent genres. they cover nearly every category and nearly every variety. chewing and snacking on appetizers and sharing half-intoxicated laughs its a birthday party. and the man of the hour here is swenngeko. with tightly curled hair and a wide nose hes a mix of something. and hes standing near one of the very very provocative and suggestively adult-themed cakes that has just been delivered.
the delivery man then removes the top cover of one of the boxes and says, _....take a look..._
and swenngeko looks down and starts laughing at the raunchy humor.
then he responds saying, _.....nice touch....hahaha..._
this is an occasion strictly for adults only. no doubt about that. the other cake says "stimu-lord". which is the name of his multi-faceted network. and it even has the logo on it too. and they did a considerably good job of it too. swenngeko then turns towards the crowd and begins to propose a toast.
then, standing near a fancy-looking fountain, he proceeds to deliver his rhyming toast:
"Greetings to you patrons of dirty mouths and dirty minds,
and to all of the degenerate deplorables of different kinds
Bask in the ambiance and feast on the scrumptious delights,
all of you harlots, depraved souls and sodomites
Like we did before when we first launched the brands and such
but back then we all drank too much
So i solemnize you for this huge applause
and let your drinks spill from your cups and your titties spill from your bras"
and the crowd starts hollering in unison after hes done. and the volume for the music goes back up.

as swenngeko steps away he is introduced to an invited guest. he outstretches his arms for a grand hug. the invited guest is chubinthal.
after the hug swenngeko says, _....aaaand you are??..._
and in response he says, _....uh..chubinthal..._
and swenngeko says, _....ah..yes....farpielle told me about you...welcome..._
then he adds, _....its delightful that you could make you like the shirt i told them to give to you?..._
and chubinthal looks down at the shirt hes wearing. it reads HFP Entertainment (or horny for porny entertainment). it was made for traditional pornography films and movies. its another one of swenngekos brands within the pornography universe that he came up with. 
and chubinthal says, _...yes...thank you for this..._
then swenngeko asks him, what do you think of all of this??..._
and chubinthal looks around (wide-eyed) and replies, certainly know how to celebrate...thats a fact..._
and swenngeko enjoys a little laugh at the response and says, _....indeed indeed indeed my friend...this is how we like to do it over here...we let it all hang out! holding back, right??....hahahaha..._
and chubinthal just nervously and awkwards nods his head in agreement. he still cant believe hes standing in front of such a successful and award-winning person. and sharing such pleasantries like this.
then swenngeko puts his arm around chubinthal and starts walking and talking with him.
he says to him, _...when farpielle told me about you and your talent...i knew the possibilities could be question about it...._
swenngeko continues, _...i believe that, in your case of being a sex offender, it can almost be like being a misfit...and maybe, if not surely, youve been misguided in the wrong direction by misguided people and taught incorrectly and improperly....and perhaps this line of work could help...there are other sex offenders here...many of them...this hypocritical society may have tried to marginalize you, but here we dont...we value your talents...your creativity is what we care about...not being a sex offender..._
he adds, _...and it hurts me to know that so many elders have not given you the right kind of exposure and havent guided you and transitioned you like they should have...when they shouldve known mightve prevented you from becoming a sex offender in the first place...but i include myself in that when i say that as well..._
swenngeko goes on, let me ask you a you already have some brands that youve already made or initiated?..._
and chubinthal says, yet..._
and swenngeko says, thinking one day you can...that can be a goal...a goal of yours...a great goal...does that sound groovy to you?..._
then chubinthal says, _....uhh...that sounds like it could be helpful...very helpful..._
and swenngeko says, _....its very tragic that you didnt develop your maturity early enough to make some adult couldve saved you and prevented you from becoming a sex offender in the first couldve gave you focus and direction for your combat what this hypocritical society has shoved in your head...instead you just became a product of your environment...a perverted product...i feel sympathy..._
then chubinthal says, _...thats why im here...trying to develop now...i know maturity is an important thing to have..._
then swenngeko asks, farpielle told me that you know how to be creative...did you bring anything that you wrote? didnt come empty-handed did you??..._
and chubinthal says, _...uh, no...i brought some of my writing..._
but as he reaches for it swenngeko stops him mid-way and he says, _....splendid! long as you know how to follow instructions....thats what i care about...i like that!...thats super-critical! werent invited here for disobedience...i wanted to test you about that...disobedience and a rebellious attitude wont go far here...i dont give a cats dick about the explicit behavior youre seeing right now......we DO have standards here..._
