Chapter 1: Finding Selena

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Dexter sat at the small table, alone, sipping his overpriced watered-down drink. He watched each stripper go through the same routine.. A girl would come out on the stage after being announced, wearing a tiny bra, a thong and “fuck me” heels. She would strut around, eyeing the men perched on stools around the edges of the stage, looking for eager tippers.

A couple minutes after swinging around the pole in the center of the stage, she would take off her bra and toss it on the floor on the back of the stage. When she turned around to face the crowd, claps and cheers would arise. Then she would stop in front of each man who had placed at least one dollar bill in front of him on the stage.

She would squat in front of him, and at her discretion, rub her breasts in his face, if he was lucky. Picking up the dollar bills one at a time, she would stuff them in the waist of her thong. Eventually she would drop the tip money on the floor where her bra was and then take off her thong and leave it on the floor as well.

As she would face the men at the edges of the stage, they would place more money down in front of their seats. She would either squat in front of them, one at a time, or get on her knees and push her ass as close as possible without touching. A big warning sign hung over the stage, “Hands off the girls – violators will be painfully sorry!”

When the girl sensed that most of the tips had been given, she would gather her clothes and tip money and leave the stage.

There was one exception to the routine. In the back right corner of the stage was a stool evidently reserved for generous tippers. A pipe hung low over the stage so that a girl could grab it and swing her legs over the shoulders of the man sitting there and then wrap her legs around his head. When that happened, cheers of envy would erupt around the stage. Only one man had occupied that seat since Dexter had been there. When the man left the stool and headed to the restroom, he had an obvious wet stain on the crotch of his pants.

Dexter watched three strippers go through their routine but none of them had what he was looking for. Then the announcer yelled, “And now, gentlemen, give it up for Selena!”

A pretty Latina came onto the stage, dressed the same as the previous girls. She had long dark hair, brown eyes and average but generous breasts. Her legs were athletic with firm looking thighs and an ass that deserved to be worshipped.

Selene copied the routine as the previous strippers, but when she removed her thong, Dexter’s heart skipped a beat.

Dexter was fifty five years old, single and as average as a man could be. He was a small man with a head that looked too big for his body. He was bald, had large ears, with a deep scar on one cheek from a childhood accident. His dark eyes and heavy eyebrows were intimidating even for his size. His Grecian nose and wide mouth occupied most of his face. He had been an auto mechanic for a long time and still could never get the grease and grime out of his fingernails.

Dexter had never been lucky with women. He had dated a few but only had sex with a few of those. He craved something he saw on a porn site and until now had not met a woman who could provide the experience. He wanted to give oral sex to a woman with pubic hair. Selena had a heavy dark bush of pubic hair.

Dexter moved quickly to the corner stool as Selena looked around for the most tips on the stage. She looked over at Dexter and saw his fifty-dollar bill on the stage in front of him. She came over, leaned down and asked with a soft, sexy voice, “Would you like to smell my pussy?”

Dexter expected her to have an accent but he didn’t care. He smiled at her and answered, “Yes, ma’am, very much so.”

She grabbed the overhead pipe and swung her legs over his shoulders, trapping his head between her firm thighs. Her pussy was just inches away. He smelled a soft fragrance that he thought might be some sort of body powder. It was pleasant but not what he had hoped for.

When she swung back to the stage, she picked up the fifty-dollar bill and winked at him. He was ready to proceed toward his goal.

Selena wandered around the stage, picking up bills and giving each donor a closer look at her body. She happened to glance over and saw another fifty-dollar bill in front of Dexter on the stage. She went back over to him, smiled and asked, “Would you like to kiss my pussy?”

Dexter didn’t hesitate to answer. “Yes, ma’am, very much so.”

She swung her legs over his shoulders again, only this time his face was right in her sex. His nose was in her pubic hair, and he knew that’s where she had put the powder. His lips touched her labia and she gave him a gentle warning, “Just kisses, nothing else.”

