Punishment for Resisting an Induction Physical in Doria

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

After a recruit resists his induction physical in Doria he is punished by being a nude model.

Punishment for Resisting an Induction Physical in Doria

I resisted my induction physical in Doria.  I saw no reason why I had to go naked in front of high school girls and an audience of women.  As a result, I was forcibly stripped, staked naked in front of the audience, arrested, taken to jail and convicted.  Then I was put in a cell that was a part of a university hospital.  I was the only prisoner.  I was kept nude the entire time.

The first Monday after I was incarcerated. I was taken in chains by two female guards to an examination room in the hospital.  It was an examination room especially designed for induction physical resisters.  The chains were removed, and I was put on a gynecological examination table, spread eagled with my feet in stirrups.  My arms and feet were clamped to the table. Then an instructor and a group of student nurse's aides entered.  I had no idea what was going to happen.  I was to be given bed baths by nurses’ aides.  Despite the embarrassment of being naked in front of a whole class of girls this assignment was rather pleasant.  All they did was given me a sponge bath in the bed which included my genitals.  I found I enjoyed being nude and the center of attention for girls.  I sported them a nice erection and wasn't embarrassed to do so.

Next, I was used by student nurses to catheterize a male.  The students had previously practiced on manikins but now they would have a live patient.  As I lay naked on the table, the student nurse, using proper hospital hygiene, took my penis, inserted a lubricating gel and then inserted a rubber hose into my urethra.  When the hose reached my bladder, I voided everything.  The next day the same thing happened and that continued for 30 more weekdays until an entire class of student nurses had their chance to practice on a live male patient. 

I was videotaped naked numerous times for medical videos.  I was used for sports physicals, full body skin examinations, male catheterizations and urologic examinations including prostate examinations. I was used for a sex education video.  I even appeared naked in Dorian adult films as a body double. I was never released.  Man was I getting horny.

After the student nurses had their chance with me. I was again brought to the same examination room except with another instructor and 12 more students.  I didn’t know what kind of students they were, but I would soon find out.  They were esthetician students learning how to do Brazilian Waxes on a man.  I was again clamped to the same table, spread eagled with my feet in stirrups.  One by one each student was given a chance to spread wax on my public area and when it cooled, yank it off.  By the time they were done I was as bare as a baby.  They came back every 6 weeks with a different group of girls.

I learned not to resist and qualified as a trustee.  The next were medical students.  They used me to practice giving a physical.  Half of the students were male.  To be realistic, I was allowed to wear underpants until the exam for an inguinal hernia, but I had to lower my underpants for each student.  They  had to learn how to politely ask patients to strip in front of the doctor.  They had 30 minutes to complete the physical ending in turn your head and cough.  It took two days for all 32 of them to have the experience of giving a physical to a live patient.

Student sonographers were allowed to practice on me.  I was taken to the radiology department in the hospital fully clothed.  The reason I found out was that part of the lesson was for the sonographers to learn how to tell their male patients to undress from the waist down and get on the examination table.  After I undressed from the waist down, the sonographer draped me in a towel with part of my scrotum still exposed, put water soluable gel on the transducer and then took sound pictures of my testicles as she rubbed the transducer on my scrotum.

Then came masseuses.  I was massaged 16 times a day for 2 days.  During that time, I was naked but under towels.  The practice was largely for the student to learn how to give a massage without exposing the customer.  This was really frustrating.

I was as a nude model for an art class.  Again, mixed students.  I was taken from my cell to the art school.  The reason was, that was where the art supplies were.  I had to enter and leave the building naked and handcuffed.  My guards seemed to derive a special pleasure in taking me out nude in public.  This time the worst aspect was boredom.  I had to hold a position for 45 minutes every hour. 

Almost anyone could buy my nude services.  I was literally a nude slave.  Night clubs purchased me to use me as a nude waiter.  While the male stripper was stripping it was my job to deliver drinks to the customer.  Oddly enough, I was allowed to wear clothing, a short kilt.  However, when I served the women, they were allowed to reach under the kilt to fondle me. I was not allowed to object.  I found this highly stimulating and tented my kilt.  That just encouraged the patrons more.  Eventually I just took the kilt off and let the women fondle me right in the open.  I loved the attention so much that I didn't want to orgasm because then I would deflate.  When it was over the female manager was enormously pleased with my performance, and rewarded me with a blow job. Man it felt good to be relieved after all that frustration.