then swenngeko says,, tell me about your talent..._
and chubinthal says, _...uh, yes...i think i can come up with some interesting material...some good storylines that are appealing...and some original work..._
and swenngeko says, _....that sounds sweet to the ears...we will see what kind of work you get done..._
then, as chubinthal looks around in amazement, he says. _....this is quite an establishment you have here mr. swenngeko..._
and swenngeko humbly replies, _....i was fortunate to be around during a dynamic time...exceptional talents and gifts were on display was a time when they really knew what they were doing....thats abundance of talent...i simply learned from what was in the atmosphere...but it didnt come took a lot of hard work..._
then swenngeko follows that with, what im about to say should go without saying...i expect you to be an asset and not a liability....this is not about instant gratification...because as ive already said...despite all of this lewd content...we do have standards im going to need you to be able to keep up...because a chain is only as strong as its weakest keep up!..._
and chubinthal nods his head and says, it..._
then swenngeko says, let me help you understand how this particular culture works here at the stimu-lord network....first and foremost, not all pornography is created equal...theres a colossal difference between good pornography and not-good and bad pornography....not everyone really knows what theyre doing...poking and stroking alone does not mean youre automatically good for the have to know how to be a you hear me?..._
and chubinthal nods and says, _....uh-huh..._
then swenngeko says, _....and i want to make sure youre here because you really want to be here....because i dont intend on holding anyone against their will....that is not my intention...indeed..._
then he adds, i dont mean to sound so indurated....but what you must remember is........this IS a BUSINESS!....not just fun and parties....and i am not just some hippie....i repeat....i am NOT just some hippie!...i actually get things done, i produce results and i expect that from others too..._
and chubinthal says, _.....uh, got it..._
then swenngeko says, _....and also remember not...i not bite the hand that feeds you....i say that not for personal reasons...but because it can be bad for business....very very bad for business..._ 
and chubinthal says, _....yes, mr. swenngeko..._


while continuing this casual stroll with swenngeko chubinthal asks, how did you end up in this line of work?....the adult entertainment field?..._
and swenngeko replies, mean, how did i end up going in the direction of pornography?..._
and chubinthal says, _....yes..._
then swenngeko says, _...a few reasons was because i was such a critic of the pornography that i would watch....and there was so much of it that wasnt good...or wasnt good enough...and im not exactly what youd call a sex expert....i might not be the greatest pornologist around...but so many others arent i wanted to see if i could make some quality contributions or some good contributions....and, who knows, perhaps i could become "Director Extraordinaire"...i saw soooo much room for improvement....and, as the saying goes, if you want the job done right then you have to do it i became a self-starter..._
he follows that with, _...a lot of what was out there just wasnt good enough at all....or maybe thats just the harsh critic in me talking....but it really took me a while to figure out what it was that i really needed to, after so long, i guess you could say that i stumbled my way into this line of work....but finally i came to the conclusion that i needed to create my own brands..._
and chubinthal says, _.....and thats where the stimu-lord network came from?..._
then swenngeko says, _....indeed indeed...i went this route to try to steer it in a better direction....and, of course, to keep it professional at all times...which is vital...very very vital...indeed...brcause nothing beats professionalism..._
and chubinthal says, you chose the entrepreneur path..._
then swenngeko says, _....not only that....but also for grappling with my animalistic dont get me wrong, i wholeheartedly believe that masturbation is the very best kind of therapy...but i wanted another way or another outlet....and i didnt see one or have one...and i was so so very mad at myself for not thinking of it earlier...not thinking of it much much earlier before...making my own wouldve helped tremendously..._
then chubinthal says, you took matters into your own hands...and thats what you ultimately expect out of me?..._
then swenngeko says, _....i believe you can do it...i feel you deserve another chance...because, like myself, i know you came up through a very perverse society...and it still is a very very perverse society....and the hypocritical hypocrites want to blame you for it....for their failures and shortcomings...they want to point the finger of blame at your depravities...when maybe you werent even taught any about certain you werent taught any better...i dont think i even know someone who had been informd appropriately on the what else could be expected?...but, my friend, we dont do that here...we do it the right way...we are not hypocritical hypocrites like them...and we dont engage in their childishness...we fully understand that this is about business....a professional and mature business..._
