Physical Exam

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My husband has a female physician..

My husband's new doctor in the clinic is a female resident recently becoming an attending physician. That means she's young and inexperienced.  Really young.  I know who she is, and she's cute in a butch sort of way with her short black hair and piercing green eyes. She works out a lot. Her thighs are killer.

As a new employee working in hospital administration, I've asked Andy more about her than whether he is chasing secretaries or billing clerks. When his testosterone level came back low, she supposedly examined his testicles. She also examined his prostate. 

I'm honestly not jealous. I have to smirk thinking about that girl shoving her finger up my husband's ass. I asked him if he got hard.  He denied it. I asked what she said about his testicles. He said she told him there were no masses or abnormalities.

"Did you mention to her that you weren't able to get me pregnant?"


"Did she happen to suggest that your balls are kind of small?"


"Did she ask you to jack off in a cup?"

"No. She said C-Pap would improve my T level after she ordered the sleep study. She didn't want to check my sperm count."

It turns out that my husband has central sleep apnea, a condition that predisposes to ED and low testosterone.  His very astute and young female physician is going to make it all better.

"Do you want to fuck her?" I asked my husband.

By this time, I had Andy's dick in my hand. It's a god given fact that any red blooded male would want to fuck this doctor. She's attractive. She's hot.  She's smart.  It's just that I'm absolutely sure Andy would never ask, and that's probably a good thing. He would do something stupid and lose his job. If she made him get an erection, he'd probably apologize. He doesn't take those kinds of chances.

"Don't you wonder what her pussy would feel like around your cock?" This is when Andy goes silent, and I know I'm getting close to making him spurt. It's better for me to tease him about something he will never have than for him to take a chance and get kicked in the ass. I'm happy with it. I'd rather he not lose his job.

I'm happy to jerk him off discussing how his hot little physician must have felt about his nuts, how she walked into the hall and told the nurse at the desk, "Damn, he's got a tiny dick. You should have seen it."

"I forgot to ask, Andy. Did your doctor have a chaperone? You know, a nurse in the room to share the sight of your manhood and keep your doctor from fondling you into an unexpected orgasm?"

"Yes," he admitted.

"Was she cute? Was she young? Were you excited to have her look at you?"

"I think she was older than my doctor."

"Was older than me at 29? Did you find her attractive? Do you think she liked how your balls hung down between your legs when you bent over the exam table for a rectal?"

"I don't know," Andy mumbled. I was surprised he could speak.

"I bet she wondered how much you can cum, Andy. I bet she imagined your jewels climbing up the cords in your sac until you were tight and tiny as a twelve-year-old boy. Maybe I should make that ten. She wondered how that little ass of yours looks when you're fucking."

Andy was silent. He was dribbling his pre-cum, getting ready to blow his load.

"That's what I used to wonder in my clinic, Andy. I used to make all the hot guys undress so I could look at their cocks. I used to fondle them. Of course, they were all bigger than you." My hubby's prick started jerking in my palm. I was barely touching him, and I switched to two fingers, raking them up and down the ventral surface of his penis.

"They weren't afraid to take what they wanted, Andy. They weren't afraid to rip down my bottoms and fuck me over the exam table. They always told me I was tight as hell right before they creamed in my pussy."

Andy blew his load. He was much too afraid to ask if I was telling the truth. He always assumes it's a story.

"The sad thing, Andy," I continued as I wiped off my hand, "was that after your doctor finished examining your junk, she walked next door and let the next patient fuck the shit out of her."


Submitted: October 24, 2022

© Copyright 2023 DampKitten. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Sounds to me like Andy had quite the exam twice with one happy ending. What more could a guy want in a dutiful wife? Sharp writing as always, girlie.

Mon, October 24th, 2022 7:02am


Thanks Amy! I love a thorough exam. Thanks for reading!

Mon, October 24th, 2022 7:59pm

Lizziewolf surely mean business...the hot kind I mean!
I liked this story .
Love, Lizzie

Mon, October 24th, 2022 2:01pm


Thanks lizzie. It's based on a real conversation, though it was meant to be playful - (and this comes off pretty harsh). Thanks for reading, girl.

Mon, October 24th, 2022 7:56pm


A sexy word spurt right down the page.

Tue, October 25th, 2022 12:55am


It's awful, but I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reading!

Mon, October 24th, 2022 7:55pm


Bows down !

Tue, October 25th, 2022 10:33am


I can't kiss you down there..

Tue, October 25th, 2022 6:14pm


You took all the fun out of his physical, lol. You often wonder if, when someone becomes a doctor, if there might be an underlying need to see naked people in person? And how many female doctors and nurses make a game of it, trying to induce erections on purpose? Those are the ones I seek....

Tue, October 25th, 2022 1:51pm


Come over here to my office, Will

Tue, October 25th, 2022 6:13pm


That’s bul…!!! Why doesn’t my wife take me to see doctors like that?! Why do I end up with creepy old guys that give me nightmares for days…. Don’t talk to me….

Tue, October 25th, 2022 11:49pm


You don't need a need a nurse

Tue, October 25th, 2022 6:12pm


Whatever you command..

Wed, October 26th, 2022 6:36am


You know what I want and how I want it..

Wed, October 26th, 2022 11:09am

Dick Wood

Maybe next time an oral exam.

Wed, October 26th, 2022 11:23am


Oh, do you like the moist friction, baby?

Wed, October 26th, 2022 11:10am

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