My Husband's Secrets

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Everything has its beginning...

 My hubby's insecurities, while essentially hidden from me during our courtship, were deep seeded issues dating way back in history to primary school. He has been making concessions for a very long time, and I'm not the first girl that's treated him like shit. I'm just the only one who understands him save for that evil bitch, Stephanie, who talked him into having an affair.

She was a villain femdom masochist who tied him up and beat the shit out of him for her personal amusement.  He was too weak to escape on his own.

Sometimes you have to step in and fight for your man.  Sometimes you have to claim what belongs to you.  Sometimes you have to put him on his knees and make him acknowledge and honor his commitments.  Sometimes he pays penance for his asinine decisions. 

Stephanie understood Andy more than he knows, but her agenda was violent and totally self-centered.

I like to get my husband off because I like to watch him feel pleasure. I like to cuddle, and I want to take care of him. I still find him attractive in a boyish sort of way. I like to shave his dick and think of him as the kid next door on the edge of puberty. I have my own sick fetishes, but I make him cum living them out.

Yes, my hubby is small, but in the grand scheme of things, I find it exciting.  Of course, in the grand scheme of things, I like other men, and I like fucking them while he watches.


The first girl Andy ever dated was a single night out to the prom as a sophomore. He kissed her at the door at the end of the evening and brought her a love note the following day which she promptly read aloud to everyone on the bus.

Ever since then, he's always been afraid to approach 'beautiful women' for fear of embarrassment.

"You approached me, Andy. Did you not think I was beautiful?"

Turns out he had a few beers for encouragement, and he still offered that I didn't look snooty or mean, whatever that suggests. He made it perfectly clear he can't leave me.  "You're the hottest girl I ever dated," he confessed.

"I believe you, Andy.  That's why I insist you obey me.  I know you don't want me to retract my affections."

I will say we've had several sequential discussions about his experiences with young girls that will serve as great fodder for many jerk off sessions to come. I'm done with Andy's psychotherapy, and it doesn't bother me one bit that my husband's a cuck. He was born to be a cuck. I can love a cuck. I just need some serious dick to go with it.




Andy ultimately found himself a 'steady' in high school who by description was a little off center, super intelligent, but kind of a geek. Definitely not the cheerleader type, and I understand she refused to ride roller coasters. They dated exclusively when they were juniors. Before she started her senior year, Emily somehow befriended some socialites who totally changed her image and outlook. She lost the glasses, started working out regularly, and vamped up her wardrobe to Vogue.

Incredibly, Andy was still a virgin as a senior. (Well, so was I, but I'm not a guy. My parents were ultra-conservative).  Andy and Emily hadn't seen each other as often during the summer. She essentially showed up at school like the ugly duckling who turned into a swan. Everyone including Andy was blown away, and all the 'hot' boys were all over her.

This is not to say that Andy isn't super cute now or wasn't cute then, but I suspect the familiarity of their relationship played a role in Emily's newfound interest with other guys. Emily was getting asked out left and right. To her credit, she didn't act embarrassed or unhappy to be with Andy. She just didn't refuse the attention of others, and she ultimately started agreeing to 'meet' other guys.

These 'meetings' were not specifically classified as 'dating'. Emily categorized them as friendly interactions and social events because the guys didn't pick her up at home. She was always going to meet them somewhere. Thus, it wasn't an official date.

Emily still visited Andy, and they continued to go out on dates. He, like everyone else, was mesmerized by his girlfriend's transformation. He was the luckiest man at his school.  It was like picking an undervalued stock and watching it escalate.  She was the unexpected beautyqueen of the senior class.

Like her physical appearance, Emily's personality completely morphed as well. She was suddenly outgoing and assertive, perhaps even a little bit snooty. Andy didn't like everything she had become, but he was willing to accommodate the good with the bad just to be near her. As far as he was concerned, she was still his girl. That's what Emily told him, and he wanted to believe it.