swenngeko follows that with, _....then you can let others know to start their own brands before they go too far off-course and maybe become another sex offender or something...whether its writing or whatever...these problems need a place where they can be worked on...indeed..._
then chubinthal looks down at the shirt hes wearing and asks, with the horns on the logo and on some of your brands?..._
and swenngeko replies, _....its quite self-explanatory my is admitting that we serve a perverse society and we are under a perverse society...and not a moral one...and if this spiritually unhealthy society expects us clean up their mess while they go about their hypocritical ways then this is a strong objection to a problem that we didnt even start or was here before we even got here..._
and then he meagerly adds, _....but it does also symbolize grappling with our demons...which i myself still am....i am repeatedly grappling with mine...even as far as you see ive come, im still learning as i go..._

while swenngeko is going on and on talking. he soon finds hisself interrupted. and its by his son. he has a very frunky hairdo. he comes over to offer him a piece of cake. and swenngeko sees that its a slice from the adult-themed suggestive cake. and he nearly flips out.
he snatches it swiftly from his sons hands and says, _....give me that!! are not ready for that!...because you are too young! have to grow up first! are not mature enough for that yet!..._
then his son says, _...youre always saying that..._
then swenngeko says, _...and im NOT changing my mind!...when youre older and when youve reached the right level of maturity then maybe you can handle it appropriately without making a mess..._
then he introduces his son to chubinthal, id like you to meet chubinthal...hes going to be working with us and for the company...hes ready to use his experience and experiences and talent to become professional and excel..._
he then adds, _...and ultimately make his own adult brands when the time is right...and eventually help others do the same..._
then swenngeko points his finger at his son for emphasis and says, _...which is what you should do one day...before you grow up and be just another lost sick-o..._
then his son extends his hand out and says, _...Hi..._
and chubinthal shakes his hand and says, _...hi there..._
then swenngeko says to his son, what do we always remember?..._
and his son replies, _....its not about the birds and the bees its about business..._
and then his son turns and darts off.
then swenngeko shouts, _....AND STAY AWAY FROM THE HOT TUB!..._
then swenngeko says to chubinthal, glad he turned out so much better than i did...its such a very splendid thing...indeed..._
then chubinthal asks, how did you manage to raise him in an environment like this?..._
and swenngeko says, _...ive told him plenty of times that hes too young to get involved in anything like this...and being too young means being too young..period!...and its like you just heard him say...when you know that this is a business you can see it make far less mistakes...and business requires work and output...and sometimes lots of it...its not just about fun times...even in the pornography universe...maturity is the magic word....thats why i put the detailed precautionary warnings about these kinds of adult activities and the possible negative consequences at the beginnings of my films and productions...those two words "Adults Only" means that not only does it require it, but it DEMANDS very results-driven and hopefully he will learn to be that way too...._
swenngeko follows that with, _...and he has to learn that you cant win them all...thats why i got him involved in teaches you that..._
then swenngeko adds, he gets older hes going to have to learn to move beyond just juvenile ways of handling things and juvenile ways of dealing with things..._
then chubinthal says, about, with all of your success, you look into something like politics?..._
and swenngeko says, _...Hahaha do i look like a POLITICIAN to you??...and besides this work here keeps me busy enough right now...and also i have to operate somewhere where maturity is imperative...always...for now im just making sure my son doesnt make the same mistakes that i made...and establishes his own things at the right time...which is when he properly reaches maturity...and help others do the same...__
then swenngeko leaps on top of a nearby short statue and feigns to be searching like a hawk.
then he says, _.....always remember.....immaturity is the enemy..._

swenngeko and chubinthal walk past more well-wishers and attendees as they continue walking and conversating. and just as swenngeko is opening a door that he thinks leads to one of his dens he instead accidentally interrupts an active live set for an adult production. and the cast and crew pause when they see their boss come in.
