Location, Location, Location.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Holly and Grant engage in daring quickie sex act in different rooms of a mansion. At the same time, the young attractive realtor is distracted by deliberately setting up phone calls from a trio of perverts that Holly and Grant then sext raunchy selfies.

The location was ideal. The time for the inspection had been set up. The story is the same as per usual. Interstate lottery winners are seeking exclusive Sydney North Shore residences in the five to ten-million-dollar bracket.  Ms Carole Harcourt, after the big sales commission, was suckered in like the representatives of many other firms.

Holly and Grant arrived at the property today in Carole’s car, through the security gates with its PIN and up the curving driveway to the stunning triple-storey architect-designed home.  Holly and Grant, location sex hunters extraordinaire, were impressed. Both agreed that any online pictures didn’t do the place justice. Maybe their online sexcapade picture would do the place total justice.

As she opened the front door, Carole Harcourt had done her homework on the place and was waxing lyrical about its features.

“Location, location, location,” she said. The realtor’s mantra. This place had it all.  

She reeled off: “North shore, stunning harbour views and its waterfrontage. “

Holly and Grant had done their homework too; location one:  the marble bathroom for foreplay, location two: the master bedroom for getting it off, and location three:  making the antique dining table sway under some energetic raunchy anal sex.

Holy and Grant got their sexual kicks out of fucking their way through the houses of the rich, with the unwitting support of realtors. Set up with three perverted friends, they provided sexted raunchy explicit selfies on the day. Three phone calls would be made while they toured a house and adjoining grounds.  Realtors always took these calls in private; they didn’t care who was baited into the sale; they could always come back to Holly and Grant saying the house was under offer...for..., and how high were they now prepared to go.

 And of course, Tony, Lionel and Paul knew what questions to ask to keep the agent hooked and out of the way for a few minutes while Holly and Grant engaged with opportunistic carnal gratification and sexted off images to support their perverted happy trio.

They were upstairs outside the main bathroom, and Holly had buzzed Tony to ring. Carole answered, instantly. She was young, blonde, and ambitious and loved the sale. Holly appreciated the agent’s fashion sense, designer skirt, heels and cute ruffled summer blouse. Grant was more impressed with Ms Harcourt’s peachy arse as she went to take her call; in private, part way down the stairs. He didn’t have time to develop the thought but wondered if maybe she was a misnamed... Ms Hardcore.

Grant and Holly were in the bathroom fast. Holly had the G-string on under her skirt today. The cool Italian marble of a His and Her’s vanity hit her arse while Grant’s fingers hit her pussy.

The bathroom was designed for luxury, the harbour view and sunlight inviting nature in and the user to look out but focus back on pampering self.  Holly took this in just before she started taking raunchy snaps to send as a reward to caller; Tony.

 Grant was focused on Holly’s pussy; it was designed for maximum pleasure, and the view he had was close up and stunning; it was openly inviting and demanded an immediate visit.

He had grabbed her panties in his fist and pulled them up centrally…right into her slit…exposing her soft pinkish lips on both sides of the black satin and teased her again…just the edges of desire…the promise of more…the edge …the edge…she was deliriously expectant…the waiting wasn’t unremitting…. Grant was practised at express excitement.

Holly wanted tongue on her lips and hard flicking on her clit…she was held up...but only briefly in the tantalising pleasure …until…Grant rubbed his cock along the outside of her panties…then trapped his hard erectness under her stretched panties...and was next...pushing and rubbing against her wetness…her fleshy pink-lipped wetness. The moisture was visible on her spread lips at the edge of her panties.

Her sweet shaved sharing was wound up ...her clit was already aroused in anticipation and was visible, slipping out of its natural hoodie. Holly’s glistening pink bead was so moist, so seemingly alert to possible pleasure. Her bead drew Grant’s eye and drew his finger. But ultimately, it drew his tongue. Grant knew what was needed...pink tip to pink tip… a fierceness of desire aroused in Holly. She had to clench her mouth to not moan excitedly and draw back the realtor.

You have to admire her discipline when she remembered to angle her phone and snap low for Tony. Fuck, her pussy was being worked up fast.  Tony would cream himself on this shot alone.

 Grant was engaged with Holly’s instantly playful flesh. His fingers stretched open her sapphic pair, her coochie lips secretly loved each other. He stretched them out quickly, watching the skin glisten as it was spread wide …the elasticity of the moment…then fold back into their contented natural crinkled pose…waiting for the next naughty step…always ready.

Christ, Tony was a lucky bastard. He had another excellent shot captured here as Holly sexted off her lips.

Grant knew the location was basically about the slit and the clit; let’s not overcomplicate this.