But unbeknownst to poor Andy, Emily had discovered sex, and she discovered that she really liked variety.  It was her little secret that everyone at school already knew...  everyone but Andy.

Even though Andy was a virgin, he messed around with Emily quite frequently.  They would get naked in their bedrooms, do oral and fondle. Not only had Emily's clothes changed, so had her muff and every aspect of feminine hygiene. When she turned 18 near the holidays, she showed up at Andy's house with a nipple ring and a bar through her hood to go along with a row of new piercings in one of her ears. She told Andy it occured on a dare...she had been to Wilmington Beach with several of her girlfriends for her birthday. They paid for the piercings. Andy asked if there were boys. She said, 'no'.

At that moment, they were in his bedroom at his house with the door locked.  There was some concern they could be interrupted, but Emily disrobed proudly and aggressively, then proceeded to undress Andy. She wanted oral sex, and she wanted it 'now'.

Andy said he got on his knees as she plopped down on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. She guided him in and instructed his every move, how to lick it with his tongue and suck her clit deep in his mouth.

"Hadn't you gone down on her before?" I asked.

"Yes, but she never told me what to do before."

"I see," I responded curiously. Andy went on to tell me how he fingered his girlfriend while he sucked on her clit. She apparently climaxed several times - much more than usual.


Emily typically sucked Andy to the point of no return, then finished by jerking him off.  She had never let him cum in her mouth. This time, she sucked him until he gushed down her throat.

"Did you like that?" she asked. "Wasn't that a nice surprise?"

Andy certainly agreed that it was, and she promptly got off her knees and walked into the bathroom where she pissed without even closing the door. Andy said he was blown away because the Emily he knew would never be so brazen as to pee in front of him. She watched him and smiled the whole time, waiting for him to say something.

"What's the problem, Andy? Are you surprised I let you watch me pee? I might as well. You've seen everything else." She flushed and got off the commode without wiping. "You want to taste it?"

Andy had no idea what she was talking about until she leaned back against the bathroom wall and opened her legs, spreading her lips with her fingers.

"Come over here and lick your baby girl, Andy. It's nothing new you haven't sucked on before."

Andy told me he got on his knees and licked Emily's pussy. He really didn't taste anything different, but apparently, she had a little left over for him.

"Open your mouth and let me give you some," she purred. I guess she had Andy in her spell because he followed her instructions to the letter, knowing full well she would piss in his mouth. That's exactly what she did, though it wasn't a lot. All the same, the whole premise that she would do that made Andy crumble in submission and amazement. Emily was so completely different from the shy girl he had dated just a year earlier.  It never occured to Andy how that change might have materialized. 

When Emily finished emptying her bladder in Andy's willing mouth, she asked him to suck on her pierced nipple while she placed his middle finger inside her pussy and coaxed him to fuck her with it until she climaxed again. The two of them had been frolicking completely naked in his bedroom for well over an hour. Emily wasn't the least bit concerned that his mother would come knocking.

Emily stroked Andy back to an erection while they were standing by the sink in the ensuite bathroom.

"I want you to fuck me, Andy." She bent over the sink, spread her legs wide apart, and opened herself by reaching around with one hand. "Fuck this pussy, Andy."

Andy objected briefly. He didn't want to get her pregnant, and she had never been so crude in her life. She was like a totally different person.

"I'm on birth control," she assured him.

"Since when?"

"A couple months now, baby. My mom knows about it, okay. No big deal. I take it for my periods."

Andy believed her. He slid inside her and lost his virginity. He failed to notice at the time that he didn't pop her cherry. In fact, she wasn't difficult to penetrate at all. Very wet. Very willing. Very eager. She bumped back against him to urge him to go faster, imploring him to push deeper and harder.

"Yea! Yea! Give it to me!"

