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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by Spyguy

His eyes grow wide when he sees me, smouldering in my fishnet vest and neon pink microkini!

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'What're you waiting for?' I slur, 'Want you!'

His eyes grow wide when he sees me, smouldering in my fishnet vest and neon pink microkini! I stretch my strong legs, flicking the grit off my scorched toes. My calves are socked with sand. I’ve acquired a healthy tan. He stashes away his sunglasses, strips off his t-shirt, joining me on the beach mat. I smile approvingly at his rugged looks: his sunken cheeks, his lean brown torso, smooth chiselled chest, a flat stomach: finding his manly physique appetising. Apart from his sexy, swarthy, facial growth, the scruffy copper hair, his body is bald. His ruby lips demand closer inspection by my discerning tongue, as do his dark honey nipples!

A lust-lump forms in my throat as he watches me disentangle my breasts from the netting.

‘Rub some oil on my back, would you?’

He places the bottle of suntan oil near my body. The squeezy bottle is half-full; he’ll need to apply its contents sparingly to make the fluid last. He squeezes a blob of oil onto his palm. 

‘Lie on your front then.’

I tie back my hair with a pink elastic band and roll onto my front, my chin resting comfortably on the backs of my hands. Excited, I grip the edge of the beach mat. One of my knees slides off, burrowing a hole in the sand. Although his tender touch will caress the whole of my body, he lightly covers my buttocks with a soft towel, to protect them from the sun. He’ll soon strip it off me when my skin falls under his soothing magic spell,

‘Like this, you mean?’

He nods. Delicately, he glides his hands over my sunburnt shoulders and neck, up and down my arms, kneading warm oil into my sore flesh. Gently rubs my back using long, deep, strokes, pressing his chest against me. I feel his hot breath on my cheek, fleeting kisses on my ear lobe, jaw, neck, spine. Slowly, softly, his tongue licks my lower back. I quiver as he strips away the towel and spreads my legs apart. He massages my soft inner thighs his fingers lightly brush my groin,

‘How does that feel?’ he asks.

‘Mmmn. Feels good!’

The flaming hot sun beats down, searing our bodies. I roll onto my back. Once I’ve settled, he lubricates my chest, pouring oil on my tanned breasts: ruddy brown, puffy, from the sea’s kiss.

‘Be gentle with them, they’re sensitive.’

He massages my shoulders, working his way up and down my arms, using balm to lightly skim my breasts with the palms of his hands, pausing to tease my stiff teats, circling both my bronze nipples, sending blissful sensations tingling down my body. Breathing heavily, taking in deep gasps, I slip out of my microkini. His jaw falls at the sight of me, naked, uninhibited. My beauty intoxicates him. I lick my lips salaciously, my eyes half-shut.

He grips my chin, staring at my eager face, ‘We can’t, Isla, not here.’

‘Why not? It’s a nudist beach, isn’t it?’

‘Someone might see us.’

‘The beach is empty?’

I hear the far-off cry of a lonely seagull, the wash of sea on sand. We embrace. I hold him tight, enjoying his proud flesh buried in my soft belly, pressing his mouth with my dewy lips. Our membranes adhere, bound in an infinitesimal moment of intimacy. We pause to catch our breaths. I’m crying. Tears of joy moisten my fiery cheeks. My smile illuminates my face. My soft lips brush his ear.

I delve my hand into his trunks and pull him out, straining, rearing for me. His cock is speckled with silt from where he squatted on the surf line. I reach for my beach bag, take out a bottle of water and rinse him, rubbing his hard shaft with my closed hand, lie back and arrange myself on the crumpled towel.

He licks my tummy, tasting the sea salt in my navel. With my leg hiked over his shoulder, he kisses my inner thigh, massaging my soft outer lips. By now, I’m all dreamy, dripping wet, and smothered in oil. My hairy tuft is dusted with sand. He brushes it off, kneels between my legs, gazing into my shining eyes, the luckiest man in the world.

My face flushes. My breasts swell. My heart races. I grit my teeth, flex my hips, arch my body upwards.

‘What’re you waiting for?’ I slur, ‘Want you.’

We have intimate, loving sex, our bodies entwined, my head snuggled against his sweaty chest!

Submitted: November 03, 2022

© Copyright 2022 harriet jacqui furl. All rights reserved.

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I remember this one! Good read!

Thu, November 3rd, 2022 6:52pm


Thank you so much Spyguy and lovely to hear from you! Harriet-Jacqui

Thu, November 3rd, 2022 3:31pm

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