He pursed his lips and kissed her flesh and his cock stirred in his pants. The touch of her thighs, pressed against his cheeks aroused him. He kissed again and again and hoped he could control his excitement.

Selena returned to the center of the stage and picked up most of the tips. Dexter thought that she might be ready to end her performance so he put another fifty-dollar bill in front of him. Selena happened to see it as she was about to pick up her clothes and the pile of tip money. She went directly over to him, smiling like she had seen an old friend.

Leaning close, she asked sweetly, “Would you like to taste my pussy? None of the men in here have ever been allowed.”

Dexter’s heart was beating fiercely in his chest. “Yes, ma’am, very much so.”

When she slid her legs over his shoulders and pressed her pussy to his mouth, she closed her legs. Dexter slid his tongue inside her tentatively, curled his tongue and lapped up the sweetness of an aroused woman. He expected her to pull away quickly, but she hesitated. “Don’t stop, do it just a little longer,” she whispered. Dexter was more than glad to comply. His cock strained at the crotch of his pants. Finally she opened her legs and swung back to the stage. She picked up the fifty-dollar bill, smiled at him and said, “Thank you.”

As Selena was leaving the stage, Dexter went back to his table. His drink was still there, so he sat down and continued sipping it to calm down. There was one more thing he wanted to do, and if his hunch was right, Selena would come and find him.

And she did, about ten minutes after she left the stage. She was still wearing the bra and thong that she wore on the stage. Standing by the table, she asked, “Would you like to buy a drink for me so we can talk for a little while?”

“Yes, ma’am, very much so,” He answered.

As Selena sat down, a girl came to the table with a drink and set it down in front of her. “The lady’s drink will be ten dollars, sir,” she said. Dexter pulled the cash from the same pocket where he had stashed the fifty-dollar bills and paid the waitress.

“I have something for you,” he told Selena. He reached into the other pants pocked and pulled out another fifty-dollar bill but it was folded. It was also obvious that there was a note folded with the bill. “I want you to have this for what you did for me on the stage tonight,” he said.

Selena unfolded the bill and read the note, which was stapled to the bill.

“I know I am not handsome but I need to satisfy a woman with oral sex and I am very generous. I do not need reciprocation of any kind.”

Selena looked up at him after reading the note. “That’s all you want? Nothing for yourself?”

“I can do without. I saw this done to a woman in a porn film and it turned me on because she had pubic hair and most women don’t anymore. You not only have pubic hair but you’re pretty and you have a beautiful body.”

“So you only want to do this to women with pubic hair?” she asked.

“Well, my fantasy is for her to have pubic hair, but once I have done it, it wouldn’t matter whether or not she has pubic hair.”

“When do you want to do this?” she asked, tucking the money and the note into her bra.

“Anytime, anywhere,” he replied.

Selena was quiet for a couple minutes and then stood up. “Come with me,” she said. They left their drinks on the table and Dexter followed her to an office behind the stage. Another girl was sitting in the office reading a book.

“Mandy, I need the office to discuss some private business with this gentleman,” Selena said.

Mandy looked at Dexter as she left the office and over her shoulder she said, “You go, girl, make him want it.”

Selena closed and locked the office door, took off her thong and sat on the edge of the desk. She spread her legs. “Do you have money with you?”

Dexter opened his wallet and showed her the last of his cash; a one hundred dollar bill. Selena took it and tucked it into her bra. She motioned for Dexter to get down between her legs. “Show me what you need to do.”

He didn’t want to risk losing the opportunity, so Dexter took his time, first kissing the insides of her thighs before putting his mouth on her pussy. He made love to her pussy with his mouth and tongue,  tenderly, sensuously and really enjoying it when she slipped her legs over his shoulders again. His face was pressed between her firm thighs and his cock began to throb.

Selena let him do as he pleased and in a few minutes, her breath quickened and she moaned softly. She opened her legs and gently pushed Dexter away. When she opened the office door, Dexter thought he would just go wash his face and leave. But Selena stopped him long enough to give him a surprise.

