Happy Birthday, Bro

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Happy Birthday, Bro

This story starts on my seventy first birthday. That may sound ancient to some of you young studs, but I assure you, many older gentlemen have quite a healthy sexual appetite. What they don’t necessarily have is an outlet for expressing those desires. In my younger days, I had my fair share of girlfriends and explored many different kinds of sexual positions to achieve satisfaction.

I was always a straight shooter and didn’t think of any kind of gay sex as being something I would ever consider. The one thing that fascinated me though, was blowjobs. The women who would perform BJ’s seemed to enjoy what they were doing, I certainly did. I had learned the talent of ‘going down’ on a woman early in my life and it became a staple of foreplay whenever I had sex with a woman I really liked.

I became single in my mid-forties. Suffice it to say, going through that break-up left a bad taste in my mouth for having serious relationships, so I tapered off dating and eventually began to enjoy self-imposed hermit-ship. An unfortunate side effect was my body craved sexual release while my mind refused to indulge. This was my state of being on my birthday.

A few friends wanted to celebrate by hitting the local tavern. I tried to decline because I don’t drink, but they insisted and wouldn’t take no for an answer. At the bar, I drank colas and coffee while my friends, most of them, drank whisky, wine, and beer. These were men I either worked with before retiring, or knew from the local gym.

As the evening worn on, the guys began to filter out. They would wish me a happy birthday, give me a gift, usually a gift-card, and then say goodnight. One fellow, who was known for over-indulging, got quite plastered. He, of course, was the last man standing, sort of speak. His being too drunk to drive, I told him he could sleep over at my house and head home in the morning. I had walked to the tavern, so I drove and he sat talking non-stop.

Arriving at my house, it had begun to rain. As we hurried to the porch, he slipped several times and I had to walk him into the house. I took him straight to the bathroom so he could take off his wet, dirty clothes, take a shower, and I would get him some pajamas. While he was getting cleaned up in the guest bathroom, I went to the master bath to do the same.

When I came out, I found he downing the last of a bottle of whisky he must have had in his pocket. He was sitting on the couch wearing nothing but a towel. I took the bottle away from him and took it to the kitchen. When I returned, he was laying down passed out. I shook my head in disbelief and started to wake him so he could crash in the guest room. He wouldn’t budge. One of my friends had told me that once he’s out, his out for good. In addition, he won’t remember anything from the whole night, and maybe not even the day before.

Well here I was with a young lad of thirty something, passed out on my couch. I stood wondering if I should try to pick him up or just let him be. While making up my mind, he shifted his legs and the towel he worn opened up from the bottom and started to untie itself at his waist. His flaccid cock lay against his thighs, just peeking out from the edge of the towel. I was wearing a pair of short pajama bottoms. Immediately my cock responded to the sight of his cock. His cock was limp and mine was semi-hard.

I made the mistake of wanting to cover him so he wasn’t exposed. As I grabbed the edge of the towel, he moved his legs apart, pulling the towel open even more. I could now see the full length of his cock lying over his balls. This was the trifecta of wanton desire. My mind decided it was time to think about sex. I had a perfect opportunity in front of me.

My whole body was tingling and vibrating just from this vision before me. Pictures crowded into my mind of some of the blowjobs I enjoyed over the years. I told myself it wasn’t right to look, go to bed. I stood there unable to pull my eyes away from his cock.

I had to touch it, just a little, and then I would leave. I got down on my knees to both get a better look and steady myself. I had actually gotten weak in the knees. I reached up to shake his shoulder to see if I could wake him. I reasoned that if I could wake him, that would be that. He wouldn’t budge. I was trapped between my desire to handle his cock and my fear of his waking and catching me. It felt like forever trying to tear myself away, but I wasn't responding to any rational thoughts. If I was going to end this, I had to touch his cock to see what it felt like. I told myself that would allow me to be satisfied enough so I could break the spell.

I laid my hand on his thigh next to his cock. I watched his face to see what he would do. Nothing. No response at all. So far, so good. I inched my fingers over and in a moment of shear lust and bravery, ran them from mid cock toward the head. To my utter surprise, his cock jerked up and started to expand. I panicked. I put my hand over the head to keep it from getting any larger. Of course, that resulted in the opposite reaction. It now began to stand up and curl back toward his navel.

