Just me being a Jerk

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Lonely , desperate, dream , self service , shame , need .
Love only cums in his dreams .Starved for the warm touch of a woman , the gentle touch of wet lips rolling his tight slippery foreskin over the thick head of his long , engorged cock .

His primary source of passionate sexual relief had abandoned ship !! She had slowly drifted away from his life over the period of a year or so .  Denise had been a passionate lover and actually was insatiable when her stars aligned , which occured every day and every night . She could be pretty wild and full of surprises most days .  She would come up behind him in the kitchen , in the living room , she would sneak up behind him while he was taking a piss and reaching around would grab him by his smoothly shaved balls .

She loved his smooth , baby soft Balls and told him so at every opportunity . The flow of his piss would stop as soon as her cold hands cupped and fondled them . What had become a bit of a problem was when the flow of piss resumed as one hand still cupped his balls . She would carress his big  bald cock and put her hands in the warm stream of his piss . It was so hot  that she couldn't resist the temptation , she claimed , of bathing her long thin cold  fingers in his 98.6 Degree hot piss . She said it felt good , like a hot water bottle , without an actual bottle .  Then sometimes she would ask me to sit on the toilet naked when I had the urge to piss . She would kneel on the  floor between my legs and spread my legs wide , for a better view she said . She would become passionatelyaroused at the sight of my flow of clear hot piss as it sprayed from the little cock lips ( the way she described it ) . She encouraged me use sugar in my diet , she claimed it gave my piss a wonderful aroma that always made her pretty , bald Pussy so wet that it could make her cum as soon as the scent entered hef nostrils . Her long skinny fingers exploring her tight pussy and knobby big Clit  might have played a part in making her juices flow and her asshole and pussy clench so tightly that she looked like she was having a petit mal seaizure !!!She would wrap the bulbous head of my cock in both hands to feel the warmth from his piss as she allowed his piss to bathe her hands . This would not make his cock hard because he had no erotic urges surrounding piss , did nothing for him sexually but he indulged Denise's quirky eroticism because it made her happy . The amazing  blowjob that customarily followed the emptying of his full bladder all over her hands definitely provided an incentiveto allow her to indulge her urges .

When she would have a bath she would call him to wash her back and her hair . He enjoyed this non-sexual but highly erotic activity and his fingers would invariably find the very tight little hole hidden between her puffy, bald pussy lips . 

She would often , always actually , tell him to get his clothes off and join her , sitting in the tub behind her with his rapidly stiffining cock jammed against her slippery back or stuck between her deliciously soft and slippery  ass cheeks . He noticed that she always drank lots of Gatorade followed by a cup of green tea just  t before taking her bath . When she was almost finished with her bath and the water began to cool , the cooling water lapping half way up the cheeks of her lovely pink ass she wouldrelax her muscles and stretch out flat in the tub .  Cupping her puffy pussy lips in both hands her hot piss would flow freely in a gushing torrent from her gaping  piss hole , that little hole at the base of her pink, reddish Cunt slit . Holding her tight lips open with her long fingers she would demand that he look and watch the squirting yellowish hot piss as the steady stream flowed fromher beautiful tight cunt . This was all new to him . 

He never imagoned in his wildest dreams that he could be aroused by the sight of hot piss flowing from a the gaping cunt of a beautiful woman, the sputteting hiss of the hot fluid squirting from her body , why ?? He tried to make sense of it but it just didn't compute !!  Of course licking and sucking on that little lump of flesh between her pussy lips was his favourite activity . He loved licking  her slippery , dripping cunt until she squealed ..." don't stop " or " stop stopping " every time he paused .  She had actually creamed on his tongue  as he sucked on her delicious Clit , a creamy little  spurt of her juices coated his lips and tongue as he had jammed his face between her legs and sucked on her flesh .  If that liquid had been her warm piss he would have been horrified and repulsed . Watching it pour from between her legs was a very different story , it got his cock so hard he couldn't stand it .

Her little game evolved over time and his cock got harder and thicker every time . As we showered together she would stand in one end of the bathtub with him kneeling at the other end with his stiff prick in his fist , stroking slowly . She sread her legs and used her fingers to open her pussy lips wide , wide enough to see that little Peehole  as ber golden piss squirted towards him . He could feel his foreskin getting tighter and tighter as he watched her fingers slide into her tight pussyhole . He reached down and gripped his swollen , dripping cock knob and pre-cum squirted in a little stream shooting from his little pink cock lips . As she began to squat in front of him and leaned back the stream from her lovely tight  little cunt splashed on his legs . His cock became impossibly hard  as he watched , he wanted to bury his big cock balls deep between her legs until their pubic bones crashed together .  He had never known his cock to feel so hard , so solid , like a steel pole emerging from between his thighs , getting stiffer with each squirt of piss . How can I be responding like this , why am I so aroused he wondered , genuinely bewildered by this whole new feeling . She attempted to stand over him and his stiff prick and allow her hot piss to dribble down onto his cock and balls , his chest , his thighs . This was a bridge too far for him , he was embarrassesed and almost ashamed at this  discovery of new  and  repulsive ( to him ) activity  which got his cock so hard and so fucking stiff !!  How can it be bad if it gets my cock so hard so quickly . 

His fist gripped his pulsating cock as the other fist gripped his smooth sweaty balls .  The wider her open wet cunt got  the faster he stroked . At the point of no return he stood up directly over her gaping pussy and stroked his cock slowly from his balls to dripping tip . 

Cum for me , she demanded , cum on me , cum inside me , cover my cunt with your hot juicesand save some for my throat when I suck you off . after




Submitted: November 18, 2022

© Copyright 2022 beastieboy. All rights reserved.

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harriet jacqui furl

Phew, hot and runny!

Tue, November 22nd, 2022 10:14pm


Thank You ? you are too kind I haven't found my rythm yet but I'm getting there ...and Yes , a resounding yes to lapping up your warm Kitty Kat Cream .
She eventually devoured my special sauce and the cock through which the Cream was delivered . Almost choked on him but a fun time was had by all , especially my thick , engorged hunk of Meat .
Yummm ? Beast with the One Eye .

Wed, November 23rd, 2022 12:17am

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