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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is my attempt to write something that might appeal to at least one reader. A little bit out of my element, but still worth a try.

It took several weekends for him to convert the garage into two separate areas. He built a wall down the middle of the garage with a door in the center of the wall. He stuffed insulation inside the wall for soundproofing. The overhead winch that had been used to move engines for car repairs would serve well for the purpose of the remodeling. He replaced the chains with heavy duty cable. After he had cleaned the area thoroughly, including the sink, he moved a chair, his workout bench, and a supply cabinet into the new room. It was ready.

The day arrived when they had agreed to test the room for the first time. He sat in the chair, waiting for her. She knocked on the door, exactly as scheduled.

“Enter,” he said calmly.

She entered, closed the door, and stood before him. She wore his favorite costume; a flimsy white blouse that showed her erect nipples, a tight white skirt, so high on her thighs that it barely hid her crotch, and white high heels.

“You only have two words to use, otherwise you are to remain silent. You may nod or shake your head to respond; is that clear?”

She nodded.

“Strip for me, slowly.”

Silently she unbuttoned the blouse, revealing her tanned flesh. When she arched her back to remove her arms from the blouse, her breasts stood out, begging for his touch, his mouth. He licked his lips, slid down in the chair and unzipped his pants.

“Spread your legs.”

As she did, the skirt slid up her thighs and he smiled when her pubic hair came into view.

“Play with it.”

She rubbed herself slowly at first, and then as she became wet, she used her fingers. He was masturbating at the same time and her eyes stayed focused on his erection. She licked her lips.

“Let me have a taste,” he said with a knowing smile. She leaned forward, sliding her fingers into his mouth and he sucked them in. Her other hand was still rubbing, only faster.

“Get in the chair.”

She stepped up into the chair, straddling his body and lowered herself until his mouth touched her. She used her hands on the chair to balance while he pleasured her. After several minutes, she blurted out, “Grateful!” which was her warning that she was close to climax. Her two words to stop and discontinue the session would be “Deeply grateful,” but he knew she would not use them. Not today.

He stopped what he was doing, listening to her heavy breathing. “Get the harness.”

She undressed and he helped her put on the harness which resembled a straitjacket, but it had “D” rings on the back of the shoulders. Clamps at the end of the cables could be hooked to the “D” rings, and using the remote, he lifted her up in the air. He lifted her high enough so that she could stand.

When he removed her high heels, she could barely touch the floor with her toes.

With her arms immobile and no support, she swung slowly back and forth, struggling to catch a grip with her toes. The supply cabinet contained sex toys and gear for their adult games. He used some duct tape to cover her mouth. Her eyes pleaded with him. Not for freedom, but for what she needed.

He put a hand on her hip and turned her. He slipped behind her, pressing his erection into the cleft between her buttocks. He fisted her hair, pulled her face towards his and whispered into her ear. “This is what you want, isn’t it?”

She tried to nod her head, but her eyes confirmed her answer. Holding her hips, he entered her slowly, deliberately teasing her. He was endowed with a large, thick penis and she loved being filled with it. Today she was feeling every inch of it. Then he thrusted into her as hard as he could, enjoying the power he had over her. She was so wet that there was no resistance. He continued, sweat dripping from his brow onto the small of her back, until she moaned.

He withdrew and gently shoved her body with his hand. He let her sway for a minute or two, and then held her still. He spread her legs and knelt between them. Holding her buttocks, he kept her pressed against his mouth. He used his tongue until he knew she would be close to a climax, and then he released his grip and stood up.

He entered her from behind again and fucked her until his legs began to tire. He ignored her moans; she was getting what she wanted.

He used the remote to lower her until she rested on her knees. Standing in front of her, he pulled the duct tape off her mouth and pressed his hardness between her lips. “Use your mouth,” he said.

She struggled to keep her balance on her knees but did her best to fuck his shaft with her mouth. He wanted to come in her mouth, to choke her with his sperm, but that was not what she wanted today. He let her continue until he was ready to come and then he pulled out of her mouth.

He took a large butt plug from the cabinet. He inserted it in her pussy enough to get it slick, then spread her buttocks and eased it into her anus. She moaned loudly but did not protest verbally. He used the remote to bring her to a standing position. She stood thankfully on her feet. He took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately.

“I love you so much,” he said softly. Tears dripped from her eyes as she silently smiled.

Once again, he lifted her until only her toes could touch the floor. He let her struggle for balance for a minute and then entered her from behind for the last time. He fucked her with renewed vigor, and she grunted with every thrust of his body. He slid his arms under her legs, lifting her to a prone position. She hung there as he gave her every inch of his shaft. Her grunts and moans told him she was getting what she wanted.

And then he let himself come, sending a seemingly unending stream of his seed into her. She yelled, “OH FUCK!” and he continued to thrust in and out, as their combined fluids dripped onto the floor. He only stopped when he was soft enough to slip out of her. He let go of her legs and let her slip away, swaying back and forth.

Her head hung down and she ignored her toes dragging across the floor. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open. He gently removed the butt plug. She seemed not to notice.

He dragged the workbench over and let her down so he could unfasten the clamps. He eased her down onto the bench and helped her take off the harness. As she lay there resting, he kissed her passionately and she returned the kiss.

“Was it okay?” he asked.

“It was perfect,” she whispered. “Tomorrow is your turn, but do I have to use the winch?”

“No, you know what I like,” he answered.








Submitted: November 14, 2022

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.

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