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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: CFNM

A man and a woman go to a CFNM camp



My name is Sally.  A girlfriend of mine wanted me to go to a CFNM Camp.  I asked, “What was that?” 

She said the CFNM stands for Clothed Female Naked Male.  She said at this camp the men would be naked and the women would wear clothes.  I asked how much it cost.  She said that the number of men and women in the camp had to be equal, so in order to get enough women, the women go free. 

I said, “You mean I could go to a camp for a week where the only men are naked for free.”

She said, “Yes.”

I said, “I am in.”

When we arrived, I was taken to my cabin.  The cabins were co-ed with equal numbers of men and women.  Each cabin had a female counsellor as were all the employees of the camp.  It made me feel safe.  The first thing they did was assign me a daily male companion.  It was a rule of the camp that there would be no romance, so companions were changed daily.  We had to do almost everything together for the whole day.  His name was Dave, and I would describe him as ordinary.  He was, however, quite polite and I took a liking to him. 

There were rules of dress at the camp.  The men had to wear chaps.  They were pants with the crotches cut out.  They were also not allowed to wear underwear, so their genitals were exposed.  I was fascinated.  I had never even seen a nude male before.

We women had to wear dresses or skirts.  Nothing of any kind that could be taken as male was allowed.  We were even forced to take off our panties.  There was a cross the crotch rule for women, only Kotex and swimsuits were allowed to cross the crotch.

After everyone was situated in their cabins and had their first companion, we all met in the meeting hall.  The first order of business was a game of doctor.  I got to play doctor and Dave was my patient.  However, it was conducted like an induction physical where all the men had to be nude from the start.  The first order of business was that the men had to be naked during the whole  physical.  The women were taught how to take blood pressure and use stethoscopes etc.  At the end of the physical, I conducted an exam on Dave for an inguinal hernia.  I was instructed how to insert my longest finger through his scrotum into his inguinal ring and tell him to turn his head and cough.  I was looking to see if any of his internal organs protruded through the ring.  I did this on the right and left side.  They did not.  The last part of the genital exam was to check his testicles for abnormalities.  I therefore got to finger his balls.  I found nothing wrong.  Wow, I had never even seen a naked male before an in one day I not only got to see a bunch of them but I got to hold testicles in my hand.

I also checked his prostate gland.  I put on a plastic glove and inserted my finder up his anal cavity to see if his prostate gland was smooth. 

Every morning, the first thing was to make the new companion assignments.  Then everyone was required to shower.  Men were not allowed to shower by themselves.  My new companion was Norm.  He was short and pudgy.  I didn’t care, I was only interested in his genitals.  During the shower Norm was naked while I wore a one-piece swimsuit.  I had never washed a man before so I knew I would enjoy it.  I washed all of him first and saved his genitals for last.  I washed him thoroughly and made sure that when I was done, he had a nice, hard erection. I wanted to make him cum but here was a rule against it.  The reason was to not to tire the men out and insure that they could get erect every day.  Violation of the rule meant immediately expulsion.

Once the men were showered the women showered.  Men were not allowed to watch.  If a man was caught peeking, he was immediately expelled from camp.

There was plenty of free time at the camp.  Sports were encouraged but the had to be co-ed.  One gender sports, like football were not permitted.  There was a lot of shuffleboard, table tennis, volleyball and especially swimming.When we went swimming the men went naked and the women wore swimsuits.  Boy, I got to see a lot of male genitals.  I will probably not see that many again for the rest of my life.

The camp also had classes of various kinds.  Most of them were how to do things like leathercraft, cooking etc.  The one required class was sex education.  The classes educated everyone in the physiology of both sexes.  The difference was that female physiology was taught from a chart whereas women experienced male physiology for real.  Both genders were taught how to stimulate the other, but the women actually got to do it.  The first thing I did was put what I had learned into practice.  I took Norm’s cock and one hand and his balls in the other.  I stroked his cock and massaged his balls.  He rewarded me with an erection.

Every day there was a different kind of sex game.  On the next day, it was a genital beauty contest for men.  The men lined up in their chaps with a curtain covering their upper bodies.  The women then voted on the most attractive genitals.  The man that won did not have the largest cock.  What he had was the most symmetrical.  His pize was being able to pick his companion for the next day.  Then we tried to identify our daily companions.  I was able to do so because Norm was short and pudgy.

