Puppet On A String Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Contemporary erotica

We all reach a breaking point. It's just a matter of time before we snap, but results aren't always catastrophic.

"Ah, yes, baby, just like that! Come on, move your hips faster. You feel so good around me, so tight, mhmm... " You heard yourself say those words.

You felt something warm, tight and velvety around your cock, squeezing you nicely. You moaned in esctasy, the pleasure zipping through your body. Your brain couldn't process every sensation coursing through you; the information was too much for you.

Hold on a second, you think as your head clears a tiny bit. You didn't bring anyone over, did you?

You tried opening your eyes, but they seemed glued shut, unwilling to cooperate.

There was someone on top of you; you could feel their weight.

Oh. So you brought someone home.

You couldn't remember who it was. All you could recall was drinking and, after that, nothing.

You opened your eyes with difficulty, your vision blurry, but you could make out the shape of a woman sitting on top of you, moving up and down on your cock.

As your vision cleared, you saw who the woman was. What you saw had you in disbelief.

No way. You must be dreaming.

How did this happen?

Let's rewind, shall we?




In your opinion, company parties were always a tedious and troublesome affair. You rarely go to these kinds of events, but something told you not to miss this one.

So you stand there, leaning against the wall, watching people pass by as you sip your drink. You observe the whole thing, wondering who came up with an idea as ridiculous as this and how much of a pain in the ass it must've been for the people to organize everything.

You sympathize with them, but it's all cut short as you see who enters the room.

Who else had that kind of power to take your breath away? A mere glimpse is enough for you to stop functioning properly.

It's her, the same person who has haunted you for months despite your best efforts to wanquish her from your thoughts.

And if you were completely honest with yourself (which you are, of course), this fixation might be deeper than it was initially. It might not be just a fixation at all.

An unfortunate bastard, that's how you'd describe yourself. You fell into the familiar trope of having feelings for a woman you can't have. The universe likes to play dirty.

So you stand there, transfixed by her beauty, when you notice something that breaks your focus on her.

Or better yet, you notice someone standing beside her. A man. A good-looking one that has his hand around her waist as they chat with two other people.

Who is he? Why is he here with her?

More importantly, why is his hand wrapped around her waist? What right does he have to do that, touch what doesn't belong to him?

You're broken out of your dark thoughts by the realization that she doesn't belong to you either.

You slept with all those women before. Why does it matter if she came to the party with a guy? She's a free person able to make her own decisions, which also includes the men she comes or goes home with.

Wait, are they seeing each other? As in dating, going out, fucking? The last one brought a growl out of your chest.

Your jealousy rising, you glare one more time at the man before you walk over to the bar. Thank God someone predicted it might be needed. You need a drink or two, or three right now.

Anything to make you forget about what you'd seen. Hence the good ol' alcohol!

You order whiskey, the strongest there is. Once the glass is in front of you, you down the whiskey in one go.

You enjoy the fire that the drink creates in your body. It's a much more welcome fire than the one you felt just a few minutes ago.

You're glad for the noise all around you, helping you block the sweet sound of her voice. You don't want to hear her voice right now; you don't want to know what she's talking about or to whom she's talking to.

You just want to get shit-faced, and you'll get your wish. The only thing going on for you tonight is that this bar exists.

One drink turned into two, and two into three. The more you drank, the more your thoughts turned into something ugly. A beast awakened somewhere deep within you as you tried to gauge the situation.

What does that asshole have that he doesn't? You're handsome, too! You're tall and fit and rock tailored suits much better than that poser she came here with!

Fuck! Fuck! Why did she never pay attention to you?! It's not that hard to notice your stares. Even her friends from work noticed, if the pitying looks they gave you are any indication.

He actually did try to give her signs! You held the door for her, helped her with paperwork when you noticed her struggling with her load, and you shared your lunch with her.

You rubbed her feet once, when she came from a meeting that was held a few blocks away from their workplace. She complained about her feet killing her. Her heels weren't suited for that much walking, she admitted, with an adorable blush on her face that almost made you eat her up right there and then.

