Why Bother to Cover...?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Single-souled identical twins Ashton and Ashley Smith fly into space to do a first-of-its-kind experiment there, during which they come up with and sing a beautiful song which denounces discrimination and prejudice and calls for aesthetic and ethical consensual romantic love between grownups to be accepted and respected.

Start Notes: If you wanna know more about the astonishing telepathic twins Ashley and Ashton Smith and their friend Gwen Hammond, check out my story Summertime Surfing and Sharp Teeth.


After their surfing adventure as told in Summertime Surfing and Sharp Teeth, the very smart and creative spiritually and mentally linked identical twins Ashley and Ashton Smith went on to become well-known and respected scientists and inventors. On their birthday, they flew to the ISS with a rocket they themselves had thought up and taken part in building. Their mission was threefold. For one, they wanted to test the smart rocket in real life. It worked perfectly, doing everything automatically to carry them to their destination so that they could relax in their seats and enjoy the ride. The second part of their mission was to bring tools, some made by themselves, to space and use them together with the other ISS crew members to do experiments. The third part was the most sensational, for it was an experiment never conducted before: verified human sex in space. This first-of-its-kind experiment was broadcast worldwide, earning some scathing criticism from self-appointed morality apostles. People from all over the world could talk with the married identical twins without delay through a system of senders and receivers invented by the Smith siblings which used quantum entanglement to send information in the blink of an eye.

“You openly show your perverse passion because you have no shame!” yelled one of the so-called moralists.

The siblings finished a deep kiss and calmly answered: “No; we show it because there is nothing shameful or perverse about it. On the contrary, it’s beautiful and something to be proud of.”

“Um, you’re right, but don’t you still want a bit more privacy during your happy time?” asked Gwen Hammond, the sibling-spouses’ friend.

The Smith twins dove into another kiss as Ashton’s dick dove into his sister-wife’s snatch. While lovemaking in zero G, they answered their friend’s question with their song in between heated kisses and light moans and gasps.

Both: “Why bother to cover
that twin sister and brother
from the same father and mother
make love with each other?

Two soul-bonded twins
do not commit sins
if they fall in love
that’s high up above
in spirit and soul
and body and mind,
so that to be whole
and happiness find
they must reach a goal
of a wonderful kind:
To with kisses smother
and wed one another
and have kids together
who are strong, smart, and clever.

To be twin ancestors,
known, too, as twincestors,
who a clan have made spring
is a spellbinding thing.

So hear ye, oh lovers
of sibcest and soul bond,”
Ashton: “that my sister,”
Ashley: “and my brother,”
Ashton: “who’s my wife,”
Ashley: “who’s my house-bond,”
Both: “herewith lay your minds to rest
that twincest is best.”

And they went on with the experiment until it was done. Ashley’s breasts and girl-dick (clitoris) and Ashton’s dick fired supernatural lightning directly into supreme divine lightning bolts in the world of the gods and thus gave it an extra edge for good and against evil. Ashton spurted his life-seeding load into his sister, who squirted and girl-spunked all over him. It was a hell of a mess since all the droplets flew around in the weightlessness of orbital free fall, giving their fellow scientists a hard time cleaning up while the soul-bonded sibling-spouses drifted around snuggling in the blissful afterglow of a joint physical, mental, and spiritual orgasm. However, they made up for this nuisance by making the experiment a full success. Ashley immediately got pregnant with her and her brother’s next child, who together with her brothers and sisters was part of a famous clan of thinkers, artists, scientists, engineers, and teachers that became ever more successful over the ages. And the twincestors of this great clan were the identical brother-and-sister twins Ashton and Ashley Smith who shared an eternal bond in mind, spirit, and soul which linked their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and more.


End notes: Do you think that the Smith siblings’ poem will show people how right soul-link sibcest can be and how wrong it is to discriminate against it? Or do you think the prejudice is so deeply ingrained that it will remain?

What else would you like to tell me?
Please, share.

Let’s fight bigotry together and talk about soul bonds, brother-sister twincest, and the like in my Discussion Group: Telepathic Twincest Geeks (https://archiveofourown.org/works/41691492, https://belletristica.com/de/books/47572-discussion-group-telepathic-twincest-geeks/)!

Submitted: October 11, 2022

© Copyright 2023 twinlinkmaniac. All rights reserved.

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This is totally wild - what a concept! I've never even considered sex in my space capsule (I'm up here floating around with Major Tom)

Zero gravity makes any position possible.

I haven't got a twin, but I must say that your piece is very intriguing.

Sat, October 22nd, 2022 6:37pm

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