My next companion was named Drake.  He was tall and lean with a long skinny cock and low hanging balls.  One day was set aside for dances.  The rule that you had to stay with your daily companion still held.  It was the manner of dancing that mattered. Instead of the girl holding your hand she felt your cock and balls.  Both of the man’s hands were around the woman’s waist.  I really took advantage of this.  I really fondled his balls while I danced.  I could have given Drake an orgasm, but I didn’t dare.  I had been taught that if I just fondled his balls, he wouldn’t cum.  It worked.

My new companion was Albert.  He was young, husky, good looking but very shy.  I find that very sexy.  That day a square dance was held.  During the square dance, whenever there was a doe si doe, the women, instead of grabbing one man’s hand and then the other, grabbed a cock and went from one cock to the other. Most of the men spent the whole dance erect. I actually spent most of the time at the dance at the refreshment table talking while I fondled Albert’s balls. 

My next companion was John.  He was my least favorite companion.  He was good looking, and he knew it.  He also has a large cock and balls.  He thought he should have won the genital beauty contest.  He thought he was God’s gift to females. This day was set aside for Men’s Brazilian Waxing.  Estheticians taught the women how to wax and remove the men’s pubic hair.  I enjoyed ripping off his pubic hair. When I had ripped off all his public hair I used alcohol as an antiseptic.  He nearly jumped out of his skin.

Later that day the men did a Can Can for us.  The men all had to wear skirts and be naked underneath. When the men lifted their skirts to kick they exhibited their genitals.We women thought this was absolutely hilarious. 

Next was Frank.  He was short and husky with average looks.  He had a short thick cock but large balls.  This was also a day for body painting.  Only the men were painted and only the women did the painting.  I painted him blue but his cock and balls I painted red.  I don’t know what it represented but I liked it.

Later than day we played Puppetry of the Penis.  The women were all encouraged to model their companion’s genitals as some familiar item.  There was a baseball bat, a metronome, a hot dog in a bun, a handle, a trebuchet, a pump, the windmill, Newton’s cradle and a rubber band.  There were even two versions of the girl.  One where the male genitals were pulled back and the legs closed together so you couldn’t see them.  The one other was where the penis and testicles were pushed back inside the body.  When the trebuchet was used, there was a competition to see which man could launch a small rock the farthest with his penis.  I did Newton’s cradle.  I held up one ball, let it go and let it bounce off the other.

The last day before we left was called ladies day.  We ladies got to do whatever we wanted to the men.  The no cum rule was off.  We drew numbers out of a hat to see which woman would pick first.  I picked Albert because his shyness attracted me.  I wanted to take advantage of him.  After I picked him, I grabbed him by his genitals and took him back to my cabin.  There I stripped him and began fondling him.  After I got him erect, I went down on him and started sucking his cock.  Before he could cum, I lifted my dress and made him go down on me.  I made him continue lick me until I came several times.  I never knew I was multi-orgasmic.  After I was good and sore, I jacked him off. 


My name is Bob Jones.  I found an advertisement on-line about a CFNM Camp.  I was immediately worried about there being too many men and not enough women.  Then I saw that the ad said that it was a requirement of equal number of men and women.  I had always had an interest in CFNM, so I paid the price and in the middle of July I went to the camp. 

When I arrived, we were all taken to various cabins and just like the advertisement said, there were equal numbers of men and women.  Each cabin had a female counsellor as were all the employees of the camp.  Then we were assigned to a person of the opposite gender for a day.  One of the rules of the camp was no romance.  Each day a man would be assigned a new woman as a companion.  The companions for the day had to stay and participate together all day long. 

I really enjoyed my week at CFNM Camp.  It was both humiliating and exciting. My first daily companion was named Barbara, a nice-looking brunette with a good figure, about 35.  We went to the meeting hall where we played doctor.  Barbara was the doctor, and I was the patient.  First, she stripped me naked.  Then she gave me a physical.  Then with the camp nurse instructing her, she gave mundane tests like take my temperature, take my blood pressure, weigh me and use stethoscopes to listen to my heart and lungs. 

Then she checked me for an inguinal hernia.  She stuck a finger through my scrotum to my inguinal canals on each side and told me to turn me head and cough.  Then she held my testicles and told me to turn my head and cough again.  Then she inspected my penis and felt my testicles for abnormalities.  Finally, she checked my prostate gland.  She put on plastic loves and inserted a finger into my rectum far enough to feel the prostate.  During the entire time I had a raging erection. 

The next morning, I was assigned a new companion.  Her name was Judy. She was a skinny 25-year-old.  She took great pleasure washing me, especially my testicles.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I love having my testicles fondled. I have never been washed so well. While we were being washed, she wore a one-piece bathing suit.  She had free reign to see and fondle me, but I was not allowed to see her naked.

