The Locker Room

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

John was standing by his locker after gym class after getting out of the shower.

Gym class was his last class of the day, so he and others took their time in the showers to wash up.

Only in his white terry cloth towel, putting on some under arm deoderant, his friend Greg comes over towards him. He too is only in his white terry cloth towel.

Both are 18 and are seniors in their high school.

John with brown hair short hair and slight muscular build, like that of a swimmer.

Greg, with blonde hair that went down to his shoulders and across his forehead was a bit larger in build.

As the two young men looked at each other, John reached down and began to stroke hi dick that was partially hard under his towel.

Greg, looking at the hand motion that John had under his towel began to do the same.

Greg moved closer to John and let his towel fall to the floor to reveal his hard 6 inch dick that he was stroking.'

John dropped his towel. His dick was a little larger, 6 1/2 inches.

Both were stroking their dickes as they looked into each others eye.

The boys embraced and began kissing.

Lips pressed against young man lips. Tongues twisting and turning, pushing into each others mouths,

Their bodies pressed tightly as John ran a hand through Greg's hair as their hard dicks pressed and grounded against each other.

Greg had John back against his locker. The boys were in a tight hold with each other. Sucking sounds came from their mouths along with slight young man moans from the lips.

Paul was drying his blonde hair when he walked in on the two. But they didn't notice him. They were to busy in their lip lock, tongue dueling dick grinding selves.

Paul backed away to a set of side lockers so he could get a good look.

As the two kissed and fondled each other, Paul's dick was getting hard underneath his towel. He began to stroke his hardening cock as he licked his lips.

"This is fucking hot." he thought to himself as he rubbed his dick.

Greg worked his way down John's body with his hands and lips til he got to his stiff cock.

John, putting a hand through Greg's hair as Greg began to suck on John's dick.

Licking and sucking on the head then working the whole shaft.

"AAHH...shit....that feels so fucking good." John moaned as he ran his hand through Greg's hair.

Slurping and sucking sounds coming from his mouth as he took all of that young man cock into his mouth.

Paul, watching this was jerking off faster. 

Thinking again to himself, "I need to get in on this."

Paul walked over to where the two boys were.

John looked over and saw Paul stroking his dick. 

He said, "Hey Greg, I think we have someone who wants to play with us."

Greg stopped sucking on John's dick and saw the 6 inches of Paul's dick near his face.

He leaned over and began to suck on Paul's dick as John and Paul began to kiss.

With Greg on his knees sucking on Paul's dick and jerking off John, hands roaming all over their bodies, John and Paul, tongue dueling in their mouths.

Paul got down onto the floor to suck on Greg's dick as Greg went back to suck on John's dick.

John worked his way to the floor as well so he could suck on Paul's dick.

With the three young men on the floor iin a circle, sucking on each others dick, slurping and sucking sounds mixed in with moans and groans of oral pleasure.

Fingers running up and down asses as well as some finger fucking between them.

They now changed positions with Greg sucking on Paul's dick, John sucking on Greg's dick and Paul on John's dick.

Again, with hands and fingers roaming and probiing their asses and bodies, the boys could feel their sperm beginning to perculate.

The boys got up from the floor and began a circle jerk.

All three of them, stroking their hard young dicks, sharing kisses with each other.

Greg could feel his sperm coming through his dick.


Greg shot his pearl jam across the other two boys as well as some landing on himself.

John lost control soon after.

Raising his head back, he let it out.

"OOHH...I'm cumm...AAHH!!"

His young man juice sprayed his two circle jerk buddies as well as himself.

When he had finished cumming, he stuck his tongue in Greg's mouth.

Greg took it with pleasure.

Paul was the last to cum. He held back for as long as he could.

John and Greg got on their knees and wanted Paul to spray their faces with his white creamy cum.


Paul shoit his wad on the faces of his two cum buddies.

Several spunks of cum landed on both of their faces as Paul spasmed as he jerked his rod.

Greg and John licked and kissed their faces to get all of Paul's dick juice.

Getting up from the floor, John, Greg and Paul embraced and kissed each other for some time.

Then the three of them took a long shower together where there was more fun to be had.


Submitted: September 28, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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