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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

the humiliation continues, this time in public at a fast food restaurant and on a school campus. Jake is more sadistic than ever.


(this is a fantasy and all characters ae 18 or older.)


(Please give my novel "The Dark Side of London" a try. It is about Jack the ripper, gay love, scandal among royalty, insanity, humiliation and torture. And it's a damn good read! Go to D.H. Gutzman on Amazon, and please, if you can leave a review. It allows me to continue to write on this site.)



I am sorry, so sorry if some of my account seems confused. It’s because my head is so fucked up, as fucked up as my body. Your head would be fucked up too if you had to suck off twenty-five guys in a college dorm. Imagine how my stomach felt, sloshing with sperm, and my breath smelling of cock and tasting of dick. It was so awful, I had to block much of it out. I still can’t understand while nice, straight, college jocks would enjoy shoving their dicks into the mouth of another guy. But they seemed to really get off on it. And Jake knew they would.


While I was gagging and retching on the sidewalk, dressed in only a filthy, stinking pair of dirty gym shorts that we had found coming out of the dorm, a pair of shorts that had obvious piss and cum stains all over it and may have been used as a jerk off rag, Jake cheerfully told me that he was setting up a schedule whereby I would “orally entertain” the boys from different dorms on different days. Sucking that much cock would kill me! No human can swallow that much sperm on a daily basis.


But there was no way I could get out of the mess I was in. What was even worse, Jake had be actually starting to believe I was some kind of sub-human submissive creature, and that he was some kind of teenage super being of a male. It wasn’t only me he wove his spell over. He was now taking me to see my former girlfriend, whom he had been recently fucking. A girl I believed I was in love with, and dumped me when Jake showed her pictures of me sucking dick and getting ass fucked. What really turned her against me was that he shared the forced photos of me with the whole campus, and her reputation was ruined. She was laughed at for dating me.


Jake was a sick monster of a young man, with the most astounding sex drive I have ever seen. But not a normal sex drive. There was no romance in it. For Jake, sex was connected to humiliation and degradation. He had to dominate and degrade his sexual partners. That is what made his dick hard. I learned that when Jake woke up in the morning, the first thing he needed was to have his cock sucked. He called it “morning duty,” and I was drafted into morning duty on more than a few occasions. Usually it was some sweet very young teenage girl that he corralled into the job. Some girl who met him and instantly fell in love with him. It was not hard to do. He was extraordinarily handsome and sexual and very very controlling. He might have the girl naked in his bedroom, seated in a chair all night while he slept. The moment he seemed to be waking up, she was to crawl into his bed and begin to lick his balls and dick. If he was on his stomach, she was to lick his ass crack and hole until he rolled over. When he was on his back, the girl was to worship his thick prick and big balls with her tongue and mouth. No “good morning,” no kiss, no hug, she was ordered to go right to work and serve his pecker!


Even I a straight guy bullied into Jake’s service had to admit that he had the most amazingly beautiful dick. I now believed that from having to look at it so much. It was a light flesh in color and hung seven inches flaccid. The cockhead is big and round and smooth, the skin on the stalk thick and fleshy. It hangs extremely heavy over large boiled-egg-sized nuts in a velvety soft wrinkled sack.

When he is naked, it swings when he walks, and when he wears pants, it bulges out obscenely. It is like he is aware of his dick constantly, and I believe that he truly is.


The chosen girl, or faggot of the morning sucks Jake off, licking up his nighttime ball sweat and prick leakings. That is another thing, Jake’s huge dick leaks pre-fuck almost all the time. I knew none of this, of course, until he began bullying me and making me into his faggot fuckhole. Yes, that is what I was becoming. Against every moral fiber in my body, I was being turned into a homosexual slave, and I could not fight back.


I learned even worse things about Jake. If he did not have a girl or faggot of the day to suck him awake in the morning and drain his big balls of sperm, he used his own younger sister or can you believe this, his MOM! That’s right, he forced his own mother to suck his cock. And of course, according to Jake, it was the highlight of her lonely life. Sometimes he would have his sister and mom working on him at the same time, each one of them licking and sucking each of his balls, and the one who did the best job got his thick baby batter for breakfast.