Or eat her out, whichever came first.

Oh, she would've come first. You would have made sure of that by eating her out so well she'd scream to the heavens above in pleasure.

God, the things you would've done to her...

You could feel your pants growing tight at the little fantasy your mind supplied you with in your tipsy state. You tried not to look too suspicious as you looked down at your lap.

You sighed, trying to think of something else to get rid of your erection. Apparently, you weren't drunk enough if you're still able to form coherent thoughts.

The solution: order another drink.

You're three drinks in, feeling that nice buzz, when things start getting sour fast. As if your mood wasn't sour enough to begin with.

You could see the dance floor from where you sat. Well, technically, it's not a real dance floor, just part of the whole hall where people can dance if they want.

You don't have anything against dancing. That's not an issue here.

The issue is who's dancing right now.

You could feel the shift in your mood, going from pleasantly buzzed to a murderous rage in just 0.2 seconds.

You saw red and you were green, a perfect Christmas-y combo. At least it would've been had those colors meant something positive right now.

You were seething with anger and stewing in your unfounded jealousy. She's not your girl, damnit! You have no reason to feel this way.

You knew that you were acting irrational, and yet...

The feelings grew stronger the more you watched her dance with that bastard. The way his hands moved down her spine, the way he pulled her closer to his body...

The way she didn't bat an eyelash when he did those things was what got to you the most.

It was also what finally made you snap.

You got up, slapped some money on the counter before moving to the dance floor, like a predator stalking his prey. It wasn't that far from the truth; you did feel like a predator.

One that's determined to get what he's been craving all this time. There's no room for second-guessing or hesitation. Not anymore.

You've had enough.

You push the man away from her none too gently, while grabbing her by the hand and dragging her away from the dance floor. You're leaving the party early, not that you cared all that much.

The only thing you cared about was pulling her away from that bastard. You couldn't stand watching another man's hands anywhere on her body.

No man is allowed to touch her except you, and only you if you have any say in the matter.

"What's wrong with you?! Josh didn't do anything bad! Please just let me-" You pin her against the wall, molding your body to hers, cutting off what she was about to say.

You traced her features, your gaze drawn to the way the streetlight fell on her, enhancing her allure.

The dark made everything look and feel much more erotic and exciting. Not that you needed any more of that. She was beautiful and stunning in light and dark equally.

Your gaze finds her soft-looking lips. They were pink and full and biteable. She's nervous, waiting for your next move. Her breathing is laboured, her chest brushing up against yours.

Electricity dances over your skin; even through the layers of clothing, you can feel the sparks. The heat is rising between the two of you, anticipation building up.

You've got her so close, closer than she's ever been to you. You've got her caged in your arms, making it hard for her to leave.

What are you going to do next? She's here with you, in this moment. You were so determined before, so what's stopping you now from closing the distance?

Then her little tongue slides out to wet her mouth, drawing your gaze towards it.

You groan out loud. She's either oblivious to the torture she's been pulling you through, or perhaps, she's provoking you on purpose.

"You're really testing me right now." Your voice drops to a husky whisper, like you're telling a secret only she can hear. The distance between you is growing smaller.

You stare into her eyes, trying to discern if this is alright. Once she nods her head, you seal your lips to hers.

It feels like quenching your thirst after wandering through the scorching hot desert for days.

Her lips fit almost too perfectly against yours. You kiss her gently and slowly at first, savoring the first kiss you shared with her, the one you dreamed of for months on end.

You still think this is a dream, and that you'll wake up sweaty and aching for someone that wasn't there.

Your imagination couldn't have come up with something as fantastic as this. Nothing could compare.

She tastes like the wine she has been drinking, intoxicating you even further than you already are. Yet you could detect another flavor beneath the rich taste, something uniquely her.

So you chase that flavor, turning the kiss from soft to slightly rougher. She moans into your mouth, not disturbed by the turn of events in the least. In fact, she kisses you back in the same manner, nipping at your lower lip gently.

