The Window of Opportunity

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Cheating wife, hell, everybody is cheating here.

Marion watched her husband putt on his manicured practice surface from inside the house.  Dennis was all concentration. He was focused. He was in his own zone, and the pleasure and satisfaction of practice would give its rewards very soon. The ball was rolling steadily towards the hole.

Marion was focused too on intense pleasure and budding delight. She could feel balls slapping on her arse. Rex was dogging her with pent-up energy primed for release; right now; as she gripped the widish windowsill. She was looking out ahead, but the feeling was centred in and behind her.

Her appreciative pussy was being pampered by cock. It was being given the total pussy indulgence like a special personal between-the-legs robust massage moment.  The sweep of movement was heady; her face would have been pressed on the window pane if it weren’t for her hands steadying herself.

Rex was really in primal mode. He was enjoying the cuckold moment and the irony of balls and holes. He saw the putting practice through the second-storey window too.

Dennis was sedately putting; while he was driving: long, hard and straight into the old man’s deliciously debauched middle-aged wife. The scene was only one woman short of perfection. The new chauffeur, the randy sod Rex, wanted his young wife here, too, to make it a threesome. He knew instinctively; Cadence, his Caddie, was the type. He could get her to do anything in sex.

Still, he happy pumping; Marion was gasping and lightly moaning; she had the juicy lustful swoon of pleasure; she was taking in the sweetness of the open deceitfulness of cheating and wondering why she had waited so long ‘to get it off’ with Rex.

From the second-storey bay window, she watched her geriatric husband’s golf ball roll gently away to the left at the last moment, lipping the cup. She saw the slight flicker of frustration as Dennis’ putter hit the ground. He had several more balls lined up to concentrate on his putting. She had that moment where she secretly wished he would turn around; look up and see her happiness and realise just what she was doing and with whom and fuck the consequences because there was a decent prenuptial agreement.

Rex, the dirty dog, saw the ball rimming the cup and did the same with Marion’s slit. He eased his cock to her opening and teased her fleshy lips with his pecker. She moaned louder. He went back into her in a series of stabbing jabs and was trying to force her face to squash against the window pane. He had both hands on her hips, and he was dominating their movement with a relentless flurry of strong pushes.

They both watched as the angle of approach was changed by Dennis, and he adjusted his pre-shot routine. He was rehearsing his putt but not putting yet. He was playing fair, yet there was no one to see him cheat, Marion thought; then she added that cheating was not in Dennis’s gentle nature. Yet, here I am cheating and loving it, no fucking enjoying it.

“Oh God,” she uttered as Rex altered his stance, got one of her legs up on the window sill, and roughly exposed her breasts out over her bra. Her tits flopped excitedly and warmed by the afternoon sun. Boy, oh boy; would Dennis have got the full cunt view if he had turned around; right now.

However, Dennis; adjusted his stance; looking away; practising his golf swing.

 Feeling the intense direct summer heat through the window and the fire of passion burning through her slutty slit, Marion closed her eyes and savoured the chunks of pleasure coursing through herself. She was wedged by Rex’s throbbing, thrusting shaft.  He was holding the curtain to get deeper traction and faster friction, the lewd sod, and Marion heard the curtain sheer and slowly tore; but didn’t care. Christ, this was a super fuck; it was a ripper.

Suddenly Rex was taking her to the edge sexually and actually. He had all her clothes off now and his. He had her on the narrow bay window ledge pressed, standing into the corner window, naked to the world while he took her from behind. Two bodies were risking all as they became one mass of flesh at the moment, melting together.

They both saw Dennis miss another putt; the ball came up short.

Nothing short about Rex thought Marion, and boy, was he coming up now indecently hard and long; as he swapped holes and slapped balls behind his cock, in her cute pliant willing arse.

Together in one embracing action, in one sweeping touching action, together as two in a carnal revelry of action, they were lost in themselves. They both shut their eyes. They had their act together.  Poor Dennis; had no rhythm today.

The window of opportunity is often brief, and Dennis knew this too, as Caddie, the housemaid, brought out his afternoon gin and tonic. He had requested it at three o’clock as per usual. He should have finished his practice putts but had procrastinated.  He wasn’t dragging his feet or worried about being steady as he now, excitedly on impulse, pinched the maid’s cute arse as she placed his drink on a coaster on the outdoor table.

As an errant aged gentleman, Dennis fully expected nothing more than a full hard slap.

However; Caddie; turned and said openly: “I’ve been expecting that since I started here,” said while she unbuttoned her blouse, the added; “I think this is what you want to see, “and her lacey black bra was barely holding in place her copious full rounded creamy tits.

Dennis took one swig of his gin and released her fleshy jugs into the natural afternoon heat and the warmth of his wet tongue, which immediately started licking and sucking her nipples which firmed to super hardness so quickly. Caddie was surprised that his trouser wood was stiff as she released it into the sunlight from its pants cavern.

Caddie was on her knees, working his manhood fully, but his cock was already primed. This was the extra treat. Shared carnal concerted concentration of delight for two. A young woman happy with a cock in her hand and mouth. An old geezer with a young woman gobbling and gorging herself on his pecker head uninhibitedly.

Dennis realised the window of opportunity was short.  After he swigged all his gin in a quick gulp, he had the young woman on the small cast iron round outdoor table with her legs pointed to heaven but her cunt clearly available on earth.  He sniffed her black frilly panties, and then his personal man club was pointed straight into her ready-shaven hole. Fast, furious friction. Her legs were over his shoulders. Intense, possessive and earnest mutual fucking.

Above in the house, the warmth of the sun and the fire of sensual pleasure coursed in skeins through her body as her arse soaked in the delight of gripping hard cock made Marion’s orgasm so intense. The pleasure was acutely exquisite and protracted by her own additional clit finger work. Her breath formed a film on the window in front of her as she opened her eyes in climax, relaxed euphoria.

Rex was now back in her other needy hole; he was pumping steadily in her pussy; working her to a second orgasm; the lascivious dilettante of sexual prowess didn’t know how to stop pleasing a woman. He loved the second orgasm, the complete fucking collapse of self into self by a woman, and he was working on it; he was in the full of absorption in the act, eyes still shut; controlling his growing pleasure; making his release wait.

“Oh, my fucking God,” said Marion as she looked out the window.

Rex knew this wasn’t an orgasmic cry, so he opened his eyes, and it broke his intense concentration on holding his wad. Fuck, it would soon spill out now; the bitch had broken his focus.

“Oh Christ; the fucking bastard,” said Rex as he saw Dennis happily screwing his over-compliant wife on the outdoor furniture. His cock was out of Marion.

Marion; turned and saw the throbbing state of Rex’s temple veins; they looked like they would burst. She took in the bulging, knotted surface veins in his cock too. His pecker was about to explode, no doubt. Some tension had to give here.

A generous titty fuck was her decision; she released the pressure upstairs. There was splashing cum all over Marion’s tits and the bay window.

At almost the same time, the unstoppable coursing flow of generous semen from Dennis’s hardy wood was jizzing sweetly into an expectant hole; Caddie’s open waiting mouth. The maid licked her lips as she enjoyed the warm wet wad.

The afternoon was a par score all around.

Meanwhile, the torn curtains were closed upstairs after opening the window for fresh air. Musk clings in alcoves.

Clothes were put in place, and putters were given to Caddie outdoors to put away.

Dennis made his way indoors for another stiff straight double gin.

The window of chance closed.

The opportunity ceased to exist; till another window opened.

We all like open windows.


Submitted: October 21, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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What goes around, cums aground!!! Nothing like a good hard pound!

Thu, November 10th, 2022 3:29am

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