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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Once Cari has been fucked by Danny, he creates a series of truly humiliating experiences for her.



(Please check out my novel "THE CLOWN OF GOD, THE LOVES OF NIJINSKY," Sold on Amazon under my pen name D.H Gutzman. It is a sensual story based on the true history of the worlds; greatest dancer, wanted sexually by everyone when  he was sixteen and gone mad by thirty. Authentic and powerful. Supoort my writing so I can continue to write erotica on this fine site. )


All characters in  this fantasy are 18 yrs old or older.



Cari’s first fuck, as I said, was extremely painful, mostly because Danny wanted it that way. “When I fuck a cunt, she will remember it for the rest of her life,” he would brag to his buddies. Of course, his huge sausage of a cock was humongous to begin with, so it was bound to hurt. Just getting that plumb sized dickhead into a young virgin cunt was quite a chore. It wasn’t popping the cherry that was difficult for the teenage fucker, so much as stretching the pussy lips and the cunt canal to take the girth of the dick. Danny made a girl’s first fuck as humiliating and shameful as possible, calling her a dumb cunt and a too tight twat and all kinds of things, and spitting in her face while he rammed his fuckmeat as deep and hard as possible. And then he would pull out again, only to plunge in, even harder. Cari knew that a girl’s first fuck was special and she loved Danny so much, that she tried to be a good hole for him, but the pain was so great, she almost passed out twice, and he had to slap her back to attention.


“You don’t want to miss a second of our first fuck, Baby! This is something to remember for your whole life. Your first fuck from the boy you love!” Danny had to chuckle. Before a few more weeks were out, he’d have twenty of his buddies fucking her on a regular basis. He couldn’t wait to see the bitch with a dick in her cunt, another up her ass, one in her mouth and one in each hand. In Danny’s warped mind, that is how girls should be kept all the time. That was all they were good for.


After the first fuck, after he had shot his load of fuck up deep into her cunt, when she moaned about her fear of getting pregnant, Danny had told her that that was her responsibility, but that he would never use a rubber. He kindly explained to her how the material over the dick, dulled the sensitivity of the fuck for the boy. She cried that her pussy was so sore, she would be not able to fuck again for days, maybe weeks.


“And what the fuck am I supposed to do in the meantime? Settle for a fucking blow job, or jerk myself off?” He complained. “I need to fuck every day, and I have been patient with you for a long time. Are you my girlfriend or not?”


“Of course I am your girlfriend, and some day your wife. I love you Danny, but I am so sore down there now, I don’t know when I will be able to let you make love to me again!” Poor thing was practically sobbing.


“Well then, for a few days anyway, I’ll just have to fuck you up the asshole.”


Cari gasped. ‘Oh Danny, that is so filthy and sick. How can you say that?”


“That just shows how fucking dumb you are Cari. Jesus, why did I have to fall in love with such a dumb cunt? Ass fucking is the latest fad among high school kids. If a girl is fucked up the ass, she can’t get pregnant, see? So, if I go between your ass and cunt, your pussy won’t get so worn out, right?” What Danny intended was most days, he would fuck both her holes…going from cunt to ass during the same fuck. Then eventually, he would have one of his buddies fuck one of her holes, while he fucked the other. Danny loved to fuck with a buddy. He loved to pin a girl between them and really do her good. Of course, the girl always found it terribly humiliating and shameful to have two boys in her at the same time. She loved her boyfriend, but why did she have to allow his best buddy to ram his dick into her too?


The answer was simple. Danny and his buddies were sadists. They loved nothing more than to totally degrade and shame girls. Danny made Cari drink special energy drinks, “to keep her fit and strong,” which were composed of a plastic water bottle filled with the cum of all of his buddies, mixed with a little orange flavoring. The boys also spit and blew their noses into the mix. “We want you big and strong, Cari. Drink it all down like a good girl. That’s my girl. I love you so much.” For fun, they began to add dog cum to the mix. Danny had her drink it in front of his buddies, so their sick pleasure was increased. Of course, to prove her love, Cari had to, now and then, suck off some of his buddies, but somehow, watching her drink a big water bottle filled with human and animal cum was even more degrading.


Cari coming from a strict Catholic family, was terrible naïve and so totally confuse by what was happening to her. She only knew she was in love with Danny, and she would love him forever. She could not tell her parents about him, and she lied to the priest and didn’t tell him she had sucked dick or been fucked.

By the way the young priest looked at her sometimes, she had the uncomfortable feeling he might like to fuck her too. Cari only wanted one boy to fuck her. Her one true love Danny. Danny took photos and even video of him fucking her. He had filmed his first fuck into her with several cameras, and shared the clips with all of his buddies, and even with strangers on the internet. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a young beauty getting fucked for the first time? The big dick slushing in and out of the tight formerly virgin twat. The thrill for Danny was that the poor cunt would never ever be the same again. Now she was a fucked whore in his mind, and his job was to drag her as low as possible, to make her do unspeakable, disgusting, degenerate things. Sex can be the most beautiful or the filthiest act on earth. Danny leaned heavily into the filth.