That little nip was enough to get your heart racing and your blood flowing like hot lava through your veins.


You need to calm down, so you break the kiss, trying to catch your breath. You look at her, seeing that she's in a similar state—flushed cheeks, messy hair, and breathing fast.

Such a gorgeous sight, you want to etch it into your memory so that you will never forget it.

As the both of you catch your breath slowly, you decide to break the silence. You need to know if she wants to go further than just the short make-out session you had just now.

"Do you want to take this someplace else, or do you want me to walk you home? Because once you say "yes," there's no turning back. I wanted you for so long that I don't know if I'd be able to stop. " You say it honestly, putting your cards on the table.

Now it's her turn to reveal hers.

Since you're watching her so carefully, looking for any kind of sign, you catch an unrecognizable emotion in her eyes, which are always so expressive. Now she hid that emotion away, as if saving it for later.

"Let's go somewhere else. I want this too. " A straightforward answer that needs no further explanation. You take her hand, noticing how small it is compared to yours.

Your place wasn't too far from where the party was held, so you decided to walk instead of getting a taxi. The streets were empty except for a few people. The night air helped clear your head a little, but that buzz from the whiskey you drank was still there.

You stopped in your tracks for a second to take off your jacket. You threw the jacket over her shoulders before hugging her. She snuggled into the collar of your jacket, breathing in the scent of your cologne.

You thanked your lucky star that you quit smoking three years ago.

You walked in comfortable silence, not feeling the need to break it. It was comfortable; words weren't necessary.

She pulled the keys out of the pocket of your jacket and handed them to you. You took them, giving her a thankful smile before unlocking the door.

She didn't get a chance to look around as you pinned her against the door, closing it with a loud bang. You attacked her lips with vigor, pulling moans and sighs out of her.

You pulled her away from the door, leading her towards your bedroom. Once inside, you kick the door closed before taking your jacket off of her shoulders. She took to unbuttoning your shirt, her fingers shaky as she clumsily undid buttons one at a time.

She threw the shirt away, tracing her fingers all over your chest, exploring it for the first time. As her hands moved lower, you suddenly stopped them.

"Not yet, we'll get there shortly." You grin at her disappointed pout, kissing it away.

You detach your lips from hers, moving them down her jaw to her neck. You kiss and nip at it, tasting her skin. Trailing your teeth over her neck, you bite down gently, which makes her throw her head back.

The sounds she made were like music to your ears. You wanted, no, needed to hear more, wanted to make her scream your name as you fucked her.

Because you are going to fuck her, hard and fast. You wanted to make her forget all about that guy...

The memory of that guy touching her and dancing with her made that jealousy and rage resurface. It made the next bite you gave her harder, your teeth digging in deeper into her skin.

You're going to leave your mark so that everyone knows that she's taken. That she's yours and yours alone.

You kiss the red mark in apology, starting to pull her dress down. You reveal her breasts encased in a black lacy bra. You wonder if it matched her panties.

You kiss the top of her breasts while pulling the dress completely off of her. She stood there in just her bra and a matching thong.

Your eyes darkened with lust. You grab her by the hips, palming her supple ass.

"Was this for him?" You growl into her ear as you squeeze her ass, massaging it. She threw her hands over your shoulders, her head buried there as her breath hitched.

"Answer me!" You say this while spanking her gently. She didn't expect it, so she jumped a little.

"N-no, I didn't dress up for h-him!" She responds quickly. Your fingers were dangerously close to the spot where she needed to be touched the most, but you're not going to do it just yet.

You'll drag this out as much as you can.

"Then who did you dress up for if not for him? You came to the party together, didn't you? You seemed pretty close; you danced with him; let him put his hands all over you... " At that, you spank her harder, the place you hit reddening.

And despite that, you could feel the warmth coming off of her body, her nipples poking you through her bra.

"You let him touch what doesn't belong to him." Your voice got more seductive, full of dark promises and possessiveness.

Your fingers slip beneath the thong, rubbing gently, but you're still not touching her pussy.

