Caught Skinny Dipping

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A man gets arrested by a female deputy sheriff while sunning himself nude.

Caught Skinny Dipping

My name is Mary Wilson.  I am a Deputy Sheriff.  I recently moved into a house in the country.  I received a complaint of indecent exposure on a beach near my house.  I went out to inspect and found a man sunning himself in the nude.  I confronted the man.  I said, “Just what do you think you are doing?”

He said, “Just sunning myself.”

I said, “Do you know that I have received a complaint about you?”

He said, “No, I don’t

I said, “Please stand up.” 

When he did, I said, “Put your hands behind your back.”

He did and I cuffed him. 

I said, “You are under arrest for indecent exposure.”

He said, “Can I get dressed?”

I said, “How are you going to get dressed with your hands cuffed behind your back?”

He said, “Uncuff me so I can get dressed.”

I said, “I don’t think so.”  You could escape.”

He said, “But it will be humiliating for you to take me in nude?”

I said, “You should have thought about that before you exposed yourself.”

He said, "But if you take me in, you will really expose me."

I said, "You are a nudist complaining about being nude."

He said, "But I will be nude in public.:

I said, "You are in public."

I then commenced to search him

He said, “What are you doing?”

I said, I am searching you.”

He said, “Why are you searching me.  You can see I am naked.”

I said, “it is a cavity search.

He said, “It is a cavity search.  You didn’t arrest me for narcotics.”

I said, “Nevertheless, I am going to search you.  Search a perp is routine after an arrest.”

I started with his hair.  Then I ran my hands down his back, his buttocks, legs and feet.  Then I put on latex gloves, told him to bend over and I inserted my longest finger into his rectum.  I was clean.  While he was bent over, I inspected and felt his perineum and the back of his testicles. I put on plastic gloves and checked his rectum.

Then I turned him around ordered him to open his mouth and proceeded downward again.  When I arrived at his testicles, he had a partial erection.  I felt his testicles again feeling for contraband and then his penis.  I had never felt a man's testicles so I didn't really know what to expect so I kept feeling them to make sure they were clean.  As I did it I watching hi penis grown and become erect.  I noticed that he was tiny or at least he seemed to me to be tiny.  Nevertheless I thought I should check his penis.  Once again, I did not know what to look for so it took me a while to determine he was clean.” 

I said, “You are not packing much, mister.”

He said, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

I said, “Just doing my job.”

He said sarcastically, “Well, you are certainly doing your job very well.”

I said, “You haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before. (I lied.  I had never seen a live naked man before.) As a matter of fact, you haven’t got much to be seen.”

He said,  "I've got more than you can handle."

I responded, "You haven't got enough to make a handle."

I then gathered up his clothes, put them in a bag and took them with me.

I used a small sized cock ring to put on his cock and balls and latched a leash onto it.  Now I had him where I could control him.  All I had to do is yank on the chain and he would comply.  It wasn't difficult getting the cock ring on him even with his erection.


My name is Bob Johnson.  There I was peacefully sunning myself nude at a beach that has been known for some time as a free beach.  Then along comes this female deputy sheriff, who cuffs me and arrests me for Indecent Exposure.  Then she says she has to search me.  She runs her hands all over my body and even sticks her finger up my rectum.  Then she feels me up real good to make sure I have an erection.  Then she puts a cock ring on me and laches a leash onto it.  She is literally leading me like a dog by my testicles.

As we walked along the path back to the parking lot a couple of ladies passed us in the opposite direction.  They stopped us and asked, “What is going on?”

The deputy said, “This man is under arrest for indecent exposure.”

They asked, “Why is he naked?”

The deputy said, “Because I arrested him for indecent exposure."

Then they asked, “Why does he have an erection?”

The deputy said, “He grew the erection while I was searching him.”

They asked, “Where are his shoes?”

The deputy said, “If I give them to you. will you put them on.” 

They agreed.  The deputy fished them out of her bag.  I sat down with my bare butt on the ground while they put on shoes and socks.  It is difficult to stand up while handcuffed so they had to help me stand up.  When I stood up my butt was covered with dirt.  One of the two women then brushed the dirt off. 

The lady then said, “I think he has some dirt on his scrotum too.”

She had me bend over and the women brushed the dirt off my perineum and testicles.  Then she had me stand up and manipulated my testicles ostensibly looking for more dirt.

The other woman said, “Oh look, his erection is stiffening.”

The first women said, “That is the smallest cock I have ever seen.”

The deputy said, “It is hard though.”

The one woman said, “Do you mind if I check.”

The deputy said, “No, go ahead.”

Then both women felt my cock for hardness and agreed that it was a hard cock.

The two women went on their way.  In a couple more minutes another woman appeared.  She just seemed to be walking her dog.  This time the two women knew each other. 

The deputy said, “Hello Sally.”

Sally said, “Hi Virginia, I see you have a customer.”

The deputy said, “Yea, I just arrested him for Indecent Exposure.”

Sally said, “Yea, what is indecent is that he has the arrogance to expose that little cock of his.”

The deputy answered, “Yea, that is quite a derringer he is packing.”

Sally said, “Why are you leading him with a leash?”

The deputy said, “Because it is the perfect way to control a male perp.  If he acts up all I have to do is yank on his chain.

