Cheerleaders are very Practical.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

College cheerleader Sammie believes she has no option but to take on two judges to make sure her team wins the regionals.

Samantha, Sammie Green, always got what she wanted. Always had. Always will.

Right now, she wanted to win even more than trying to get inside her new teammate, cute Morgan’s bra and licking her unknown mystery arsehole, some good things you had to work a little bit for, but Sammie was confident of Morgan’s lush titties being all hers as she grabbed her fetching arse with both her hands- in her mind, it was happening very soon.

But first things first, her team, The Pumas, needed to put that upstart cross-town team, The Raiders, in their place. Sammie couldn’t cope with finishing second. She was never second.  And she had the judging panel in her sight. Sexual bribery, youthful sexual clout, Sammie was skilled at it and loved it too.

There were three judges on the regional cheer squad competition panel. Two guys, and an older woman, apparently a champion ‘cheery’ in the Dreamtime of the seventies, but now looking like she needed to be involved in a gang bang to get her life exciting. Sammie was up for any challenge, but the female head judge, Sonya Stein, would take more than an afternoon to trap, so it was obvious it had to be the two guys on the panel. They were her old junior coach Willy Jones and some regional office dude, Paul Adcock.  Who in this situation was appropriately named because Sammie was thinking about how she would double-play these guys and keep them complicit? Sammie, like her cheerleading, was practical when it came to using her sexual wiles.

Stunning brunette Sammie, with her high shiny ponytail, didn’t realise Jonesy would be a sinch. He had been perving on the attractive Pumas leader all through the preliminary rounds and was a recent cock starved divorcee, skint of cash.  Adcock was a straightforward bloke who did his job, paid his mortgage, scrabbled for private school fees for three frickin kids because his wife was Catholic and accepted that missionary sex under the sheets once a week if he was lucky was the best he could expect in life. He had never attracted or had hot sex with any other woman. He was a married virgin at twenty-seven, a one-man, same-woman guy by default of time and place and just worn down by life inertia and an empty wallet. The poor bastard couldn’t even afford a surreptitious afternoon watching strippers in a bar.

Oh, Sammie didn’t have to flaunt it, flounce it, or work her body hard with this pair. But hey, she’s not the cocky omniscient narrator here, so Samantha Green will strut her cheerleader stuff just for you and me!

Sammie overheard and saw Sonya head off for lunch with an old friend to town; she knew the judge’s rest facilities between rounds were behind the tiered stands and made her way there during the final break.  It was nearly depressing to see the pair of middle-aged guys drinking instant thermos coffee and packed home plain sandwiches for lunch. Sammie knew instantly she would marry rich and stay spoiled for life.

Oh, there is something to behold as a pair of steady straight guys get the unexpected eye full of their to-date ordinary sex lives.  Ms Green sauntered into the doorway, poking forward her juggettes in a perfectly poised, pushy, eye-catching way. Lush and demanding. She couldn’t have choreographed her titty sway and slight wobble any better had she been a professional burlesque performer.

Coffee sloshed, bits of sandwich filling splotched with gravity down to the floor, and two middle-aged mouths were agape and on the verge of drooling.

They salivated as Sammie, still in the doorway, turned away, thrust her stunning butt at the pair, flipped her short white skirt, and wriggled her booty as only a fit, athletic cheerleader can. She knew her cock rousing routine too well; she did a bit of bump and grind into the doorpost, treating it like a pole. She swivelled and did the most sensational series of pelvic thrusts into an imaginary cock; this pair had ever seen.

Willy Jones had to wipe the dribble gathering at the corner of his mouth.  Paul Adcock was rubbing his crotch under the small table.

With her ponytail swinging, her hips swivelling, and her thighs opening and closing, Sammie Green was raunchy, racy and ribald.

“Well, guys,” she said, looking the pair straight in the eyes, raising her tight Pumas top and pushing her fleshy dazzling tits over her white bra cup lace, her nipples pointedly excited from her aroused performance; “When the Pumas are declared champions this afternoon,” and she held the weight of her beautiful tits, as she added; “You will get to lick and suck these,” and the slutette lifted one of her breasts to her mouth and licked her nipple. There are some talents in life it’s more than nice to see a girl share.