Danny gave Cari a present. “it’s a kind of present, but it’s also a favor for me.” It was wrapped beautifully. When she opened the box, she gasped. It was filled with what must have been a hundred used condoms. Danny watched her face carefully, his dick getting painfully hard at her confused and disgusted expression.


“Danny, what is this? This is disgusting.”


“Don’t hurt my feelings, Cari. These used rubbers are from my buddies. They don’t have enough money to keep buying new ones, so they have to clean the old ones and use them again. Now most of my close friends, don’t use rubbers, I know, but these are from other friends.” That was a lie. The condoms had been gathered from garbage dumpsters behind motels, and from Lover’s Lane up on the hill where the kids went to fuck at night, and from school toilet waste bins.

He’d even paid a bunch of homeless guys under the bridge to jerk off into some.


“Why are you giving them to me, Danny?”


“I told my buddies what a great girl you are and how you would be happy to clean the condoms for them and re-roll them.”


Cari made a face. “I can’t even touch these filthy things, much less wash them.”


Danny pouted his cute full lips and shook his handsome head. “Oh, no, Cari,

You can’t wash them. That can destroy the condom material and make them unsafe for sex. You wouldn’t want some poor sweet girl to get pregnant because you were too rough on the condom and weakened it? Oh no! You have to gently place each condom in your mouth and gently suck it clean, inside and out.” Danny knew that many of the condoms had even been used for ass fucking, so there was dried ass juice on the rubber as well as cum. His pecker throbbed. How this would humiliate the sweet fucking bitch.


Well, she refused. She flatly refused. She said as much as she loved him, she could never do something so disgusting. So, he didn’t call her or see her for a week. It didn’t bother him, he had plenty of other girls to fuck. But poor Cari was almost out of her mind with grief and longing. She took to bed, and her parents prayed for her. She wouldn’t eat. She thought only of Danny and how much she loved him. Could she do something so disgusting just to keep him? Would it finally prove to him how much she loved him?


Another week went by, and she caved. She called him and said she would do anything for him. He was not going to make it easy for her. He made her do a condom cleaning session in front of eight of his buddies. She had to sit naked, showing her tits and cunt to all of them, while she lifted the first filthy, cum filled condom from the box. It was one that Danny had found in an alley. God knows what filth it was used for. It had dirt on it as well as ass streaks and other sticky things. The tip bulged with cum, as it had been tied off, and the now stale fuck was still liquid. The guys in the room began to masturbate. She was used to this by now, Danny’s friends masturbating in front of her. Danny told her it proved how hot she was, and that all his buddies were jealous of his girlfriend. She hesitated, a big fat tear rolling down her cheek.


“That a girl. That’s my good girl.  First gently put it in your mouth and suck off the outside.” Danny’s own dick was painfully hard. “Suck the whole outside clean. Try not to gag, Baby, that is impolite.  Does the outside taste more like a girl’s ass or her cunt?” For all Danny knew, it could be flavor from a gay dude getting ass fucked. “Keep sucking gently, honey, we don’t want to ruin the condoms. Good girl. Now take it from your mouth and gently unknot and open the condom. Jeez, look at the huge wad of sperm inside of it…look at that fucking baby batter!”


Poor Cari, she kept gagging and her nose began to run. Her breasts heaved, and the guys liked that. They loved watching her perky nipples rise and fall. What a fucking, disgusting shameful slut she was becoming. Danny was doing a masterful job fucking up the innocence of this young bitch.


Cari undid the knot, and the smell of cum hit her nose. She made a face, and the boys laughed and jerked their dicks harder. Why did Danny have to make her do this in front of all the guys? She knew why. It was to punish her for refusing him when he first asked her to clean the rubbers. Oh, God, to think that all of these filthy sheaths had been on dicks!


“Cari Baby, put the condom on your tongue and then suck the cum out of it.” Might the cum be diseased? Danny didn’t give fuck, as long as this stuck-up cunt was humiliated. She had to learn to obey his orders instantly, no matter how disgusting or filthy they were.  She had to learn to live in continual fuck filth!

And she would. The dumb cunt was coming along nicely. Danny watched Cari sucking on some filthy strange condom… sucking the fuck slime out of it and swallowing it.


“Good girl, Cari. I love you so much. You only have to suck fifty of them clean tonight for us. The rest you can do at home.”  Danny decided to put an ad on the internet, buying filthy used condoms. He would have Cari do this for him every week. He’d make her wear a dirty condom on her tongue at school, and at home in front of her parents. What a total scum bag she would become.


But the next step was to get one, then two, then ten of his buddies’ dicks into her pussy. She would be trained to never refuse any man or boy who wanted to fuck her! In fact, eventually, Danny intended to set up a “FUCK QUOTA” for her…the number of times she needed to get fucked every single day. Oh, there were fun times ahead!

Submitted: November 10, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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