I was also hired out for hen parties.  I also had to be taken to these.  I was taken to these naked also but at least I didn't have to go through schools or customs.  These I really enjoyed.  They made me be a nude waiter and when I did, I was fondled.  At one hen party I was also asked to dance with the women.  While we danced the woman played with my cock and testicles while I fondled her tits.  In the middle of the dance, she took off her blouse and her bra.  Then I started sucking on her nipples.  After a little bit I reached under her skirt and panties and stuck my finger up her twat.  I have often wondered that if I had not orgasmed at that point, if it would have gone further.  How could you blame with for cumming eariy with all the sexual frustration?

A school system from an adjoining country paid to use me as a sex education teaching tool for their female students.  I was brought to the school in the other country.  I had to go through their customs naked.  What was worse was that they searched me.  Damn women, they only took advantage of me because they could.  It was only because I was with prison guards that I wasn't arrested. 

I also had to go through the school naked coming and going with everyone turning to look at me when I did.  I never got used to this.  It wasn't my fault that I was naked!  At the  school I was strapped to a gynecological table again.  The instructor identified all the parts of my genitals for the girls.  Then, to my surprise, she had the girls fondle me to erection.  Then, to my greater surprise, even after I was erect, the girls took turns continuing to fondle me until I orgasmed.  I guess she wanted her students to see that too.  In any case, it was certainly all right with me. With constant attention to my genitals by females, I was always happy to be relieved of tension.

After the Queen heard about my foreign adventure she decided she wanted me to educate the local girls.  First, she brought me naked to court because she wanted to see me.  The queen's court was full of people of both sexes.  So there I stood naked as a jaybird with my hands handcuffed behind me.  The queen walked around me looking at me.  She said, "So this is the draft dodger."

I said, "I didn't dodge the draft.  I merely refused to be naked throughout the induction physical."

The queen replied, "That was some trade.  An hour of being naked versus a whole year of public nudity."

The queen asked, "Is he a shower or a grower?"

One of the guards replied, "He is a grower."

The queen said, "How can I tell?"

The guard replied, "We'll show you."  Then one began fondling my testicles while the other stroked my cock.  In a little while I grew an erection.

The queen said, "Yea, he is a grower all right.  You can take him away now."

Then they took me to my first Dorian school for sex education of girls.  The guards brought me in naked and shackled through the school and into the school room where there were fresh faced young girls.  When I entered the girls all screamed when they saw me.  I stook before the class naked while the teacher identified all the various part of my genitals.  Then she said, "Now it is time for you girls to find out what male genitals feel like."  The guards held me while the girls formed a line in front of me.  Each of the girls had an opportunity to feel my cock and balls for 5 seconds.  After the second girl I had a roaring erection.

When all of the girls had their feel, the teacher said, "How we are going to show you what happens when a male orgasms.  She picked two of her students and told one of them to fondle my balls and the other to stroke my cock.  After a few minutes I spurted semen all over their hands.  The teacher gave them paper towelettes to clean up.

This became my primary function.  I was taken to another school for sex education at least 3 times a week.  After the first few times I became a trustee and I no longer was shackled during the experience.  I let the girls molest me because of the things I was forced to do this was one of the most enjoyable.

I was also used to train female police officers and prison guards how to conduct a strip search on a males.  I had to allow them to inspect me nude, then rub their hands all over my body trying to feel for any abnormality including my genitals and even allow them to digitally examine my anus.  I got to sport erection here too but I was never relieved.

I was even paraded in front of a female sportswriter so that she would feel accustomed to male nudity before she was allowed into a Dorian soccer team lockerroom.

The week before one of the military induction physicals, I was brought in fully clothed to the men’s locker room.  It became clear that I was there to train the high school girls as escorts for a military induction physical.  Shortly after that, I was released.  Some other poor sucker had objected to his treatment during the physical.  They had found a replacement for me.

I spent a year nude.  I was only allowed to wear clothes if wearing clothes was part of what I was hired for.  It was humiliating, interesting and fun.  Humiliating when I was paraded naked in public.  Interesting when I was used for medical training. The medical exhibitions were non-sexual, clinical is the word they used.  When female students are learning their jobs, that is all they are interested in.  I was just a manikin to them.  When I was treated as a manikin, the experience was never erotic.  Fun when I was naked and the center of attention for horny women.While I certainly wouldn’t want to be treated like that again, I find certain aspects of that year nostalgic.  I made a contribution to medical training and I am actually proud of that.  It is always erotic for men when women lust after them.  Some of the hand jobs I had during my year as a nude model were the best I ever had. It was fun to be fondled by women but frustrating when left hanging.  Even though I was paid minimum wage, I couldn't spend any money for a whole year.  Thus, at the end of the year, I had the most savings I ever had.  It was tough to learn to wear clothes in a civilized society again.


Submitted: November 07, 2022

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