Double Cream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Whilst their wives lick whipped cream from each other’s breasts, the guys cream everything else.

“Double cream, are you sure? This is a very rich recipe.”

“Oh, as if it’s going to bother a slim skinny piece like you; besides, I know you like cherry cheesecake. I’m the one who has to watch my weight now that I’m seven months pregnant. I’m a whale and the cravings, talk about eating for two,” sighed Pauline, envious of her lost shape.

“Not much eating out now, I suppose either” queried Tanya.

“Pardon, “said Pauline,” I still enjoy a lick out down there.”

“Whoa, girlfriend? I meant restaurant meals, though now you have brought it up; God, is that how you make out? I mean, you were never going to be a Nun but don’t you have to stop for how many months? And what’s Russell doing…porn…besides, what about your arse, honey…I bet it’s getting lonely.”

“Tanya, it’s all myth; sex at eight months is fine, and boy, will I need it. Food and sex will get me through this. Here whip the cream, sweetie. The only one missing out is my pucker slot, but I’ll appreciate a refresher course after I drop the colt.”

Then: “Oh hell, baby. I’ve set the speed a bit high on the cream. It looks a bit thick.”

“Tanya…it’s okay…give it here,” but Pauline got that glint in her eye and flicked the sticky fluffy peaked stodgy mix straight from the spatula onto her best friend’s exposed cleavage; well, she was wearing a low neckline summer blouse.

“You tart,” and Tanya grabbed a liberal handful straight out of the bowl and splattered it on Pauline’s generous pregnant curved form. Bullseye too, some going straight down the crease of her pointy puffy peaks: teach her to wear a revealing open top.

They both laughed but realised they couldn’t go back to their men in the lounge room looking like this.

Pauline removed her top, and Tanya did too. Both now only brassiere constricted, cream splots and spats on their cleavage and trickling down between both their melon sets.

“Sorry, Honey, I couldn’t resist it,” said Pauline, “Let’s get upstairs and grab a fresh top. Otherwise, what will the boys think.”

“They’d probably like to lick it off,” said Tanya edging closer to Pauline.

Tanya was right into Pauline’s space and licking the cream off her exposed breast tissue around the curve of her lacey white generous cupped bra, and her tongue was delving into the groove. The sweet valley line and Pauline wasn’t resisting. She was encouraging, her hands holding her friend’s head as Tanya’s hands popped her expecting friend’s bra clip, and out they sprang; the true flesh wonders of the world. Juggy pregnant love puppies with so, so sensitive strawberry nipples, which Tanya nuzzled into with her full face and teasing tongue. Pauline’s future milk buckets were warm like fresh dough moulding through Tanya’s hands like wobbly jellies; supple, pliant, and readily responsive.

Pauline’s hands were moving down from her skinny girlfriend’s face. Tanya’s bra hit the floor, and her munificent, magnificent mammaries were all hers at the moment. Wow, Tanya had elongated nipples, so nice to tweak and rub between her fingers.

Tanya liked her girlfriend’s touch as she planted a long, lush lascivious kiss with open lustful eyes straight between Pauline’s slightly open wet lips.

Their rib cushions were suddenly shaping into each other as Tanya’s chest charmers were sweeping over Pauline’s curvaceous contoured cream jugs. Nipple-to-nipple touches exploded rampant lush mischief.

Their guys came into the kitchen looking for a beer at halftime in the game, but the real game was on directly in front of them, hooter hustling heaven as their full-breasted wives were playfully titty-slapping each other.

It’s the great thing about guys and opportunistic sex; theirs is not to reason why: just make sure they join in before it finishes without them: got to admire the male sex drive.

Russell was behind his wife, Tanya. The rugby cup and beer, the last things on his mind as he wriggled her jeans and familiar high-cut red panties down and heated meat, sought her slit warmth and enjoyment. His finger probed to ready her pussy; a waste of time. She was soaked. Here was a lesson, he’d have to pay her breasts more attention or get another woman involved more often. The scene had him so excited that he prodded in between her bum cheeks and close thighs, immediately, tight and nice, a cock delight.

Tanya went, “Ah…yes,” but kept pushing her nipples into Pauline’s nipples.

Lucas saw how randy Pauline was, and her navy maternity skirt was yanked up in nearly the same instance her white panties were tugged down. Like his mate Russell, he went finger dipping to assess wetness and was greeted with soppy need. He was stimulated. It was the basic, open the zip and get his pecker busy.

The two women were now happily squashed in a foursome. Pauline’s nipples were still happy: sidling, slithering and spooning into Tanya’s teats and titties.

The two women’s bodies were rubbing gently into each other, and the two guys’ dicks were contentedly plumbing away behind them, wrapped in their partner’s moist muffy man traps.

The girls were swooning like angels as their eyes met; both fucked nicely from behind, and well, there was that word; behind, and they slid so easily around each other and gave their aresholes to their husband’s best mate.

Pregnant butthole was a clamping, clenching wonderland for Russell. His cock caught like a hand in the firmest of handshakes. But he shamelessly buggerized her tight ring.

Lucas equally was enjoying a new butthole and one he hadn’t even lusted after; his mate’s wife; and boy, was her back entrance a cock revelation: her butthole tighter than hip-hugging jeans, her arse ring cuddling his cock as he poked, delved and then burrowed into her gorgeous expanding gape.

 Both guys committed all the way to double-cream pies.

Tanya’s juicy balloon knot crevice dribbled to the floor.

Pauline’s pleased pink puckered starfish trickled love juice down her inner thighs.

That double cream cherry cheesecake never got made, and fuck knows who won the tri-nations rugby cup. That’s what replays are for because nothing came between these four for the rest of the afternoon except each other bodies and a bit of working around a very large hump in front of Pauline.

Submitted: November 06, 2022

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Sounds like a feast of a festival!!!

Sun, November 6th, 2022 4:57am

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