Riding Out the Storm

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jack struggles to weather the storm with surprising results.

Jack looked out the window from his apartment at the waist deep water in the street. Only the tops of the parking meters were above the water level. When he signed the lease, he thought the ground level apartment would give him easy access, and an easy egress if a fire occurred. He never dreamed of this type of water surge from a hurricane - the risk of renting on the bay.

He gathered his phone, laptop, charge cords and his wallet and tied them up in a plastic bag and headed out. He decided he would wade the few blocks to the civic center and wait with the rest of the neighborhood for the water to recede.

When he stepped out into the breezeway outside his door, the cement was slippery under the water and he slipped. He fell backwards, managed to catch his plastic bag and toss it up on his doorstep. As he fell, he banged his head on the door jamb. He didn't think it broke the skin but his back hurt as he twisted back to catch himself.

He sat for a couple minutes to compose himself then grabbing his plastic bag to his chest, waded into the street. He turned right and walked a block to the corner. As he turned to head towards the civic center, he heard a cat crying and noticed a black cat with white feet clinging to a telephone pole. Rather than let it starve or drown, he carefully plucked it off the telephone pole. It may have been grateful but it rearranged itself on his shoulder several times, digging its claws into his shirt.

He waded two blocks and then heard someone yelling, apparently at him. "Hey! Hey, mister, that's my cat!"

Jack looked up at the brick apartment building and a woman leaning out an open third story window. "Hey! Will you bring Maggie down to the lobby? I'll come down and get her," she said as her head disappeared from the window.

He waded up to the building to the stairwell and a woman was waiting. She was about thirty years old with short blond hair. She was barefoot  and wearing sweatpants and a loose fitting sweater. Jack handed the cat to her.

"Thanks so much!" the woman said excitedly. "I'm Barb. Why don't you come upstairs? I'll get you something to wear and put your clothes in the dryer."

"You have power here?" Jack asked.

"Yes, we have a generator on our porch. It won't power everything but we can alternate using the washer or dryer and we have enough power for the fridge and the water heater."

"Thanks, I'm Jack, and I could use something warm to drink and a hot shower."

Jack followed her up the stairs and when they reached her door she said, "Leave your shoes out here and take off your clothes. I'll hand you something dry to wear while we dry your clothes."

In a couple minutes Jack stood naked and shivering in the hallway and Barb opened the door and handed him a pair of sweatpants. He tried to cover his genitals when he reached for the sweatpants but he could see that she was looking at him. She went back inside as he put on the sweatpants. When he gave her his wet clothes, she walked towards the back of the apartment. "I'll throw these in the dryer and be right back."

She was barely out of sight when the door opened from what was obviously the bathroom. Another woman, about thirty-five, prettier with dark brown hair stepped out and looked at Jack standing there, half dressed. "Are you Barb's new boyfriend?" she asked.

Barb returned and explained. "No, this is Jack; he found Maggie and brought her home. Jack, this is my sister, Karen."

"That's sweet of you," Karen said, "she slipped out before the storm and we thought she was lost." She stared at Jack and said, "Nice abs, by the way."

Karen sat down at their small dining table and invited Jack to join her. Barb brought over a cup and set it down in front of Jack. "I'm afraid this warm tea is all we can offer you," she said. "I put some organic honey in it for you."

As he drank his tea, Karen explained their situation. "We came down here on vacation to go out and party and have a good time and the storm ruined it. Our rental is flooded and we only have three days left here."

"Well, maybe things will clear up soon." Jack said. "But, ladies, I sure could use a hot shower if you don't mind?"

"Of course not," Barb said, "towels and wash clothes are just inside the door."

As soon as Jack was inside, the girls waited until they heard the water in the shower. 

"Did you give it to him?" Karen asked.

"I put it in the tea," Barb answered.

"Okay, I'm going in and see how quickly it works," said Karen. She went into the bathroom, undressed and got in the shower with Jack before he even noticed her. Silently she soaped up her hands and washed his genitals. She was pretty with a really good body for her age, and Jack let her work on him with no protest.

Karen put her arms around his neck and kissed Jack with hard, wet kisses. She slid one hand down and brushed the tip of his erection into her slit. When she lifted one leg, Jack slipped his arms under her legs and lifted her, pressing her body against the shower wall. She wrapped her legs around him and still hugging his neck, kissed him long and hard.

