(Un)holy Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Contemporary erotica

Halloween night gone right.

High-pitched moans and deep growls reverberated through a small apartment, followed by the sound of skin slapping against skin.

"Yes, yes, right there! Fuck me even harder and deeper! Fill me up with your cum! Ahhhh! " A female voice begged desperately as she got drilled against the bedroom wall by an unusual guest, so to speak.




One night, Rachel was bored and horny, trying to think of ways to spice up her Halloween night. She'd probably spend it overindulging in candies that she didn't trick or treat anyone for, while watching a dumb heroine getting sliced up on TV.

Rachel was a 30-year-old plain Jane, with an average job and an even more bland social life. She loved spending her free time watching anime, listening to questionable ASMR, and writing.

On top of that, she was a virgin. Yup, pure and sweet, as most people think of Rachel when describing her.

Oh, if only they knew...

She might be pure of body, but there's nothing virginal about her mind.

So, while Rachel lounged on her bed, she found an interesting site dedicated to, unbelievably enough, summoning demons that could grant your wishes.

She found that just a few days before Halloween. Talk about perfect timing.

Rachel, being the curious little bean she is, clicks on that page, reading through the whole article.

Don't judge her; she's desperate for any kind of change.

Halloween finally arrived, with our Rachel brimming with excitement and a slight nervousness. She's afraid the ritual might not work (when do they in real life?), and even if it does work, who knows what kind of disaster she might bring forth.

Honestly, she went through the whole trouble of getting the crystals, the book of conjuring spells, and cutting her palm (that hurt like a bitch, by the way) just to back out now?

Hell no! She's going to do this! She'll get her treat.

Rachel drew a circle in the center of her room and placed the crystals in their proper place.

Rachel checked to see if she did everything right. She took a deep breath before reading the spell out loud. Rachel poured some of her blood before the last sentence.

A minute or two passed without anything happening.

Rachel sighed in disappointment, berating herself for being so stupid. She's an adult, for crying out loud!

Couldn't she just go on a date like every normal person her age does? Even going to a bar or a club would be better than trying to summon a demon!

Just as Rachel was about to get up, the circle started to glow red before an explosion went off in her room.

Rachel screamed in fear, falling down on the floor.

There was smoke, before it was blown away. Rachel raised her head to see what happened.

What she saw left her speechless.

A tall and muscular man stood in the center, wearing only a loincloth covering his private parts.

He looked human, except for the two black horns protruding from his dark hair.

His eyes were cat-like, laser focused on the girl now sitting on the floor.

The man (demon) finally spoke, his voice deep and rumbling.

"Mmm, a virgin's blood. I haven't been summoned by one for years, if not centuries. " "What a delectable sight you are, little virgin." The demon spoke to Rachel, his lewd gaze traveling up and down her body.

He liked what he saw, apparently, as he licked his lips before stepping out of the summoning circle.

The closer the demon got, the more Rachel tried to get away before bumping into a wall, trapping herself against it.

Rachel had nowhere to run. The demon smirked before crouching in front of the frightened young woman.

He placed a finger under Rachel's chin, getting a better look at her face.

"You're pretty up close, as well. How is such a pretty little thing like you still untouched? " The demon asked, genuinely curious.

"I-I d-don't know, um, sir." The girl stuttered out, still terrified of the demon she summoned.

"Now, now, no need for formalities. You can call me Orias. " Orias said as his thumb caressed Rachel's lower lip.

"I'm Rachel."

"I know, we demons usually know everything about our summoners. But enough about that. "

Orias picked Rachel up like she weighed nothing and pinned her against the wall.

"How about you tell me what you want me to do to you? That's why you summoned me, haven't you? So that I could devour you, fuck you until you scream so loudly the gods above can hear you? " Orias growled in Rachel's ear, nibbling on it, which made the girl gasp.

"I've n-never..." Rachel couldn't finish her sentence, with Orias moving down to her neck, kissing, licking, and nipping at it.

"You've never what, sweetheart? You've never had sex before? I could smell it in your blood. Virgin blood always had a special quality to it." Orias whispered into Rachel's neck.

Orias grinded his hips into Rachel's, making her feel his hard, pulsating cock through the thin cloth separating them.

Rachel wasn't exactly an expert, but she could tell he was quite a handful (literally).

