Home for Homeless Men

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: CFNM

A retired female urologist open a home for homeless men.

Home for Homeless Men

Ms. Adams was a retired, unmarried urologist.  When she retired a millionaire, she decided to open a boarding house for homeless men.  She bought a mansion, hired a cook, a couple of housekeepers and opened her house.  Ms. Adams was also something else, the reason she became a Urologist, a voyeur. 

It did not take long for her first customer to appear.  He was fairly young, in his mid 30’s, disheveled and dirty.  After she welcomed him into her house and showed him his bed.  She said, “We have to do something about your clothes.”  Please take them off and give them to me.  I’ll wash them and give them back to you.”

The man took off his outer clothes and gave them to her.  The she said, “All of them.”

He repeated her, “All of them.”

She said, “They are all dirty and they have to be washed.  As a matter of fact, you are dirty too.  I’ll have to wash you.”

The man said, "I can wash myself."

Ms. Adams replied, "Not as well as I can.  I also need to check you for lice and skin disease.

The man asked, "What about my modesty?"

She replied, “Don’t worry about modesty.  I was a Urologist before I retired.  I have seen hundreds of thousands of naked men.”

He repeated, “Hundreds of thousands of naked men?”

She said, “Yes, an average of 30 men a day for 40 years equals 300,000 men.

The man asked, "Why should I care how many naked men you have seen?"

Ms. Adams replied, "I was trying to tell you that I an indifferent to male nudity."

The man said, "Why should I care if you are indifferent to male nudity?"

Ms. Adams asked, "What does that mean?"

The man said, "If what you are doing is necessary for hygiene, that is all that is necessary."

Ms. Adams said, "Good point!"

John took off his ragged underwear and gave it to her.”

Ms. Adams handed his clothes to one of her housekeepers and said, “Put these clothes in the washer.  When you have done that meet me in the communal bathroom.”

The housekeeper said, “Yes, ma’am,” took the clothes and departed.  When the housekeeper arrived at the communal bathroom, the man was standing naked while Ms. Adams was running the water and testing it for the right temperature.  When she was satisfied, she said, “Ok, I’m ready.  Step into the shower please.”

The man stepped into the shower and the housekeeper took the mobile shower head and rinsed him down.  Ms. Adams sudsed his hair and proceeded down his body.  When she reached his buttocks she said, “Bend over so I can wash your butt crack.”  The man obliged.  She then washed both his butt crack and his perineum.  After she did the butt crack, she smiled and sudsed his penis and testicles.  Ms. Adams remarked, “Now I have to wash your genitals.  Are you OK with that?"

The man asked, "Please stop apologizing for doing what is necessary."

Ms. Adams took her time and thoroughly washed his balls and his cock.  She only stopped with he responded to her with an erection. 

The man replied, “I am sorry about my erection.  I can’t help it”

Ms. Adams said, “Yours is not the first erection I have seen.”

Ms. Adams then asked, “How long has it been since you ejaculated?”

He said, “Come again.”

She repeated, “How long has it been since you ejaculated?  I was a Urologist. I am experienced with men.  They all masturbate.”

He said, “I don’t have much privacy.  Several weeks.”

Ms. Adams replied, “Men need to be relieved; I am going to masturbate you.”

The man said, “What if I don’t want you to?”

Ms. Adams said, “I am sorry, it is not optional.  It is required before admission.  Sex for men is a bodily function.  When men have been milked, they are content and docile the way I need them to be.”

Ms. Adams turned to her housekeeper and said, “You massage his testicles, while I stroke his penis.  The housekeeper than cupped the man’s balls and began massaging them while Ms. Adams began stroking his cock.  Both used the suds as a lubricant. 

Ms. Adams turned to the man while she was stroking his cock and said, “Your penis is larger than I thought it would be.  I see you are a grower."

The man asked, "What is a grower?"

Ms. Adams replied, "A grower has a small flaccid penis and a large erection.  A shower has a large flaccid penis but a small erection."

Ms. Adams then turned to her young, straight out of high school housekeeper and said, “How are his balls?”

The housekeeper replied, “I  have never even seen a man's testicles before.  I wouldn't know?”

Ms. Adams replied, “After you’ve worked here a while you will have plenty of experience with testicles.  How do you like it so far?”

The housekeeper replied, “I’ve never done this before.  I have always wanted to, but I never thought I would get to do it.  It is exciting.  Did you do this a lot while you were a Urologist.”

Ms. Adams said, “Never.  I only got to see and operate on them.”

The housekeeper asked, “His cock looks really stiff.  I would like to feel his cock.  Do you mind if we change places?”

Ms. Adams answered, “Not at all.” 

They change places. 

Ms. Adams asked, “How do you like his cock?”

The housekeeper said, “It was so small and soft but now it is big and hard!”

Ms. Adams said, "Penises are miraculous in how they can grow and get hard, aren't they?"

The housekeeper said, "They sure are."

Ms. Adams said, “Isn’t it wonderful that male genitals are on the outside where we can play with them?”

