Chapter 10: A constant red bottom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Spanking, Corporal Punishment and Slut Stories

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When Martin Jones's stepmother Martha first moved into his house along with her two daughter twenty-nine year old Sarah and twenty-two year old Paula he was constantly disrespectful towards her and her two daughters and then much to his shock and humiliation found himself draped over Martha's lap naked and getting a sound spanking with the hairbrush in front of Sarah and Paula, which to his shame he was a blubbering wreck by the time the spanking ended and he was warned if he was ever disrespectful like that again he will be spending a set amount of days walking around with a red bottom, which Martha said she would make sure it stays red the whole time.

It was been a few weeks since that humiliating spanking and Martin has been doing his best to be more respectful though he has had few more spankings in between much to his shame, but he still resents Martha for marrying his father and it's not long before he is being disrespectful to Martha and his daughters.

Martha has been asking Martin to clean his room all day and he has just been lounging about in nothing but his lounge pants sat in front of the television "young man, I have been telling you all day to clean your room instead I find you lounging in the front room in front in nothing but your lounge pants watching television. Now go and clean your room" said Martha sternly "oh change the bloody record will you, nag, nag, nag that is all you do. You annoying old bag" said Martin in a very disrespectful tone and immediately saw the look on Martha's face and realised what he had just said he instantly regretted it "I'm sorry" added Martin quickly, but it was too late as Martha pulled him up off the sofa and in one swift movement yanked his lounge pants down and off revealing that he wasn't wearing anything underneath them leaving him fully naked "what did I tell you would happen if you were ever disrespectful to me again" snapped Martha and Martin's eyes widened in fear "no please, I'm sorry" pleaded Martin "you will be sorry by the time I'm finished with you,  now wait here whilst I fetch the hairbrush" said Martha "no please" pleaded Martin again but Martha had already left the room.

Ten minutes later Martha returned with the dreaded hairbrush as fear spread across Martin's face "please not the hairbrush" pleaded a desperate Martin "you can plead all you want young man, but this hairbrush will still be applied to your bottom" replied Martha as she led Martin back to the sofa and forced him to sit down and his eyes widened as Martha lifted his legs up into the diaper position and pushing his knees towards his chest "no please this is humiliating, the curtains are open and people will be able to see everything" pleaded Martin "good, they will be able to see what happens to extremely disrespectful boys in this house" replied Martha.

The hairbrush came down hard and fast onto Martin's exposed bottom in a continuous flurry of swats and as the skin is taught in this position the swats from the hairbrush stung a lot more and soon Martin was yelping with each swat as the hairbrush continued to reign down on his bottom with no mercy as his bottom got redder and redder.

Unfortunately for Martin the sound of his spanking had got the attention of Sarah and Paula who rushed to the front room to see Martin being spanked naked in the diaper position much to their amusement just as he started bawling his eyes out as the hairbrush covered every single inch of his bottom and sit spots and Martha noticed the two girls "ah girls could you do me a favour, could you remove all of Martin's clothes from his wardrobe and drawers and place them on the bed in the master bedroom and I will lock them away later" said Martha as she continued to spank Martin "why are we doing that?" Asked Sarah innocently "because sweetie Martin here has once again been extremely disrespectful to me again and now he is going to be spending his time fully naked whilst in the grounds of the house and his bottom will always be red I will make sure of that" replied Martha "no mummy please I'm begging you" pleaded Martin between the tears "beg all you want young man, you will be naked until further notice and I will make sure your bottom stays red" replied Martha as Sarah and Paula head up to Martin's room to remove all of his clothes "but what will my dad say?" Said Martin "your father said that if you were disrespectful to me again then you deserve to walk around naked with a red bottom on constant display and I will be asking him to remove your bedroom door" replied Martha

By the time the spanking ended Martin was a blubbering wreck "now go and clean your room right now and keep your bedroom door open so that your bottom is always on display and to make sure your bottom stays red you will receive regular spankings. Do I make myself clear young man?" Said Martha "yes mummy" replied a tearful and extremely humiliated Martin "good, now go and clean your room" said Martha.

From that point on it was extremely humiliating and embarrassing for Martin who had to remain naked at all times with a red bottom until further notice and what was worse, when his father found out he took his belt to him as well which had Martin howling in pain and Sarah and Paula were enjoying every minute of it and it got worse when some of Sarah's friends came round to visit and laughed at Martin's current situation. This will be one punishment Martin will never forget for as long as he lives.

Submitted: January 22, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Lucas Drew. All rights reserved.


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harriet-jacqui x

Smack on target! Loved it!

Sun, January 22nd, 2023 7:17pm


Thank you for your comment, I am glad you loved what you read

Sun, January 22nd, 2023 11:37am