to which swenngeko replies, _....oops...wrong door, i suppose..._
and, of course, he cant just exit out without dispatching some of his criticisms.
he remarks, _...those earrings are far too long and too sharp....youre endangering your co-worker..._
and she just nods in affirmation. then he closes the door and him and chubinthal resume.
then he says to chubinthal, may have seen one of my latest launches, supreme was founded and established for the more over-the-edge and illegal sexual behavior..._
and chubinthal snaps his fingers and says, _....ive seen some of was.......uhh.....definitely.........."different"..._
and swenngeko laughs at his uncomfortable and squeamish response and says, _....Hahahaha yes..."different" is what supreme obscene is all about...very very very non-traditional...its what i like to call level-10 perverted...its where the outrageous can be turned into outstanding...ENTER THE SUPREME OBSCENE!!...Haha! may indeed seem foul oftentimes but if you didnt have waste baskets then junk would start cluttering up everywhere...even where it doesnt belong...thats what i made it for....and indeed it can cross the line sometimes...and it sometimes even makes my own stomach turn...but consider it like waste management....might be dirty...but someone has to manage it...but on a decency note, we definitely do keep it away from children and from the young...what we absolutely dont want to be is immoral..._
then chubinthal asks, how did you come up with the name?..._
and swenngeko says, _....well, i couldnt think of something that could go together with "obscene" i just picked something that slightly rhymed i guess....slightly..._
and just as swenngeko is about to make another statement hes interrupted once again. this time its by one of his assistants Proscelta.
she blocks his path and gets right in his face and says, THERE you are...ive been looking and looking..._
then she holds up her notepad and says to him, _....for next month, you said we needed to finish at least half of the projects weve been working on and....._
and swenngeko interjects and says, _....Correct!...theres still enough time...we have enough time on our hands to accomplish this..._ 
then she brings up an issue regarding a current production.
she then says to him, _...and for the film "the Ticklish Poke-U-Pine" one of the performers needs another wig, because the one she had became tangled in his quills...and we dont have an immediate replacement for that particular style on that......_
and thats when he again interrupts her mid-way and tries to slow her down and says, _....cease cease cease.....chubinthal, this is proscelta....she has been an integral part of the company....and, right now, she is our rude interruptor..._
then she says to chubinthal, _...oh, hi..._
and he says, _...hello..._
then swenngeko says, in the middle of introducing our new employee to our culture and to our brands..._
then she buzzes off nearly just as quickly as she came.
then swenngeko says to chubinthal,, despite the obvious absence of manners, she is what you could call the definition of an over-achiever...her middle name should be productivity...she is truly multi-talented...very much so...for starters, she is a magnificent writer...constantly working on getting better at it and constantly working on improving her craft and developing her talents...._
he goes on, _...shes very creative...because the imagination is genderless and creativity is genderless....she is also a coordinator...knowing how to put together things that work...and also shes an artist...and expresses it well...and constantly looking to discover new sides and new elements of herself...because shes just so determined to be more independent and stay more independent...doing so much on her own...shes really come a long way..._

chubinthal begins to ask swenngeko a question, _....umm...what was the film called again??....the Ticklish ????...._
and swenngeko says back to him, _...Haha, thats one of our latest productions...another new one is going to be aptly titled, "bitches & belugas"...haha, it took me a while to come up with that one...haha...what do you think??..._
and chubinthal replies with, _....can i ask you a question?..._
then swenngeko says, _....what is it?..._
then chubinthal says, _....umm...if you dont mind me asking.....what exactly is it with all of the beastiality in so many of your supreme obscene films and productions?..._
and swenngeko says, _...interesting you should ask, it indeed has a special meaning to me....allow me to elasticize....when we all have to eventually, one day take that long final journey into the great expansion...its not conclusively the end....there was only one Beginning....and that was a super-duper looooong time ago....since then theres just been recycled abdications...._
he uses his hands to try to emphasize his point, _...its evident...every living organism is striving to do the same thing....its been set-up and designed that way....for whatever or however can see it...see it in the wilderness....and what you see out there would want nothing more than to be a person or something as capable and resourceful as people are able to be every day...rather than just have to deal with the circumstances of the organism they were put in...and, in that same wilderness, thats where we are reborn....when we kick the bucket and close our eyes for the last time...they will only open again in another, finally, see for ourselves what its like to be them..._
