Call Girl Surprise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Wrong is the new right [ no spoiler]

It started as a fantasy hankering. It sat in the back of my mind. I blame those sexy provocative ads in the Sunday tabloid. You know the ones in the personals between the funerals and what’s on at the cinema—strategically placed so you can peruse them directly in front of the missus. Designed to arouse your curiosity with critical phrases like the first time in this city, all your desires met, five foot two, petite, busty and the essential one: sweet eighteen and ready for you.

Hanker moved to desire. I really should experience this once in my life. I was well into middle age and my second marriage, and the gloss was off the sex a bit after five years together this time. Down on the long haul, eleven years of my first time wed. I’d done seedy brothels in my youth, now I wanted the top end of town, and business was good and money no concern: money never should be a consideration with good pussy. 

I’d recently lost my stepdaughter’s eye candy too. She had moved back from her dad to her mum at eighteen. It lasted a year at home; then Peyton moved out three months ago. A combination of restlessness, a serious need for sexual privacy, and a dick head lucky boyfriend called Brian. Of course, I was perving on her cute shape a tad too often. Mona, my wife, had let herself go these past three years. She was still a quality screw for a missus, but I was aching for the shapely taut fembutt from my youth and perky breasts swaying and bouncing in sex. Yeah, I had hit the dirty old man stage of life.

Desire moved quickly to opportunity when Mona had to go interstate for work. I rationalised that if she cheated with a work colleague –it was okay- I would be hitting one of the advertised mobile numbers and heading for a hotel rendezvous for some stunning tight pussy.

Claire’s Escort Service ad looked very classy.

The opportunity turned into particular lust as I prepared for the night of my life. Mona wasn’t around, so I shaved in the evening instead of the morning. I was looking pretty good. I was feeling great. I arrived at the hotel room and settled in. A superior room, complimentary champagne, and a huge king-size bed- a waste actually- I had no intention of screwing my classy whore there.

I checked the spa and the balcony; both had excellent potential shagging spots. I had one glass of champagne, just getting myself fully relaxed.

There was a confident knock on the superior suite door. Man, was I ready? I was expecting a honey, a stylish, chic chick with abundant skills and tricks to please my cock.

 “Fuck NO.”

“Oh my God,” the latter response came from me.

The ‘fuck no’ was from my stepdaughter Peyton.

 Well, it was a case of both being caught out. I’ll tell you, though, she was hot. A sizzling piece of sultry flesh in a tight-fitting little red number and her boobs pushed out of her bra cups. Cleavage to spare, and it was so close, flesh scent close. I got a complete whiff of her heady, full musk perfume. Her brunette hair was up, setting off her sharp face. Her dress was clingy in all the right places, accentuating her hips and folding slightly into her womanly V.

Peyton still came in. Straight past me, this allowed me to focus on her bubble butt arse.

“Well, at least offer me a drink,” said my stepdaughter.

It gave me something to do, and it was a quality drop—no sense in wasting it.

“You are a randy old bugger,” she said after two sips of bubbly. “I suppose mum is working.”

I had a gulp of champagne as I took in Peyton lounging seductively on the sofa. Too much thigh on display and a gentle heaving bosom as she spoke. I recalled my boners from her days at home: her skimpy dresses, her sultry exits from the bathroom only just wrapped and even better, her dashes into the bathroom in scanty underwear.

I nodded. I wasn’t thinking of Mona, Peyton’s mum; I was locked on the young woman who was here with me: well, eye candy was all I thought it was going to be, so I might as well ogle.

“God, you are still perving on me as you did at home.”

She said it confidently and then added: “What stopped you from trying for more?”

She took another long sip of her drink from the elegant flute. My steppie had tapered exquisitely manicured fingers which I wanted around my cock.

Peyton answered her question: “Oh, the step-daughter problem, and well, you know I wouldn’t have then either: too many young guys chasing my arse through town.”

“Yeah,” I said while absorbing her whole shape, the full feminine curves of her body giving me a more significant high than a bit of alcohol coursing through my system, “I knew you were a hot little number. I often heard you sneak out and back in late or not at all.”

She had more of her champagne. I went to top up her glass. She held her glass back.

Very professional, I thought. She was relaxed but in control; I wasn’t going to get Peyton’s sexy body even in a tipsy moment. Well, that had been my cock’s new plan.

“I liked sex too much, “she said openly, “Now I have a job I like and plenty of cock too, and I don’t need to tell you it pays well.”

I had to know: so, I asked: “How long have you been” I was fishing for the right words...but there aren’t any...even ‘escort’ is layered with sexual promise. I stuck with: “A call girl.”

“Oh, about two months; you know I left home for Brian, but he was a cheating bastard, and this pays better than stripping though I’m expected to provide more too.”

She put her glass down, so refined, leaving an unfinished mouthful in the flute. She had control while I wanted it.

“Well, I’ll still pay, “I said, expecting Peyton to leave soon.

“Oh, don’t go shy on me, daddy,” she said with a smile; “I’ve had some surprises in this job and taken them in my stride, though I will agree; family is as close as it gets.”

“What do you mean?” I was trying to picture my mates humping my gorgeous stepdaughter before me: the bastards.

“Just what happens in this job; it’s about guys with their cocks out; you all get them out; so, in the end, I work the cock, not the known male, but it sure excites them that they know me: as I’m sure they tried to mentally undress me as you tried at  home.”

