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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Poor Cari loses her virginity to sadistic Danny.



All characters in this fantasy are 18 yrs old or older.


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it is a great read that takes the reader around the world. And it is quite sensual!)



Cari got fucked!  Cari was fucked! Poor innocent Cari had Danny’s big, thick, swollen, wet dick shoved up here tiny virginal cunt. It was inevitable. All girls, or rather, most girls, get fucked at some point. At some point, most girls learn that their sex holes were put there to pleasure guys and their needy dicks. That is the purpose of a girl. That is the purpose of her fuck holes.


Well, at least that was the way Danny thought of it. Cunts existed to be used. And Danny loved nothing better than busting a young fresh virginal cunt. It took some doing. Stupid, fucking, dumb Cari wanted to
“save her pussy for the man she married on their wedding night!” What a hunk of shit that was! If every girl felt that way, dudes would have to turn to faggot cocksuckers in order to have any fun. Well, that was not totally true, most high school girls were now sucking dick at least, although a fucking huge number wanted to save their pussies for “that special boy!” 


So Danny had had to convince the bitch that he was “that special boy.” That he really, really loved her, and that if she loved him, she would let him fuck her to prove their love and unite them “forever.”  All of that bullshit. By now, part of Danny wanted to bust the bitch’s cherry, get her pregnant, dump her and move on to someone younger. But the thing that kept him being so patient with Cari and kept him working on her, was the realization of how much he could humiliate and degrade her. She was a natural submissive, although of course she didn’t realize it. She had already put up with things that most people would find unbelievably disgusting. And Danny loved that. He really got off on that. He wanted to see how far he could drag her down. MY God, he already had her going out in public without any panties under an extremely short skirt and no bra under her very thin tops. She looked like a fucking whore, and she did it because he said it proved her love for him, and that he was so fucking proud of her. He told her she was so beautiful, he wanted to show her off to his friends. That was why he made her get naked in front of them and let them play with her pussy and tits. She had to let them finger her clit and pinch her nipples to prove her love. Danny could see the utter humiliation on her face. The despair. And it made his dick so fucking hard. He forced her to do a Lezzie show with another girl. That almost broke their relationship. She was a fucking trembling shell-shocked mess for days after. He kept asking her if sucking another girls cunt was so much worse than sucking guys’ dicks? He always used the most filthy, raw language with her, so the degradation and humiliation was even worse.


As far as her dress was concerned, every week, he insisted that she take the hemline of her pleated cheerleader skirts that he liked, higher and higher. Now, even when she stood straight and didn’t move, an onlooker could just see the very edge of her pink pussy peeking out.

Of course, he insisted that she lift her skirt and show strange boys on the street her cunt. He called it, “giving them a little treat.”  He would say to Cari, “Come on, Cari, give that boy a little treat!” And she would have to lift her skirt and let the strange boy or boys look at her cunt.


Danny told her it proved her love for him. But all of that was prelude to getting fucked. To getting a thick male dick forced into her virgin pussy.


Danny had originally planned to do it in front of a bunch of his buddies. He loved to show off his dicksmanship.  But then his sadistic mind came up with a more devious plan. If he fucked her alone, like her lover the first time, filming the whole thing of course so he could sell the videos and spread them around for her further humiliation, then, he could gradually begin to fuck her in front of others, further increasing her torment, until finally, she would be fucked in front of a whole audience. Danny couldn’t wait to send the videos of Cari sucking cock and getting fucked to her ultra-conservative Catholic parents. They might very well throw her out on the street. Wouldn’t that be fun? He would also send the videos to her priest, and all the teachers at her school. She would be totally fucking ruined! Another notch on the bedpost for Danny. He was really proud that he had so fucked up two girls, that they had to be placed in mental institutions. Out of his “kindness” he would sometimes go visit them. He got a hard on seeing them sitting, almost lifeless in chairs, eyes vacant, bodies wasted.  When the attendant left them alone, he would take out his dick and rub it across the faces of the unresponding girls, shoving the head between their lips. No reason they should not have some pleasure. He was so kind he would even finger their pussies.  He knew there was no way some of the male attendants didn’t have some fun with the girls. He’d be willing to bet they had hospital attendant dick in their mouths half the day! Shit, I mean, a hole is a hole, right?