“What is your name?” she asked.

“Dexter, Dexter Farmington.”

“Well, Dexter Farmington, if you get a room at the Holiday Inn down the street tomorrow, I will meet you in the lobby at four p.m. and we will discuss your need more thoroughly.”

Dexter was elated, too excited to even respond as Selena walked away.

The next day, he waited in the Holiday Inn lobby and Selena was on time. She wore tight ankle length pants and a revealing blouse and those “fuck me” heels. Dexter had high hopes that she might be more accommodating than just letting him lick her pussy again.

Once they were in the room, Selena undressed and got on the bed. “I have an hour and I want more of what you did yesterday, much more.”

Dexter didn’t bother to undress but he did ask her for a favor. “When I saw this done in a porn film, the girl sat on the man’s face and it was exciting. Would you do that for me?”

Selena agreed and told him to lie on the bed with his head near the corner of the mattress. She straddled the corner of the bed and lowered herself onto his face. Once again, Dexter had his nose in her pubic hair as he slid his tongue inside her.

She leaned back with her arms on his chest. “I love feeling a man’s tongue inside me; eat me out.” She said it with some authority in her voice and Dexter’s cock became erect. He probed her with his tongue, lapping hungrily at her slit. She used two fingertips to rub her clit and before he had a chance to really lick her, she had an orgasm. He was hoping that she would consider sex with him, but she climbed back on the bed and lay on her back. “Okay, this time, you can take your time.” She spread her legs and Dexter crawled between them and leaned down on his elbows. He slid his muscular hands under her perfect ass and lifted her until his mouth consumed her pussy. He sucked at her labia, teased her clit with the tip of his tongue and hummed on it.

Selena struggled in his hands, pressing herself into his face, wanting more. He lapped at her clit slowly for a long time and finally sucked it gently into his mouth. Selena groaned out loud. He slowly worked his tongue in and out of her, teasing her clit, sucking on it until she finally jerked against his face and came. He was proud of himself and got to his knees.

Dexter was preparing to unzip his pants when someone knocked on the door. “Who could that be?” he wondered to himself.

As he approached to door, Selena got off the bed and began to get dressed. “It’s okay, Dexter, that’s Mandy.”

“Mandy?” he asked confused.

“Yes, I told the other girls about you and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity.”

“What opportunity” he asked.

“Our boyfriends never give us head, and we need it now and then just as you need to do it. So we decided to help you and ourselves as well.”

“What do you mean, “We”? he asked.

“I have to get to work but Mandy can stay from five until six p.m. Darla will be here from six until seven p.m. and Tammy will be here from seven until eight p.m.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Dexter said, almost stammering. “I didn’t bring much money with me.”

Selena opened the door and Mandy came in. As she approached the door to leave, Selena said, “Today is free from all of us, but just for today. And as horny as these girls will be, they will do anything you want after you eat them out. Have fun!”

Dexter closed the door and turned around. Mandy was already undressed. “Take your clothes off, and let’s have some fun!” she said as she jumped on the bed.

And Dexter got all the sex he ever dreamed of that day.





Submitted: November 05, 2022

© Copyright 2022 willnorman. All rights reserved.


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Well, that ended as a real treat!!!

Sat, November 5th, 2022 11:10pm


Thanks for reading and the kind comments!

Sun, November 6th, 2022 6:37am

harriet jacqui furl

An engrossing and most absorbing story - polite Dexter's lucky not to suffocate, but what a time he had with all those girls, so pleased that his dreams all came true. I have the attention span of a gnat, but I really enjoyed your well-written story, and I was held in his mouth for the whole duration! Great writing, thanks!

Wed, November 9th, 2022 11:59pm


Thanks, first for reading and then for your kind comments. Part of this came from experience, at least part of it, lol.

Thu, November 10th, 2022 7:47am

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