Jack did what she expected and began to thrust in and out, pressing her against the shower wall. She moaned in his mouth and he sucked on her tongue. It seemed like a long time before Karen finally broke the kiss and groaned, "Oh, fuck, I'm coming.....OH, DAMNNNN!"

Jack was still hard but had no urge to come. As a matter of fact, he felt very relaxed, as if he had already come. Karan stood up and Jack slipped out of her. She kissed him on the cheek and stepped out of the shower. She dried off quickly and left the bathroom. Jack rinsed off and turn off the water.

"Well?" asked Barb. 

"It worked perfectly; he stayed hard enough to fuck me until I came but he didn't come and he didn't seem to care."

Jack came out of the bathroom wearing the sweatpants. "Ladies, I think wading through that floor water tired me out. Would you mind of I take a little nap?"

"Of course not," answered Barb. "Let me show you where I sleep; you can nap there."

Once Jack was asleep, Barb and Karen talked in the dining room. "Do you think it was too strong?" asked Barb. "I mean, since he got tired so quickly?"

"Not really," said Karen with a smile. "I let him fuck me until I came twice and he was still going strong."

"I think I'll try a lesser dose the next time." Barb said.

"Okay by me - it's your turn."

They let him sleep for three hours. Jack awoke to feel someone's weight on the bed with him. He opened his eyes and Barb was on her hands and knees straddling his body. She was a bit heavier than Karen, with big full breasts. One of which Barb was pressing lightly against his lips. "Would you mind?" she asked with a smile.

Jack licked the nipple and when he opened his mouth she pressed her flesh into his mouth. He moaned and she ran her fingers through his hair. "That's nice, that's very nice."

Then Jack felt fingers sliding up his thighs and realized that Karen had joined them. She cupped his ball sac with one hand and gently stroked his penis. He felt the warm wetness of her mouth slide over the tip of his penis and she took it all in her mouth.

Not to be distracted, Jack tried to focus on the other breast that Barb was feeding him. Her warm flesh felt good on his face. Karen was slowly working her mouth up and down his growing cock. Barb lifted her breast from Jack's mouth and moved further up the bed. She knelt over him, pinning his arms to the bed with her knees. As she lowered herself she shifted, cupping Jack's face with her fleshy soft thighs. With her weight where it was, Jack couldn't have moved if he had wanted to, which he didn't.

Barb smelled sweet, like a soft flower's fragrance. He licked her slit but gasped as Karen scraped her teeth across the sensitive head of his swollen cock. Her fist squeezed his balls, digging her fingernails lightly into his skin. 

He lapped his tongue through Barb's warm wet flesh, enjoying the feel of her thighs against his face. He wondered to himself, "Can a woman tell when a guy likes eating her pussy?" Barb seemed to sense it and let him take his time, probing her, tasting her juices. When he flicked his tongue across her clit, she encouraged him by pressing down harder on his mouth. She came but did not stop him.

In the meantime, Karen was spitting on his cock, pumping his shaft slowly until it pulsed and then fast, knowing that edging him over and over should result in a huge load. But Jack was preoccupied. Barb's juices were running down his cheeks and she began rubbing her pussy back and forth across his mouth and nose. Jack was in heaven, delighted that he was satisfying this woman with just his mouth.

Karen worked his cock while Barb rode his face for another orgasm, during which she nearly smothered Jack. He gasped for breath when she finally rolled off his face. Karen finally gave up, leaving Jack's fully erect cock pulsing, clovered with her saliva. Jack did not feel the need to come. Again, he felt relaxed.

"Ladies, that was awesome but I think it wore me out. I'm gonna need another little nap."

They left him there in the bed and they went to the dining room again. "You didn't give him any?" Karen asked.

"Yes, I did, I put a gob of it inside me before I got on the bed. He consumed it all, believe me. Did you make him come?"

"No, and there isn't a man alive that can hold back when I work on his cock like I just did. It definitely worked, but we're gonna have to let him come sooner or later or he will get suspicious."

"Agreed," said Barb. 

When Jack woke up later and came into the dining room, the girls were dressed and waiting for him. "We can unplug the washer and dryer and then we can use the microwave, so we fixed a meal for us," announced Barb.