"And who does it belong to, then? I seem to remember being single, so it couldn't be anyone else. " The cheeky response was what you got in return.

So that's how she wants to play? Fine by you.

You smirk, pulling at her hair so that you can look at her face.

"Your memory is bad. You belong to me. You belonged to me from the moment I saw you. Your cute smile, your heart, body, and soul, they were all meant for me. And now I'm here to collect. " You watch as she blushes, but her eyes are defiant.

It was hot. You couldn't wait to fuck it out of her.

"Is that so? Well then, do what you must. It took you long enough. " She gave you a mischeivous smile, taunting you. This was a new side of her, one she kept away from the world.

Her sweet and innocent persona melts away to reveal the vixen beneath. It's arousing as much as it's infuriating.

"Don't worry, we'll make up for lost time. I intend to keep you here with me until I'm satisfied, which might take a while. " You say that before picking her up and walking towards the bed. You throw her down, making her squeal in surprise.

She glares at you, which earns her an innocent smile from you in return.

You unzip your pants painfully slowly, giving her a show and making her squirm impatiently. Your boxers are the only piece of clothing you have on.

She takes her bra off. Her gorgeous breasts are on full display for you. Just you and no one else. Her pink nipples are hard, waiting to be sucked and pinched.

You place yourself on top of her, sharing a brief kiss before paying omage to the lovely mounds. You kiss and lick one nostril and tweak the other between your fingers, pulling more sounds from her.

"Please, ahhh..." She begs prettily, arching into you, her thighs rubbing together. You know what she wants; you just want her to say it out loud.

You're sadistic, yes, but can you be blamed for it at this point?

And you feel ready to burst as well, so you probably won't do everything you want right now. You'll save it for the next time.

"What do you need? I can't give it to you if you don't tell me. " You tease her other nipple, grazing your teeth over it slightly. You can feel her trembling, her body on the edge.

That's what you wanted; the sight of her lying beneath you, high on pleasure, desperate for more.

With tears in her eyes, she looks at you, barely able to form words. She whines pitifully, but you won't budge.

You've been hard as a rock all night. You need release too, but her pleasure is a top priority. But she needs to use words instead of whining.

"Come on, say it. Tell me what you want me to do to you. " You thrust your hips, making her feel what she did to you.

"You feel that? This is how hard you made me. I've fantasized about this moment for weeks, even months. You haunted every dream I've had, every thought. I became obsessed with you, wanting you all to myself. " As you speak, you pull down her thong before sliding two fingers at once inside her wet pussy.

She clenches around your fingers as you try to pull them out. You stretch her, preparing her for your hook.

She gyrates her hips, fucking herself on your fingers, trying to find some form of release. But you hold her hips down with your other hand, edging her some more.

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue? You were so ready to mouth off a few minutes ago. Where did that attitude disappear now? " You were being an asshole, but you couldn't help it.

She tried moving her hips, growing frustrated that she couldn't. Huffing, she glares at you.

"Don't you want to fuck me? I'm ready, so just do it already! Fuck me! " She yells, her breathing getting faster, her hands gripping the pillow.

Oh, she's bratty as well! What a pleasant surprise for you. You'll have to remember that.

Pulling your fingers out, you open the top drawer of your nightstand. Rumaging through it, you take out a condom. You put it on your cock, hissing as you do so.

You grip your cock, pulling it towards her entrance. You tease her with a tip, not pushing it inside yet.

You lean down to whisper, "Hold on, this is going to be a bumpy ride," before pushing in slowly. Her pussy was clutching your member.

"Relax," you say, pushing another inch in. You rub her clit with your thumb, which helps her relax her muscles. You slide all the way in, her velvety walls welcoming you.

You stay still for a minute or two, letting her adjust to your by no means small or average size. You look up at her to check if she's ready, to which she nods her head.

You start off slowly, building the tempo up. After all the waiting and teasing, you don't want it to be over soon, do you?

Her pussy feels amazing, tight and wet. If this is what heaven is, then you'd be happy to die.

