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Andrew and Lionel both have chores that they have to do around the house and whilst Lionel not wanting a spanking does as he is told and does his chores, Andrew on the other hand hates doing chores.

Lionel was busying himself around the house doing his chores, whilst Andrew chose to sit around watching television or playing on his games console "you should be doing your chores don't you think" said Lionel bitterly who was fed up of being the only one doing his chores whilst Andrew just lounged around doing nothing "whatever" replied Andrew not caring "you know what on your own head be it, when you have got a very sore red bottom don't come running to me for help" said Lionel before continuing with his chores.

Nigel came to check on how the two boys were getting on with their chores and became angry when he found Andrew lounging about having not done any of his chores "what on earth do you think you're doing, I told you to do your chores instead I find you you lounging about leaving Lionel to pick up the pieces. Well I have had enough of you neglecting your chores. Stand up now and remove all of your clothes as I am going to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget" snapped Nigel "please daddy, I'm sorry I'll do my chores" replied Andrew nervously "it's too late young man, you are always sorry when threatened with a spanking. Now do as you're told" snapped Nigel and slowly Andrew stood up an started removing his clothes until he was standing in front of his stepfather fully naked.

Andrew soon found himself dangling over Nigel's raised leg getting soundly spanked with the hairbrush with no mercy quickly turning his bottom red and soon he was bawling his eyes out as the hairbrush continued to reign down hard and fast onto his bottom and sit spots.

By the time the spanking ended Andrew was a blubbering wreck "right young man until you learn to do as you're told you will remain naked whilst in the grounds of the house at all times until further notice not only that, but each time you are assigned your chores you will be soundly spanked before hand as you will be doing your chores with a red bottom. Do I make myself crystal clear young man?" Said Nigel "yes daddy" replied Andrew between the tears "good now set about doing your chores right now and if they are not done properly you will be spanked again. Is that clear?" Said Nigel "yes daddy" replied Andrew before starting on his chores naked with his well spanked bottom on show as Nigel went to his bedroom and removed all of his clothes and locked them away.

From this point on Andrew was always naked whilst in the grounds of the house and did his chores with a freshly spanked bottom and earning him several extra spankings for not doing his chores properly making him one sorry little boy much to the amusement of Lionel and anyone else who came to visit the house during this time.

Submitted: November 20, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Lucas Drew. All rights reserved.


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