He housekeeper answer, “Definitely!”

Ms. Adams said, “He is going to spurt soon.  Just before he spurts, he will suddenly get harder.  When he does, continue stroking and time your strokes to coincide with his spurts.  Don’t stop until he stops spurting.”

In a few more strokes, the man commenced his orgasm.  The housekeeper did as she was told and didn’t stop until he was done.  When it was over, Ms. Adams took the mobile shower head and rinsed the suds off the man’s body and washed the suds and his semen down the drain.  Then they both took towels and dried him.

Then she turned to her housekeeper and said, “How did you like that? 

The housekeeper replied, “It was exciting.  I really enjoyed that.  My panties are all wet.”

Ms. Adams said, “Good, I am glad you enjoyed it.  You will have many more times to enjoy it.”

Ms. Adams turned to the man and said, “I insist on cleanliness with my borders.  If you stay here, you will have to shower every day and either myself or one of my help will do it for you.  The requirements of hygiene require us to disrespect your modesty. I think the male body is beautiful and should be seen.  You will have to remain naked until we finish washing and drying your clothes.  Your clothes will not be dry before supper.  Come to the supper table naked.  You have nothing to be ashamed of.” 

Ms. Adams continued, “We won’t masturbate you anymore unless you ask us.  If you want to be released, just say so.”

This set the pattern for a day at Ms. Adams house for homeless men.  They would arise at 7:00 AM and line up to be washed.  Ms. Adams and one of her housekeepers would wash them and then towel them dry.  If one of the men wanted to be released, a second housekeeper or Ms. Adams herself would masturbate him.  The process of keeping the men from being horny proved successful.  The men were not only obedient to the staff but helpful.  After bathing they would proceed back to their rooms to dress.  It only took a little over a minute to wash the men so the whole process took only a half an hour. 

A little while after opening. female government authorities showed up.  They wanted to see the facilities.  The facilities were immaculate. When they found men nude in the common areas waiting for their clothes to be washed, they were upset. They thought the men were being sexually abused.  They asked the men how they were treated.  The men all praised their treatment.  When the female authorities found out that the men were being masturbated they were certain that the men were being abused.  Ms. Adams said to them, “Stop thinking like women.  Men think that sex is a bodily function.  They like being milked.  Men are not going to complain about being masturbated!

The next morning these women showed up again and insisted on watching the men being washed and masturbated.  Some of the men complained that they didn't like kibitzers.  Ms. Adams said she was powerless to stop them.  The female authorities asked every man if he wanted to complain, none did.  Those female authorities, frustrated at not being able to impose feminine modesty on men, left in a huff. All of them, later. became homeless men volunteers and participated in sexual release.

Ms. Adams also encouraged volunteers to help.  Many women did.  Mary Wilson, a 30year old spinster, heard there was a home for homeless men who needed volunteers.  She also heard that what they needed was women to bathe the men.  When she appeared at the home her services were eagerly accepted.  This was the first time she had seen a mature naked male.  Now she was not only seeing them naked by the dozens but was washing and drying them.  At first, she was timid when the men she washed grew an erection but before the morning was over, she couldn’t keep her hands off their testicles.  Before the morning was over, she had not only seen numerous naked males, she had washed several and even masturbated one.  Mary Wilson became a regular volunteer coming once a week on one of her days off.  Mary Wilson was an only child of a single mother and had always been timid and reserved around men.  Due to her work at the Home for Homeless Men, Mary lost her fear of men and found herself a husband. 

Ms. Adams knew that many women had ulterior motives.  If they didn't have ulterior motives she didn't want them as volunteers.  She knew men liked to have women pay attention to their genitals.  If women wanted to see nude men, they were welcome.  They were especially welcome if they wanted to masturbate men.  The more eager the women were, the better men liked it.

A single mother wanted to complete the sex education of her daughter and came with her daughter.  The mother and daughter were allowed to watch and, if they desired, to wash or masturbate.  The mother had gotten pregnant at 17 and didn’t want that to happen to her daughter.  She felt that the more experience her daughter had with men, the more likely she would be able to maintain her chastity.  She didn't want her daughter to experiment with sex. She thought working with naked men and especially masturbating them would be good experience and cathartic. When she and her daughter showed up at the Home of Homeless Men, both were welcomed.  In just a few minutes both she and her daughter were able to not only see naked men but to wash their genitals.  After only a few washes she was massaging a man’s testicles while her daughter stroked his cock.  It was the first time both had actually seen a man spurt.

Robin and Oriole Charles were twins.  On their 18th birthday they decided to give themselves a birthday present and went to the Home for Homeless Men with proof of their ages.  They were welcomed.  The men who they serviced were even more glad to have such pretty young girls washing them.  When the girls came to washing the men’s genitals they couldn’t keep their hands off the men’s genitals.  Every man they washed wanted to be masturbated.  The girls took turns, one would massage his balls while the other stroked his cock.  Then they would change.  Somewhat clumsy at first, they quickly learned if they teased the man first, followed by testicle massage and penis stroking, the men would erupt.  The both became regular volunteers and didn't stop even after they married.