My first thought was to get up and run, but my legs refused to obey. I was kneeling next to a guy’s cock while my body started showing signs of uncontrollable pleasure. My own cock was now completely erect. I could ignore my own erection, but couldn’t keep my eyes off his. I thought about trying to wake him again, not worried about his having an erection, I often had those when I was young, but having to explain my erection. Again, he never moved and kept breathing fairly close to normal.

The fear of being caught was being overtaken by desire. Again, because he showed no signs of waking, I nervously ventured a second touch. This time I reached for his cock to grab a hold. I thought, maybe my shaking hand might actual be enough to jerk him off. I know now that was ridiculous, but at that time, I certainly didn’t have a clear mind. Once I got my hand on him, it refused to let go. I could feel his cock mildly throbbing under my fingers. It was warm, but my mind felt it as hot, very hot. As if by impulse, I started to slide my hand up and down pulling his skin with it. I was now rapidly glancing from his cock to his face and back, but my hand wouldn’t stop.

A few minutes later, I saw a small amount of pre-cum seep out. I knew what my own cum tasted like, as I’m sure most men do, but now I wanted to know what his tasted like. For some reason I’ll never be able to explain, instead of using my other hand and wiping it off with a finger, I used my tongue. If there was ever a moment of stopping, that taste killed it. He was tangy, salty, with a touch of liquor. Having tasted a few women’s cum that was bitter, I wasn’t repulsed by it. In fact, I started to stroke him a little faster and squeeze a little tighter so I could get more. I had, by then, given up worrying on whether he would wake up. Consequences be damned. Rising up on my knees and leaning forward so my head was above his cock, I put my lips on the tip. The sensation that rocked through my body was as powerful as any ecstasy I had ever felt going down on a woman. There simple wasn’t any stopping. As I would lift my mouth away from his cock, a little more pre-cum would appear.

My mind was gone, I don’t know where it went, but it was gone. I was now all action. His young cock had a mind of its own almost seeming to try to reach into my mouth as I placed it over the head of his cock. I then slowly began to lower my lips down his shaft while using my tongue to circle around it the way I had felt some women do to me. I could only go about half way before it would strike the back of my throat. My hand had slid down to the lower half and continued to stroke him. To me, it felt like hours, but in reality, it was no more than ten minutes. As I pulled my mouth back to the head, he began to squirt ropes of cum into my mouth. I couldn’t swallow it all and it dropped out on to his legs, balls and the towel. I didn’t remove my mouth from his throbbing cock. It just felt so alive. I wanted to get as much cum as I could. For being my first time, I certainly didn’t act it.

His cock began to slow down the cum squirts. After it stopped, I held my mouth on his cock, not wanting to let it go until it went completely flaccid.

After a while, I knew I had to let it out. I reached for the towel to wipe off his legs, balls and my mouth of excess cum.

I mumbled out loud, “Man, I’ve got to go jerk off. I can’t wait.”

I stood up and began to pull the afghan off the back of the couch to cover him. I had moved a little toward his chest to grab the edge when I felt his hand grab my cock, wrapping my pajamas around my hard-on.

He said, “One good suck deserves another.”

He quickly sat up, grabbed the waistband of my pajamas and jerked them down.

He asked, “You ever have a man suck you off?”

Shocked, I couldn’t speak, I only shook my head no.

He said, “Good, then you’re in for a treat. No woman can do what a man can do when it comes to cocksucking.’

Wrapping his lips around my dick, he proved his point and then some. Afterward, he lay back down and went to sleep. I stumbled into my bedroom, exhausted, shaky, but totally satisfied.

When I woke up the next morning, he was gone. On the couch was a note. It read: Had the most wonderful dream last night. I know you did too. I don’t share my dreams with anybody else. If you ever want to have a dream like that again, call me. Your friend.

We have on occasion shared our ‘dreams’.

Of course, you can never have that first dream again, but the repeats are always almost as good.

Submitted: November 12, 2022

© Copyright 2022 orangeistheneworange. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Quite the happy birthday and happy ending for our older narrator. Very hot surprise. Well told. :)

Sun, November 13th, 2022 10:07pm


Thank you.

Sun, November 13th, 2022 2:13pm

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