It was nothing like Andy had ever experienced before. Even though he had just recently sprayed his load in her mouth, he dumped another load in a matter of seconds. He told me that it burned at the tip, but he wasn't sure why. Maybe it was because it was his first time. She wasn't using spermicide. She was on the pill.

"Did you already come?" she asked. The question must have seemed rhetorical. Only then did Andy realize he should have tried to hold back.  He should have made it last longer and tried to get Emily off with his dick.  All he could do was nod as she kindly asked him how he liked it.

I didn't have the heart to tell my husband that he would never have made Emily come no matter how long he lasted. 

"Would you like to do that again?" she continued.

Andy thought she meant immediately, so he told her he couldn't get hard for a while. She slid on her panties without even wiping, then put on the rest of her clothes.

"Got to go," she said. Andy had to hurry and get dressed just to catch her before she walked out the door.

"That was incredible," he said, accompanying her to her car.

"You think so, baby? I'm glad you liked it. You know, you should have done that to me a long time ago. I can't believe you waited so long."

Andy didn't know what to say. He was left standing in the driveway trying to process everything that had happened.  The only reason he had done anything was because she had told him to do it.


"You do realize don't you, Andy, that Emily was fucking around on you big time by the time you finally had sex with her?" By now, I was stroking my husband's dick. This was the reason he was able to give me such detail. I would reward him for confessing his embarrassment.

"At the time," he responded, "I had no idea what she was doing. Now, I certainly realize she must have been having sex with other guys."

I laughed. "Oh my god, baby. She was probably getting gang banged by the whole football team. FYI, I doubt very seriously she went to the beach with girlfriends for her piercings. I bet that was a guy who took her down there. She probably told her parents the same shit, though, and her girlfriends covered for her. You were so gullible."

Andy nodded with that typical embarrassed blush of his. I love that look. I had him hard and ready to shoot, just edging him closer and closer.

"Tell me something else she did, Andy."

My hubby concentrated for a moment while I stroked him lightly. I wasn't yet ready to get him off.

"There was the time she asked me to stay after school and meet her in the girl's bathroom."

"For what, Andy? What did she ask you to do?"

"Get on my knees," he grimaced.

"And eat her pussy?" I asked.


"Did you do that?"


"How was it?"

"She lifted her skirt. Her panties were soaked in the crotch. She pulled them to the side with her finger and opened herself for me. She was messy."

"Somebody had just fucked her and creamed in her pussy?"

"I'm pretty sure. That was when I suddenly realized she had been cheating on me."

"How long was this after she took your virginity?"

"This was close to graduation, almost the end of the year.  It had been a few months."

"So, did you eat her pussy, Andy? Did you clean her up like you do for me?"

"I didn't want to."

"But she made you, didn't she?  You couldn't refuse her.  You had to obey."

"Yes," he said with that squeaky prepubescent voice, so pathetic.

"She forced you to eat another guy's cum out of her pussy right there in the little girls room?"

"I'm pretty sure that's what it was."

"Because it tasted bitter? Because you had never tasted anything like that before inside her?"

"It tasted like mine," he admitted.

"Your semen? You had tasted your own semen?" I was floored. I almost stopped jerking him off. Andy only nodded.

"Did you make her cum?" I finally asked. I assumed that's what she wanted.

"She kind of rubbed her clit while I put my tongue up inside her."

"So, she made herself cum in your mouth?"

"Yea. It got messy - all over my face. That's when they suddenly started laughing."

"They started laughing?" I asked. "WHO are THEY?"

"The guys hiding in the bathroom stalls behind me. They were standing on the toilets being quiet until Emily said she was coming in my mouth."

Submitted: November 12, 2022

© Copyright 2023 DampKitten. All rights reserved.

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Matt Triewly

Another 'seedy' story haha, but brilliant, love the twist... the twisted- ness...

Sun, November 13th, 2022 1:27pm


Thank you, Matt. I love twisting. I'm thrilled you like it!