and chubinthal says,
and before he can finish the question swenngeko says, _....yes!..Yes!!....we are the forms of the creatures you see....same instincts..same struggles..same pursuits and goals...the same things....we should all actually feel very very fortunate that we currently reside in such a malleable and manageable form and host as this one...thats something to be very grateful and very thankful for..._
and therefore he reasons, beastiality is like a way of giving back to what once was...thats why we should be cautious when it comes to the treatment of these beings...because they will one day reincarnate into people like us...and it will come back on us....through nature...dont take this form we currently reside in for granted...cherish it while you have it..._
swenngeko follows that with, when its time to take that big journey, you could hopefully come back and find yourself doing it with a delicious, nice piece of lemur anus....or maybe you could possibly come back as an ape of some kind and just jack off all day long til your hearts fulfillment..._
then chubinthal summarizes, _...sooo you do this and believe this so when you bite the bullet someone will put you in a beastiality film when you come back as a pet or something?..._
then swenngeko erupts, _....Pet?!...PET?!?!...there are no pets!...pets is a derogatory term...they can say it but you cant...they are four-legged companions..._
then he digresses, _....i hope i didnt go too deep for you just then...i wasnt intentionally trying to...i scare myself sometimes...i really do..._
and chubinthal says, _...and thats what you see them like?..._
and swenngeko loudly and indignantly says, _...Yes!...yes us!.....well, maybe not road runners...then we would have to give them speeding tickets..._

chubinthal takes a brief second to consider what type of organism hed prefer to come back as. but a loud voice snaps him out of the thought.
he hears, _....sorry im late showing up...but i knew i didnt want to miss the big party..._
its wilbence. one of the adult film actors for horny for porny entertainment.
and an elated swenngeko welcomes his newly-arrived guest.
he says, _...did you see the cake? should try some..._
and milbence replies, _...ill be sure to give it a taste..._
then he sees chubinthal and says, _....hi milbence..._
and swenngeko steps in to do the appropriate introducing, _...this is chubinthal...hes going to be one of the pieces we need to keep things running smoothly and the way they should...i believe hes talented..._
then swenngeko says to chubinthal, _...milbence here has been in a number of our productions..._
he proudly follows that with, _....he knows how to follow instructions...he says what i tell him to say...and he does what i tell him to do..._
then milbence says to chubinthal, _...glad to have you onboard...lets put together some marvelous things..._
then swenngeko says to chubinthal, _...what i like about milbence here is that he absolutely knows how to be a professional...because we are professional...and professional doubt about it...he knows what hes doing...and he knows maturity matters...especially when it comes to this...he knows that adult film actors and actresses throughout the pornography universe take their pants off one leg at a time like everyone else...and he believes in a high-standard for do i..._
then milbence says, _...its not just about feeling good its about doing you always say swennie..its about business...always..._
and swenngeko says, _...indeed it is...this is about putting your best foot forward...because, when it comes to our company, i seek the best..and not just anything..._
he elaborates, these casting calls and interviews more people get turned down and turned away than accepted..._
he concludes, _...our network and brands keep a all times..._

milbence turns to swenngeko and says, you remember that special effect i was telling you about?..._
and swenngeko says,, i think i do recall...what of it?..._
then milbence says, _....i came across it...i have it!...i can show it to you..._
and swenngeko asks, _....really? do? did you get that??..._
to which milbence responds, _...umm..uh...lets just say i stumbled upon it..._
then swenngeko asks, _...from where??..._
and milbence says, _...from one of pervoncians productions..._
then swenngeko says, _...sooo, you stole it??...why did you do that??...if something doesnt belong to you then it doesnt belong to know that already..._
and milbence says, _....but i got it from pervoncian!...and you know know how crazy he, with always something wrong with his head...yes, that guy...he probably stole it from someone else in the first place and thats how he ended up with it...i mean, you know how screwed up he is in the fucking head...who knows where he probably even stole it from??..._
then milbence tries to convince swenngeko, _....come on, let me show it to you...take a look..._
and swenngeko is hesitant. very hesitant. but milbence somehow manages to talk him into it. then they all go over to a room where milbence opens the door.
