PsychoSexual Treatment

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This short story is a sequel to "My Accident", also on Booksiesilk. Andrew has a serious sexual problem after his motorcycle accident. He seeks help from Dr. Anita Blessinger who runs a specialized clinic. Will she be able to help him?




Notice: This story builds a sequel to “My Accident” which can also be found on Booksiesilk, but it can be perfectly read on its own.

The motorcycle accident with my Suzuki caused me a serious problem. My left testicle had suffered a severe blow, and since then I had problems with premature ejaculation when having sex with a woman. On the advice of our family doctor, Dr. Wagonman, I sought refuge with Dr. Anita Blessinger. She lived in Milfering near Saint-Troyan, a stone's throw away from Sancta Maria, the psychiatric hospital. In her "Practice for Healthy Sexuality", I got a treatment that Dr. Anita Blessinger called "Psychosexual Counseling". The sexologist assured me that psychotherapy, certain exercises, and lovemaking techniques could be helpful to teach me to deal with my too-fast ejaculation and to gradually retard it.

Like the urologist I had gone to a few years earlier with my sister Florence, Dr. Anita showed a lot of interest in my penis. She didn't describe it as a “masher”, as the urologist had done. Dr. Anita thought it looked more like a meadow mushroom with a fully unfolded screen. Whether the shape of my glans with that strange bulge on top had to do with my premature ejaculations, she didn’t comment on that. It could be, she said, but it wasn't certain.

The sexologist asked if I had a partner. Involvement of partners in treatment, she claimed, tended to yield better results. I didn't have anyone who qualified for that. Anita Blessinger then asked whether I would object to her being my sexual partner, if necessary, or whether I would accept one of her female patients in therapy with her to have sex with. I didn't know what that meant when she suggested it to me during the first consultation. I had nothing against it at all. She explained to me:

Involving the partner in the treatment process is important for success. A cooperative partner can help boost the man's confidence, skills, self-esteem, his sense of masculinity, and more generally, help the man develop ejaculation control. Conversely, this is likely to lead to an improvement in their sexuality as well as other aspects of their relationship. Don't get me wrong, Andrew, I don't want to start a relationship with you, and another woman you’ll have sex with here probably won't either. Your occasional partner, whoever that is, can put you on the right track to get rid of your problem.”

Because my premature ejaculation, according to the conclusions of the urologist a few years earlier, was not caused by an underlying condition, Dr. Blessinger set up a special program for me. The bottom line was that I had to learn to control my sexual arousal. According to Anita, there was no point in trying to influence ejaculation itself. Ejaculation is a physical reflex and cannot be stopped. In contrast, the excitement that precedes it was manageable, said Dr. Blessinger. I had to stop kissing, stroking tits and ass, and moving in a cunt when I felt I was going to orgasm. After a while, I could start fucking again when I felt that my excitement was less.

I tried this out with Dr. Anna Bleeckx herself, and also with one of her patients, Rita Engprut. That was a woman in her mid-thirties who had problems with vaginismus and was totally frigid. She said she had never had an orgasm. When I fucked Rita it helped her, as well as me, but still, the result was meager at first. Dr. Anna always wanted me to fuck Rita standing up, preferably from behind. Then, the sexologist came very close to see how that went. Sometimes, she would take my testicles and press them, close to the stem of my penis. Her intention was to slow down my orgasm. It helped, but not in the way the sexologist wanted. I couldn't last more than a few minutes of moving inside Rita's cunt before squirting my cum into her. The sexologist wondered whether that might depend on the standing position in which we had sex the first time. That's why she wanted me to ride her doggy style myself. She did warn me in advance: I had to keep my hands off her breasts. That would increase my arousal too much and speed up my ejaculation. Just fucking her from the back in her pussy, no foreplay, no kissing or stroking… She would get down on elbows and knees and I also got on my knees and fucked her that way.

Dr. Anna and I did that three times. Unfortunately, the result was no better than if I did it with Rita standing up. Then we tried lying down. First I fucked Anna, “en face”, and then I fucked her from behind. I never lasted long. I think that was because Dr. Anna had such a wonderfully warm and tight pussy. That was much less the case with Rita. Her vaginismus seemed to be over by now, and her cunt had just become much more spacious. Still, the sexologist made me fuck Rita again. I did, in different positions, while Anna tried again and again with her hands to delay my orgasm by clamping my testicles. Sometimes, it seemed like I lasted longer, but the next time the result was much less satisfactory...

