Lighten Up

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A masseuse and masseur couple lead a husband and wife into a wild, frantic foursome.

Dana and Oliver had worked bloody hard for three years nonstop, establishing their boutique catering business. Christ, they had been busy with weddings, corporate events, and even government department functions as their reputation for quality food and exquisite settings spread through the city. They always used the best fresh seasonal produce and had finally trained the staff that reflected their refined attention to every small detail. Get the detail right, and the big picture event always holds together.

They had recently catered one of the corporate marquee tents at the spring racing carnival and really needed a rest but wouldn’t take it. That was until their staff, all flush with performance bonuses chipped in and organised a weekend massage and spa retreat voucher for the pair to relax, chill out, and lighten up.

Dana and Oliver checked their booking schedule, and as their staff already knew, this weekend was- a rare- event free, the only gap between endless spring weddings, corporate sports boxes, a string of office and Christmas parties, and finally ending another year with a corporate harbour marquee for the New Year fireworks.

Dana and Oliver packed lightly and headed by hire car for the five-star retreat on the edge of a state national park in the ranges two hours inland of Sydney.

They arrived to complimentary champagne and strawberries, plump and fresh. The vista from their suite was stunning over the ranges as the sunset. They were looking forward to unwinding, having quality time for themselves, and getting the flame back in their love life, which, given their work rate, was lacklustre. Reduced to quickies and their fuck time had collapsed into a missionary regulation nine thirty time slot twice a week, put bluntly, sorry, pitiful unmemorable coupling.

The spa was fabulous and relaxing. Champagne was allowed in stylish plastic flutes, and there was gentle flirting and mild sexual exploration under the influence of alcohol.

They needed the couple’s massage to get the tension out of themselves and fully relax to be ready to embrace each other just a bit later in the evening.

Seriously if something doesn’t ignite this pair, it will be missionary sex at nine-thirty and off to sleep. What a waste of a retreat weekend!

The massage specialists were a couple’s team, youngish like themselves though that was the only point of comparison. The pair had tanned, toned, taut bodies. Move over Adonis and Aphrodite. They looked like harmonised models. At the same time, Dana and Oliver had let their physical side slip a tad over the past few business years. Still, both were presentable in their disposable underwear, lying on their stomachs, facing each other on separate but close tables. Ready to unwind… prepared to loosen up…let everything go.

And they were soon under the sway of the aromatic essential oils—the soothing pliant massaging hands. In the same instance, it was kneading and sensual, cajoling tenseness out of their shoulders and necks. It was wonderfully esteem-building, too. Fingers were intimately plying into deep tissue, interspersed with palm rubdown techniques. There were hints of knowledgeable reflexology. So soothing, the newness of petrissage for our married couple, where the skin is gently lifted and squeezed, explained by the male who introduced himself as Tristan.

While Tamara, the masseuse, explained and used a variation, the divine tapotement, where the body is rhythmically tapped with the fingers in short rapid moments.

God, thought Oliver, it was too long since skin and touch had felt this good.

Dana being a woman, expressed her enjoyment openly to Tristan, who just professionally smiled and kneaded subtly between her shoulder blades.

For both Dana and Oliver, it was a sweet stirring sensual overload. The attention to their bodies was in the detail, and the bigger picture was yet to be revealed.

When Tristan and Tamara moved in sync to the couple’s feet, the feeling and tempo in the room stirred and bordered on the erotic. It captivated and stimulated entire bodies as the massaging duo worked their way together up their allocated calves and thighs, sweeping inwards with both hands to manipulate inner thighs jointly.

At this point, Dana and Oliver gave each other a hungry sexual look. They were on as soon as this was over. The invigorating detail had them both seeing the evening’s true big picture, which was randy.

However, it was Tamara who said would they like to remove the disposal pants and have a buttock massage together as they were a couple.

The eager couple agreed, stripping off fast and facing down, ready for the intense gift. The deep kneading of each other’s fleshy arse was exciting to watch as another’s hands massaged over known intimate flesh. Both watched the process longingly and enlivened. Equally excited by the tactile ambience. It was disguised feely fleshy foreplay, and it charged through their mutual buttocks to their hidden but now aroused privates.

Tamara suggested they both slightly open their legs for a wonderful couple’s experience as they received the inner thigh workout. Fingers were so close to their exposed privates. Yes, massage certainly, but it had crossed the line into unprofessional. Yet our couple were fully into it as a pussy and cock were both feathery finger touched, and their sensitive anal and perineum areas glided over. Tamara was then overtly oiling Oliver’s ball sac before he could do anything but groan pleasurably, realising at the same instance the gratifying ‘mmm’s’ from Dana as Tristan was oiling her fleshy lips.

The couple surrendered utterly as they were eased over onto their backs. Oliver’s cock was already erect, but Tamara was massaging with a combination of speed and fine, sensitive touch along his whole shaft. His head, girth and balls moulded in one compelling defining motion. She hit a spot midway between his nuts and arse with a finger and gently pushed inwards. It was delightfully riveting, new and sensational, an unknown fucking sweet spot. Holy hell, she had another finger up his butt hitting his prostrate like the pro she was. The waves of pleasure were nearly too friggin intense. He was going to ejaculate…he was sure…but she knew when to withdraw…the calculating experienced, knowledgeable bitch.