This was the world about which I was learning and being dragged into. And I was no longer at the breaking point, I was broken. I honestly felt that I could be humiliated and degraded to no greater extent, but of course, I was totally wrong. There is no end to the human misery one can undergo.

Jake had decided that he wanted to take me to my ex-girlfriend’s apartment as I was, covered in cum and practically naked. He wanted her to smell the cock on my breath, and see the dried cum on my face, hair and chest. To protect her, I will from now on refer to my ex-girlfriend as A. Of course, I was ashamed and deeply distressed about having to see her. How could I explain that none of it was my fault?


Walking across campus once again, hundreds of students laughed at me and pointed me out, many of them thinking I was pledging a fraternity. We got to Jake’s car, a low-slung sports car he had taken from some faggot business man. The faggot business man had lost his wife and daughter and job because of Jake.

He now worked in a fast food restaurant. Jake still met with him once a week and took a sizable chunk of his tiny paycheck just to torment him. The man also had a quota of dicks to suck off each week. If he didn’t meet the quota, Jake had him punished. Imagine knowing that you had to suck off a certain number of cocks every day to meet the quota some teenage punk had set for you.  Jake had sent the wife and daughter photos of this guy sucking dick, so they got everything in the divorce settlement. And Jake got the sports car.


“Take off those disgustingly filthy gym shorts, before you get in my car,” Jake barked. Right there on the street, I stripped naked. Some passing kids stopped to watch. Jake signaled me to open the car door. On the seat, I saw a black ten-inch rubber dildo. “Get in and shove that up your ass!”  I knew it would hurt terribly.

Although I had been dildo and dick fucked like a fucking sissy faggot, my ass still was not used to being invaded. The very idea of things being shoved up my asshole made me sick to my stomach. But I had no choice. I slid into the low car seat, with the kids on the street watching, and had to keep the door open to give me room to force the thick black rubber fucker up into my rectum. I had trouble getting the head in, it was so large, and I heard the kids on the street laughing.


“is the mental or what?”  One of the little kids asked Jake.


“Naw, he’s just a sissy faggot who loves to get cock in his mouth and ass. I use him to unload my balls now and then.” Jake smiled at the kids.


I had the fucking dildo at least seven inches of rubber cock up my aching rectum. I felt painfully stuffed. Jake barked at me to get the rest of the fucking thing up my cunt! “I don’t know if I can…” I cried.


“if you don’t, you will be the sorriest motherfucker who ever walked the earth!”


Ignoring the blinding pain in my guts, I pushed the rest of the rubber dick up into my ass. My asshole felt stretched to the point of ripping.


“Now, take those fucking filthy gym shorts and shove them in your mouth. I want them sucked clean by the time we reach A’s house.”


The taste was horribly foul, but it did help erase the flavor of cock that covered the inside of my mouth. Now I tasted, piss and cum and sweat and maybe even some skid marks. I sucked as hard as I could, not wanting to anger Jake.


“Masturbate your dick to show how much you like it!” 


I put my shaking hand down and began to jerk on my flaccid cock. This was the last thing the kids on the sidewalk saw as we pulled away. I am horribly ashamed to tell you that my dick got hard. That was something I could not explain. It was almost like I was responding sexually to the abuse. How could that be? I loathed it and would have done anything to escape it. Then was my dick hard so much?


“Get it leaking but don’t cum. And don’t get the leak all over my car. Rub it into your crotch.”


There I sat in a sports car, totally naked, pounding my pecker with a ten-inch painful dildo up my ass, scared out of my mind that someone might see me. And then, Jake slowed and put the top down on the car.


“Please Jake,” I whined mumbling through the soiled gym shorts, my saliva now mixed with body juices which ran down my throat.