Then Dr. Anita Blessinger tried a new approach: she masturbated me with her hand. Masturbation before fucking was one of the so-called self-help methods that mainly helped young men to last longer. The man would have more control of his ejaculation after masturbation, better recognize the signs of increased sexual arousal and learn how to keep his arousal level just below the intensity that triggers the ejaculation reflex. In addition, the penis was less sensitive after masturbation, so it took longer than usual for a second ejaculation to occur.


That's what Dr. Anita and I tried out together. Rita didn't want to get involved in that trial. She allowed me to fuck her under the supervision of the sexologist, but jerking off my cock with her hand, she thought that was dirty and unnatural.

So, Dr. Anita herself took part in the action. About 45 minutes after she made my cock squirt with her hand, Anna took off her knickers and I had to crawl on her and fuck her without foreplay, without kissing or stroking her. That approach worked. Anna made me combine it with the “start-stop technique”. That's how I learned to better control my ejaculation. As soon as I felt my ejaculation coming, I pulled my stiff cock out of her cunt and relaxed for a while until the urge to shoot my cum was gone.

And indeed, that way I gradually learned to fuck Dr. Anna longer, and afterward, I had the same result with Rita. It got even better with a few other fuck procedures. The pinch technique was one of them. If I felt I was going to cum inside Rita’s pussy, I had to tell Anna. Then I had to pull my cock almost all the way out of Rita's cunt. Anna would grab the trunk of my cock, just behind my glans, and squeeze it. The squeezing lasted about half a minute. Then I could continue going up and down inside Rita's fuckhole, and sometimes it would take three or four minutes before I squirted my sperm into her cunt.

Fucking Rita Engprut didn't last. At a certain point, she stopped coming to the Practice for Healthy Sexuality. Why? I don't know exactly. Was she satisfied with the results that Dr. Anita Blessinger had achieved with her? Had I helped her with her vaginal problem by constantly fucking her? Or did she think that the treatment she had gotten from Dr. Anita Blessinger was not producing enough results?

But I didn’t have to worry, Dr. Blessinger had already found a replacement after a few days who wanted to participate in our joint treatment. She was a somewhat older lady in her mid-fifties, Renée Penske from Tungerine, a sweet and cheerful woman.

But before Renée was included in our intimate group, the sexologist wanted me to continue the treatment alone with her for about a week. Now she brought in a new tool: the condom. The use of condoms has also helped me to get almost complete control of my ejaculation in the long run. Not one, but wearing two condoms on top of each other or a condom with a light numbing substance was enough to delay my orgasm with Anita.


The treatment and psychotherapy I got from Dr. Anita Blessinger lasted just under eight months. The cure was not cheap, and fortunately, my health insurance fund covered most of the costs. The treatment has helped me immensely. I dare say that since then, I have only ejaculated prematurely once in ten times while fucking a woman. In fact, if I'm not nervous, rushed, or stressed, I can keep fucking for a very long time, almost as long as I want before I come. Of course, I didn't set a timer when I started fucking a woman, but my estimate is that I can last for almost half an hour without any problem, with regular breaks during which I completely withdraw my cock from the woman's cunt. Usually, that half hour isn’t necessary at all. Most women who are not frigid have already had their orgasm by this time, some even more than one. And when that's done, they'll all like me to go ahead with them and shoot my cum deep into their love tunnel. It's been that way since then I've been able to fuck women until they scream with pleasure. For girls and women under the age of thirty, this rarely lasts longer than ten minutes. Older women take a little more time to orgasm, but never more than twenty minutes. That is not always true. There are fifty-year-old women who come after just a few minutes. Usually, this has to do with the fact that they actively participate in sex, or have not had sex for a long time, and that they missed getting fucked hard.

The first time I experienced the latter was with Renée Penske from Tungerine at the end of my psychosexual treatment with sexologist Dr. Anita Blessinger. Thanks in part to the treatment, I fucked her over and over for more than fifteen minutes before I decided to allow myself an orgasm. That had made an impression on Renée. She claimed that as old as she was, no man had lasted as long fucking her and ever made her cum as violently as I did. That's why she wanted to keep in touch with me if that was okay with me. I had nothing against that.

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Submitted: October 07, 2022

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