I'm 53! You Can't Spank Me!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mature Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

"Dylan, finish with those boxes and then sweep the storage room. You should have been done with those boxes 20 minutes ago!" bellowed Marge, Dylan's boss.

Dylan works at Marge's flower shop that she had opened before the pandemic after working 25 years in the corporate world.

She got burnt out and wanted to do something for herself, and since she always had a garden at her houses, why not do something that she loved as a business.

Through long hours and again, a pandemic, and now with a shaky economy, she has made a good go of it and is hoping to open another flower shop on the other side of town.

The one thing is that her people skills need some improvment. She is great with the customers, if it's a wedding or a funeral, a party or for a man who needs to bring flowers to his wife or girlfriend as a peace offering, Marge knows how to deal with each situation.

But when it comes to her employees, she still thinks she is in the corporate world and that every decision would effect the price of the stock, and that everything needed to be done five minutes ago.

Marge has several employees, and many who have come and gone. Dylan is different in a way.

Marge knows Dylan's mom for years, and has known Dylan since he was a baby.

Now that he is 20 and is a junior in college, through his mom, he got the job at Marge's shop.

At first he thought it would be easy, since he knew the boss since he was a kid and that he would get the easy jobs.

But it didn't turn out that way.

She made Dylan work a bit harder, not for the sake of it, all her employees worked hard, but to show the others that she wasn't going to play favorites. 

Marge closes the shop at six on Saturdays. With Dylan in the storage room sweeping, Marge is in the front locking up the store when she gets a phone call.

"Hello, Marge's Bloom'in Flowers. How may I help you?"

"This is Ms. Ryan."

"Oh yes Ms. Ryan, how may I help you?"

"It's about the roses that were sent over, the stems were cut to short, they don't fit in the vases in the correct way. It's to late to get more, so I was lucky to have some styrofoam to put at the bottom of the vases.

You know I have a big party tonight."

"Oh...my...I'm so sorry for that we put you through all that. If you come in Monday with the receipt, I will give you...say...50% off the price."

"That would be satisfactory. I will be at your shop arouond 10. Thank you."

"Again, I apologize, and I will let the young man who cut those roses that he must be more careful."

Hanging up the phone, Marge marched into the storage room.

"Dylan, where are you? I need to speak to you...now!"

Dylan put down his broom and walked over towards Marge.

"Dylan, you cut the stems to short on Ms. Ryan's roses. She had to make do with them, and I promised her that I would give her 50% on Monday."

"You told me to cut them at 5 inches." Dylan said.

"I said no such thing. 3 inches is the max!"

Dylan stood there in silence, he knew that she said 5 inches, but she would deny it. She can never be wrong in her eyes.

"Look, ever since I started here 4 months ago, you have been on my case. I do everything that you ask, and then some. You've gone through a lot of employees since I've been here. You need to treat me and the rest of us better, or..or..."

"Or what.....little man!"

Dylan stood there with clenched fists.

Noticing a chair off to the side, he grabbed it and placed it in front of Marge.

He sat down, the grabbed Marge by the arm and threw her over his lap.

Holding her down with one hand on her back, Dylan began to spank that 53 year old MILF ass.


"AAHHH...what are you doing...stop...I'm 53! You can't spank me! I'm old enouogh to be your mother!"

Dylan didn't care, he kept spanking that her ass. And for a woman of 53, it was a nice firm ass.

Marge kept herself in good shape, with grey hair, not some old lady type grey hair, but a shiny silky type of grey that women will get dyed.

SPANK....SPANK....SPANK...the spanking continued.

Marge kept protesting, but her words soon became softer as the moans and groans became more sultry.

"OOOHHH...AAAHH...I'm going to...to ...tell..your...mom...UUHH...AAUU...yeah...do it..!"

There was something going on with Dylan. His dick was getting hard as he gave is boss, this older woman a good spanking.

And Marge too could feel the hardness of Dylan's dick pressed against her stomach.

After several more spanks, Dylan released Marge from his hold.

Marge got up and rubbed her sore ass.

Nothing was said between the two of them as they looked into each others eyes.

Then Marge spoke.

"Take of your shorts."

"What?!?" sputtered Dylan.

"Take off you shorts and underwear."

Dylan stood up and removed his shorts. They feel around his ankles.

Now in his boxer briefs, Marge got a better look at that hard dick under the fabric.

"Now the underwear."

The underwear came off and Dylan's 7 inch dick sprang up.
Marge walked over and began to stroke his hard young man dick, slowly up and down as she looked into his eyes.

Getting on her knees, she began to slowly lick his cockhead as she continued to jerk his cock, working her way down to his balls.

Putting his cock deeper into her mouth, she began to give Dylan a sloppy suck job.


Deeper and deeper she went on his rod, as Dylan ran a hand through Marge's silvery hair.

Taking her tongue, she ran it up and down on the underneath of Dylan's dick as she used her fingernails to slightly scratch his tight balls.

"OOHH...shit...that feels so fucking good....AAHHH...shit Marge...suck my cock...bitch!"

Every so often, she would look up at him in a sultry look with her blue eyes.

Sucking harder and faster, Dylan could feel his cum working it's way up his daick. He wanted to let loose his young man's cum.

He backed away and began to jerkoff in front of Marge's face, he wanted to splatter her MILF face with his white pearl jam, but Marge stopped him.

"Cum in my mouth.I want to taste you."

Dylan stopped jerking himself and place his hard throbbing dick into Marge's hot MILF mouth.

Slurp...Suck...Suck...Slurp....Marge went on that dick.

Dylan grabbed some of Marge's silver hair and began to face fuck her for he could feel his sperm ready to shoot out of his dick.

"Gag...OOHH...UUMM...yeah...fuck my face...cum in my mouth...Suck...Slurp..."

Dylan couldn't hold back. He arched his head, his lower back arched as well and his ankles tighten.

"AAHH...SHIT....I'm...CCUUMMIINN...AAAHHH...UUHHH...FUCK..Take my cum bitch...AAHH...!"

Dylan's first two shots were small and hit the roof of Marge's mouth.

The third and forth shots were longer and had more cum to give. They splashed in the back of her throat

The fifth and sixth shots were a bit less but landed on her tongue and roof  of her mouth again.

As for Marge, with each shot of cum..."Suck...Slurp...Gag...UUGG...Suck...Suck...Slurp..."

Dylan had shot a large amount of his man juice into Marge's middle age mouth, but she was not done sucking. She wanted every last bit.

And after several seconds, Dylan was able to get one more shot of sperm out of his hard dick and into Marge's mouth.

Marge swallowed every ounce of Dylan's cum, and continued to suck and kiss his dick for several more minutes.

She took his sticky wet dick from her mouth and rubbed it all over her face and neck.

Marge got up from her knees and told Dylan to get dressed.

As Dylan was putting on his shorts, Marge told him this,"I know that I can be a bitch, but I want to make this suceed. So, if I ever get in a bitchy mood with you, well maybe...maybe I need to be taught a lesson. Now, go home and I will close up the shop, and I will se you on Monday."

She then gave Dylan a soft kiss on the lips and squeezed his half hard dick. 

Then she gave him a playful spank on his ass as she sent him on his way.

Dylan left the shop with a big smile on his face. He had a big smile on his face at the dinner table that he couldn't tell his parents about.

He had a big smile on his face as he jerked off in the shower thinking what had happened.

As for Marge, she went into her office and played with her wet pussy, fingering and rubbing her clit til she came, then putting her fingers in her mouth to lick off her pussy juices.

She thought to herself, "Maybe I should be more of a bitch to him for a good hard fuck."








Submitted: November 07, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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