“Shut the fuck up!” Jake snapped, beeping his horn as we passed a truck. The driver looked down to see what I was doing. It was so obscene so filthy I almost passed out from shame. The truck driver roared with laughter and blew his air horn. Jake drove passed a high school and took a detour into the parking lot, just as the kids were coming out. Hundreds of boys and girls saw me masturbating. They pointed and jumped up to see more.


“Put your feet up on the dashboard and spread your legs,” Jake ordered. Now the kids could see my thick wet dick more easily. I felt like I was losing my mind.

Jake stopped the car. “Take the shorts out of your mouth and say hi to that gang of jocks over there.” 


I was shaking so badly I could hardly speak. “Hey, guys,” I croaked.  


“Shit, look at the fucking pervert!” One of the jocks, a curly haired kid said to his buddies and they all trotted over toward me with their book bags. “Jesus, Man, what kind of fucking freak are you?”


“He’s a fucking sissy faggot and I can’t do anything to help him. I am taking him to his therapist. He is fucking cock crazy. He wants cock in his mouth and up his ass all the fucking time. It is so sick, guys!” Jake said in a sympathetic voice.

“The only thing that keeps him sane if he is not sucking dick is sucking on used condoms or on guys’ underwear. Any of you dudes got a dirty jock strap you want to sell me for him? I’ll give you thirty bucks for it.”


“No way, he won’t do that?” this really cute dark haired boy said, fishing a rumpled, sweaty jock strap out of his book bag. “Mine is really gross, I wore it for like a month without washing.”


“Perfect,” Jake laughed, fishing out the money and paying the kid. I could smell the stink of the jock strap from five feet away. “Take the strap faggot, you know you want it, and suck on the prick pouch!”  I closed my eyes and prayed that this was all just a bad dream, but when I opened them again, I saw five eager teenage jock faces looking at me, naked and holding a rancid, yellow stained, stiff in the pouch jock strap.


“Do it, Faggot!”  the cute dark haired kid shouted, and his buddies backed him up. I shoved the filth of the pouch into my mouth and began to suck. It was so foul, I gagged as I sucked.

“It will save your mom from having to wash it,” Jake laughed, “Although maybe she enjoys that. You will have to buy a new one with the money.”


“Yeah, usually your sister sucks them clean,” one of the dark-haired boy’s buddies joshed, punching him lightly in the arm.


The foul urine, sweat and pecker leak taste filled my mouth. It was even worse than the gym shorts.


“Hey, Faggot” jake said, “there are some skid marks on the ass straps…don’t forget to suck those too!”


“HOW FUCKING GROSS,” the dark-haired boy shouted, openly groping the bulge in his jeans which had grown huge. To my shame, my own dick was rock hard and leaking like crazy. I was panic stricken that I would get some dick leak on Jake’s car seat, so I took my fingers and scooped up the pre-cum leak and rubbed it into my stomach.


“You won’t believe this, guys, but this faggot sucked twenty-five dicks today. That flaky dried stuff on his face and chest is all cum!”


The boys screamed and shouted and jumped in the air and high-fived each other, and there was not a flaccid dick among them. Five high school jock dicks, hard as rock pushing out their pants.


“I gotta go, guys, I gotta go fuck this faggot’s ex-girlfriend from before he knew was a faggot, but if you dudes have never tried faggot mouth or ass, you really gotta give it a try. I know you are all studly girl fuckers, but just for kicks every now and then, try faggot mouth and ass. It is a blast, and after you fuck the dirty sissy boy, you get to beat the shit out of him!” 


With that, Jake stepped on the gas and pulled away, with me sucking on the high school jock prick pouch and swallowing his slime. “Jerk off, but don’t cum,” he snapped at me, and turned the radio up loud. I was a little relieved that no mention had been made by Jake of the ten-inch dildo stretching my poor ass to kingdom come. I felt as if my guts would burst, and I still had a whole lot of college boy cum in my stomach. 