he says, _...i put it in here..._
and when swenngeko sees it it looks like some kind of projector to him. then milbence turns it on briefly to show him how it works. and swenngeko is admittedly dazzled by the bespectacled display he sees. he can feel it mesmerizing his mind and his face becomes illumified and he starts zoning out. and then milbence shuts it off.
and swenngeko asks, _......what was that??...that was weird! does it work?..._
and milbence says, _....i dont know...but ive already used it on some of our sets and productions..._
and swenngeko says, have??..._
then milbence says, _...yes, and it turned out good...ive seen pervoncian already use it in some of his films..._
then chubinthal says, mean pervoncian as in Pervoncian the Great?!...the founder of perverted paradox productions?!...and pervidential diaspora?!...ive seen some of those!...he makes some pretty outrageous stuff!..._
to which milbence responds, _...Yes...hes used this a number of times already...seemed to work good for him...i mean, swennie...i think youll like it..._

pervoncian (or pervoncian the great as he so boisterously calls himself) has seen plenty of success with his adult brands. much like swenngekos. but the two of them have never seen eye-to-eye on anything. not anything at all. to say that their views and opinions differ greatly would be a huge understatement indeed. and continued bad blood between the two has caused many difficulties over time. this can be attributed to pervoncian who has the tendency to be overly-ambitious and an expletive and a blatant extrovert. while swenngeko, on the other hand, prefers to methodically take his time and make more calculated and planned decisions. pervoncian is much more outspoken and outwardly-expressive about what he thinks and how he feels. while swenngeko has more reserved emotions and tries to focus more strictly on his work and his businesses. nevertheless, they are both very talented and are both good at what they do. and despite all of their numerous differences swenngeko still believes in promoting competition and having plenty of it (preferably HEALTHY competition). its how he knows if hes still any good or not at what he does. swenngeko sincerely feels that theres MORE than enough for everyone and everybody to get a piece and have theirs. while pervoncian is much more apprehensive. 
the following day milbence is trying to recover from all of the partying and boozing he did last night at swenngekos place. what a wild time it was. he now finds hisself on a set with one of his associates. hes not performing. not today. especially with his head still swirling as tumultuously as it now is. hes not here for that. hes just checking with frintohan to see how things went a few days ago. frintohan is one of his associates. they both work for stimu-lord network. but while milbence works for horny for porny entertainment frintohan works for supreme obscene. frintohan is small in stature. it makes him look younger than what he is. hes a stunt-man that does stunt-porn. thats his job. meaning he does things in adult films that most others wouldnt dare do. or even think of doing. hes often called the 4th X because they say that his work goes beyond just a typical XXX-rating. and today hes starring in an erotic-style wrestling match with a woman far far larger than he is and very very overweight.
but before he begins milbence yells out to him, _...FRINTO!...WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THAT SPECIAL EFFECT THING I LET YOU USE??..._
then he begins charging towards the much much larger and very very overweight woman.
and while milbence is watching and enjoying and laughing he suddenly starts to feel unusually ill. and its not just because of all of the partying the previous night. this is different. and it soon starts to overwelm him. and he has to make his exit out of there.

the next morning milbence finds hisself sitting and taking a bowel movement. he still doesnt feel well. after he wipes and finishes he gets up and tries to flush. but it doesnt seem like its working. so he tries to flush it again. and again. still nothing. hes really not in the mood for this. then he gets frustrated and tries to flush it very hard. but he ends up breaking the entire toilet. and it makes a very wet and very smelly mess. all over the floor. he just stands there in disbelief and shock. afterwards it takes him a long time to clean all of that up. then finally he grabs a mop and uses it. then after hes done with it he goes to put it back on the rack he got it from. but as hes doing it he accidentally snaps it right in two. with little effort. and his eyes nearly pop out of his head. this is when he figures that he possibly has enhanced strength. hes not even sure why. then, to confirm it, he goes over to his refrigerator and tries to lift it. and he does. he cant believe it and doesnt know what to think. but then it starts to sink in. he has to find a way to use this for the right reasons. he feels that he cannot (and should not) abuse this newly-found ability. so he knows what he needs to do. he must think of and find ways uf using it for good.
