Three Isn't Always A Crowd

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Group Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

It's nice to spice things up every now and then.

Chris got lucky tonight; he was bringing not one, but two babes home with him! Just the thought made all the blood flow south.

Brunette and blond are both so fucking sexy that it would be a shame not to taste them both. Chris liked indulging in threesomes every once in a while; it made things interesting, and the sex, oh my god, the sex, was mind-blowing!

The girls giggled as Chris ushered them inside his apartment building, where he nodded at the doorman on his way up to his apartment.

Chris had difficulty getting his keys out because the girls couldn't keep their hands to themselves any longer.

Finally unlocking the door, the three of them entered. There was no time to look around, as the clothes were being thrown to the floor.

The sounds of sloppy kisses being shared filled the apartment. Chris couldn't tell which of the girls he was making out with, but he didn't care.

Tongues twirling playfully, Chris led the girls to his bedroom, where all the fun would take place.

The blonde girl pushed Chris onto the bed before kneeling on the floor between his spread legs. She started unbuttoning his pants while Chris made out with the brunette on the bed.

Chris moaned into the kiss when his cock was suddenly engulfed in wet warmth. The blond girl didn't waste time; she took Chris's cock inside her mouth, sucking hungrily.

Chris groaned, which made him break the kiss with the other girl, who now took off her bra and thong.

"God, baby, you suck my cock so good! Yeah, that's the stuff; use your tongue more!" Chris was lying on his back completely, enjoying what the blond girl did to his cock.

He turned to the brunette girl, who was touching herself while she watched them.

"Sit on my face, babe. Let me taste that sweet pussy of yours."

The brunette complied, positioning her pussy directly above Chris's open mouth. He swirled his tongue, licking the brunette's clit, and sucked on it gently.

The brunette moaned as she massaged her breasts, tweaking her nipples. She wriggled her hips, rubbing her pussy over Chris's face, which he didn't mind one bit.

Chris moaned into the pussy of the other girl as he came inside the blond's mouth. He couldn't see, but the blond swallowed all of the cum. The blonde stood up and straddled Chris.

The blond girl teased Chris with her wet pussy, not sliding down his glistening cock just yet.

The brunette girl turned around, her pussy still taken care of by Chris, and shared a lewd kiss with the blond girl, tasting Chris's cum on the blond's tongue.

The girls kissed more passionately, their pussies getting wetter and wetter as they played with the man under them.

Chris was in heaven. He felt the brunette's pussy twitch; she was about to cum. He groaned, the vibrations being enough for the girl on top of him to moan loudly as she came, making Chris drink up all of the nectar flowing out of her pussy.

"Did you enjoy that, baby?" The brunette girl asked Chris as she moved to the bed. Chris licked his lips, savoring the taste.

"I sure did, babe. I hope you did, too. "

They shared another kiss. The kiss didn't last long because Chris broke it by groaning loudly as the blond finally slid down his hot rod.

The blond bounced on his cock, taking her pleasure selfishly, but the tightening of her pussy around his cock made Chris feel just as great.

The bedroom was soon filled with filthy moans and skin slapping against skin. The girls made out again, with Chris watching them this time.

"Shit, that's so fucking hot!" Don't stop kissing her, babe, and massage her breasts. Fuck, fuck!" Chris started swearing as he watched the brunette move behind the blond girl, kissing her neck and massaging her breasts.

The blond girl moved her hips faster, chasing after her orgasm, the stimulation from both her boobs and pussy making her go wild.

Chris threw his head back, feeling like he was about to burst as well.

Chris and the blond girl came at the same time, while the brunette got herself off by watching them.

The blond girl moved away, leaving a trail of cum dripping out of her. She crawled towards the brunette, kissing her and sitting in the other girl's lap.

It didn't take the girls too long to make themselves wet again. This time, though, they found pleasure in rubbing their pussies together.

The girls almost forgot that Chris was there as well.

"Fuck, babes, you look so hot together! Rub those naughty pussies harder; make each other cum as I stroke my cock."

Chris was the one watching the show as he stroked his cock, taking in the sight of the girls fucking each other.

The brunette was on top of the blond, ridding her hips as she rubbed their clits together. The girls moaned; it was music to Chris's ears and enough for him to be pushed over the edge more quickly.

The girls gyrated their hips faster before the brunette squirted, spraying her juices over the blonds' thighs and stomachs.

Chris's cock got half hard at the sight of the brunette girl squirting.

The girls exchanged another kiss before turning to the man.

"I hope you're not tired yet, baby; it's my turn to take a ride on that big cock."

The brunette crawled over to where Chris was leaning against the headboard.

Chris rolled the brunette on her back, kissing her passionately.

"Tired? We're just getting started, babe."

The trio enjoyed themselves all night long, until the first signs of dawn.




Submitted: November 04, 2022

© Copyright 2023 midnight.eve. All rights reserved.

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Awesome - there's nothing as hot and satisfying for a guy as having sex with two girls, at least for as long as he can last and satisfy them both. Loved the flow of this. Chris was a lucky guy. Where can I find some of those hot babes?

Sun, November 6th, 2022 2:43pm


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! As for where you can find those babes, has a funny way of surprising us. ;)

Sun, November 6th, 2022 12:24pm

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