She starts moving her hips as well, matching your rhythm. Even like this, she moves gracefully.

You knew she would, even when it came to sex.

Your thrusts gradually get faster, the pleasure finally catching up to you. They're harder and rougher, hitting all the right spots.

"Yes, y-yes, fuck me! Do it harder, I won't break! Come on, weren't you saying how you wanted me for a long time? " She goads you, her body moving along with your thrusts.

Her wish is your command. You start pounding into her, the bed starts creaking under your combined weight.

She screams as you find her sweet spot. She tangles her legs around your waist, pulling you even more into her. Her nails scratch at your back, the slight pain adding more to the pleasure. You groan loudly, feeling you're close to coming.

You won't be coming first, though. You promised yourself you'd make her come before you.

You lean your head down to kiss her hard. The kiss got sloppy and messy real quick, and both of you were too busy chasing your orgasm to care.

"That's it, scream for me. Let the whole building hear you. This is what you wanted, isn't it? For me to fuck you so hard you can't walk. You're so fucking beautiful, so tight, so perfect!" You babbled on, too caught up in your lust and arousal.

Her movements grew frantic, her screams and moans louder. She started to twitch, a sure sign she's going to come.

You rubbed her clit fast, helping her along.

"Cum for me, yeah, do it! Yes, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck! " You swear as she finally cums, her pussy milking you.

You came soon after her, filling out a condom. Her pussy twitched as her juices spilled on the sheets.

At last, alcohol, adrenaline, and the aftershocks of an intense orgasm catch up to you. You black out completely.




And that's how you found yourself on your back with her riding you, her breasts bouncing up and down. In this position, her pussy is taking you deeper. She can feel you in her stomach. Your size isn't something to sneeze at.

"Ah, welcome back to the land of the living. Had a nice n-nap? Oh my god, you feel even bigger! " She says as she moves faster, her ass slapping against your thighs.

You put your hands behind your head, enjoying the view. You could get used to being woken up like this.

You let her fuck herself on your cock, using you as her personal sex toy. Her silky walls tightened before she came, her juices flowing and drenching your cock. Without a condom in the way, your cum is able to fill her up nicely, sliding down her thighs.

She lies on your chest, catching her breath, your cock softening inside her before you pull out. She snuggles closer to you, enjoying the afterglow.

You're silent for a few minutes before she speaks.

"So, is this a one-time thing or..." You can detect the hesitation in her voice as she trails off. She doesn't want to pressure you into something more, unless you don't want to.

And you don't want this to be just a fling, don't you?

You raise her chin up so she can look at you properly. You had your answer ready long before this happened.

Your fixation didn't fade away. It just grew into something more substantial. Only time will tell where this is heading.

But first thing's first...

"We can start off with a proper date if you want."

Her beautiful smile was enough of a response.













Submitted: October 04, 2022

© Copyright 2023 midnight.eve. All rights reserved.

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this is remarkable tale - and much more direct than your previous contributions. the use of the second person voice works really well - you the author but also the observer. what inspired you to take that voice?

i really enjoy the story of possession of claiming - and of her complicity and teasing in all of that drama

thanks for writing this Midnight x

Wed, October 5th, 2022 9:42am


Thank you, I had the idea to try and write a story from a second person POV, in this case a man.

I've wanted to try a different approach, to try and see the picture from a man's perspective, which can be hard considering I'm not a man and there are so many other things that could've been interpreted wrong, but I suppose it did turn out much better than I expected. XD

I'm glad you enjoyed it, dashitoff!

Wed, October 5th, 2022 6:51am


So very well done from the man's point of view, and I loved the flash back aspect - guaranteeing the certainty of reading the piece without scrolling. Wonderful indirect teasing, luring the reader on. It was seductive, romantic and complete. Nicely done as they say.

Sat, October 8th, 2022 3:27pm


Thank you so much! I figured the flashback would make it easier to understand how it all came to be. :)

Sat, October 8th, 2022 9:26am

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