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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Poor Cari faces the worst humiliation thus far, in her attempt to prove she loves her sadistic boyfriend.


All characters in this fantasy are 18 or older. The author does not condone the actions portrayed in the story.






Cari’s love was once again being tested. She understood that handsome, magnetic, charismatic Danny had been hurt by girls, and she felt really bad for him. She loved him so much, she would do almost anything for him. But some of the things she had done to make him feel secure that she loved him had been not only outrageous, but dirty, filthy and sinful. After all, she was a good little Catholic girl from a very conservative, closed off family, who had gone only to strict girls’ schools, and Danny was her very first boyfriend. He assured her that most girls did the things he asked of her…especially “good girls” and “good girlfriends.” She was so fucking trusting, and as Danny now knew, also pretty fucking submissive.


That was how he liked his cunts, dumb and submissive. He loved nothing more than to degrade and sexually humiliate them. Shit, he had degraded and sexually humiliated his own sister over and over. Girls to Danny were nothing but dick dumps. He had no other use for them, except to unload the sperm in his big balls and to laugh at and use in filthy ways.


Although Cari was technically still a virgin, Danny had not yet fucked her, not yet shoved his big thick dick into her bald little pussy, He had pretty much violated her in every other way. He had forced her to do “shows” for his buddies, where they could finger her and jerk off their dicks watching her crawl around naked. She was becoming an expert cockucker, although Danny reminded her she still had a long way to go. Poor little thing. She tried so hard to be the very best cockucker she could be for her boyfriend. She sucked until her mouth and jaw ached. Danny took her to the movies and she spent the whole film with her face in his lap licking and sucking his dick and balls. She was told that was what good girls did. Danny’s rough buddies had jerked off on her sweet, innocent, young face, and she had sucked their dicks as well. She had even sucked the dick of Danny’s drug dealer and some stranger relative of his. She was not sure any more whose dicks she had had in her mouth.


Danny believed that cute chicks should pretty much have their pouty mouths stuffed with cock all the time. Fuck, it was their job. One of their jobs. Back when he was a senior in high school, Danny had had his fuckmeat in the mouth of this girl or that between almost every class. He loved the power and control. He graduated with good grades, even though he never did a lick of work and skipped classes, because he had most of his teachers, female and male sucking on his fat teenage pecker. There was something almost irresistible about him. He also loved to fuck girls pregnant. It was a badge, and a kind of contest that he and his buddies engaged in. And there was no more tasty target than little virgin girls from Catholic schools. Well, perhaps a nice Mormon or Amish cunt, but they were hard to find. Yes, Danny was something of a teenage monster.


And now, he had asked Cari to do another show to prove her love for him. “if you love me, baby, you will do this for me. I want to impress my buddies with what a good girlfriend you are.”


The poor innocent girl had come to loathe anything to do with his buddies. Sometimes there were six or eight of them, but sometimes as many as twelve.

She had been forced to strip for them and show her naked body. The had been made to finger herself to orgasm in front of them and spread her pussy and ass for them. She knew they were sitting there in the dark masturbating as they watched her perform in the spotlight. Danny said he was so proud of her, and he made her feel really special. He kept telling her it was no big deal. He told her, the shows really raised his status with the other guys.


But then the shows had gotten worse. She had been made to crawl naked and Danny had let his buddies finger her pussy and tits. She hated their fingers digging around inside her tight little cunt. That area was only for Danny. Only for the boy she loved. They had once even jerked off and cum on her face. Like, ten or eleven of them, she had shut out her mind after the fifth or sixth. Why do boys enjoy things like that?  Why would a boy enjoy shooting his sex sperm onto the face of a girl? What kind of thing was that to do? Danny had said that she looked beautiful that way, and she was not allowed to wipe it off. Danny face timed her at night and had her play with her pussy on camera for him. She didn’t mind doing it for him, as it made him so happy, and he said he loved her. What she did not know is he was recording and sending those masturbation videos out to hundreds and hundreds of other men who love to prey on innocent girls. You see, one of the only things Danny loved more than humiliating and degrading a girl, was to do it publically… to totally ruin her young life.


And so, after four days of cajoling and convincing, poor dumb Cari had finally agreed to do another show for Danny and his friends to prove she “really loved him.”  She was scared just thinking about it, as he would not tell her what this new show would entail. Was he going to fuck her at last? She knew the day was coming when he would fuck her, and because she really loved him and wanted to marry him and have a family with him someday, that seemed all right. He said he would love her forever. But first she had to prove she really really loved him.


She stood in the back room of the basement where the show was to take place, dressed in only a short, almost transparent teddy. It was pink and sheer and her naked body could be seen through it. Her nipples and hairless pussy were on display. She felt terribly ashamed.


“Danny, what am I going to have to do?  I am not at all comfortable with this. Danny, do I have teo go through with this? I don’t like being put on display.”