Adcock and Jones were too boob-mesmerized to respond. But they already knew 100% whom they were voting for in the final. The Raiders were nearly as good as The Pumas, but hey, they weren’t telling Sammie that. They were male dumbstruck because Ms Green ramped up the sexual presentation.  Oh, they could see what they were going to get, they just had to deliver the right verdict first, and Sammie was practical; she wasn’t giving it all away till she had the trophy.

There are naughty college girls, and there are filthy college sluts. Sammie was happily slotted in the latter category. Visualise with me; her leisurely bending over at the door, her skirt flipped up, her sports pants dropped, her toned thighs spread, her arse cheeks heavenly separated with a digging flesh grabbing hand and her tapered elegant middle finger of her other hand, rimming her cute pink puckered balloon knot, round and round, like time had stopped, except for two guys with their hands on their crotches doing a fast-rubbing motion.

A motion that got pushier intense as the Pumas leader slowly inserted her long delicate finger to her knuckle joint, deeply happy in her guy-luring temptation crack. It was dirty. She hooked her finger in her butt. It was grubby. She poked her finger in and out. There was the sensationally lewdly unexpected as she licked her finger as she faced the two guys with her parting words; “Every hole in my body is yours when The Pumas win.”

The truth was The Pumas were pumped anyway. Sammie led from the front in a series of eye-clinching moves. The Raiders had peaked before lunch and deserved nothing more than second place.

The judging panel, including the two guys, awarded the regional trophy to The Pumas with a clean conscience. As for their moral conscience, well, guys know how to turn that off in the face of a stunning youthful slutty easy girl. If you had asked Adcock or Jones as they hurried back to the rendezvous point behind the stands to picture their spouse or recent former wife in that instant, they couldn’t have; Jones’s mind was filled with images of Sammie’s arsehole and Adcock’s head wanted to be buried between her tits.

I mean, the guys thought they had been quick signing off with Sonya, who, as the head judge, was taking the results back to the State board. Willy and Paul were nearly tripping over themselves and each other as they hurried back for, well, the temptation to be taken.

Sammie hadn’t hesitated to keep her part of the bargain, even though it was clear The Pumas would have won anyway. Still, she never left anything to chance and never undermined her reputation for sexual delivery. She loved the tease, but even more, she loved the decadent debauchery of her body assailed by craving maleness. Besides, two cocks at once would be a new experience. College guys weren’t ready for this sort of sharing; they were ego centred on their knobs, while Sammie just knew these two guys had the hunger to raid and ravish her body together once it all started.

Our brunette was in the small lunchroom before the guys. She was positioned lewdly on one of the chairs. Her legs over the arms, widely spread, but with her panties still on, pushed into her shaved slit deeply. Talk about a turn-on. Her top was up, her boobies released from their bra, and she jiggled nicely with her breathing. No point in the guys getting embarrassed or not knowing where to start. Sammie was making it obvious.

A flesh smorgasbord confronted two middle-aged guys as they squeezed through the door frame together. With this much usually private girly flesh revealed and available, the decision was where to start when everything was on offer.

How they ended up deciding on a nipple and boob each, well, it didn’t matter. Sammie was delighted. The guys were even happier.  The dual nipple sucking was exciting all around. And the guys were sucking around her engorged hard nipples and pushing and shaping into her weighty cushiony boobies. Imagine supersized marshmallows.

“Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah, oooh,” went Sammie, not putting on a show; she was appreciating the double-titty attention.

Willy, who knew Ms Green, had recently hit eighteen, eased her up and divested her of any semblance of pretend decency as her skirt and underwear hit the floor, and his finger got to rim, that puckered indent he had seen her play with earlier. Now it was his to enjoy, and boy was the bitch responding with mummers of pleasure as he worked a second finger in her tight butthole.

Adcock suddenly had her tits to himself and kissed them both. Still, hearing her harsher, quicker breaths and realising what that bastard Jones was doing, he too realised there was nothing off limits with this lass and found himself on his knees, parting her cute shapely pink pleats folded over her womanly slit. His tongue was licking into her inner girly sweetness and flicking over her easy-to-find, hard-nubby clitty.

Then it was happening; the pair of guys in filthy tandem were licking out her twin holes that never failed to grant her bodily bliss. But never together. The decadent sensation of two tongues delving into her arse and pussy simultaneously captivated and expanded the wonder of sexual action for Sammie. One tongue below was good; two tongues together below was frickin mind-blowing and climax orchestrating. It didn’t even require her conducting. It was like there was a baton in her pussy and another right up her arse crack.