So, he’d carefully planned Cari’s first fuck. He had four cameras stashed around the hotel room he’d rented for the event. He had champagne and flowers…everything to make Cari sure that he really loved her. He even told her he wanted her to wear a white wedding veil, as a tribute to the fact that they would someday really be married, when they were older and more mature, and more settled. So for now, she would be naked except for the white wedding veil to symbolize her virginity. He had especially carefully shaved Cari’s pussy so it was bald and looked ultra-young. It was already hairless, but he didn’t want even a single stray cuntal or asshole hair. To get ready for the event, he didn’t cum for three days, for him that was an amazing feat. Usually he came three or four times a day. So his teen boy nut sack was full to bursting, and his thick dick was half hard in his pants all day. If he didn’t fuck soon, he’d go nuts.


He made sure Cari was also excessively horny. He had attached a bar to her clit to keep it always extended from her hood, so that she was in constant sexual stimulation. It drove her nuts. In addition, he lightly sandpapered her nipple tips and her clit tip…not enough to make them unduly sore, that might come later, but just to keep them filled with sensation to the point of sexual madness. Poor Cari had never felt such intense, unrelenting, sexual stimulation. She thought she would go mad from the constant throbbing and itching and tingling. Her breath was constantly ragged from the feeling, and her still developing titties heaved with heavy breathing. That was the way Danny liked his cunts, ready to be fucked at all times. After all, that is all they were good for, right?


Well, you and I know better. We are civilized. But there are lots of boys like Danny on the streets. You can see them hanging around bars and clubs on a Friday night, looking for pussy to corrupt. You can see them on high school and college campuses, rubbing the lumps in their pants as they stare at available girls. Even the really intellectual boys think about fucking cunt most of the time, but the really dangerous ones are the drop-outs or street boys like Danny, because the only self-esteem they get is from degrading others. Danny had no idea what it might be like to make a girl feel great during a fuck, to be aware of her pleasure needs. When he fucked it was only for his own pleasure. In fact, he believed he had to teach a cunt that her only purpose was to please him, never to think of her own needs and feelings. She was to think only about his cock and worship that fucking meaty monster.


One of Cari’s future lessons would be that when she was out in public with Danny, she was only always to stare at his dick lump. She was not to look him in the face or look at anyone else. She was to only keep her attention on his cock bulge. It showed she belonged to him. He wanted her thinking about his cock twenty-four hours a day.


Of course, eventually, after he fucked all her holes a few dozen times, he would begin to share her with his buddies. She would be fucked by all of his friends, and then by strangers. He would set up perverted hook-ups with sick dudes on the internet for her. By then, she would do anything he asked of her. She would be the guest star of gang-bangs. He would drop her off for a few days with motorcycle gangs and at half-way houses where rapists on parole were living together, trying to clean-up their lives. Her presence there would bring out the fucking animal in them. She would be fucked for eight to ten hours non-stop.  And in between, she’d be forced to lick the filthy male bodies clean with her tongue.


But first, he had to pop her cherry.


“Danny, I’m too shy to do this!” she had complained, standing naked in just her bridal veil and holding a bouquet of flowers.


“Come on, Cari, this is as much for you as it is for me. I want this night to be special. That’s why I got all dressed up in this suit. Now come over here and kiss me.”  She did, and he gently began to play with her sensitive, sand-paper rubbed nipples. She moaned as waves of sensitivity shot through her body. “That’s my girl. That’s my beautiful girl who loves me. The hidden cameras whirred as he lowered one hand and began to finger her pussy and clit. She grew wet. He took one rose out of the bouquet and gently worked the stem into her cunt. The thorns pricked ever so much, but is was so fucking romantic. Leaving the flower sticking out of her pussy, he gently pushed her down onto her knees. “Now take my dick out of my pants, using only your lips and teeth.” They had played this sick game before, Cari was lousy at it, but Danny seemed to enjoy it. With her teeth, she lowered the zipper on his suit trousers, then she spread the flies open with her nose and stuck her tongue into his pants. “Getting better, Cunt, good job.” When she thrust her tongue into the pants, she felt the flesh of his dick and balls, he wore no underwear. The flesh was soft and pliant. She moved her tongue around until she got it under the tube of the semi hard prick. Danny seemed to be able to control his prick and get it hard or soft at will. Well, he sure had enough practice. She lifted the fuckmeat with her tongue and brought it toward the opening of the pants.  The huge, meaty pink pecker flopped out. “There, you go, Baby. That’s what you want, isn’t it? That’s what you’ve been waiting all day to taste.”  He had such a fucking warped sense of females. He truly believed they lived only for prickmeat, or at least that they should. “Are you drooling yet, Baby? Well, don’t worry, it’s all for you.”  He grabbed the back of her head and dragged his swollen dick all over her face, smearing her “bridal” make-up. His dick began to leak pre-fuck, which added to the mess. He loved the look of a cunt with fuck all over her face. If he had his way, all girls would go out in public with the fuck of their boyfriends decorating their faces. Models in magazines and pop stars would appear with their faces glazed with fuck! Just recently, he’d had eight of his buddies jerk off onto Cari’s face. He made her let it dry there. Her eyes were sealed shut and her lips. It crusted around her nostrils. He took her to the mall that way, and hundreds of people knew what she had all over her pretty teen face.  Finally, he spit on her face to make the dried cum wet again, and then he scooped it onto his fingers and shoved them in her mouth. The baby batter of eight of his buddies.