Sally said, "Now I know what the phrase, 'yank his chain' means."

Sally asked, “Why does he have an erection?”

The deputy said. “I don’t know but it certainly isn’t because he is trying to impress me.  (they both laughed.)

Then they engaged in small talk for another 5 minutes and all the time I stood there nude while other people passed by.  They all rubbernecked.

Then we reached the parking lot.  It was full of people and all of them looked to see the naked man being led by his testicles.  Yuck!  The humiliation did nothing to deflate my erection. 

Then more women wanted to know why I was leashed.  The deputy took great pride in explaining how well she had me under control.  One woman actually asked to lead me.

The deputy said, “Be my guest.”

The woman took the leash and led me across the parking lot. 

Then two other women wanted to do the same.  The deputy let them also.

One of the women said, "He sure has a little cock." 

The police officer answered, "That's what I thought but I don't have much experience with penises."

Then they put me in the back seat of the squad car.

When we arrived at the police station there were people ahead of me I had to stand in line naked.  As soon as I got there a crowd gathered all laughing at me and commenting on the size of my genitals.  

A strange woman said, "He sure has a little cock."

Another woman said, "Yea, I thought my husband was small."

I hoped my erection would subside and maybe then they would stop talking about my size.  Unfortunately, the constant humiliation kept me hard. 

Part of booking involves taking mug shots.  For me they made an exception, they took full body shots in addition to the mug shots.  I am probably the only person arrested whose mug shots contain photos of my genitals. 

I was allowed one call which I made to a friend.  Then they took me and put me in a holding cell crammed with women..  The jailer stayed to watch.

After I was in the jail cell, one large woman came up to me and said, "Well, what do we have here."

I said, "I think you know what you have."

After she said that I felt some movement behind me.  Then both my arms were grabbed and held by two different women.

The first woman then knelt in front of me.  By this time I had deflated.  She said, "It looks like it is a penis but it is kind of small.  Maybe it is a baby penis."

One of the women behind me said, "Maybe he is a grower and not a shower."

The first woman then grabbed my testicles with one hand and my cock with the other.  She began massaging my balls and stroking my cock.  All the other women in the holding cell were now watching.  It did not take long before I was fully erect.

The first woman said, "No, he is not a grower, he is a shower and there isn't much to show."

One of the women behind me said, "He sure doesn't."

The other woman behind me said, "I want to see if he can cum."

The first woman then said, "Yea, good idea.  Let's share him with everybody."

The two women still held me and the other women in the cell then lined up to fondle and stroke me.  They took turns in pairs.  While I was being held, one of them stroked me while another massaged my balls.  It didn't take long before I spurted all over their hands.

The first women then said, "Well, he can spurt but can he eat pussy?"  The two women holding me put me on my eyes, the first woman lifted her skirt, took off her panties and stuck her pussy in my face.  She said, "Eat me."

My life was literally in danger if I didn't, so I did.  I stuck my tongue between her lips and licked her clitoris.  I kept doing it until I could feel her cum and rhythmically rock her pelvis against my face.  When it was over the next women did the same thing.  I stuck my tongue between her cunt lips and licked her clitoris until she came.  Then again, and again and again.  By the time I was done I wanted to gag to the smell of both pussy and urine.  Finally it was over.

Finally, my friend arrived with a bail bond and I was released.  It was a female friend and she asked, "Why are you nude?"

 I said, "It is a long story." 

She said, "Is it longer than that little penis of yours?"

I said, "Not you too."

I asked for my clothes back but they had been left at the beach.  I had to walk through the jail and the parking lot nude.  Then when I went home I didn't have my key so I had to ask my landlord in the nude to let me in my apartment. 

I am actually not that small.  The average male is 5.2 inches and I am 4 3/4.  I am smaller than average but still within the first standard deviation.

I pled not guilty because it was a well established free beach.  When my court date came up I appeared with my attorney.  I decided to use a female attorney.  The state's first witness was the Deputy Sheriff who had arrested me.  One of the first questions she was asked was if she recognized me.  She said she wasn't sure.  My attorney them moved for dismissal.  However, the Deputy Sheriff said she could identify me if I was naked.  The State's attorney then moved the court that I undress before the jury.  The lady judge granted the state's attorney's motion over my attorney's objections. 

I refused to undress and the court ordered the bailiff to strip me.  Then the bailiffs forcibly stripped me.  The the deputy sheriff identified me.  My attorney asked how it was possible that she identify me only when I was nude.

She said, "I will never forget that little cock of his.  He has the smallest penis I have ever seen."

My attorney asked, "How many penises have you seen."

She said, "Only his but the other women all agreed that he was small."

My attorney said, "Objection hearsay."

The judge said, "Objection sustained."

After she identified me, I was allowed to get dressed.

When the state rested its case, my attorney presented me and and 6 other people who testified that the beach was a well established free beach and had been for many years.  The state could not find the person who had complained about my nudity.  I was acquitted!

My arrest made the newspapers.  That was really humiliating.  Funny thing though, a strip club because of the notoriety wanted me to work for them once a week when they hire male strippers to cater to women.  I agreed.  I may be small but the women who come watch me strip still like to see me nude. My act consists of a re-enaction of my arrest and trial.Women are strange creatures.

Submitted: October 06, 2022

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