The bastard Jonesy was splashing saliva around her rim and holding her pink, puckered internal rawness open with his pressing fingers and grounding his tongue tip where a tongue just shouldn’t reach. Then around and around her rim, he circled, entertaining her sweetest sensitive spots repeatedly.

Adcock was like a bear face first in a honey pot, except this was girly cunny nectar juices he was lapping. His tongue was twisting in and around her exposed pussy insides.

Sammie knew girly pleasure. Sammie knew intense pleasure. However, Sammie was on a fast-forward escalator of intense binary orgasms. Her arse was strangely pulsating. Her pussy contracting with fem-enjoyment.

 “Give me your dick, oh I want it, oh I needed it,” she managed before she was reduced to guttural responses, base yelping, and the screamy pitched uncontrollable noises of a turbo twin climax.

The guys felt her shudder and heard Sammie’s deep primal, irrepressible response to her body, unleashing its reward for her allowing simultaneous twin orifice attention.

However, Ms Green had asked for cock, and in her excitement, she had not fully comprehended where two engorged, demanding peckers could go at the same time.

William Jones knew what he wanted and eased himself back into the chair and pulled her softened climaxed, still responding body back onto his, her arsehole nicely relaxed as he eased his throbbing dick into her available tight furrow. It was heavenly. No, it was utter paradise. It was all his dreams of unfulfilled anal sex combined and more. Ms Green was young. Ms Green was tight. And the lass knew how to shape a cock deeper into her bum hole than most guys ever got. She was pushing with her thighs to ease up and then down on the stiff rod in her arse, enjoying the sensation as it went centimetres deeper each time. She felt the cock in her arsehole stiffen with buggerising pleasure.

Ms Green was luxuriating in her arses present company, her sensitive restriction embracing cock. Then she got it, more cock in her than she had ever had at once in her tender eighteen years of life.

“Oh shit, oh yeah, oh my god, yes, yes, yes, Orrgh, fuck, mmm, mmm;” then just panting, open-mouthed frickin panting, as Adcock, well added his cock to her body, pummelling into her vulnerable exposed pre-primed pussy with a searing bliss vengeance of robust thrusting.

Oh, fuck was Sammie jam-packed. Truly girly filled. Over topped like a glass overfilled. Sammie had juices escaping from her sated body everywhere. Flecks of spittle flew from her gaping panting mouth, lubricated spit oozing from around Jonesy’s cock, plying happily into her flogged arsehole, and her copious girly juices were dribbling out around the pecker jagging and gouging into her pussy.

She could feel the joint cock pressure. She was intensely aware of the thinness of her girly partition between the two forceful cocks. Her slender, sensitive perineum enjoyed the tugging pull in both directions. She felt cock pushing into her, back and front. She felt cock easing to the edge of her swollen excited holes, front and back. Then it was like a blur of body porousness, her flesh accepting power pecker pummelling in fulsome wave after wave, like endless military assaults on two fronts. Her body was permeable to the overriding pleasure delivered by two cocks at once. If her body wasn’t designed to try this, why was it so frickin good?

Jonesy was cock grinding into her now tight but deeply accepting tunnelled arse cavity; his balls squeezed up to her bum hole. Adcock was lost in his own cock’s sensational satisfaction, her pussy tight, warm and amazingly juicy, and as he pumped her, the joint fuckie, fuckie sounds added to his delight, along with his balls strangely slapping into another cock. Oh well, that’s the nature of DP. Better not think about that one, and Adcock didn’t, as he creamed her deep.

Ms Sammie Green, cheerleader extraordinaire, college slutette par excellent, accepted everything she got. And she got it. Well, she believed she deserved it. She felt cock stiffen in her pussy and knew each jarring gouge was a cum deposit. Then her arse tensed as Jonesy pecker fired a jizz drenching into her happy bum. The double sloshing of maleness in her body made all the more thrilling as her own body gave her what it had no control over, given there were two cocks inside her at once: a flesh capitulation massive orgasm - ricocheting through her.  Our brunette’s clitty tingled, her pussy released extra fluid and her arse though smarting, felt sensational.

Yes, guys, there are girls like Sammie out there. Those delicious, devious decadent sluts. Samantha, Sammie Green, would always get what she wanted. Always had. Always will. Only now, the bitch was seeking double takes. She was, after all, a practical cheerleader, so why should she limit herself to one helping of cock, when she could always have more at the same time.

Submitted: November 13, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Janus. All rights reserved.

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