He pinched her fleshy extension…the cowl over her clit…the gorgeous pinnacle of puffed flesh between a woman’s thighs …her lips of pleasure … the lips that crave touch… always want to be noticed…luxuriate in being taken in and demand scrutiny.

And unlike women on buses, trains or in parks; pussy lips are never upset by being stared at You can’t look for too long…you can’t stay too long… you are always welcome…and Grant got busy with his fingers, tongue, and pursed lips drawing out the puffy flesh...puck...suck... building a release.

Holly was enjoying the attention her pussy was receiving...Grant’s sexual creative frenzy of the immediate instance…his sexual expression of the moment…but above all, the compelling sexual bliss of just right now was dominating...the need to climax. Her pulsating private paradise was orgasm close.

Grant was in the sweetest place your tongue can bethe cutest location it can access and he delivered delight to the most responsive dot known to mankind …just flicking and repeatedly teasing in broad sweeping lashes of desire…delving deep for some pussy  probing intensity.

Holly orgasmed under Grant’s full-sucking munch…her entire fem-sex area was indulged by an expansive, expressive, enthusiastic mouth. His lips pressed insanely into her soft flooded indented flesh.

Her orgasm was the fully released rich reward she deserved. Wow was she flushed? She still sexted her glistening shaved slit for Tony.

‘Shit’, thought Holly looking in the mirror and tidying her.  She reapplied some makeup so Carole wouldn’t be suspicious. She had that... I’ve been licked out look.

“Where are you...sorry about that, “said Carole from the top of the stairs...seeing the pair emerge from the bathroom... but was straight back into realtor speak; “Quality fitting in there... as you no doubt appreciated.”

Grant had certainly appreciated Holly’s fittings.

The guest room, the expansive balcony and a potential nursery room were all viewed.  And the third-tier open patio. Then Carole slipped in, there was another buyer, and asked them to consider the value the house represented. The reserve price was probably a bit low.

The master bedroom was huge and lavish. A king-size bed with satin sheets and maybe even silk pillowcases, a beautiful antique brass bed head too, noticed Holly. Carole got another call. She thought this was one hot property. Lionel was always prompt with his call. The realtor excused herself again and returned to the stairhead.

Grant didn’t have to prime Holly, she was way up on warm, and her coochie was his hot property. Holly prepped Grant’s pecker, released through his trousers, very fast, using the edge of the satin sheet for extra advantage between dextrous swift hand work and flexible exquisite mouth tension.

This bed was asking for sex. Demanded sex and my, did they give the springs a workout.  Holly was on the edge... skirt up, coochie inviting, as only it can be with legs high and wide. Grant grabbed the brass bed head for extra traction. Holly was close to being a trollop; it was the satiny friction under her arse causing the meltdown into full wantonness. Though, to be honest, it never took much on these house excursions, way up from the van they lived in at an outer suburban caravan park.

Grant had time to focus and snap cock filling pussy for Lionel.  He was a photographer, so the cunt probably enlarged the sexts and on sold them as porn. Who knew?  Who cared at the moment?

Holly’s slit was doing its job; rewarding burrowing man meat with pleasure... her gorgeous cock trapping equipment was easy to photograph...she was easy to fill...she just wanted it...anywhere except their tiny van.

Holly was luxuriating in the pleasure of being in her attractive young body...Grant could hardly control his rapidly escalating cock happiness...it would be his focus after a few close-ups for Lionel.

 He snapped...clit ...he snapped... cock teasing the hole......he snapped from behind his head ...the whole fuckin plush bed and their fucking...Christ, it was springy and fuck, it was satiny... here he meant both the mattress and Holly’s coochie. Lionel was getting more than a fair reward today.

The pleasure of sex radiated out of Holly like the fine warm filaments and then the fuller shards of sunlight filling the room. Holly had the glow of high summer. She was close to her second orgasm in the house already. Grant pumped her so quickly and so frickin deep the brass bed head hit the wall, cracking the plaster. Grant massaged Holly’s exposed clit, and she exploded into a fantastic rapturous filthy orgasm. She had to use a pillow to muffle her moans of pleasure.

Shit, the realtor was calling to them to come downstairs. Holly was satisfied. Grant was developing blue balls. Still, he had Holly’s arse to come and he was happy with that knowledge.

Carole was excited. Well, on an excitement scale, she was way behind Holly’s pussy. But in her professional capacity, she was animated. Another buyer was interested. She told the young couple, that the pre-auction price was going up...how much had they won in the interstate lottery, she asked.

They winked-millions!