he goes over and opens his door to air out the place. and after he does that he sees a woman chasing a stroller down the street.
she loudly shouts out, _...SOMEONE HELP ME!..._
and milbence springs into action. he starts going after it. but its getting away. then he starts to jump over a nearby fence to cut it off. but when he jumps he elevates much much higher than he anticipated. then he manages to cut off the stroller and stop it. she quickly goes over to him and thanks him. then when he looks inside he sees that it was all for just a collection of aged-liquor bottles.
then, in a relieved tone, she says, _...whew!...i almost lost these!..._
and thats when milbence realizes he can fly too. then as he turns to walk away he hears another voice yelling.
she says, _...oh, who will help me deliver these yummy treats?..._
and when milbence goes over there he sees its an older, very large-bossomed woman in distress.
she says to him, _...can you help me deliver these?...they took longer than i expected to make so im running a little late right now..._
she adds, _...its only a couple of blocks away...not very far from here..._
then milbence nobly says, _...sure, i can deliver them..._
then he goes and turns the corner so she cant see him. then he leaps up and takes flight to make the delivery. and milbence is ecstatic. just wait until swenngeko hears about this.

the next day comes and swenngeko is currently busy on a set. he is in the middle of shooting an adult film and he is helping with the directing. and, as usual, he has more than plenty of criticisms to share and deploy. but while hes in the middle of doing this he finds hisself suddenly (and rudely) interrupted. its milbence.
and he says to swenngeko, _...Swennie!!..swennie!...i need to talk to you!!..._
and swenngeko is perturbed by this. 
he says, _...cant you see that im directing?...not a good time..._
and milbence persists and even pleads with him saying, dont understand...this is important!..._
and then swenngeko tells the two performers to take a break. then the two of them go outside. 
and milbence is so energetic when he says, _...youre not going to believe this...but somehow.....sooome kind of way.......i have super powers!..._
and, naturally, swenngeko doesnt buy it. he thinks its some kind of joke.
then he says, pulled me off of a good set with a smoking hot actress for your crazy preposterousness?..._
and then milbence says, this..._
then he squats next to a nearby car and plants his feet. and he begins trying to lift one side of it. and he struggles and strains at first. and swenngeko checks his watch because he really really doesnt have time for this. but then hes finally able to lift up one side of the car by himself.
and then says, _....Ha! what do you think?!?..._
and swenngeko is just speechless.
and then milbence quickly lowers the side of the car and cuts swenngeko off mid-way before he can finish talking and says, need to find a way to use this only for good...its the right choice..._
then he thinks it over a little more and says, _...and i need an alias i can have a way to do it discreetly and responsibly..._
then swenngeko asks, did this even happen?..._
and then milbence replies, _...i dont know...i not really sure..._
then swenngeko ponders. and thinks. and thinks some more.
then he asks milbence, you think it might have something to do with that weird special effect contraption we were using before that you stole from pervoncian??..._
and the answer to that question comes from somewhere else.
they both hear a voice saying, about certain it did!..._
and its a group of swenngekos actors and actresses and employees that work for different brands within the stimu-lord network and across the pornographic universe...the one person standing out in front is a traditional pornography actor who does traditional pornography films.
and he says, _.....because the same happened to us..._
alongside him is another traditional pornography film actor who is very limber. there is a female plus female duo. also a him-her who does non-traditional and alternative pornography films. and then theres the stunt-man frintohan.
and swenngeko is shocked.
he says, the same happened to you too???..._
and the leading traditional pornography film actor replies, _...Yes...and like milbence said..we have to find ways of using it for good..and for whats right...and not just for us..._
then milbence says, _....i didnt know this happened to you too...i mean, how are we going to do this??..._
then the leading traditional pornography film actor replies, _....together...thats how..._
then he announces, _....Meet the Orgasmikons!..._



Submitted: November 29, 2022

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