Visit to the School Nurse

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: CFNM

Version 2 of Visit to the School Nurse. A student is hit by a line drive in his nuts and is taken for examination to the school nurse.

Visit to the School Nurse

I was in gym class playing baseball when a line drive caught me right in the nuts.  I went down like a sack of potatoes.  I doubled up in pain.  Everyone saw what happened.  The teacher immediately ran over to me.  He asked two boys to help me to the nurse’s office.  They picked me up and carried me on their shoulders to the nurse’s office.  The nurse was not in her office.  The nurse was teaching a class of sex ed to girls. They went to get her.

When the nurse came into her office, she brought the entire class with her.  The nurse said to the two boys. “Put him on the examination table.” 

The boys lifted onto the examination table and the nurse said, “What happened?

One of the boys said, “He was hit by a line drive in the testicles.”

The nurse turned to the two boys and said, “You can go back to class.  I have plenty of help here.”

The boys left and the nurse said to two of the girls. “Remove his clothing below the waist.”

When I heard this, I practically shouted. “No.”

The nurse asked, “What is the matter?”

I said, “If they take off my clothes, I’ll be naked?”

The nurse said, “I am sorry Mr. Wolff, I have to examine you.”

I said, “I mean, I don’t want those girls to see me naked.”

The nurse said, “But I am a girl.”

I said, “But you are a nurse.’

The nurse said, “I will need help to treat you.”’

I said, “Do you need a whole class of girls.”

The nurse said, "I was teaching this class of girls when I was called to help you.  I can't leave them alone."

I said, “But if you remove my clothing, I’ll be naked.”

The nurse said, “I already know that.”

I said, “It will be embarrassing to be exposed in front of a whole class of girls.”

The nurse said, “They are just girls.  They aren't going to hurt you."

I said, “I still don’t want to be naked in front of all those girls.”

The nurse said, “I can't leave my class alone.  Besides treating you fits perfectly with a sex ed class."

I said, “Why does it have to be me?”

The nurse said, “Because you are the one who needs treatment on his testicles.”

I said, “I’m too modest.”

The nurse said, “You are a male.  You have no need for modesty.  Do you want me to treat you or not?”

I said, "What do you mean when you say a male has no need for modesty?"

The nurse said, "Boys molest girls.  Girls don't molest boys."

I said, “What will happen if I refuse.”

The nurse said, “You might lose your testicles.”

I said, “Okay, go ahead.”

Then the nurse said to the two girls, “Take his pants off”

Two of the girls took off my shoes and socks and then my pants and underpants.  I heard the class gasp when my privates came into view.

The nurse said, “I need you to spread your legs.”

I did as directed, I was now naked and spread eagled in front of a class of 30 girls. All of them staring at my genitals!  I can still see those bright, young faces staring at my cock.  If my testicles didn't hurt I know I would have had an erection.

The nurse said, “Spread your legs more and slide down on the table so I can get a better look.

I slid down the examining table and spread my legs so she and a class of 30 girls could get a better look.

She then inspected my testicles.  She said, “It is as I feared.  Your testicles are swelling.”

The nurse then turned to one of her students, my neighbor Linda Smothers, and said, “I want you to go the cafeteria and bring back a bucket of ice.  Ask the cook for the largest plastic baggie they have.”

Then the nurse turned to the class and said, “I want everyone to come to the foot of the examination table and see live, adult male genitals.  When you do I want you all to take notice of the difference between him and yourself.  Instead of a labia, he has a penis and testicles.”

One by one they all filed by taking their time.  One of the girls asked, "Is he considered large?"

The nurse replied, "It is hard to tell.  There is no size for a flaccid penis.  They very in size whether they are cold or warm.  There are also showers and growers.

The girl asked, "What are showers and growers?"

The nurse said, "Growers can be smaller than showers when flaccid but larger than showers when erect."

The girl asked, "How do you tell the difference?"

The nurse replied, "You have to grow and compare them." 

Then the nurse added, “Notice that his penis is flaccid.  This is a teenage boy.  Teenage boys are particularly sexually responsive.  In front of a class of girls, he should have an erection.  This suggests that his ability to get erect may have been affected.”

Shortly Linda returned with a large plastic baggie and a bucket of ice.  The nurse then directed her to half fill the baggie with ice and place it against my testicles.  When the ice bag was placed against my testicles, the nurse handed Linda a towel and said, “Keep the ice bag pressed against his testicles.  Use the towel as insulation.”

I asked, “How long do I have to have the ice pack on?”

