Ladies' Young Skin Salon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: CFNM

A customer tells her cosmetologist that she keeps her skin young by using human male sperm. The cosmetologist sees the business opportunity and changes her business using human male sperm to revive ladies' skin.

Ladies” Young Skin Salon

My named is Edna Young.  I am a cosmetologist.  I own my own salon.  I have done this for 25 years.  One day a lady came into my shop to have her hair done.  She appeared to be in the mid 40’s except that she was prematurely grey.  While I was doing her hair, I made a remark asking her if prematurely grey hair was in her family. 

She said, “I am not prematurely grey.”

 said, “I am sorry, but you look to me about 45.”

She said, “I am not 45, I am 75.”

I said, “Ohmigod, how do you look so young?”

She said, “I have a secret.”

I said, “Please tell me what it is, if you do, I will give you free hair do’s for life.

She said, “Okay, sperm.”

I said, “What do you mean sperm?”

She said, “When my husband was alive, I would either give him a hand job or blow job, collect his sperm and rub it all over my face.”

I said, “Really, that is your secret?”

She said, “Yes, but the sperm has to be fresh.  The live sperm cells invade the skin pores.  It causes an immune reaction, which causes blood to flow to the skin and invigorates the skin cells.”

I said, “You said your husband is dead.  Where do you get your sperm now?”

She said, “I get boys in my neighborhood to donate it.  I give them blowjobs in exchange.”

I said, “Doesn’t that get you into trouble?”

 said, “Of course not, they know better to talk.  The don’t want to lose their blow jobs.”

I didn’t believe her at first but of course I had to try it.  I found a young man and paid him $20.00 for every time I gave him a blow job and took his sperm.  I did this once a week, every week for 3 months.  After about a month my skin started appearing younger and after 3 months there was no question.  The winkles and age spots disappeared. and my skin appeared to be glowing.  I knew this had business potential but how to exploit it?

Some of my regular customers noticed the improvement in my skin and asked how I did it.  I decided to tell them.  When I did, they begged to pay me for such a service!

I asked the one boy I used for my sperm find other friends willing to give their sperm in exchange for money.  I found out that men take 3 days to recover their sperm count.  I agreed to pay them $50.00, twice a week for each sperm deposit.  I then decided to charge my customers $100.00 for each treatment.  I would have the young male wait in the backroom until my customer came in.  Then he would masturbate into a shallow dish.  I would go in pick up the dish and spread his sperm on the face of my customer.

Word spread quickly and I had more customers than donors.  That was quickly rectified.  I changed my procedure and hired a fellatrix to fellate my donors.  When I did that, I had no difficulty finding sufficient young males to get a blow job and get paid for it.

Then it happened.  The police showed up and I was accused of running a brothel.  I hired an attorney and told her my story.  In the meantime. I stopped giving sperm skin treatments. 

When the trial came up, I told my story and my attorney used a half a dozen of my customers to testify that using sperm on their faces had nothing to do with sex.  The lady judge bought the argument and dismissed the case.  The next day the judge showed up and wanted a treatment.  I gave it to her for free.

Now I could give sperm skin treatments in the open.  I started to advertise.  I stopped my cosmetology business, changed the name of my business to “Ladies’ Young Skin Salon and my business exploded.  I borrowed money from the bank. tripled the size of my salon and opened two more salons.  Unfortunately, other salons started giving the same skin treatments and my business expansion slowed and stopped.

After my skin treatments were legalized, I also streamlined my process.  Instead of having my donors in the backroom.  I brought them out in the shop itself.  I wanted my customer to see how fresh their sperm really was.  I also discovered that the treatment was more effective it the customer did her own fellating.  When the customer was seated in her chair, I would bring out the young donor naked from the waist down.  The customer then sucked his cock until he came and spurted his sperm all over her face.  Then I would, using my fingertips, spread the sperm all over her face.  I and the other customers always enjoyed watching this scene.  As for the donors, getting fellated in front of a bunch of admirers always excited them.  They never failed to produce. 

Sometimes women would be reluctant to give blowjobs.  Therefore, I employed a fellatrix to do the blow job for her.  In order to pay the fellatrix, I charged another $50.00. 

Ultimately, the popularity of having young men being fellated in public had an effect on public mores.  Indecent exposure became unknown.  Why expose yourself in public when you could go to a salon and get paid for donating your sperm?  I hoped for a while that rape cases would disappear also.  They didn’t, although they diminished.  The reason, I found out later, is that rapists can’t get it up without seeing fear in the eyes of their victims.

The most interesting result was the change in male modesty.  The phenomenon of ladies, getting sperm on their faces spread quickly nation-wide.  It became common for young, single men to be paid in beauty salons to provide live sperm.  First, the young men who donated sperm started going naked to public beaches.  Soon men of all ages went naked at public beaches.  The women, accustomed to seeing men donate sperm in women’s salons, did not care.  The old practice of having young men in school swim in the nude returned.  This time it was different, the swim lessons were coeducational.  The men even went nude in swim meets.  Why not, no one cared anymore.

When I saw the changes in male mores, I expected a change in female modesty.  It may have changed but it wasn’t noticeable.  After a while, I realized why, women don’t rape or molest men.  Women need modesty to protect them from molestation but there was never really any need for male modesty in the first place.



This situation may seem far fetched but it really isn’t.  There are people who believe that human semen is beneficial for female skin.  It is possible to buy an artificial semen product.  This issue has been even mentioned on the program “The Doctors”. 

Submitted: November 03, 2022

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It is a feel-good, ball-bursting, fill-your-face filate of fellatio - a fantastic fella-tricks of a story.

Thu, November 3rd, 2022 2:25am

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