"The scent of virgin blood tends to get me hornier, along with the fact that I get to defile beauties such as you, so untainted and unfamilar to the touch of a real man." Orias grinded his cock harder. Rachel started grinding back, enjoying the friction.

There was a sound of ripping. Orias ripped Rachel's flimsy nightgown in half, leaving the girl completely naked.

Rachel had always been a bit on the chubby side, but that didn't seem to bother the demon, who massaged her breasts, cupping them with his palms.

"Lovely, absolutely stunning. I like women who aren't "standard beauties," as you humans like to call them. I'm going to have so much fun with you. " Sucking a nipple, Orias slid his other hand down to Rachel's wet pussy.

Orias's thumb played with Rachel's clit, making the girl moan and push her hips more into the demon's hand.

Orias pushed his strong body into Rachel's, stopping her from moving as he played with her. Rachel whined, wanting more.

"You'll get what you want, eventually. You're my toy to play with now." Orias purred as he pushed two fingers inside Rachel, minding the sharp claws.

Rachel threw her head back, her breath quickening with every new sensation that Orias's touch brought. She squirmed against him, rubbing against his cock.

"That's it, squirm for me. Do you like what I'm doing, fucking you with my fingers? Have you ever fingered yourself before? "

Orias's voice got deeper, his own lust and arousal more obvious, as he pushed his fingers roughly inside Rachel's pussy, his pace faster. Rachel couldn't form words, focused on the thick fingers fucking her.

"Answer me, sweetheart, or I'll stop." Orias warned the girl, slowing down on purpose.

"I-I h-have, but they are short, so I c-couldn't reach...ahhh!" Rachel squealed as Orias continued to fingerfuck her fast and hard.

Rachel felt a knot tightening in her belly. She was about to cum. Just a little more and...

Orias stopped, pulling his fingers out.

Rachel was ready to complain when she was pushed to her knees. She came face to face with Orias's angry red cock, pre leaking from the tip.

"Don't think you'll get to cum that easily. You need to earn it. Suck my cock, and if you're good, maybe I'll consider it." Orias slapped his cock against Rachel's lips, smearing precum all over them, which the girl licked off, getting her first taste.

"Do you like the taste? There's more where that came from. Now, open wide for Daddy. "

That was all Orias said before starting to push his cheek inch by inch inside Rachel's mouth.

Rachel kissed the head, giving it kitten licks before taking it inside her mouth completely. The young woman began sucking and moaning at the tangy taste of cumin filling her mouth.

The vibrations made the demon throw his head back, groaning at the warmth around him.

Getting bolder, Rachel gripped the shaft firmly, pumping her fist up and down while pulling as much of the member as she could fit inside her hungry mouth.

"Ah, yes, use your tongue more. That's a good girl; you take Daddy's cock so well for a beginner. Don't worry, we'll train you to fit more of Daddy's big fat cock inside that warm and wet mouth. " Orias groaned louder as Rachel started pumping and sucking faster.

Drool dripped out of Rachel's mouth. Orias's cock filled it perfectly. She wanted Orias to feed her his hot cum, to make her smell and taste it for days.

As if sensing what Rachel was thinking, Orias started thrusting his hips harder, his balls slapping against the woman's chin. Rachel didn't care about it too much, gobbling the demon's cock up.

"Such a perfect little cocksucker. You love this, don't you? You love the feeling of my cock stretching your pretty little mouth, huh? You'd do anything for it, is that right? " Orias asked while thrusting even faster, making Rachel choke on the shaft.

Orias loved this so much that he let out a deep growl. Grabbing Rachel's head with both hands, he pulled his cock out a little before thrusting roughly inside. He fucked Rachel's mouth, chasing his own orgasm.

"Fuck, so good, so tight. Choke on my cock more! Yes, yes, you naughty little girl, you'll let Daddy come down your throat, won't you? " Orias pistoned in and out, not giving Rachel the chance to breathe.

Rachel managed to nod somehow, moaning around the throbbing cock, tears welling up in her eyes.

The vibrations around his member were what pushed the demon over the edge. He thrust two more times before spilling down Rachel's throat with a loud groan.

Orias felt Rachel swallow his cum. He left his cock in her mouth, so not a single drop was wasted. His legs were shaky after such a powerful orgasm.