He took her in his arms and kissed her eyes gently. “You love me and trust me, don’t you? This is no big thing, I swear. Just follow my directions and do what I say, and it will be over in an hour or so, and we can go out together and get a burger and I’ll let you suck my dick.”  It was always, “I’ll let you suck my dick,” like it was some special favor or even a religious worship of some kind, because that was the way Danny thought cunts should treat dude’s dicks. After all, the dumb sluts didn’t have pricks… so of course they would envy and want them.


“It’s just a little show for a dozen guys or so. No big deal. Now be my good girl, be brave, and let’s go out there, huh?”  With tears in her eyes, she nodded her agreement. Holy fuck, he loved it when she cried. He loved it when any girl cried. He loved it most when a girl cried, telling him she was pregnant by him, and he immediately announced he was dumping her. To watch her break down was such a thrill. He was always kind enough to offer to pass her on to one of his buddies. “You’ll love Tyrone, he’s got a really big one,” he would tell the distraught girl. As if fucking was the only thing that mattered, and to Danny and his buddies, it pretty much was. Fucking and humiliation.


Poor little Cari almost collapsed in Danny’s arms. “Oh, Danny, I am so scared. I don’t think I can do this!”


“DON’T BE A PIECE OF SHIT, CARI! DON’T EMBARRASS ME IN FRONT OF ALL MY FRIENDS.” Danny could also quickly lose his temper and his charm. His handsome face became twisted and ugly. “I TOLD YOU, THIS IS NO BIG THING…JUST A LITTLE FUN. NOW IF YOU FUCKING LOVE ME AND WANT TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND, LET’S GO OUT THERE.”  There was no arguing with him when he was in this mood. Cari shut her eyes and thought about the sweet Danny, the gently Danny, the Danny she loved more than anything in the world. She allowed him to gently push her through the door into the main room of the basement.


As before, twelve horny young men were seated on chairs and benches in the dark. Some of them already had their dicks out and in their hands. They knew what kind of show this was going to be. Something dirty and sexual. Cari immediately heard the familiar sound of hands pumping pricks. She hated that, good, innocent Catholic girl that she was. Danny had had to patiently teach her how to masturbate him, how to fondle his nuts and pump his dick. Of course, he had also had to teach her how to suck dick, as she had never kissed one, licked one, or had one in her mouth before him. She had never even had a birds and bees talk with her conservative parents or with the nuns at school.


She could feel the heat of the spot lights trained upon her. “Good girl,” Danny whispered in her ear and kissed her neck, as the horny audience hooted and applauded. Danny gently slid his hands down her front and parted the sheer teddy, revealing her naked body to the boys. They went wild at the sight of her budding breasts and shaved cunt. Danny inspected her body every day to make sure not a single hair adorned her young cunt or asshole. Her tits rose and fell with her scared, heavy breathing, making them even more alluring. Some of the guys in the audience chuckled at the was Danny’s massive hard dick snaked down one leg of his jeans. There wasn’t a soft dick in the room. Just thirteen hard, wet, peckers. It was all about FUCK. The whole world, all of life was only about FUCK!



Danny gently spread the teddy and slid if off, leaving his loyal girlfriend naked.  

‘Spread your legs a little, honey,” he whispered, and she did, showing more pussy pink to the sex-crazed boys. “Open your eyes, baby,” Danny whispered.


She did, and was shocked to find herself facing another naked girl! She was perhaps just a bit younger than Cari, but very tiny of stature. She too was naked, and looked terrified. She had long brown hair, still developing tits, and like Cari, a totally bald pussy. Her skin was like porcelain.  She looked at Cari and chewed her lower lips.


“This is Amy, honey. Amy is a friend of mine. Amy, this is Cari.” Of course, Cari didn’t know that Amy was another one of Danny’s fuck dumps. You don’t really think he would ever be faithful to Cari, do you? He was even already fucking two other girls at Cari’s school, that he had spotted and met when dropping her off.


“Amy, why don’t you come on over here and kiss Cari hello?”


“Do I gotta?”  Amy said in a thin, young voice.  


“Of course you have to, Amy. That’s the whole point of this fucking show. Now get your fat ass over here and kiss Cari hello.”


Little Amy slowly walked over to Cari. She may even have been slightly drugged or something. She had a far-away look about her. But there was also fear in her eyes. Cari was very confused.  She leaned in and gently kissed Amy on her soft lips. It felt so foolish.


“Come on, bitches, you call that a kiss?  I want to see some tongue and spit swapping. And I mean it. Cari, don’t let me down!”


Cari and Amy both felt terribly ashamed of being asked to kiss romantically, especially since they were standing there naked in front of Danny and a dozen strange guys. It was a nightmare. But Cari didn’t want to lose Danny as a boyfriend. She would be lost without him, at least that was how she felt. So, she leaned in and began to kiss Amy the way Danny had taught her, sending lots of saliva into the other girl’s mouth and using her tongue to probe. Poor Amy trembled and shook. The guys cheered. Danny made them kiss this was for five minutes, never pulling their mouths apart.


“Okay, bitches, that was a great start. Now, here is the next game. I want you girls to put your hands behind your backs. Right! Now I want you to lean in and just rub your nipples together. Rub your nipples against each other. Get t hose titty buds nice and hard.”  Danny rubbed the painful erection in his own jeans.