Sun, November 13th, 2022 6:03pm


Poor Andy has had quite an unusual sex life, before and during marriage, hasn't he? It seems you probably discovered things about him early in the marriage and it's kind of you to understand his "secrets" even as you have sex with other men and then take advantage of Andy's willingness to cuck.
Your stories display an amazing range of sexual prowess, and even more importantly, a genuine love and respect for your husband. I'm sure he idolizes you not only for that but for your extensive sexual adventures.
There are many of us (guys) who would relish the chance to be with a woman such as yourself, to be used and taken advantage of, even to the point of being a cuck. I for one, would rather drink your pee every time you need to urinate than eat another guy's semen from you.
When she arranged to humiliate Andy by eating her out while other guys watch - I wonder if she enjoyed it or felt sorry for him?
How do you feel when you make him (or let him?) eat you out after you've fucked someone else? Do you feel like you're doing him a favor, or do you enjoy watching him humiliate himself?

Sun, November 13th, 2022 4:58pm


So many questions, Will.... oh my goodness.
I do appreciate your depth of interest. This is an amazing review.

It was only recently that I recognized just how far back my husband's odd fetishes can be traced into his past. I was always under the impression that I had personally shaped him into his present condition, but my efforts were predated. It was him who subtly directed my own responses by revealing what excited him and having me react accordingly. Have I pushed the envelope? You bet.

Guys are not programmed to suck other men's seed out of their lover's pussy. They have to be conditioned to do that and want that. It takes patience and persistence, empathy and insistence. It takes reward and punishment.

How do I feel watching him do that? Ecstatic! I almost always climax in his mouth. That's how it should be after I've already cum on my lover's cock. It's both a favor and humiliation. It's everything combined...a lesson, retribution, gratification, fulfillment... the culmination of training and discipline.

I suspect it was the same for Emily, a mixture of emotions, though I doubt she intended for Andy to know he was being watched.

Sun, November 13th, 2022 6:33pm

sweet lemon

Kitty, lol!! You should write a " dummies guide to sexual exploitation" and sell it on Amazon.
I loved this true erotic romp.

Mon, November 14th, 2022 12:35am


What? I thought that was already out there!
You know, they have so many fun things on Amazon, it's hard to keep up.

Thanks for reading, Lemon Squeeze! I always love your insight..

Sun, November 13th, 2022 6:40pm


So dirty!

Fri, January 13th, 2023 9:35pm


Damn right. You need a shower, baby?

Fri, January 13th, 2023 1:40pm


So dirty!

Fri, January 13th, 2023 9:35pm


So, lick me clean

Fri, January 13th, 2023 1:40pm


Ha ha

Fri, January 13th, 2023 9:56pm


Apologies, I’m not sure why it posted my comment twice.

Fri, January 13th, 2023 9:59pm


It's fine. Two testicles. Two comments. Makes sense to me..

Fri, January 13th, 2023 2:03pm

Ailsa McNair

You have a way, or have it away (your call, Kitten!) with a thick-girthed dripping cock that defies our wildest dreams - and Andy's best intentions, too, I guess. As the filthy, dirty, undisputed sluttish queen of fucking deep and squalid sex you have no equal - take it as the compliment I intend it to be! You've grown into a top class erotica writer, too, girl. Get yourself published and make a film of yourself! xx

Mon, January 16th, 2023 12:58am


Now, what shall I call that film?

Sun, January 15th, 2023 7:15pm


Poor Andy !! You are such a big Meanie Ms M ...he should be twisting you lovely lumpy nipples twist Ms Kitten into submission may bend over now ????.
Sometimes a little humiliation is well worth it for the pleasure of a Cool Lady and a Hot Pussy ...Yummmy Mummyyyy...?????

Sat, February 25th, 2023 11:28pm


I know... I'm out of control. I'll leave the nipple pinching to you, Beastie. Do you need to be humiliated? I like the tighty whiteies.

Sun, February 26th, 2023 12:10pm

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