Visit to a Free Beach

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: CFNM

A man goes to a free beach where he sunbathes in front of three young girls who have never seen an naked, adult male before.

Visit to a Free Beach

My name is Mike.  One day I decided that I would go to a nude beach that I had visited often. When I arrived, I found the beach almost empty. The only people there were three young girls. I had some hesitation about undressing but I knew the beach to be a free beach, so I stripped naked, spread out on my blanket and laid down.  I could see the girls watching me as I undressed. It didn’t deter me, I rather liked it.

Shortly after I was naked, one of the young girls came over to me and said, “Hello.”

I responded by saying, “Hello.”

She said, “Nice weather we are having.”

I said, “Yes, it is beautiful.”

She said, “Do you come here often.”

I said, “Yes, I do.  How about you?”

She said, “No, this is our first time.”

I said, “Why did you come?”

She said, “We heard it was a nude beach.”

I said, "So you wanted to see a nude male?"

She said, "Well, yes."

I said, “Is this the first time you have seen a live nude male?”

She said, “Other than babies, yes.”

I asked, "Now that you have seen one, what do you think?

She said, "I think it is easier for men to pee."

I said, "I suppose it is."

Then the other two girls joined her. She said, “My name is Judy and this is Gail and Linda.”

I said, “I am glad to meet you. My name is Mike.”

Each of them then said, “Glad to meet you.”

Then Gail asked, “May I ask you a personal question.”

I said, “Sure.”

Gail asked, “Aren’t you embarrassed to be naked in front of girls?”

I said, “Of course not. What do I have to be ashamed of?”

Gail said, “How would we know, we have never seen an adult male naked before.”

I said, “When I was examined by a female urologist at the Veteran’s Hospital, she said, “You look like everyone else.”

Gail said, "Does that mean you are average.":

I said, "I think so."

Gail said, "How would she know?"

I said, "She is a urologist in a VA hospital.  All she does all day is look at penises.  She has seen thousands."

Linda said, "I wonder what it would be like to have a job like that?"

I said, "To her it is just a job."

Linda asked, “Why did the Urologist examine you?”

I said, “I had a hydrocele.”

Linda said, “What is that?”

I said, “Water on the testicle.”

Linda asked, “Did she operate?”

I said, “Yes, she did.”

Linda asked, "Did she cure you?"

I said, "Yes, she did."

Linda asked, “What would have happened if she hadn’t operated.”

I said, “My right testicle was already as big as a baseball. It would have continued to grow.”

Then Judy said, “Aren’t you afraid of getting sunburned?”

I said, “Yes, I suppose I should put on suntan lotion.

Judy said, “Can we help?”

I was surprised by the request.  I said, “Sure, there are spots I cannot reach, Thank you.”

I took the bottle of sun tanning lotion that I had brought with me and gave it to Judy. She started with my back.  She proceeded to do my buttocks and then the back of my legs.  When she was done, I automatically rolled over.  She started with my shoulders and moved down.  When she got to my genitals, she skipped them and went on to my legs. Finally, when she seemed to be finished, she used her hands to spread lotion on my testicles.  She took her time.As she spread the lotion on my testicles, I started to grow an erection. 

Judy noticed and said, “Oh, your penis is growing.”

I said, "It likes attention."

Judy said, "I have always wanted to see that."

I said, "Be my guest."

She said, “Wow, I have always wanted to see a penis grow and now I am getting to see one.”

I said, "What do you think now?"

Judy said, "I think it is fascinating ."

I said, “What do you like about it..”

Judy said, "How big your penis is getting. 

Then she finished. I was fully erect. 

She said, “Is that as big as it gets?”'

I said, "Yes, it is.  Do you like it?"

She said, "Yes, I do.  Can I touch it?

I said, "Please do, it needs sun tan lotion too."

She proceed to smear sun tan lotion over my cock.

She said, "Oh it is so hard."

Then Gail interrupted, “What about me?”

I said, “What about you.”

Gail said, “Do I get my turn?”

I said, “Be my guest.”