Ms. Adams encouraged women to come and masturbate her borders.  She was convinced it was healthy for the borders and educational for the women.  Many girls as soon as they turned 18 came in to learn how to give a good handjob.  Ms. Adams encouraged this not only because she enjoyed watched but because she knew the men especially enjoyed being masturbated by females, especially eager young females! 

Often, various hospitals, nursing homes, medical and nursing schools came and asked to use the men as teaching tools for wages  The men for their part were glad to receive the income for work they enjoyed even though they didn’t get off.  When this happened Ms. Adams let the men keep all of the proceeds. 

My name is Mary Wilson.  I have always been timid around men.  I am skinny and plain.  Men have never been interested in me.  I was 30 years old when I first volunteered at Ms. Adams Home for Homeless Men.  I had scarcely had a date in my life before I volunteered and I had never seen a mature nude male before.  When I heard I could volunteer to help bathe men, I could hardly wait.  I wasn't disappointed.  There was not only one nude male but more than a dozen.  I couldn't believe it.  I also couldn't believe that I would get to wash their testicles.  The first ime I did it, I was very timid.  The men noticed and it excited them.  I not only got to see my first erection but I actually watching as his penis got erect.  Then I got to wash it.  I am afraid I got carried away. I enjoyed touching a penis so much that suddenly it erupted spewing semen all over my hands.  I jerked my hands away but I was quickly drawn back to the man's penis and continued stroking the penis until it was done erupting.  I couldn't help notice how grateful the men were when I took care of them.  It game me confidence I never had before with men.  I recently married one of my the men that I bathed.

My name is Dan Johnson.  After I got fired from my job, I couldn’t find another one.  I heard about Ms. Adams house, and I went there because I was hungry and was living on the street.  When I arrived at the door, I was welcomed in.  They immediately took my clothes to be washed and then brought me to be washed.  They wouldn’t let me wash myself.  The ladies insisted they could do a better job. During the course of the washing one of them caressed my balls while the other one stroked my cock.  They obviously knew what they were doing because in short order I started cuming.  Except for the fact that I was standing up, I was milked like a cow. I had never been treated like this by women.  I thought it was wonderful.  I loved it.  Then I had to wait naked while my clothes were being washed.  While I waited no one paid any attention.

Every morning Ms. Adams and her staff would shower and wash us.  I really like being washed by women.  Not only do they wash you better than you can wash yourself but I really like it when women pay attention to me.  It is like it was when my mother used to bathe me.

After I was there for a couple of days, I asked to be milked again and they accommodated me.  Ms. Adams stroked my cock while on of her housekeepers massaged my balls.  I love being fondled and I especially love it when the girl enjoys doing it.  I spurted all over Ms. Adams hands and she not only cleaned herself up but me too.  I didn't go soft until she was finished.

One time a couple of girls who had just turned 18 wanted to learn how to give a handjob.  I was only too happy to teach them.  I suggessted that they should bathe me.  They did and at the end they masturbated me. 

Sometimes women would come in just to watch.  Women would find this offensive, but men don’t.  We like to be admired in the nude by women.  It is even better if they help. 

Men started showing up who were well dressed.  Even if we are filled, we never deny men a bath, a masturbation and a clothes wash.  If they were well dressed, we asked them for a donation.  We usually get it.  When they do not stay for the night, we know what their true intent is.

Submitted: October 14, 2022

© Copyright 2023 pringle. All rights reserved.

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A titillating read. I do find the story quite repetitive, though if the intent was to write a good jerk off story then the repetition may be good. To make this more than a jerk off story I think some drama, some challenge with uncertainty of the outcome is needed. For example if some of the men were resistant at first and required some form of persuasion. Or perhaps she is trying to educate a niece about men and the niece is resistant at first. Or the authorities shut her place down at first and she has to win a court battle to get her place up and running again!

Mon, October 24th, 2022 1:17am


Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely do appreciate comments. All of my stories are situational. They all present a dilemma. If the situation is too unrealistic, I don’t find the story believable and thus not erotic. If the characters’ behavior isn’t a little outrageous, the story won’t be erotic.
You were right when you said I wanted to write a good jack off story. It was never my purpose to put drama into the story. I realized as I wrote this that I actually don’t like drama and I probably wouldn’t be good at writing about it. I dislike someone playing with my emotions and I find drama plots predictable. My stories are about lustful women exploiting men. I dislike stories that go on page after page with nothing happening. My stories get down to business quickly and thus tend to be quite short. It is a matter of setting up the situation and letting the women lust. If there is any drama it is in setting the scene.
You said the story was repetitive. I suppose it was. There was a lot of nudity and handjobs. I never put in any fellatio or sexual congress because it was outside my theme. I think I have to follow my theme of situational CFNM throughout the story. I do appreciate your input and I hope you will comment again.

Tue, October 25th, 2022 1:32am

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