Ghostly Sex

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Chet and Rickie embark on a trip to lose their virginity...

It was their last semester of school and Chet and Rickie decided to try adult sex

It was Hallowe'en night as they walked down the street, the night as dark as the black on an Elvis painting, fall leaves dancing across the street with the wind. They were looking for an old house, segregated from the rest of the old neighborhood. The further they walked, the darker and quieter it seemed.

"What's the big deal about this place?" asked Rickie.

"Their site on the internet said they don't charge for sex but they use code words," Chet replied.

"Code words?"

"Yeah, you can't say, like, "I want to get fucked," or anything, you have to use code words to get it free."

"How do we get code words, Chet?"

"I sat down and carefully worked it out and wrote a couple on paper. Here, take yours and follow my lead."


They finally reached their destination as the internet had described. Huge oak tree in the front yard, bent and crippled by many storms. A dirt path led to the front door of a dilapadated house, seemingly unfit to live in. They knocked tentatively on the wooden door, waiting.

"Who's there?" came a feeble voice from inside.

"We came to help out," Chet answered bravely.

The door opened slowly, the rusty hinges creaking as light shone from inside. An old woman, bent and gray stood on the doorstep. She wore a tattered dress covering her frail frame, and had a firm grip on the handle of a cane.

"Well, thank you, and come in," she said with a soft smile. "Come this way, boys, and I'll find someone to help you."


They followed her painfully slow gait through the house, moving from one room to another. The boys thought that the cane would break from the weight she put on it with every other step. They stopped at a door at the back of the house and the old woman tapped on it. When the door opened, a young woman appeared, and both boys were speechless. The woman was beautiful, with long black hair and the body of a supermodel. She wore a black satin bra and a black thong and nothing else.

"Hello, boys," she said with a soft sexy voice. "I'll need some ID and a credit card."

Both boys frantically fished out their driver licenses, and Chet handed her his brother's credit card.

"Do you have permission to use this?" she asked Chet.

"Yes, ma'am; my brother lets me use it all the time."

"And do I use it just for you, or...?" she asked, looking at Rickie. His eyes were fixed on her cleavage.

"Yeah, for both," Chat confirmed.


The woman closed the door and ushered them into an adjacent room. The light was eerie, not cloudy, not dim, and there was a sweet smell in the air as they entered. Two young women suddenly approached, each one dressed also just in a bra and a thong. 

"I'm Sandy and these girls are Tina and Gretchen."

The boys smiled at their good fortune and Sandy asked, "Okay, what can we do for you?"

Chet took out his piece of paper, read it to himself quickly and then said, "I'd like to make a donation."

"Very well," said Sandy, "Follow me and I'll take care of that." She took Chet by the hand and let him away. He looked  back over his shoulder at Rickie and winked.


"And how about you?" asked Gretchen.

Rickie checked the paper in his pocket as well and said, "I would like to release excess energy to do good things."

Gretchen looked at Tina. "Then you will need both of us to help, so just follow us."

Rickie was getting hard just following the two girls. The fabric on the back of their thongs was deep inside the cracks of their butts and he watched and fantasized about seeing them completely naked.


They entered another small room with a bed, a sink and a small narrow bench near the bed. 

"There are three things we require," said Tina. "You cannot be completely naked, you must be restrained and you must have a safe word."

"A safe word - what's that?" Rickie asked.

"If for any reason you want to stop what we're doing, you just say the safe word, get dressed and leave."

"Oh, okay, but why do I have to be restrained?"

"Primarily for safety reasons," answered Gretchen. "Sometimes people get too enthusiastic, fall off the bed or something, so we like to be careful."


Ten minutes later Rickie was lying on his back on the bench with his hands and ankles lightly tied to the legs of the bench. He could move but not very much and the bench was soft and comfortable. Tina unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them open so she could get to his underwear. She fished around in his boxers until she pulled out his semi hard cock.

He was delighted when Tina cupped his balls in her hand and began stroking his semi hard cock. Gretchen took off her bra and thong and straddled him, just above his waist. She leaned over, dangling her big soft breasts in his face. "Do you like my tits, Rickie?" she asked, keeping them just out of reach. He wanted to suck on her nipples but was too shy to ask.

"Yes, ma'am, they're perfect," he said meekly. He had a serious erection and Tina had poured something wet and slippery over it. She used both hands to lightly stroke up and down, twisting her hands in opposite direcrtions. Rickie gasped and groaned, realizing that he wouldnt be able to last very long if she continued doing that.

"Are you still a virgin, Rickie?" Gretchen asked with that soft sexy voice. 


"Y-yes, ma'am," he stuttered. 