They ate and talked about all the damages caused by the storm. When they finished eating, Karen said, "I have some work to do on my laptop in my room. I'll be back later."

Barb made her move on Jack, She straddled him in the chair where he sat and rubbed herself against his crotch. She put her hands on the back of his chair and kissed him until he was hard. "You know, I've really enjoy all the sex but for some reason I've been too tired to come," he said.

"We can take care of that easily," she said. Barb stood up and slipped off her sweatpants. Jack slid his down off his legs as she straddled his body. She settled down on him, guiding his cock into her. She rocked back and forth and in no time Jack groaned. "Oh, God, that feels so good, Barb; I think I'm gonna...."

Barb lifted off him and got on her knees in front of him. She wrapped her large soft breasts around his shaft just as he grunted and jerked his hips. She slid her breasts up and down his shaft as the cum shot out. The first spurt hit her under her chin, and the rest dribbled down her cleavage. When Jack was done, she went to the bathroom and returned with a warm wet cloth and cleaned him off first and then herself.

"Man, that felt good and seeing it shoot on your tits was really hot," he said.

"I'm glad you liked it," she said, "are you still tired?"

"No, I feel great!"

Karen returned shortly and they all sat around talking about the storm. Then wanted to know more about Jack and they cleaned up the kitchen. It was early afternoon when Barb brought up sex again. "You know, you fucked Karen and you ate me out, but I let you come on my tits so I still need to be fucked."

"Yeah, and you haven't eaten my pussy yet!" Karen added.

"Well, then let's go back to the bedroom and see if we can remedy that," Jack said with a confident smile.

When they were all naked on the bed, Barb sucked on Jack's cock until she was satisfied and then she mounted it. When she sank down, her warm pussy swallowed his whole cock and Jack was in heaven. She slolwly rocked back and forth.

Karen took her position, a foot on each side of his head and she squatted down on his face. She slid a pillow under his head and he had perfect access to her pussy. Jack decided that if there could be a difference, he thought that Barb's pussy tasted better than Karen's. But he did his best to satisfy her, finally licking and sucking on her clit. She dug her fingers into his scalp when she came, moaning out loud, "Oh, shit, I love your fucking tongue!"

Barb satisfied herself as well, staying close but not actually coming until she felt Jack's warm sperm shooting up into her. 

When it was all over, the women lay down, one on  each side of Jack and they all went asleep.

When Jack awoke, feeling pretty satisfied with himself, he found himself still on his doorstep. His plastic bag was there and his back still hurt. He had a headache but noted that his boxers were wet in the crotch. He put the bag to his chest and waded down the street in the same path as before.

Around the corner, there was no cat. He looked up at the brick building and all the windows on the third floor were closed.


Submitted: October 08, 2022

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

That was definitely a good whack taken on the head to have such an equisite wet dream. Great to the happiest if endings. Love the twist. :)

Sun, October 9th, 2022 4:04am


Thanks, Miss Amy. I could have done better but was out of ideas. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Sun, October 9th, 2022 1:48pm


I was going to make some suggestions until you hit me with that surprise at the end! Really well written, Will. I enjoyed that. You do a great job with menage a trois.

I was going to suggest that renters rarely bring or have access to generators. Irrelevant for dreams, though. Barb should have washed the dirty clothes before throwing them in the dryer. A woman isn't going to put muddy clothes in the dryer.

The cat thing endears the main character to your reader. It's a great mechanism for meeting strangers. Hurricane stories are certainly timely right now!

Well done, Will!

Sun, October 9th, 2022 9:24pm


Thanks so much for your kind words. I totally missed the fact that the wet clothes would really have been dirty; nice catch there, girl. You're totally correct about rentals not having generators, however I had to invent that to make up for the hot shower. I was going to add notes about candles everywhere but got caught up in how the sex was going to work (typical of a guy, right?)
I hope you and your family are well and thank goodness this last hurricane didn't head your way. Florida got caught but they tried to prepare for it.
I messed up the ending on my story because I couldn't think of a way to do it smoothly, so I just took a stab at it.
Looks like you're done with the "Breed Me" series? I look forward to some of your hot short stories and those classic poems!

Mon, October 10th, 2022 12:26pm

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