The kitchen was a master class setup, with beautiful marble bench tops, copious stainless steel and hanging copper-based pans.  The laundry, Carole indicated, was functional for hired help. A triple garage, a study, a games room and two additional bedrooms with ensuites and other features a blur. Ms Harcourt had left the formal dining room till last; it overlooked the bay and the full harbour. The multi-million-dollar view. And the quarter-of-a-million-dollar antique sixteen-place dining table dominated the room.

‘Shit,’ Paul hadn’t responded to his call. Carole wanted to take them out to the pool and the private jetty. Grant only had one backdoor in mind, and it wasn’t the one Ms Harcourt indicated.Reluctantly Grant started to follow her. He wasn’t getting Holly’s starfish today.

Holly was a tramp. She knew it: pure slut and proud of it. She needed cock in her arse now.  She was in front of the pretty little realtor and spun around and french kissed her. As she suspected, she got her tongue straight back. Grant saw the direction events were heading fast and had the blonde’s cute tits hanging over her bra cups fast. His tongue located and alternated between two hard long strawberry nipples.

The heat of the summer afternoon was up in this room.  An automatic pecker-hardening reaction occurs when two hot women kiss right before you. Maybe your cock thinks it’s getting two pussies today.

The kissing was sensual. It was exploratory. It was damn unexpected, but very welcome to Carole.

The girls were caressing each other’s exposed creamy breasts, their hands wandering and then lingering in the shaved flesh below their mutual panty lines...inside the fabric... finding the moist softer indentation between the pads of flesh...girls know where to touch girls... it was on.

The women were touching where it is most expressive to touch, where touch is most sought...they knew the prime location...they were spot on...everything building from this location...clitties are so, so sensitive. They had one each and not their own. So sweet.

Panties were crumpled on the floor, and both were bending over the dining table...kissing still and rubbing fem-genitals between spread legs as they need to be rubbed, soft and feathery, interspersed with stretching slits and fingers delving with both fulsome pressure and speed...two fingers in and out...each time deeper. Ms Harcourt was a faster learner or was a coy bisexual. Holly didn’t care.

Holly worked her finger into Carole’s tight chocolate freckle. Ms Harcourt reciprocated but then beat Holly to getting the second finger in and knuckle deep, the upwardly mobile middle-class bitch.

However, even Carole couldn’t have anticipated the sequence of events. Grant was stuffing his meat pack into her backdoor.

Grant was amazed. Wow, was it tight? It was excellent. The realtor had one unyielding tunnel. Her arsehole was an incredible personal pleasure dispensing crack.

Grant was cock dominated by the opportunity, the unexpected opportunity to squeeze into a previously unknown woman’s bum. Her gripping, grasping sphincter was the ideal location for his heated, excited, randy cock.  Grant made the most of it, drilling in deeper. He was getting excited.

He was excited because Holly was down between his legs, licking his balls. Then licking Carole’s clit. Then his arse. Then Carole’s slit and clit.

Carole came in a series of pulsating orgasmic pleasure spasms like a gum machine gone crazy...the candy popping in endless amounts across the floor...scattering...rolling away randomly. The antique table joined in the celebrations with lengthy, creaky groans as Grant got ready to cream her arse.

The delight was commensurate in Grant’s body...the pleasure was rolling fast in only one direction, waves of jizz, as his man cream flew out in its gooey stream, and wow, was it intense and it deep into Carole’s arse. Then dripping onto the parquetry floor.

Carole was panting in absolute glowing delight. Holly had missed out on her arsehole being satisfied: in the immediate instance, but she had her vibrator in the van for later. The lezzo sex was a surprise, and the unexpected is always a turn-on. She was happy. But was still chasing the triple crown...three locations...three orgasms...maybe the next house set up.

The scheming strumpet Holly knew plenty more would come her way very soon as she invited Carole to take them to more mansions during the coming days.

The following days were sensational...but not as Holly or Grant expected ...Carole took them across town to other realtors and joined the excitement of ‘location, location, location’ in beachside mansions. And Grant had the added pleasure of seeing both Holly and Carole gang up on other unsuspecting young female realtors whom Grant then delighted in shafting.

Submitted: October 11, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

To say that there was a lot of cumming going on here is an understatement! Randy is a chaste word compared to action instigated toward the end of this tale. Wow! Risky...far too tame! His was explosive and very well-described. Amazing!

Tue, October 11th, 2022 6:43pm

Amy F. Turner

And the title really should be "Location, Location, Location"! LOL!

Tue, October 11th, 2022 6:44pm


Thanks, Amy; the original title was Location, location, location. I should reinstate it.

Tue, October 11th, 2022 7:27pm

Amy F. Turner

Just goes to show that you should always follow your instincts because 9 times out of 10 their usually right :)

Thu, October 13th, 2022 5:18pm

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