Gail took the bottle from Judy, poured some lotion into her hand and commenced rubbing it into my testicles.  When she finished with my testicles she went to my cock.

Gail said, “Your penis is really hard.”

I said, “Women like it hard.”

Gail said, “It is so big.  Are all men this big?”

I said, “No, some are bigger and some are smaller.  I am about average.”

Gail said, “Really, it looks too big to me."

I said, "What do you mean too big.”

Gail said, "I mean too big to fit."

I said, "We could try and find out."

She stopped looked up at me and said, "Nice try."

Then Linda said, “What about me?  Do I get my turn?”

I said, “By all meansl.”

Linda and Gail changed places and Linda commenced to applying even more lotion on my balls.  Then she proceeded to doing my cock. As she stroked my cock she said, “I have heard men spurt.  I want to see you spurt.”

I said, “I would love to spurt for you!”

Linda then said, “What do I have to do to make you spurt?”

I said, “Pretty much what you have been doing.  Keep stroking my cock and have another girl massage my balls.”

With that Judy reached out and massaged my balls while Linda kept stroking my cock.

I could feel myself progressing to orgasm and said, “When I start to erupt, don’t stop and time your strokes to my spurts.  Just after that, I came. The girls performed as I had been asked. When I started spurting they time their strokes to my spurts and didn't stop until I stopped.

Gail said, “Wow, that was really something worth seeing.”

Judy said, "It was even better to have participated."

Then I said to them, “Is there something I can do for you all.”

Judy answered, “What do you have in mind?”

I said, “You brought me to orgasm. Perhaps, I can do the same for you.”

Judy said, ‘How would you do that?”

I said, “I could finger you all until you orgasmed.”

They all looked at each other and Judy said, “No!”

I asked, “Why not?”

Judy said, “We are good girls.”

I said, “Indeed you are.  Thank you for applying suntan lotion on me.”

Judy said, “You are welcome.”


We all stayed there the rest of the afternoon, they in their swimsuits and I naked.  They grew quite comfortable with my nudity.  We all left at the same time.  I walked out with them to my car naked.  When we did, Judy asked me if I was going to be coming back to the beach next Sunday.

I said, “I will if you want me to.”  We made a date. 

The next week the girls were at the beach again.  When I undressed,the girls asked if they could apply suntan lotion again.  Of course, I let them and of course. I grew an erection.  This time they knew what to do.  I just laid there while they had their way with me.  They teased me a good while until I begged them to let me cum.  Judy stroked me while Gail massaged my balls.  When I was ready to cum, Judy just quickened her pace and I spurted cum all over her hand.

Winter came and we didn’t go to the beach anymore.  The girls found out that I was a bachelor and had a hot tub at my house.  They asked if they could come and use my tub.  I said yes.  When the 4 girls arrived at my house, I greeted them naked.  They weren’t surprised and were glad to see me.  They had seen me naked numerous times by then.  For once, they didn’t wear their suits.  They all went naked. I asked, "Why aren’t you wearing your swimsuits today.”

Gail said, “It was my idea. This is private and we know we can trust you.”

I said, “Thank you for the compliment.”

Eventually, before we went into the hot tub we showered first.  They washed me and I returned the favor.  When got an erection one of them relieved me.  They would not let me return the favor.

The girls and I continued using my hot tub.  Eventually, they all graduated from high school and went on to the local college.

Linda was an art major.  One day she asked me if I could pose for her. Of course, I said yes.  We made a date for her to come over and I would pose. What I didn’t know is that she would bring a half dozen of her art major friends with her. 

I said, “I thought you were coming alone.”

She said, “Oh, I am sorry I didn’t think you would mind.”

I said, “I don’t, but you should have told me.”

She said, “I will next time.”

I undressed while they watched. I took the pose they wanted. Linda asked me, “Should we put someone else’s face on the painting?

I said, “It is not necessary. We aren’t doing anything anyone should be ashamed of.”

I posed for a couple of hours and then I said, “I have had enough.”

Then I asked the girls, “Shall I make you lunch.”