The nurse said, “Until the swelling goes down.”

The door to the office opened and Principal Victoria Fox entered.  She said, “I hear you have an injured boy here.”

The nurse said, “Yes, we do.”

The principal looked to her right and saw me spread eagled on an exam table.  She said, "Ohmigosh, he is naked."

The nurse said, "He has to be, he was hit in the testicle by a line drive."

Principal Fox asked, “Why are all those girls here?”

The nurse answered, “I was teaching a class of sex ed to these girls when he was brought in.  I didn’t want to leave them alone.  I thought this would make an excellent lesson.”

Principal Fox said, “What about the modesty of the young man?”

The nurse said, "I can't treat him by myself.  I will need assistance.."

PrinciplalFox said, "I see."

I interrupted, “What about me?”

Principal Fox said, “Well, what about you?”

I said, “Don’t I have anything to say about it?”

Principal Fox asked, “What do you want to say?”

I said, “It is embarrassing to be naked in front of all these girls.”

Principal Fox asked me, “The nurse is female, isn’t she?”

I said, “Yes.”

Principal Fox said, “Can the nurse treat you without violating modesty?”

I said, “No.”

Principal Fox asked, “The girl holding the ice bag is female, isn’t she?”

I said, “Yes.”

Principal Fox said, "Is that girl necessary for your treatment?"

I said, "Yes, she is."

Principal Fox asked, "then you consent to females treating you?”

I said, “I do.”

Principal Fox asked, “Then what is the problem?”

I said, “What I am objecting to is the whole class of girls watching.”

Principal Fox asked, "What is the difference of one female classmate and a whole class."

I said, "It is more embarrassing?"

Principal Fox said, “I don';t see your point but what do you think we should do with the nurse's class while she is treating you?”

I said, “I don't know.”

Principal Fox asked, “Do you think these girls are going to molest you?”

I said, “Well, no.”

Principal Fox asked, “Does your treatment have educational value for a sex ed class?”

I said, “Yes.”

The principal said, “Is this is an educational institution?.”

I said, “Yes?”

The principal said, "Mr. Smith, are you already naked and spread eagled in front of 30 girls?

I said, "Yes."

The principal said,  "How exactly do I undo that?"

I said, "I guess you can't."

The principal said, "How do I justify letting only one girl learn and denying that to the rest of the class"?

I said, "I don't know?"

Principal Fox said, “Do you want us to stop treating you?.”

I said, “Please don’t do that.”

Principal Fox said, “Then you consent to your treatment by our school nurse?

I said, “Yes, I consent to her treatment.”

Principal Fox said, “And you consent to having a classmate assisting her?”

I said, “Yes".”

Principal Fox turned to the nurse and said, “Should we take him to the hospital?”

The nurse replied, “I don’t think so.  They will just put another ice bag on him.”

Principal Fox asked, “You think he’ll be all right them.

The nurse said, “I think so.  I’ll keep this ice bag on for a couple of hours and then I’ll send him home with instructions that if his testicles swell up again, he should be taken to the hospital.”

Principal Fox said, “The class hour is almost over.  These girls will have to go to their next class.”

The nurse then asked, “Can you send an office aide down to help.”

Principal Fox said, “I’ll do that.”

The class bell rang, and the girls left.  Shortly Violet Smith, an office aide, came down to help.  When she came into the nurse’s office and saw me spread eagled, naked on an examination table, she did a double take. 

The nurse said to her, “Keep that ice bag pressed against his testicles.  He was hit in the testicles with a baseball and his testicles are swollen.”

Violet said, “Gladly.” 

She walked over to me smiling to herself and pressed the ice bag to my testicles.  She drove me nuts.  She kept looking at my genitals and then looking at me smiling.  I am glad I had a bag of ice on my testicles.

Finally, the final bell rang.  It was time to go home.  The nurse said, “How are your testicles now? Do they still hurt?”

I answered, “Not anymore.”

The nurse said, “It has been more than two hours.  Let’s take another look at those testicles.  She removed the ice pack and said, “The swelling has gone down.  I am going to take the cold compress off.  I am going to give you the ice bag.  If your testicles start to swell again.  Please put it back on your testicles.  I am writing out instructions to your mother and to take you to the emergency ward if swelling or pain returns.”

When I arrived home, I told my mother what happened, and I gave her the nurse’s instructions.  She immediately wanted to see my testicles.  I said, “Can you ask Susan (my sister) and Melinda (her friend) to leave." 

My mother said, “Grow up.  They aren't going to molest you and it will be educational for them." 