Tristan had dribbled extra oil over Dana’s pretty trimmed pubic mound. The excess trickled down both sides of her cute lippy folds. His fingers drew back her hood and released her pink bud to direct stimulation. He operated in delicate clockwise and counter-clockwise deft pressure circles on her love nub. Then he squeezed her bead between his thumb and index finger and gently inserted his middle finger from his other hand into her cute cavern. He was feeling up, pushing down and sideways. The depth, the speed and the pressure were just fucking incredible. Then he hit her g-spot, which Oliver occasionally found by accident. Tristan was spot on and knew what to do, pressing purposefully for pressure.

Dana felt the need to leak, and her juices escaped as his pinky eased into her freckle. It was nearly too much. She was on the crest of an amazing orgasm when all his fingers were out—the confident manipulating bastard.

Tristan and Tamara knew nothing would inhibit the massaged couple now. There was only a freefall to blissful debauchery waiting for them to embrace as they, too, removed their clothes quickly.

Man, oh man, he was well hung, but that was seemingly expected, and Tamara was fully shaved, revealing imposing fulsome natural breasts with cute puffy nipples.

Getting the couple facing each other but apart on the separate massage tables was easy. Dana and Oliver were like manipulable mannequins under their sway. The leadership of the encounter was evident to all involved.

Tristan positioned himself under Dana with her legs exposed to her husband, supporting her weight slightly lifted by his hands under the thighs. It was his tongue doing the svelte workout beneath her, licking upwards over and into her glistening cunny, luxuriating over her perineum and occasionally teasing with his tip into her sweet, slightly gaped arsehole.

Dana was quickly writhing, twisting, squirming, captured in immediate responsive pleasure. Fuck it, Tristan had the flicking tongue work ethic, and he was leaving no part of the job unfinished. He was supervising pleasure crafting in every hole, flap of flesh and indentation his tongue could reach, and he was reaching everywhere that counted for Dana and doing it well.

Of course, Dana’s excitement was multiplied by the magnetism of seeing Tamara giving Oliver full head openly and overtly opposite her. She had Oliver sitting up so he could see Dana getting eaten out while he was being sucked off. His cock had that jerky, jolty, wrenched, heavenly heave feel. Tamara engaged her clenched fist around his shaft and worked his head with the sloppy suck, slurpy motion of her pliable close-fitting lips.

How had this happened? They were watching each other being given oral delight. It was racy raunchy, and way beyond ribald now. They were past the point of decency. All that remained to discover was the compelling inundation of mutual pleasure.

The delicious durable tension of palpitating privates was given a wider bodily dimension as Tristan used one hand to ignite nipple sensation in Dana with feathery strokes over her perky breasts and now so sensitive teats. While as if on cue, Tamara got her long nails scratching over Oliver’s nipples; it was exhilarating, scintillating and just plain fricking awesome, the male breast scrape. 

Tristan told Oliver what to do next, to position himself under Tamara, and he would do the same with Dana. So that they could all watch cocks pounding into a pussy. The girls went feral, pumping cock as they took in their guy humping another girl but getting off on seeing another woman’s pussy full too. Four individuals were all pleasure-seeking…true…but basking in the bountiful, blissful, largesse moments of a private orgy.

All sex is good, but great sex is intense. It is a blast of unrealised released sensuality, pleasure emanating from the known in unexpected ways—a generous genital gift of nuanced new touch.

Oliver was stunned, pumping away intently, but mesmerised by his Dana’s pleasure treasure being shared, watching a pecker thrusting deep into her and her wetness seeping out around her opening. Damn, it looked great; it was unbelievable. He desired her cunt, even more, seeing it fucked by someone else so close to himself.

Dana couldn’t believe the adrenaline rush building through her watching Oliver fuck the life out of another woman. His thick sausage glistening with her fem-moisture was a real turn-on and made her hump harder as she could see Oliver was fixated on her creamy cunny coming fast with another cock.

Both women gave almost synchronised screams of climatic gratification, their shrill orgasms overlapping with repeated moans of joyousness. The joy of being a woman fulfilled as Oliver followed Tristan’s lead on Dana, and both males worked their fingers over each woman’s fully alert, responsive clit.

Pleasure encapsulated by friction, it was all about the pleasure held and infused through the body in the instance and the afterglow and held thoughts. The sweetness of joy complete, the luxuriousness of fun shared.

The girls knew it was time to relieve these awesome guys and instinctively knew it was time to swap and deal generously and attentively with their man’s wad.

Within seconds of each other, first Oliver, then Tristan came, both caught in the pleasure of the gooey spurt, pleasure intensified in their cock heads, overwhelming satisfaction bursting out. A surging spilling splosh of seed, splattering on eager tongues and licked by lips—a happy foursome.

Tamara and Tristan went back into professional mode and gave the weekend couples gowns.

The masseuse and masseur were quickly dressed and guided their happy clients to the sauna, and with a wink, Tamara suggested they book again for a revitalisation session in a few weeks.

The team back in Sydney couldn’t believe how much the couple had lightened up at work. It was still very much signature professionalism but now had that team camaraderie edge that generated even more success in their catering ventures.

Unknown to their employees, it had a lot to do with Dana’s and Oliver’s raunchy spirit of the moment, sex any time of the day or night, varying the goddam positions and in any risqué place as the moment seized them. It often happened, even two or three times a day.

And the biggest surprise was how they delegated a wedding a few weeks later and headed away for another weekend. Of course, the location was the same, and they had booked in with the very popular; no standby vacancies available Tristan and Tamara. And the couple’s bags had some toys to spice up the session, though they had no idea but would learn over the coming months that the masseur and masseuse had the whole frickin Kama Sutra in their repertoire!

Submitted: November 02, 2022

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