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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

A young women comes back to the dressing room of the lead actor of the play Equus.


I won the lead role in the play Equus.  It required that I appear naked in front of the audience.  I obviously knew the requirements of that role before I tried out for it.  Appearing naked in front of an audience wasn’t something that I wanted to do but it was something that really didn’t bother me. 

I had my own dressing room backstage.  One day after a show, a girl came back to my dressing room and knocked on my door.  I was naked at the time and the girl obviously had already seen me naked. I let her in.  She came in and sat down in a chair opposite me.  I turned my chair to face her.  I sat in the comfortable male style with my legs apart.  The first thing I noticed was her fix her eyes on my genitals.  She kept her eyes on my crotch the whole time.

I said, “How can I help you?”

She said, “I really enjoyed your performance tonight.”

I said, “Thank you very much.”

There was a slight pause before she continued.  “I wanted to meet you.”

I said, “What is your name?”

She said, “My name is Sally.”

I said, “I am very glad to meet you.”

There was another slight pause before she finally looked me in the face and blurted out, “I think you are the sexiest man I have ever seen.”

i said, :Thank you very much for the compliment."

She said, "I love seeing you naked."

I said, “How many men have you seen naked?”

She said, “You are my first one.”

I said, “ Do you want to tell me what you liked?”

She said, “I have never seen male genitals before, I was fascinated by the way they sway when you walk.  They are so different from mine.”

I said, “That they are.”

She said, “May I have your picture?

I gave her my picture.

She said, “No, I mean a picture of you naked.

I said, “I am sorry, I don’t have a picture of me naked.

She asked, “Would you autograph your picture?”

I fulfilled her request.

Then she said, “Before I leave is there anything I can do for you?”

I said, “I could use some help in the shower.’

She said, “I would love to help you shower!”

I then said, “The shower is right over there.  Why don’t you turn it on and adjust the temperature to lukewarm.”

She got out of her chair and did precisely that.

I proceeded to get in the shower and wet myself down.  I then stepped out of the shower and handed her the bar of soap.  I then turned away from her and said, “Why don’t you start with my back.”

She took the bar of soap and proceeded to suds my back. 

When she finished my back she said, “Shall I continue.”

I said, “Of course.”

She then proceeded to wash my buttocks.  As she was washing my buttocks I bent over to give her access to my butt crack.She understood the gesture and started to suds my butt crack. I was pleased when she not only washed my anus but also my perineum.

Then she went to my legs.  When she reached my feet, I turned around for her.  She started with my shoulders and then did both of my arms.  Then my chest and stomach.  When she reached my genitals, she hesitated.

I asked, “What is wrong?”

She said, “Shall I wash your testicles too?”

I said, “Of course, they are they part of my body and need to be washed.”

She then began to wash my testicles.  I said, “Make sure that you wash my private parts thoroughly.”

She said, “I will.”

She started with my testicles and then went to my cock. 

I said, “Have you ever washed a man before?”

She said, “I have never even seen a naked man before.”

I said, “That’s right, so this is your first time.”

She answered, “Yes, it is.”  Then she began washing my testicles.

I said, “How do you like it so far?”

She answered, “I really like it.  I had only imagined doing this.”

She looked at my cock and exclaimed, "Oh, your penis is growing."

I said, "Yes, it is."

She said, "Oh, that is fascinating. Did I do that?"

I answered, “You most certainly did.”

She said, “It is so exciting feeling your penis get hard like that.”

I said, “I am glad you like it.”

She said, “I love it.  It is making me hot!”

I said, “What is it like to feel your first erect penis?”

She said, "It is fascinating to see your penis and then watch it grow and get hard.  Penises are fascinating but I like testicles more?"

I said, "Why do you like testicles more?"

She said, "Testicles are more vulnerable.  When I hold your testicles in my hand, I control your very manhood. I can give you pleasure or bring you to your knees."

She added, “Playing with your testicles is thrilling.  It is making me wet.”

I said, “Can I see?”

She lifted up her skirt exposing her panties.  I reached down and felt the cross piece of her panties.  It was soaked.

I said, "Your panties are soaking wet."

She said, "Just a minute."  Then she reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties.

She added, "Wait till you feel my pussy."

I took the hint and inserted my social finger deep into her cunt.  She was dripping wet!  I removed my finger so she could continue washing me and she pulled her panties back up.

She said, “I will do your legs now?”

She proceeded to my legs and then my feet.  She was done sudsing me.  I stepped into my shower, turned the water to lukewarm and let the water rinse me off.  I stepped out of the shower and said, “Take the towel and dry me off.”

She took the towel and did exactly that.  Again, she spent an undo amount of time on my genitals.  Every time she touched my genitals she looked up in my face and smiled.

I said, “Thank you very much.  You did a much better job that I could have done myself.”