I knew arguing with my mother was futile.  I dropped my pants and let them look.

My mother took me to the emergency ward anyway.  Before I could be examined by the emergency room doctor, I had to be examined by the triage nurse.  The enclosure were full so she examined me in the open in the hall.

I said, "Do I have to be examined here?

The triage nurse said, "All the enclosures are full."

I said, "What about the men's room?"

The traige nurse said, "I am a female.  I can't go into the men's room."

I said, "How about the ladies' room?"

The triage nurse said, "The ladies room will be full of ladies.  Are you sure that is what you want?"

I said, "Well, no."  The triage nurse continued to examine me.

She said, "Some swelling has returned, I will put an ice pack on your testicles."  While we were there a couple of women stopped to watch.  I thought the nurse would tell them to leave.  She didn't.  One of the ladies asked, "What happened?"

The triage nurse said, "He was hit in the testicles by a ball."

The lady asked, "Is he going to be all right?"

The triage nurse said, "Most likely, we are just being extra careful."

The lady asked, "Why are you doing this here?"

The triage nurse said, "All of the alcoves are busy?"

The lady asked, "Does this happen often that you take care of naked men?"

The triage nurse said, "Yes, usually several times a day."

The lady asked, "How may penises have you seen."

The triage nurse answered, "I have seen thousands."

The lady said, "Do you like seeing naked men?

The triage nurse said, "It is just a part of my job."

The lady said, "Thank you for letting me watch."

The nurse said, "Don't mention it."

I was then placed on a gurney in the hall under a sheet with the ice bag on my testicles.  Soon a lady doctor came in with another nurse.  While I was still on the gurney in the hall with people walking by, she lifted up the sheet and took a look.  Then she said, "I am ordering a scrotal ultrasound."  Then she replaced the sheet.

I was then taken to another room in the hospital where a lady sonographer awaited me.  She ordered me on a table, took off the ice bag, squirted jelly all over a device called a transducer, rubbed the transducer along my testicles and started taking sound pictures of my testicles.  The female medical assistant who brought me to the sonographer watched the whole exam.  When the sonographer finished the ice bag was replaced and I was taken back to emergency ward and left me in the hall as before.

The lady emergency ward doctor returned.  She announced that she had seen the ultrasound and could see no permanent damage to my testicles.  Then she removed the sheet and started poking her fingertips against my testicles and asking me if that hurt while my mother, my sister, her friend, the nurse and anyone walking by watched.  A crowd gathered around.  I said, it didn't hurt and I was discharged.

The next day during the class period for the nurse’s sex ed class, I was called to the nurse’s office.  When I arrived there Linda Smothers, Principal Fox and the entire sex ed class were waiting.  The nurse said, “I need to examine your testicles.  How are they?”

I said, “The swelling is gone.  They seem to be fine.”

The nurse said, “I still need to examine them.”

I said, “Why is the principal and the sex ed class here?”

The nurse said, “I called Linda because I will need her help to finish the examination.  Principal Fox is here because she wants to know if you have recovered.”

Then nurse added, “My sex ed class does not need to be here.  I had them come for a couple of reasons.  I wanted them to see the end of the story.  I also thought their mere presence might help me treat you.  We have to excite you to find out if you are still capable of an erection. I will have them leave if you desire.

I asked, “Why am I here today?”

The nurse said, “I have reason to believe your tumescence has been affected.  If you can’t get erect, I will make a referral to a Urologist.  We need to see if you can get erect.”

I said, "So you are going to try to stimulate me in front this class of girls?"

The nurse said, "That is correct."

I said, "And you think that stimulating me in front of these girls will help me get erect?"

The nurse said, "Right again."

I said, "So I am supposed to get an erection in front of these girls?"

The nurse said, "Yes."

I said, "You want me to get an erection in front of these girls?

The nurse said, "I do."

I said, "So there is no reason why I should be embarrassed if I do?"

The nurse said, "Yes, I want you to get an erection."

I said, "Then, lets get on with it."

I took off my shoes and socks, took off my pants and underwear got on the examining table and spread my legs.  My God, I had lost my modesty and I was enjoying the attention.  The nurse looked at my testicles and said, “They look fine, but I will need to test them.”

The nurse turned to Linda and said, “I want you to fondle his testicles.  We need to see if he can still grow an erection.”

Linda Smothers said, “Are you sure I should do this?”

The nurse answered, “It is imperative to know if his sexual response has been damaged.  I cannot touch a student’s genitals to stimulate them.”

