Appalachia Tales

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Being a teenager is stressful enough. You have to deal with peer pressure, social identity, physical appearance, and new bodily changes. Well that’s definitely the case for sixteen-year-old Kathy St. James. She is the middle child of domineering matriarch Letha St. James. To make matters worse she lives in conservative Wolf Colony, North Carolina where racism and bigotry rules with an iron fist. The only stability in her life are her younger sister Bossier, her boyfriend Algier Gentry and her best friend Tiffany DuPont. But she’s not the only one dealing with a difficult home life.

Table of Contents

Homecoming Week

 (November 1968) Deep in the Mountain region of North Carolina sleeps the city of Wolf Colony. It is a cold Monday morning for t... Read Chapter

Playing Dress Up

“What are you doing here Claude?” Letha asks nervously. “I need to speak with you outside in the parking lot.” Claude says be... Read Chapter

Dirty Cowardice

Tiffany’s right fist connects to the girls face in front of her before being pushed to the ground by the girl behind her. Soon the trio... Read Chapter

Muzzle Your Mouth

Ida has high yellow skin and gray eyes. She has thick shoulder length brown hair with white streaks. Her hair is swept into a French twis... Read Chapter


“Laurent.” Letha says softly reaching out to cup his left cheek. “Don’t you dare touch me!” Laurent hisses shoving her hand... Read Chapter


 The other two football players look at Dante in shock. The first boy is wearing the school letter man jacket with a solid red t-shi... Read Chapter

Tail Fin & Chrome

“Who the hell did this?” Linda asks terrified looking at the mirror.  On the mirror is a message written in blood. The messa... Read Chapter

You Think You're Grown

“We have plenty of those. Actually, there’s a tail fin and chrome with low miles on it. Why don’t we take a look.” the car salesm... Read Chapter

I Don't Strong Arm

“Good evening Mr. McFarlin what can I do for you?” Principal Sumpter asks curiously. Salvatore slams the door and walks over to P... Read Chapter

Making Landfall

 Letha is wearing a black silk nightgown with black slippers. Her hair are in blue rollers and covered by a black bandanna. "Wha... Read Chapter

Testicles In A Vise Grip

 At four thirty the following morning Lynn awakens and feels something moving inside of her. When her vision clears, she sees Vernon... Read Chapter

Whiskey Strong

 Kathy pulls in front of the St. James residence and turns off the engine. Lynn goes inside to get changed while Kathy and Bossier r... Read Chapter

This Old Broad

 Mr. Lancaster looks at her in disbelief as tears blur his vision.  "I'm so sorry to hear that about your sister Kathy. As ... Read Chapter

This Fierce Woman

 "Yes, this fierce woman who will have you by your testicles in court." Ida says coldly walking to the middle of his office. &nb... Read Chapter

Like A Hunter

 Declan walks to the middle row and finds an empty desk on Dante’s left. He opens his gray backpack and takes out a green notebook... Read Chapter

Burn Him At The Stake

Bossier is awoken by Lynn's screaming. She jumps up and rushes over and stands in front of her.  "Get out of my way bitch!" Leth... Read Chapter

Hurricane Ida

"Galleria, Kathy, Bossier, Lynn can you leave us please? I need to speak with your mother and her husband alone." Ida says seriously not ... Read Chapter


Algier and Kathy are driving up the allee leading to Gardenia Alle. Kathy is speechless and in awe. When they pull in front of the mansio... Read Chapter

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