The Intubation of Meg Crowley

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by Lizziewolf

For Meg:
He wants me. He comes for me, at midnight, forcing open my apartment door. I lounge half-submerged, naked in my bath. I am tonight's woman. I slide like an eelpout over the rim of my sticky, steamy-hot bath onto the torn linoleum floor, wrap a frayed towel around my torso, and enter the bedroom.

(PS hear my audio version as ripest cherry at literotica)

He wants me. He comes for me, at midnight, forcing open my apartment door. I lounge half-submerged, naked in my bath. I am tonight's woman. I slide like an eelpout over the rim of my sticky, steamy-hot bath onto the torn linoleum floor, wrap a frayed towel around my torso, and enter the bedroom. A man in a slit-eyed balaclava confronts me. He tells me he wants to fuck me on all fours. Shows me how to squat. Tells me he is going on a joy ride inside me. Tells me I should consider myself lucky. He wants me to wear a plain dress, and just a dab of lipstick: while he fucks me.

He turns his back on me while I dry my hair and put on a dress. I have a white, silk, crepe de chine dress. I keep it for special occasions, party balls, celebrations, a pair of diamond earrings, wavy teak hair worn short, alluring eyes. When I'm dressed, I squat on the bed posing for him, my bare left arm resting on the soft pillow, my right hand rubbing at my wrist, nervously, apprehensive,

'Well,' I ask him, 'How do I look? Will I do? For you?'

He doesn't answer. He walks up, forces me to squat on my haunches, reaches inside his back jean pocket, and pulls out a coarse linen cloth. I squat, perfectly still, for him as he wraps the blindfold round my head, tying it securely, its knot pressed into my hair. He takes hold of my arms, pins them to my back, pulls off my dress, and fondles my breasts, penetrating me from behind, he fucks me. There is silence in the bedroom. Silence on my bed. I come alive. I feel the warm, sultry, spring-night air caressing my skin, my bare breasts, a zephyr blows over my naked back. His fingers dig into my midriff, my hips. My head is pushed down, forcing me to pant, cry, and scream,

'Fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt!'

He slides in and out of me. His hard legs force open my soft inner thighs. I plead to be his bitch,

'Want to be your bitch on heat! Want to be your slut. Fuck my dripping wet cunt, won't you?!'

He fucks my cunt like mad, impregnating my love-hole, then he withdraws. I am dragged off the bed, thrown onto the floor, face down, plush pile muffling my mouth. He tells me to keep still, stay quiet. My captor lets go of my arms. I imagine myself pregnant, hanging off the hook, my belly bulging, twitching, my pendulous, heavy breasts, my udders, expressing creamy milk. I want to,

'Want to be your cow. Suck my tits! Suck my tits!'

He kisses my heaving breasts, sucking my dusky nipples, licking, biting, my stiff, corky teats.

I crouch on all fours, craving, begging him, 'Want to suck your cock! Let me suck your cock!'

He thrusts his rigid cock deep inside my gagging throat. I sense someone else in the room. I try to stay calm, retain my self-control, clasping my sweaty hands behind my back. For seconds, minutes, I can't talk, my throat is intubated until I spit out his cock, my lips run with his cum.

'Are you clean?' the next man asks, his voice deep, and powerful.

I tell him I bathed. Tell him I tested negative. Tell him I have no transmittable diseases. Tell him I just had sex with a man. So, stop playing games with me. I lie on my back and tell him to lick me. Tell him to lick out my fuck-hole of all my creamy cum, to lick me out as if were a sundae dish full of melted ice cream for him to lick and eat,

'Tease my clit! Lick my cunt!'

He licks my creaming cunt, drawing back my female furls, my folds, of beige labia, tasting my girlie jus, teasing my erectile clit with the tip of his lambent tongue, lapping the cream off my raw steak flesh, licking my fuck-hole, my love-hole, clean, leaving me pleading for intubation, another deep fuck,

'Fuck my cunt really hard, won't you?'

He penetrates my dripping wet vent with his fat, ridge-veined cock. He fucks me, really hard. I clench his cock tightly inside my cunt, my clenched birth muscle squeezing precum out of his spurting cock until I come, slipping his stiff cock out of my slimy hole, squirting girlie jus over his belly, three, four, five times, at least. I lie spreadeagled on the crumpled sheet, squirting jus profusely, sucking the men's fat cocks, dreaming of being intubated fully, three-way, all ways.

My lover enters the room, he whispers instructions to me, to my men. He lies on the bed beside me, naked, his cock crowing, rearing for my arse. I squat on top of him and feed his rigid shaft deep inside my sweating arse, lie back so that he can grope my tits, and ride him. I stare hungrily at my other men, willing them on, imploring them,

'What are you waiting for?' I slur, 'Want you inside me. Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Let me eat!'

I take a man's cock fully inside my slippery cunt, feeling my love's cock, fucking my arse, take a man's cock into my throat. I let them fuck me three-way, intubating me with their huge cocks:

Submitted: November 01, 2022

© Copyright 2022 harriet jacqui furl. All rights reserved.

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Be careful how you dress this little fox. Only pick a position and feel the warmth of her clutching gumbo.

Thu, November 3rd, 2022 12:09pm


I love your advice! I can't imagine that - her clutching gumbo!

Thu, November 3rd, 2022 3:30pm


Wow! The sex of the century! I love this story.
BTW. I am becoming your fan now.
Love, Lizzie

Sat, November 12th, 2022 6:15pm


Thank you so much, you're a wonderful, lovely, kind woman, Lizzie,
Love Harriet-Jacqui x

Sun, November 13th, 2022 4:25pm

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