Thee Expression Of My Anger

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

taken from my book, "The Fact Of A French Fry Is....."


Thee Expression Of My Anger


A lot of people deserve to die

But the stupid law don't see it that way

For some reason we gotta let our enemies live

Well, that's just fuckin' bullshit

And if they kill me

They get away with it

I can't fuckin' win


The problem with the world

Is there's too many whores

That don't let me in their vaginas

And I have to live on this bullshit planet

With no way out

Or else I'll be known as a coward

If I take my own life


But these are not just my problems

A lot of people got 'em

The same ones

I know I'm not thee only one

That wants to kill ev'ry one

I know I'm not thee only one

Who can't fuck any one


But this bottom's sinking lower

I still don't have my next lover

I still don't have any friends

But the world's not the place to complain

So I sit and choke on my fate

Living this way until I die has become a chore

That I don't wanna perform


I've been circling the drain

For a very long time

Fucking up my life, clean

Nobody knows what I mean

Not even the ones who can relate

But that's O.K.

I'll make a friend another day


Beneath the surface

I am impatient

And suffering the pain

That the whole world wants me to feel

This shit is real

But I don't wanna feel it

I'd numb myself if I could


But would it do any good?

Checking out would take away my clean time

And I may not have another recovery in me

It would take away everything I have

Sending me to Nowhere Land

And I'm not having that

But change, I just can't seem to grasp


But I haven't given up

I'm not running off to go lock myself up

In an asylum, with all thee other crazy fucks

'Cause now, even in a mental hospital

I can't find another crazy lady to fuck

'Cause now, if I went back

I could never get out, and would stay trash


I'd love to bash some one's face in

And snap their neck

But when ever I'm parked

My lock's on my bike

And when ever I'm on my bike

I gotta hold onto my bike

So I never get a chance to go off on some one


It's like I'm being controlled

I'm marginalized


And stuck in the projects

With bad credit

For 3 more years

And can't even get on a waiting list anywhere else


'Cause I'm not homeless anymore

So I can't even move

I have no excuse

For Housing to move me

They're just sweeping me under the rug

Tryin' to right the wrongs I've done

As if it was a crime to be racist


And if it was a crime

Why am I doing "Life, in a black neighborhood" for it?

No one succeeds in life, living in the ghetto

But I'm supposed to keep a positive attitude

What's so positive about "danger"?

What's so positive about "being undatebale"?

What's so positive about "mass rejection"?


The world's not getting away with this

There's still gonna be mass murders

Fires every year

And natural disasters

Because nobody ever learns their lesson

And moves out of immanent danger

So I'm not thee only one who's fucked


And I'm not gonna care

When people are dying

I'm gonna laugh when I watch the news

'Cause people won't stop laughing at me

They won't stop making fun of me

They won't stop plotting on me

They'll stop at nothing to torture me to death


And then when I'm dead they'll start to read me

And then they'll see what they did to me

Because I've written it all

In every detail

On every occasion

But it'll be too late to treat me any differently

'Cause I'll be dead



D. L. Cannon


Submitted: October 20, 2022

© Copyright 2022 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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I admire how you sneak your rhyme into this piece... like everything else, it's sort of unorthodox.
This is one of your deepest poems, DL.

Sat, October 22nd, 2022 5:32pm


Thank you! :) "Unorthodox" is my middle name!

Tue, November 8th, 2022 1:26pm

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