Hard Men In The Hood

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

On a warm Saturday in late summer, two construction workers were making extra money tearing down some old sheetrock in an apartment.

Juan climbs up the stairs from the basement to take a break from his work and finds an old plastic chair to sit on in the little backyard of the building.

The yard is surrounded by a tall wooden fence, only the noise from the street could be heard. A small tree was leaning forward to provided some shade as weeds grew from the broken cement.

A couple of tires and some empty beer cans made the scene complete.

As Juan was sitting in the chair, with his sun glasses on, and his baseball cap turned backwards, he felt a slight breeze pick up.

Working in a hot sweaty apartment, pulling down sheetrock and wooden beams is a hard sweaty job for two men, alone with no one else.

As the breeze came over Juan, he felt his sweaty dick getting hard through his work pants. The stiffness made him move his hand down and begin to rub his dick through the fabric.

The sound of a cars horn in the background, and distance traffic from the corner hummed through his ears as he rubbed harder on his pants.

Undoing his belt and taking down his zipper and pulling down his pants and underwear, Juan's 7 inch dick sprank up and felt the breeze blow on it.

Up and down Juan stroked his hard dick, feeling his hairy balls as he had his eyes closed, just daydreaming as he let his hand glide up and down on his hard dick.

Derrick came up the stairs to see where his coworker was.

As he got to the top of the stairs and looked left, he saw Juan, sitting on the dirty old plastic chair, with his pants and underwear around his ankles, playing with his man package.

Derrick sneaked over to where Juan was sitting, playing with himself. Juan didn't notice that Derrick was watching him.

Derrick gave a long hard look at his coworker, rubbing that light brown dick, up and down, up and down as the brezze made his dick feel nice.

Derrick could feel his own dick getting hard as he was watching Juan.

Reaching down, he too began to play with himself as he stood about three feet from Juan.

Juan felt a presence and opened his eyes.

"What you looking at bitch?" as he continued to stroke his dick, now that he had an audience.

Derrick, standing there, "Just checking you out. That's some dick you got there."

"You want to have a go at it, if your man enough that is?"

Derrick got closer to Juan and got on his knees. He began to lick his dick like an ice cream, getting that sweaty taste on his tongue.

Now Derrick was slowly sucking and licking the head of his dick as he worked his way down to Juan's balls.

All seven inches of Juan's dick was in Derrick's mouth as he was going up and down on it while he played with his own dick.

The sound of cars passing by, people walking down the street, if they only knew that on the other side of that rickety tall wooden fence was the beginnings of some rough man on man sex about to take place.

Slurping and sucking sounds came from Derrick's mouth as Juan had a hand on Derrick's head.

"AAHH...shit man, suck that dick bitch. Suck it like a man...OOHH..!"

As Derrick continued to make love to Juan's dick, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard dark brown dick and stroked it as he was sucking.

After a few more minutes of sucking, Derrick got up and let his pants and underwear fall to the ground.

Juan moved up in his chair and began to suck on Derrick's hard dick.

It was a little bit bigger than Juan's but, Juan went down hard on that dick and sucked and licked it like he had done it before.

Derrick arched his head back, his face into the sun, "Shit man...suck it...suck it good motherfucker...AAAHH...yeah...!"

Juan was moving his mouth up and down on that hard dick, licking the balls and squeezing them, he wanted that dick bad.

Slurping and sucking as well, Derrick's dick was nice and wet from the blowjob that Juan was giving.

As he sucked, Juan played with his own dick, feeling the hardness of it, his balls tight, wanting more.

Juan got up from the chair and the two embraced.

Tongues ramming into each others mouths. Twisting and turning, the two tongues battled each other in hard man on man passion. First in Juan's mouth, then in Derrick's mouth, then back again.

Licking, sucking, nibbling on each other nipples, necks ears, and any other part of their bodies that they wanted their lips to be on.

Their dicks were pressed hard against each other as they grounded up against each others sweaty muscular bodies.

They backed away from each other and took off their shirts and got out of their pants and underwear that were around their ankles.

The two are now naked, except for their work boots, in this little backyard, strewn with garbage and weeds, the sounds of the street just on the other side of the fence.

They embraced and began another kissing battle. Tongues as swords in each others mouths. Hands roaming all over the others firm muscular bodies, dicks battling between thighs,sweat acting as lubricant.

They broke off their embrace and walked over to the railing where the steps led to the basement.

Juan leaned over and grabbed onto the railing as Derrick positioned himself behind Juan.

Rubbing his dick up and down on Juan's ass crack, Derrick inserted his hard dark brown dick into Juan's tight ass.

Juan winced and grabbed tightly onto the railing.

Derrick started off slowly but picked up the pace of his dick ramming into that ass.

"AAHH...UUHH...shit...fuck me...give it...to me...fuck man... do it...AAHH..!"

As Derrick began to hard pound Juan's ass, holding onto his hips, he grunted and groan with each thrust.

"UUHH...AAHH..fuck bitch...take that dick...yeah...fuckin take it...UUHH..you want it....OOHH!" 

As Derrick fucked Juan, Juan could feel his sperm beginning to come up from his hard dick. He was trying to hold back for as long as he could, he wanted that fucking to go on and on, but he wanted to cum.

"Shit...your gonna...AAAHH..fuck the cum...out of..UUHH...me...AAHH...!"

Juan grabbed as tight as he could to the railing as Derrick fucked his ass. 

"UHHH...AAAHHH...SSHHIITT...UUHH...!" Juan's first two cum shots were small, but the third and forth ones were long and hard. The final two finished him off.

Cum landed on the broken cement and some of it landed on Juan's leg and work boot.

Derrick kept up the pumping and thrusting til he felt his own cum about ready to blast through his piss hole.

Derrick pulled out and rubbed his dick on Juan's ass crack.

"Shit... AAHH...fuck... I'm cumminn...UUHH..."!

Derrick's cum landed on Juan's back. Several streams of black man cum on that Domincans backside.

After Derrick had finished spewing his man juice, he kept rubbing his dick and balls on Juan's ass.

Backing away, Juan straighten up and turned towards Derrick.

They both kissed and ran their hands over their sweaty bodies as the sun was starting to lower in the sky.

Putting their clothes back on and locking up the apartment, they headed back to Juan's place and took a long shower together, rubbing soap all over each others bodies as their kissing as well as sucking on nipples and necks.

Into the bedroom where the two went for more man on man hard sucking and fucking.

This time, Juan gave Derrick's ass a good fucking with Juan cumming on Derrick's face.


Submitted: November 21, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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