They all agreed to have lunch. I made something simple, hot dogs. potato chips and milk.  I didn’t dress to make lunch and served them naked.

One of the girls asked me why I didn’t get dressed.  I said, “If I did, I would be admitting to body shame.”

The girl asked, “How so?”

I said, “We are no tdoing anything for which I should be ashamed. If I felt shame for posing nude, I wouldn’t do it in the first place.”

She said, “Most nude models put on a robe during breaks.”

I said, “And by doing that they are admitting to body shame?”

She said, “Maybe they are just accommodating their audience. 

I answered, “The audience should understand more than anyone that being a nude model is not shameful.  If I were required to wear a robe, I would be insulted and quit”

I continued to pose for those girls and even continued with new girls after Linda finished doing her class on the human figure.  Every time I posed nude, I always welcomed the girls nude.  If they objected to me being nude, I would ask them to leave.  It made no sense to object to a model being nude if you were there to paint him nude.  I found that attitude insulting!

Then Linda wanted to participate in a body painting.  She asked me if I would be her model.  I was a little reluctant to be naked on a public street where the body painting would take place. I didn't want small minded people to try to shame me. When I expressed my reluctance she said, “That is OK, it is allowed to wear underwear.”

I said, “I thought you said it was body painting.  Why would anyone wear clothes if you were engaging in body painting.”

She said, “It is an accommodation to people’s modesty.”

I said, “That is not consistent.  If you are in a body painting competition, you should be painting their bodies, not their clothes.  If you do that, it should be called a clothes painting competition.”

She said, “That makes sense.  If you insist, I will paint you nude.”

I had previously not wanted to do it because of small-minded people’s prejudice.  Now, not withstanding that reservation, I saw an opportunity to strike a blow for against prejudice and for consistency.  I said, “If I agree to allow you to paint me nude, are you ready to defend your right as an artist to paint the human form.”

She said, “Yes, you are right.  If you are willing to get naked in public, I can do no less.”

When the day came for the body painting contest, I was the only one naked.  I was not there long when one of the organizers came over and told Linda that she couldn’t have a nude model. 

Linda said, “The competition’s rules say nothing against using nude models.  If it had, I wouldn’t have agreed to participate.”

The organizer said, “Nevertheless, I am ruling you cannot do it.”

Linda said, “Artists have been using nude models for thousands of years.  Painting the human form is completely established as acceptable everywhere in the world of art.  Furthermore, this is a body painting contest, not a clothes painting contest.  If you do not allow this, I will go to the newspaper and TV stations and complain that you have insulted art.  No decent artist will ever compete again in any contest sponsored by you.”

The organizer said, “You are right.  I am sorry.  You may paint your nude model.”

Linda was of Mexican heritage, she painted the Mexican flag on my body and used my penis for the snake in the claw of the eagle. She won the competition. After that, all body painting competitions allowed the use of nude models.  Furthermore, artists who used partially clothed models were ridiculed.

Judy wanted to be a physician’s assistant.  In order to do that she had to qualify and work as a nurse’s assistant.  She had to learn how to give a bed bath.  She came to me to practice.  She brought friends with her.  I allowed them to practice on me.  It was clinical.  I only got an erection when they washed my cock and balls the first time.  After the first time I did not get erect again.

Gail wanted to be a nurse.  She needed to learn how to catheterize a male patient.  She brought a couple of friends with her.  I allowed her to use me to practice catheterizing male patients.  I didn't allow her friends to catheterize me though I allowed them to watch. I didn't want to have a tube shoved down my ureter three times in one day.  This was definitely not erotic.

When the nursing instructor found out that I had allowed Linda to catheterize me she asked me if I would be willing to demonstrate it for the entire class.  Of course I said yes. I am still doing it. Students to the medical arts need real patients to practice on..

As the girls got older, I saw them less and less.  They would still come from time to time and we would use my hot tub together.  We always did it in the nude and nothing erotic ever took place.  When they married, they brought their husbands.  After they had children, they never had time. 






Submitted: November 26, 2022

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