Demons have great stamina. He'll be hard again in no time. How couldn't he, when he had such a dedicated lover? Orias couldn't wait to be inside of Rachel.

Pulling out of Rachel's mouth slowly, he watched as the girl coughed, not used to having something that big and wide inside her mouth.

"A bit intense for your first blowjob, but don't worry, you did great. Practice makes perfect, so you'll be able to take more of me in no time."

Rachel looked up at Orias, smiling brightly at his praise.

It was silly, but that smile made Orias's spent cock half-mast. This woman made him react in ways no other woman, demon or human, ever had.

He'll think about it later. Now he must reward his new lover.

Orias pulled Rachel up from her kneeling position and into his strong arms before kissing her.

He didn't mind the aftertaste of his cum; in fact, it made him harder. Orias picked Rachel up against the wall, her legs wrapping around his waist.

Breaking the kiss, Orias looked into Rachel's eyes before leaning down to whisper.

"Daddy's going to make you see stars now."





And that's how it was, with Rachel seeing the whole universe as Orias's cock wrecked her virgin pussy. Well, she's no longer a virgin, but you get the gist of it.

Orias pounded into her, his thrusts rough and hard, as he enjoyed the silky walls around his hard cock.

If Rachel's mouth felt great around his cock, then her pussy is on a whole other level. Orias was glad that no one ruined Rachel before him.

Orias hadn't taken a virgin in such a long time, it almost felt like eternity.

He looked at the woman in his arms and stopped his movements for a moment.

Rachel opened her teary eyes, trying to determine why the demon stopped fucking her.

"Why did you stop? Come on, fuck me more!" Rachel demanded. She wanted to cum already!

This earned her a hard spank on the ass.

"Bratty girls don't get to cum, so be patient. Can't a man take a moment to admire the woman he practically made a mess out of? Besides, what's the rush? We have all night. Don't think for a second that one round is enough for a demon like me. " Orias purred in Rachel's ear, making the woman shudder.

And he sure did a number on her. Hickies decorated her neck, her breasts baring teethmarks. Orias couldn't leave such a lovely body unmarked.

The demon wanted Rachel to remember this night, to see those marks the first thing in the morning, to feel her sore body and think of him.

Orias will be visiting again, after all. There's so much he needs to teach his new lover.

But for now, he needs to make Rachel scream.

Orias pulls out, leaving only the head inside, before thrusting hard. Rachel's screams echoed through the room; the neighbors could hear her surely.

Rachel's head bumps against the wall from the hard thrusts, her legs tightening around Orias's waist and pulling him closer.

Rachel wants Orias deeper, to shape her insides in the form of his cock.

And that's what Orias was doing; his cock was reaching deep inside Rachel's belly.

"Yes, Daddy, give it to me! Please come inside and fill me up with your hot cum. I want it! I need it! Please, Daddy, please, please-Ahhh! " Rachel moans as she comes suddenly, Orias coming right after her.

Rachel feels the hot cum filling her up, some of it sliding down her thighs.

Orias moves them from the wall and towards Rachel's bed. He pulls a blanket over her naked body before dressing himself. Thankfully, he only has the cloth covering his privates.

Once he's down, he gazes at the sleeping woman before whispering:

"I'll be back soon."

And then, he's gone in a cloud of smoke.





Submitted: October 20, 2022

© Copyright 2023 midnight.eve. All rights reserved.

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a fascinating and different sort of story from you Midnight, as you enter the realms of the demonic. What a way to lose your virginity, and what a summonsing. you said at the beginning that such fantasies often fail the reality test, but this time the manifestation over delivered. i was left wondering - was this a dream, a fantasy, of did it really occur? thanks again for a fine piece of flowing inaginative writing x

Fri, October 21st, 2022 7:57am


It was real, for the female character. She wanted something interesting to happen to her, especially on Halloween.

She was berating herself for resorting to something that might not even work, but it did in the end.

Glad you enjoyed the story! ;)

Fri, October 21st, 2022 8:24am

Amy F. Turner

What a devilishly lovely awakening to womanhood. Wicked writing indeed and we are sure she looks forward to the next encounter for she is throujly ruined for any human male after this.

Mon, October 24th, 2022 7:57am


She sure is! ;)

Mon, October 24th, 2022 7:22am

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