We had a required class in sex education.  The primary purpose was to teach us how to stimulate the other sex.  I was taught female physiology and how to stimulate women but not allowed to practice it. Judy on the other hand had her own nude plaything to practice on and I was it. She was good student.  First, she learned how to get me erect me by using baby oil by stroking my cock with one hand and massaging my balls with the other.  Then she practiced stimulating me by inserting her finger up my rectum and fingering my prostate gland. She also learned how to give a good blow job.  She stopped short of letting me cum because because she would have been expelled.  The only thing she learned but didn’t practice was the Amazon position in fucking. 

Later we went to the meeting hall where there was a male genital beauty contest.  I had to stand behind a curtain naked from the waist down with the other men while the women evaluated who had the best-looking genitals.  Then they voted.  I didn’t win.  I was too big.  It was about proportion. 

The next morning, I was assigned a mid-50’s, plump women named Linda. I am pretty sure she was a virgin.  I was delighted to be among the first of her sexual experiences.  When we danced one of her hands was on my shoulders while the other one grasped my testicles. Both of my hands were around her waist. I had no trouble growing another erection.  When the dance was over, she led me around by my cock.  At the end of the night there was a square dance.  The difference was that the doe si doe was done by the women grabbing our cocks.  I stayed hard all night and before the night was over, I had a massive case of blue balls. 

The next woman I was assigned was a pretty young blonde named Tricia.  I thought it odd that she was here.  She could easily have most any man she wanted.  I quickly learned  why she came.  She was a femdom.  She loved to humiliate and use men. 

She was perfect for giving a Brazilian Waxing.  She did this under the tutelage of a female esthetician.  She loved it.  She loved ripping the hair off my balls.  I didn’t find this particularly interesting until Tricia spread soothing oil all over my testicles.  Something she did with great deliberation and relish.  The entire time she was doing it she was watching to see my cock grow.  I didn’t disappoint.

Then that afternoon the men were formed into groups of six, stripped naked, required to put on skirts and do a can can for the ladies.  It didn’t much for me, but the ladies really loved it.  Good for them, there is nothing I like better than pleasing ladies.

The next day we had was body painting.  I got naked for my new companion Melissa, another mid 30’s spinster.  She was tall, awkward and skinny.  I really didn’t care.  All I wanted from my female companions was horniness and Missy qualified.  She was an art teacher. She painted the Mexican flag on my torso.  It was a beautifully painted eagle with one on its talons holding a snake. The body of the snake was my cock, and the head of the snake was my balls.  I had the face of the snake painted on my balls.  The body of the snake, my erect cock, was red and yellow like the coral snake. She won the prize for artwork and got the right to choose her companion for the next day.

The second to the last day my companion’s name was Nancy.  She was a secretary in her 30’s and really quite timid despite the fact she she was a gorgeous blonde.  Someone really had had to encourage her to be here.  I wanted to make her visit with me memorable.  This is the day we played Puppetry of the Penis.  Nancy got bold enough to fondle me to erection and treat my cock as a trebuchet.  She actually took a quarter, put it on the head of my cock, pulled my cock down and let my cock go, launching the quarter into the air. This got an applause from the women. I always enjoyed women paying attention to my genitals, but the women enjoyed Puppetry of the Penis more.  They really got into this game. The things that those women saw in male genitals was far more than anything I could have imagined.  Men love it when women take an interest in their testicles.

The last day was ladies’ day.  The intent was to make the women the center of attention for a change.  First, there was a numbers drawing.  The women with the lowest numbers got to choose the men they desired.  Once the choices were made, the rule was that the male would do whatever the female wanted.  The only rule was no pain or harm to the male.  To my surprise I was picked early and by Tricia.  After she picked me, she took me back to her bunk, stripped me naked, grabbed me by my hair and forced me down on her pussy.  I licked it like a popsicle.  Just as she was about to cum, she put me in the amazon position, sat on my cock and fucked me like a pump.  She came quickly before I could, so I was left hanging.  Then she grabbed me by my hair again and forced me to give her cunnilingus again.  Once again when she was ready, she put me in the amazon position, sat on my cock and began fucking me.  This time I came with her.  When I felt her pussy pulsate, it excited me, and I shot my wad deep into her cunt.  It was glorious, one of the best fucks I ever had.  It was an appropriate end to a fun week but one that was also deeply frustrating.

Submitted: November 18, 2022

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