She looked me in the eyes and suddenly ordered, “Now it is you turn to wash me!”

I said, “Okay.”

I started undressing her.  I took off her blouse, her skirt, her shoes, and then her bra.  She had nicely shaped average sized breasts with bright, uptilted, pink nipples.  I bent down and kissed them.  Then I took one in my mouth and sucked on it.  It turned hard in my mouth.  Then I took off her skirt and then her panties.  I paused to admire her.  She had an hourglass figure with a ski jump butt.  Her bush was so furry I could not pick out her slit.  I used my social finger to find it and run my finger tips along it. ,She smiled at me as I did.

She stepped into the shower.”  She turned on the water and wet herself down.  She stepped out and handed me the soap.  I started to suds her much as she did me.  When I reached her buttocks, I asked her to bend over.  I then carefully sudsed her buttocks, her anus and her vulva. My finger found her slit again and I caressed the lips of her labia.  I then did the back of her legs.

I asked her to turn around and I proceeded again from the top down.  When I sudsed her breasts, I smiled at her, and she smiled back. When I reached her pussy, I took my social finger and inserted it fully inside her cunt. She spread her legs to give me better access.  I took my time alternately massaging both her g spot and her clitoris.  She quickly started moving her pelvis in time with my finger. 

I said, “Do you like that?”

She said, “Oh my God, yes.”

I removed my finger from her cunt, embraced her, forcing my cock against her stomach and kissed her.  She hugged and kissed me back.

I then went to suds her legs.  When I had finished sudsing her body, she took my hand and placed it on her vulva.  I found her slit and inserted my finger fully into her cunt and resumed massaging her G spot and clitoris.

Then she got down on her knees, grabbed my balls with both hands and licked my cock like a popsicle. 

Then she stood up, looked me in the eyes and ordered, “Lay down on the floor.”

I obeyed her.

She squated above me and said, "Kiss my cunt."

I obeyed her and kissed her cunt.

The she sat on my face.  I knew what to do.  I stuck my tongue between her labial lips and tongued her clit.  She squirmed against my face.  She started rocking back and forth as I tongued her clit.  I felt her pussy pulsate in orgasm.  I continued till her pussy stopped pulsating

She said, “Do you know the amazon position?”

I said, “Yes.”

She said, “Assume the position!”

I did as she said.

Once in the amazon position with my feet high in the air, she put her hands on the back of my thighs and positioned her pussy above my cock.  With one hand she positioned my cock in front of her labia and sat down, impaling herself.  She was wet and her pussy slid down my cock as easily a fireman slides down his pole.

Due to the amazon position she had me pinned.  She was much smaller than me but with her weight almost directly above me, I could not move.  Then, slowly at first, but with increasing frequency. she began to slide up and down on my cock like a cylinder pumping a piston.

She said, “Can you move?”

I said, “I cannot.”

She said, “Then I have you pinned.”

I said, “Yes, you do.”

She said, “You are mine now.  I own your cock, I have enslaved your balls and soon I will take your love juice.”

I said, “Not if I can help it.”

She said, “So you won't surrender to me?”

I said, “What you want you will have to take by force.”

She said, "With delight!”

She said, “From the first time I saw you naked, I knew I wanted to fuck you.  I have always wanted to fuck but I never have.  I am particular who I fuck.  I will be a femdom mistress and dominate the men I choose.  I will immobilize them, sit on their cocks and fuck them until they lose control and sacrifice their love juices to my pussy.”

She was now riding me like I was a horse.  She raised her body up and slammed her weight down on me.  I could feel her pelvis bouncing off mine.  Then I felt her pussy pulsate in orgasm and I came, squirting my love juice deep into her cunt.  She must have felt me cum because she continued to ride me until my cock stopped squirting. 

When it was over and before she got off of me she said, "I am going to give you back your cock and balls but I am going to keep your love juice.  It is mine and I will keep it."

I said, "You earned it."

Then I asked, “Are you sure you were a virgin?”

She said, “I was, and you are only the first of the many sexual conquests I shall have.”

Then it was over or at least that is what I thought.  She got off of me and lay beside me, took my hand and put it on her vulva.  I knew what she wanted.  She was multi orgasmic.  I inserted my social finger and alternately massaged her clit and her g spot.  She came a half a dozen more times before she would let me stop.  It was easy to tell when she came, her pussy pulsated, her body writhed. and she thrust her cunt against my finger. 

We both got dressed.  As she was about to leave, I said, “Come back again.”

She said, “I don’t think so.  As my first, I shall always remember you, but yours is a conquest I have already made.”

Then she left. 

She was not the last time that a female admirer came to my dressing room after the play.

Submitted: October 28, 2022

© Copyright 2023 pringle. All rights reserved.

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