Linda said, “But you have already touched his testicles.”

The nurse replied, “For clinical reasons, not to stimulate them.

Linda asked, “How about me?  Will I get in trouble if I fondle his testicles?”

The nurse answered, “Not since I asked you to do it.”

Linda asked, “Why would you get in trouble but not me?”

The nurse answered, “My motives can’t be questioned if someone else stimulates him.  Your motives cannot be questioned because it wasn’t your decision.”

Principal Fox interrupted, “How about you Mr. Wolff?  Do you understand the reason for this examination.?

I said, “Yes, I do.”

The nurse said, “Do you have any objection to being fondled by Miss Smothers.”

I said, “No ma-am.”

Principal Fox asked, “And you consent to the presence of the sex ed class.”

I said, “Yes.” 

Principal Fox said, "Any what do you think is the primary reason for the presence of the sex ed class.'

I said, "To help stimulate me into getting an erection.  They are here in for my benefit"

Now that I was expected to grow an erection, I wanted them to watch.  I wanted to grow the biggest boner I could,  I wanted to impress those girls as much as possible. I knew this would be something I would remember for the rest of my life!

Linda Smothers then began to fondle my testicles.  I had a young girl playing with my testicles, two women and a whole class of female classmates watching.  My cock fairly jumped to erection.

They all watched as Linda Smothers fondled my testicles and my cock inflated. 

The nurse said, “As you can see class, his penis is several times larger when it is excited.

Linda said to the nurse, “I never knew that a penis and testicles were so elastic.  They are amazing.”

The nurse said, “Indeed, they are.  When you get married, you will learn to appreciate them even more.”

Linda said, “Thank you for letting me help.  I learned a lot.  I want to be a nurse now more than ever.”

The nurse said, “You are welcome.  If something like this happens again.  I’ll know who to call.”

Linda said, “I’ll be here with bells on.”

The nurse turned to Principal Fox and asked, “How about you.  Are you satisfied?”

Principal Fox responded, “Yes, I am.  You not only provided good care to your patient, but your class profited from the lesson.”

The nurse added to Linda, “How about you Linda, did you learn anything?”

Linda said, “Yes, it was fascinating.  I had no idea that male genitals were so elastic.  It was fascinating that his penis could be so soft and then get hard enough to stand up on its own.”

The nurse them turned to her sex ed class.  How about your girls, "Was this a good lesson for you?  If you thought it was good, please raise you hand."  They all did, it was unanimous.

The nurse said, “How about you Mr. Wolff.  Are you satisfied?”

I said, “I think you took good care of me.”

The nurse said, “Are you any worse for wear?”

I said, Just then I began to orgasm.  I spurted all over Linda's hands.  When I did she continued to pump me under I was dry.  I said, No, I am not worse for the wear.”

The nurse said, “I think Mr. Wolff, that I did you a favor.  Now that you have been naked in front of these girls you are going to be more popular with the girls than ever and you are going to be famous in the history of this school.”

The nurse continued, “You can get dressed and go back to class.”

Linda waited for me while I got dressed.  After we exited the nurse’s office Linda turned to me and said, “If you let me, I’d like to do that again.”

I said, “I’d like that.” 

After school we met inside her house.  Her parents weren’t home yet.  I dropped my pants and spread my legs.  She commenced fondling my testicles.  I quickly grew an erection.  When my cock was erect, she used some lotion and stroked my cock.  At the same time with her other hand, she continued fondling my testicles.  When I erupted, she continued to fondle and stroke me until I finished.  Then she used wet wipes to clean herself and me. 

When she was done she said, "Thank you, that was really fun."

I said, "You are welcome, ask me anytime."

She said, "I'll do that.:

I said, "Have you ever given a hand job before?"

Linda answered, “No.".

I said, “You are a natural.” 

It was the first of a long line of hand jobs she gave me!  I wanted to reciprocate but she wouldn’t let me until we married.

Every year now I go back to my high school where I re-enact the same scenario for the girls' sex-ed class.  I look forward to it every year.  My wife re-enacts her role as well.


Submitted: October 22, 2022

© Copyright 2023 pringle. All rights reserved.

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A story that is both titillating and well written! You develop every nuance of embarrassment while at the same time making much of the story seem quite plausible by having your male try to resist yet get talked out of it by the ever so reasonable nurse and principal.
I am also very pleased that you have created this CFNM House and look forward to many more exciting stories!

Wed, October 26th, 2022 5:00am


Thank you!

Wed, October 26th, 2022 10:42am

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