FUCK! This was so fucking hot. He gently pushed the girls on their slender young shoulders until their breast tips touched.  “Good, girls Now shakes your tits so your nipples rub together.”


Cari had heard about some girls at school who did bad things together. Many of the girls did practice kissing on each other, so they would be ready when a boy asked them out, but he had never heard of girls rubbing their tit tips together. Cari’s whole body tingled as he swollen nipples erected. She could feel Amy’s nipples harden as well. Both girls were whimpering and crying slightly. They could hear the panting of the masturbating boys in the audience.


“Oh, Fuck yeah…”  One boy shouted. “Holy Crap that is fucking hot,” another. “Lesbo bitches in heat!” shouted another to laughter. Thirteen swollen, wet, throbbing pricks leaking pre-fuck.


“Good girls. Now, Amy, I want you to suck on Cari’s beautiful big, swollen nipples. Such each one really good!” 


“Oh please, No, Danny! Do I gotta? I never did anything like that. Please, I am so ashamed.”


“Do it, cunt!’ some guy yelled out of the darkness.


Danny shrugged. ‘You heard my buddy, Amy. Don’t let us down. You know how I can get when I am angry.”


“Oh, NO!” Cari moaned as amy began to suck on her right nipple, sending waves of electricity through her young body. Her legs felt like water and almost buckled. Her tummy trembled. She could hardly stand the intense feeling of the other girl’s lips on her sensitive tit tip.


“This is what the cunts at the Catholic school do during gym class, I hear,” Danny joked and the room erupted in howls and groans of prick pumping joy.


Soon, Cari’s nipples were painfully hard. One of the boys yelled for Amy to suck milk from the tits. Danny quietly said, “Chew on them, Amy!”  And poor, scared Amy began to chew on Cari’s tits, going from one to the other, almost hysterically. Cari’s breasts heaved.


“DIRTY FILTHY CUNTS,” some guy yelled to more laughter. But they weren’t nearly dirty and filthy enough for Danny.


“Okay, no Cari, to thank Amy for that nice nipple sucking, I want you to get on your knees and lick her pussy!”


Poor Cari was so shocked and hysterical that she grabbed Danny. “Oh God, please, Danny, not that. Don’t make me do that. I’ve done everything you asked. Please, I am begging you, don’t make me do that!” 


“DO YOU LOVE ME, CARI? I NEED YOU TO DO THIS TO PROVE IT TO ME.” Danny rubbed the huge wet lump in his jeans. “Get down, Cari, and lick her pussy!”


Letting out a huge sob of defeat, Cari sank to her knees in front off the other girl, and brought her face in toward Amy’s vagina.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”Amy repeated over and over apologizing to Cari.


“Go on, Baby, show me how good you can lick, “Danny panted. When Cari’s tongue touched Amy’s cunt, several guys in the audience could hold back no longer and shot long ropes of fuck into the air or onto the floor. You could hear the fuck slop squishing in pumping fists.


“Lick it, Cari, lick the cunt up and down. Good girl. I love you, Cari. I really do. Lick her cunt. Now lick up over her clit. Look guys the little fucking birch Amy is getting wet. She loves it. She’ll be a dyke in no time! Lick harder, Cari, taste that cunt.”  In order to stand the humiliation, Cari had to make her mind into a blank slate. She had to close out all feeling and just obey like a robot. She kept telling herself, “I am doing this for Danny, for the boy I love.”


“Suck her cunt, Slut. Get your tongue way up in there!” Some guy grunted and then emptied his big balls.


“You heard my friend, Cari. Show him how you can do that.”

Cari shut out everything except her task. She extended her tongue and worked it between Amy’s young, puffy cunt lips. Her tongue was immediately coated with  cunt slime. “Oh, God, don’t let me be sick,” she prayed.


“Okay, well done girls, now the big finish. Onto the floor both of your and suck each other’s’ cunts! Bring each other off with your mouths.”


It was the ultimate shame and perversion. Cari felt she would never be clean again. She was nothing but dirty filth, willing to do anything for her boyfriend.

The sight and sound of the two girls sucking on each other’s cunts brought off most of the rest of the boys in the room.  Danny imagined how much fun it was going to be to have both girls in bed with him, pulling his swollen dick from Amy’s battered cunt and shoving it in Cari’s mouth, and then fucking Cari in the asshole, pulling out and going into Amy’s mouth. But all of that was still a long way off. There was still much degradation to accomplish first. When the two interlocked, coupling girls orgasmed at practically the same time, their small smooth bodies bucking and jerking, Danny shot his load in his pants, sending sprays of cum down his thigh.



Submitted: October 01, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Nice installment. Something a bit different. Didn't disappoint

Sun, October 2nd, 2022 2:10am


Cari continues, but the fall should veer off to the left and a sudden roadblock cause a reevaluation in strategy. Perhaps then a gigantic sink hole opens for Mike and his buddies? Something unexpected and not the destruction we expect?

Sun, October 16th, 2022 4:48am

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