Gretchen pressed a nipple to his mouth. As soon as he got his mouth around her nipple, he came. Tina let it flow and then used his cum to lubricate his erection even more.

"Would you like to see a real pussy, Rickie?" Gretchen asked.

Tina was still slowly pumping his shaft. "Um..yes, I guess so," he answered meekly.

Gretchen straddled his head and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. "God, Tina, his eyes are as big as quarters!" she said with a laugh.

Tina put more pressure on his shaft, squeezing his balls and using quick strokes up and down his shaft. 


Gretchen looked down at poor, frighened Rickie. "Tina won't stop until she has all your come, and I hope you don't take too long because I think I have to pee."

Rickie's cock erupted again, setting jets of cum all over Tina's hands. Rickie groaned and fainted.


"Oh, poor little guy; that was mean, Gretchen."

"Maybe, but I knew it would get him off quickly and he'll remember it forever."

Gretchen put her bra and thong back on and took a seat near the door of the room and lit a cigarette. Tina went to the sink, washed her hands, untied Rickie and then sat on the bed.

When Rickie came to, he looked down at all the cum all over his clothes. "Aw, jeez, what am I gonna do?" he whined.

"I suggest you go home, throw them in the washer before your folks see them and pretent it never happened." advised Tina.


Having fastened his wet pants again, Rickie approached the door to leave. 

"Let me give you some advice," said Gretchen. "When you come back, and you WILL come back," know what to say to get what you want. I'll give you some examples."

"As you now know, anything about releasing your energy means we're going to milk your cock until your balls are dry."

"Helping in the kitchen means you want to eat pussy."

"Helping with furniture means you want someone to sit on your face."

"Helping LIFT furniture means you want to get fucked."

"And don't mention anything about the shower unless you're into watersports."


Rickie started out the door but turned back to ask, "Chet is giving a donation; what does that mean?"

Tina laughed and said, "You got lucky. Your friend is going to be edged to the point of coming but Sandy will stop over and over. She won't let him come until he cries the safe word.

"What if he forgets the safe word?" Rickie asked.

"Then it's going to be a very long and tough night for your friend," answered Gretchen.


Rickie found Chet waiting by the front door where they had entered. He was pacing back and forth with a worried look on his face. 

"Are you okay, Chet?"

"No, man, I need to get home quick!"

"Why?" What happened?

"That bitch nearly rubbed the skin off my dick and she wouldn't let me come. I gotta go home and jack off before my nuts burst."

"Did you use the safe word?"

"What? She didn't say anything about a safe word, she just kept yanking my dick and letting go when I got close. It pissed me off so I just got up, zipped up and left."


A week later, armed with information that would get them the sex they dreamed of, Chet and Rickie went back to the old house, early in the afternoon. They rapped on the wooden door and when it opened they were facing an old man. He was bald on top with white hair on the sides of his head. He wore ragged, dirty jeans and a red and black checkered shirt. His eye glasses were so thick, the boys could not tell the color of his eyes.

"Can I help you?" he asked faintly.

"Uh, yes, sir, um we came to help out," said Rickie.

"Well, that's very kind of you, boys; come in, please." the old man said, stepping back to let them in.

When they were inside, the old man said, "Follow me and I will find someone to help you."


The boys winked at each other as they followed the old man through the house. But he led them to a back door, and when he opened it, there were two large, muscular men by the door.

"These boys came to help out," the old man said as he walked away.

Chet and Rickie weren't sure what to do, but Chet boldly told the two men, "I want to help in the kitchen."

And Rickie said, "And I want to help lift some furniture."


"Excellent!" exclaimed one of the men. That's when a new adventure began for both boys.

One of the men took Chet into the kitchen. "We have sixteen boys out back doing yard work, chopping wood and painting the house. You can start cooking because they'll be coming in for dinner and they will be starved."

"But I don't want to cook," said Chet woefully.

The man towered over him as he said, "Tough shit, piss ant; you start cooking and maybe we'll let you go home tonight."


The other man took Rickie to the back yard. "We don't need any furniture lifted right now but we do need all this firewood moved and stacked up for winter. It's pretty wet so it will be heavy. Thanks for helping."

Rickie was too afraid to refuse. Later, when he was near a boy who was chopping the wood, he whispered to him, "Hey, where are the girls?"

"No girls here, pal, this has been a boys camp since the old woman and her daughters sold the place after Hallowe'en."



Submitted: October 19, 2022

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Lol! Poor boys didn't get what the imagined at all but what they did get was a sexy intro to work of a different sort and never trusting strangers.

Mon, October 24th, 2022 8:13am


Thanks, Amy. I was just trying for something a little different.

Mon, October 24th, 2022 10:56am

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