“Oh, come on,” I said, “You were basically naked at times cavorting around the house.”

“Mmm,” Peyton replied, “Vocational practice; anyway, getting back to my earlier shocks; you know our dentist; Phil, I found dental chairs are frickin awesome for sex….”

I was mouth gaped; while mentally wanting to flay the prick.

“And our solicitor Greg; well, let’s say I got a different perspective on the law; with its pants down.”

I was gobsmacked; while mentally wanting to kick the sod where it would hurt.

Peyton was up. God, her arse was peachy. She was moving towards the spa.  My mind lost other guys who had been with her. She was here, currently with me.

“What’s the spa like in this place? I can see you have splashed out big on the suite and even bigger on me; you’re a filthy sod; did you ask for the youngest on Claire’s list when making your booking; or ask for big titties or a petite figure, or the most expensive; hoping for a divine looking chick...Well?”

I was caught out now: I was honest, though: “Yeah, I wanted the lot.”

“Do you think I have it;” said Peyton slipping out of her awesomely sexy scarlet dress to reveal a heavenly matching black lacey bra and minuscule G-string, setting off both her ivory skin and my aroused pecker.

‘Oh, get it off and get in the spa; you’re getting the lot, eventually,” and all I saw was her sweet arse cheeks and bouncy tit in profile as she stepped out of her lingerie and into the spa.

There was froth and foam as Peyton hit the jets. I was thinking a different sort of froth as I was naked and slid in opposite my stepdaughter; foam hiding my boner but not her erect nipples; just what was the girl thinking or doing under the bubbles to get so aroused?

“Oh, don’t play coy,” she said, crooking her finger, “Get over here, next to me.”

Her tongue was in my mouth. Her hand wrapped around my cock, heating it more than the spa’s warmth. One of my hands had a nice grope around her soft fulsome tits and hard nipples. The fingers of my other hand were submerged, enjoying shaved slit perfection.  Her internal warmth was a notch up on the water of the spa.  Its gushing jets gave me hope Peyton might be a gusher too.

She was a cock lover that much became apparent. Pure care for my pecker plus:

“Does daddy like that? “as she got me seated on edge, where I could see her attention.

“Orrgh, yeah...Daddy really likes that... Oh it, baby.”

She did the whole spit lubricated slurp. The pro cock guzzle and gulp minus the gag. Fuck she had my meat deep: her tongue sweeping and sloshing in all the right places.

Well, I had to screw her. She was so receptive and it had nothing to do with my credit card. Peyton’s pussy was perfectly adaptable to my cock. So warm and inviting as I dogged her, bending her arse over the lip of the spa, enjoying a great view of her flappy twisted pink lips too. Nicely spread by my probing cock.

The bitch had the mummers of enjoyment, and I knew she wasn’t faking it.

My pubes were pushing into her buttocks. I was determined to get as cavernous as possible. I was grinding into her and filling her womanly groove. Her private sheath of flesh surrounded my cock.

I was beyond satisfied. I was reaching rarefied sexual pleasure and thrusting and pushing, shoving and pressing.

“Oh, you pussy addicted prick; get to work on my arse; it’s available too for your enjoyment and mine.”

Well, I had avoided the term in my mind to this point, but Peyton, my stepdaughter, was a whore, and I was glad.

I didn’t deny my cock a single stroke of pleasure, as my fingers flexed and prepared her tight pucker slot. Her pink crimped delight.

Oh, she was a slut, all right; she was wriggling and moaning in additional delight as I got two fingers digging into her private starfish.

To say her arse was out of the ordinary does Peyton no disservice: man was she tight as my cock crammed into yielding but denying space; it was the perfect combination of fleshy give and resistance that explodes your mind impresses your pecker. My head was only in, and there was an overwhelming constriction; it was an exclusive experience.

Peyton had a circumscribed compression; how the fuck did she keep her arsehole so condensed; her fucking back muscle control was divine; as it provided only the minimum space for my pecker: restrained yet enough give for prodding deeper.

 Wow, Peyton; an arse to remember and hard to top.

The seconds of building pleasurable tension eventually consumed me. Followed by my sweet fantastic jizz release. I was totally in this for my cock: fully lustful. My sexuality was in overdrive.

Surely the ecstatic jolts of gooey intensity shouldn’t have been so amazing in a paid transaction, but it was and more. The stepdaughter factor multiplied and boosted all the pleasure elements; the aggregate of desire magnified as I strained unsuccessfully to hold my necessary release.

I wanted to last inside her, but I wanted to spread my cum in her too. The ‘cum in’ had to win with my steppie.

“Geez,” said Peyton cleaning up her arse, “That was one super wad.”

We relaxed for a while in the spa, but my stepdaughter was occasionally clock-watching.

It crossed my mind that I might not have been her first tonight and obviously not her last.

I enjoyed watching her redress. So sexy. Knowing now all her intimate details.

Peyton said as she left: “Now you’ve had a taste, you’ll be back for more. Wrong is the new right, you know.”

And Peyton was gone as I refilled my champagne glass. Peyton was sexual memory already. But the great thing was that my stepdaughter was now only a call away.  I got my phone out and rang Claire’s Escort Service.

My the tramp was a busy young girl: but next Tuesday was already dominating my dirty thoughts.

Submitted: September 29, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Awesome surprise and what a prize for a dirty old man. Delicious story.

Thu, September 29th, 2022 3:26pm


Lucky man!

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:35pm

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