Of course, she hated it. She despised it. it made her sick. But he said it proved her love. How often did she have to prove her love for him? He told her he had been betrayed and damaged as a kid, and that he always doubted people really loved him, so she had to build his confidence.  She didn’t mind his spit. When they kissed he filled her mouth with spit, although he didn’t kiss her much anymore…not since she had started sucking cock. Still, he almost always gobbed in her coffee or soft drink or onto her food. He said it was love juice to prove  that he also loved her.


Now that his dick hung out of his suit trousers, it began to erect. She was allowed to use her fingers to open his trousers and pull them down. His big swollen balls, bursting with teen boy cum came into view. How often had she proven she loved him by sucking on those balls. She licked and sucked him while he was driving her around town. She licked and sucked him at the movies while he enjoyed the film. The licked and sucked the fleshy sack and the nuts inside while he watched football games on tv, sometimes with his buddies present. She was really pally with his scrotum. Now, she ran her tongue under the heavy nut sack and lifted it.


“That’s my good girl!” He hissed, making sure the hidden cameras caught all of it. She was so fucking sexy naked except for that bridal veil. ‘That’s my fucking little virgin cunt!” Oh God, he was going to fuck her so fucking hard. So fucking deep, up into her fucking womb. Poor thing had no idea what she was going to get. And she had no idea that the whole world was going to be able to watch her first cunt fucking.


She slavishly removed his shoes and socks, massaging his naked feed. He stepped out of the trousers and she folded them neatly. Next, she unbuttoned his dress shirt. She had to admit, she did love his muscular, yet slender chest, His pecs were perfectly shaped, not too bulgy, but strong And he had large nipples. She slid his shirt off.


“Are you thirsty, Baby? You seem thirsty. Shall I open the champagne, or save that for later. Here, why not lick the sweat from my armpits!” She was also used to this. He loved to get his sweaty armpits licked and sucked. The rich dark hair. He had instructed her that it was yet another way a good girl showed her love to her boyfriend. Boys had such wet, rank armpits most of the time, and a good girlfriend would make sure he was clean and smelling good, with her tongue. Ball sack and armpits. The other place a dude got sweaty of course was in the ass crack! So after she had bathed his pits, he turned so the camera could easily catch the action, and asked his love to lick his ass crack clean. It did seem odd, that he never did these things for her, but Cari guessed that was just how guys were. She ran her tongue up and down the crack, holding his muscular ass globes, her bridal veil looking elegant.

“Deeper, Hon, no half-measures. This is a special night.”  She obeyed by spreading his ass globes and digging her tongue deeper into his ass crack, running it over his puckered asshole. “Oh yeah, perfect. I love you so much Cari. Get your tongue into the asshole now!” he put one large athletic foot up on a chair, so she could bury her face deeper into his sweaty ass. If she thought he was going to kiss her after this, she was out of her fucking bimbo mind! He felt her pointy pink tongue burrow into his musky asshole. Jesus, that’s what cunts were for! And he knew he was right, because even after he treated cunts like shit and abused them no end, they came crawling back for more of his dick! Dirty Sluts! Cari knew. If only he wasn’t so fucking cute. So charming when he wanted to be. So dominant and masculine. She worked and wiggled her tongue deep into his shithole, tasting musky bitterness. He almost loved this best of all. More than fucking and sucking. To have a cute innocent girl’s face buried in his ass! The only thing worse would be if she had to eat his shit. Maybe just maybe eventually. But baby steps with Cari had worked fine so far.

Submitted: November 10, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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