The sadistic Jake, who had no sympathy or empathy in him at all, decided he wanted some fast food, so he pulled into a drive-thru where the teenage boy at the window gasped when he saw me naked in the car, jerking on my dick and sucking on a filthy jock strap. When he took a closer look, he could see the butt end of a large black dildo stretching the fuck out of my asshole. Not only was the dildo terribly painful in itself, but it reminded me of the horror I felt, the first-time Jake shoved his massive cock up into my rectum. I would never forget the feel of his big spongy dickhead nudging at my asslips and then forcing itself into my hole. It was at that moment that I really lost my manhood. Let’s face it, once you are fucked in the ass, you are never really a man ever again. I remember being sure that the thick girth of the fuckmeat would rip my asslips and hole to pieces. I recall feeling the cockknob pop inside my asshole, followed by the punishing length of prickmeat. Of course, Jake had not been happy until I could hear and feel his big balls slapping against my taint. To incrase the fun of that first fuck and those that followed, he slapped my balls liberally to get them swinging, and he pinched and pulled my nipples like I was some whore cunt! I was sure my asshole would never fully close after that first fuck, and I swear it has always been a bit looser since then. Of course, the dildo fucks didn’t help. They permanently damaged me.  I could see in the mirror that my asshole was now the size of a silver dollar all the time. I could feel how my fingers easily slid into it, and when I took a shit, the turds fell out more easily. At eighteen, I was physically ruined.


Jake ordered a burger and coke for himself and a milkshake for me. When the food came, before leaving the gaping boy at the service window, a boy who now pressed his own hard on against the counter, Jake turned to me and said,” Stick your dick into the milkshake!”


With a sob, I slid my hard, wet dick into the ice-cold milkshake. The cold was painful. Jake smiled. “I don’t want you hard with your ex-cunt, so jerk off into the milkshake and shoot your sperm into it. don’t make a mess in the car!”


I had to pour half the milkshake out of the car in order to get my dick into the cup. Jake ordered me to fuck my fingers in the milkshake and shoot my load. Jesus, this whole thing was so sick and fucked up. I rubbed my prick until I had a really strong orgasm into the cup, my fuck mixing with the ice-cream drink.

“Again, Jerk off again into the shake. I want your dick really small and useless when we are with A.”  So, while he drove and munched his burger, I masturbated into the ice cream drink. To show you how fucked up I had become, it did not take me long to shoot a second load. “Allright, Asslick, pull your dick out of the cup and wipe the icecream off it with the dirty jockstrap.” I obeyed. “Now, pull the dildo out of your ass and dip it into the shake.”


I was so fucking out of it, I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore. I slid the huge dildo, covered with ass slime out of my sweaty hole, and it hurt like hell. Then I dipped the filth covered thing into the shake. It was not my imagination that it changed the color of the vanilla and cum shake.


“Now, time for your lunch. Pull the dildo out of the cup and suck it clean!”  I gagged at the very mention of what he wanted me to do. I sat there more frozen than the shake. “You heard what I said, Asslick. You are not responding to my orders fast enough, I might have to punish you.  I opened my mouth and shoved the dirty dildo in. The taste was horrible, even more horrible I guess because it was mixed with icecream. I gagged and gagged.


“Suck it good. Get it way down your throat!” Jake said, taking a sip of his coke. “Gotta practice, cause some of the Arab, Indian, Latino, and Polish dicks you will be sucking in days to come are really huge. They make mine look average. On your website, any guy who wants to fuck your brains out, has to send a dick pic, and he has to be nine inches hard or more. I want your cunt and womb totally fucking destroyed.”


As we drove across town, it just got worse and worse. Jake had me dip the dildo in the shake and then shove it back up my ass. Then out again, back into the shake and then into my mouth. I was frantically going from asshole to mouth to asshole to please Jake. Anything to please Jake. He chewed a bite of his hamburger and then without swallowing said to me, “Open your fuckhole mouth.”  I opened my mouth, and he scooped the chew up burger and bun from his mouth and fed it into mine. I tasted burger and bun and Jake’s spit. Jake was inside me. Inside both ends. His essence was a part of me. I was becoming his CUNT.








Submitted: November 23, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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